PBS Hawaii – HIKI NŌ Episode 518 | Connections Public Charter School | Recycle Hawaii

Howard Shapiro is the education director for
Recycle Hawaii and coordinator for the Artists and the
Environment Program which came to the Big Island’s Hilo Palace Theater for Earth Day
in 2013. Recycle Hawaii is a non-profit organization
dedicated to promoting resource awareness in Hawaii. The major program that I coordinate is Artists
and the Environment. We bring in musicians, dancers, singers, Native Hawaiian cultural
practitioners to talk about their love for the island and
how the environment affected their art. We also talk about recycling, resource awareness,
and sustainability. So, we’re trying to connect
the art, you know, and have some fun with students, but
also talk about issues. So, we hope that students especially will really care about the Earth.
And they do. I’ve been doing this ten years at
Recycle Hawaii, I’ve been going into schools for twenty
years. The awareness now is so much greater. And you know, the three R’s, reduce, reuse,
recycle, almost every student that I talk with knows that. And when I started, it was
hardly any. But I mean, what I’m seeing is a great awareness
and a great desire for students to care for the
Earth, malama i ka aina. Sahra Indio was one of the artists for the
Artists and the Environment program. She uses Hawaii’s
natural resources to create many different pieces of art. I make all these things anyway, so now, I
get a chance to talk to students about being creative.
‘Cause we live here on the aina where there’s just so much plant life, and it’s almost impossible
for me to go outside and not find something to
drag home and see what I’m gonna do with it. So,
everyone can find something here in Hawaii, something in their yard. That’s what that
song Yard Academy is about. We don’t ever have to leave,
[INDISTINCT]. In that case, it’s our island, because it’s like our island home, it’s our
yard. Recycle Hawaii is dedicated to promoting recycling
awareness throughout Hawaii, and has helped over fifty schools become part of the Earth
Friendly Schools Hawaii program, and continues to give
presentations throughout the islands. This is Cody Ikeda from Connections School in Hilo,
for HIKI NŌ.

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