Pavla Vykopalová sings ‘Salve Regina’ from Janáček’s JENŮFA – National Theatre Brno

Mother, my head is heavy. Heavy like a stone. Help me!
Where are you, mother! Where are you, mother! It is her room.
I must remain hidden in that little room,
so that no one sees me. So that no one sees me. Mother reproaches me, her words are like thorns
piercing my heart! Her words are like thorns
piercing my heart! Evening’s come, I can open the shutters! It’s dark around. It’s dark around, and the moon sheds light
on poor people and thousands of stars… And Števa still hasn’t come. And Števa still hasn’t come and he won’t! And he won’t! If he could once see the baby,
see his blue eyes… And where is my little Števa?
Where have you put him? Where is my little Števa?
He’s crying and moaning, I can hear him! Do not hurt him, good people,
all is my guilt, mine and Števa’s. Where have you put him?
He will fall there, oh, he will fall. He will be cold, too cold!
Do not abandon him! Wait! I will come to protect him. Where am I? It’s my mother’s room, the door is locked. The door is locked. Mother’s gone to the mill with him! That’s it, show them all Števa’s baby! Števa’s baby! But I must pray for him. Here at the picture of Virgin Mary. Hail, Holy Queen, the Mother of Mercy, the sweetness of life, Thou our hope. Hail, Mary, Hail, Mary, to Thee, we cry, banished sons of Eve, to Thee we send our sighs, crying, moaning, in this vale of tears. Oh, turn your merciful eyes to us, oh, turn your merciful eyes to us, and show us Jesus, the fruit of Thy life, after this wandering, Thou merciful, so nice, Thou sweetest Virgin Mary! Thou sweetest Virgin Mary! And do protect Števuška for me, and do not desert him, merciful Mother!

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