PCC Theatre presents Arabian Nights

♪♪♪ Once there was a king called Shahrayar, who one night found his wife in the arms of a slave. The world darkened for him. His soul grew sick and he killed them both on the carpets of the bed. From then on every night he marries, loves, and kills a virgin girl and when she dies, anything of him that she might have inside also dies and he will never be betrayed again. Scheherazade: They lived together in all delight and in the practice of every virtue knowing days each more admirable than the last and the nights wider than the days until they were visited by the destroyer of joy, the separator of friends and die, but glory be to he the living who dies not, who reigns over the visible and invisible world. Shahrayar: By Allah, I will remember that story. My king, it is early yet. What of it? Let me make the darkness gentle for you. There will be time to kill me in the dawn. Tell me, do you know any moral anecdotes? Moral anecdotes, oh auspicious king, are the tales which I know best. I could tell you one or two or three. Begin quickly, for a great weariness weighs upon my soul tonight, and I doubt whether your head is safe upon your shoulders. Listen then, but I must warn you that althoug these anecdotes are very moral, some of them might seem vicious or lewd to those of gross and narrow minds. Don’t let that stop you. ♪♪♪

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