Peach’s Quest – Part 4

TEXT: No Trespassing This is the way Kamek said the mirror
has to be! We should go when nobody’s looking. TEXT: Hall of Mirrors Isn’t this the way we came in? Hold it right there! Put down the Mirror of Reipoc. What makes you think you can come in here and steal the sacred relic of our town? How dare you address me like that! I’m King Bowser, King of the Koopas! Do you take me for a fool? King Bowser is from the Mushroom Kingdom, and his game is over. In the name of Daot Town, I place you under arrest. [Broken English] I sorry, I can’t release prisoner. He done bad thing. Oh don’t worry! We release him in five years! I go to help at theatre now. My friend need volunteers. You want to help? Sure, we need more hands around(!) Great work there, Goomp! And is this a new recruit? It’s a mess right now, I tell ya. My star actor has been off sick for two
weeks, and now my reserve actor is sick too… I don’t have anyone left to perform on my
variety show. You would help? That would be great! Let’s go, the show is about to start! Thanks you made a great performer! Come back any time! Oh, it’s nothing. You wouldn’t understand. You see how polluted this river is? It has been getting worse these past few weeks. I’m a scientist and I’ve analyzed the content of the water. It’s highly acidic, which must be caused
by chemicals from the factory upstream. But the owner of the factory, Drubba, denies it. He says there’s nothing wrong with the river. The polluted water was coming through
the back of the theatre! You saved me! All right, what’s going on here? Paraplonk! I think the water has been making your actors sick! The water? But if it was the water, wouldn’t Paraplonk be ill too? Actually, I only drink water from my
bucket. Freshly sourced from Mount Lavalava! That makes sense! This is all caused by Drubba’s factory upstream. Does Drubba know? He denied it. He doesn’t want his company to be shut down. Maybe we need to try a different approach. Excuse me everyone, I have an
important announcement to make! We want everyone to be aware of what’s
happening to our town. The river is becoming more and more polluted, and it’s making our townspeople sick. This pollution is caused by a factory
belonging to someone in this room… …Drubba. We shut down the factory and the water
already looks cleaner. The town is in a huge debt to you, Princess! You connected all the pieces together so we could take him down! How can we ever repay you? This mirror is important to our town… …but, the town would soon be a dying mess without you. Please take it as a symbol of our gratitude. You’re free to go! No, not you… the spikey one! You were charged with attempted robbery of the mirror. But that mirror is no longer ours, so the charges are dropped! You gave away our mirror, and now you freed the prisoner!? You know Peach… you might have a point. well maybe there are better ways to get what you want than brute force… Maybe… Right D, what have I told you? No freedom allowed, hold the base, yadda yadda… Excuse me?? As you are a core member of the Duplighost army, I require you to be stationed at headquarters. For that remark, I’m putting you on laundry duty! Awww, but you get through like five dresses per day… If only I could disguise myself as T, I could frame him instead… Duplighosts can’t transform into each other for a reason! Incidentally, I see you’ve met our new guard! Isn’t he doing such a great job? He doesn’t even blink! We’ll have to get more of these. I mean, they don’t have any special powers… Well, no… but they’re so cute! ~ Hey, uh, Boss… your surveillance report on Princess Peach is ready. Oh, wonderful! Do go on! I saw her in Daot Town. We jailed some companion of hers, but she set him free. Daot Town… she’s getting closer to us! But little does she realise, if she does make it this far, that Duplighosts are invincible! She cannot defeat us! (Voice) You know what she’s doing, right? The Great Glory and now Daot Town… She’s collecting the legendary items that belonged to our ancestors. The items that hold the power to defeat a Duplighost! There’s no way! Not even we know how they can be used to do that! Then our lives rest on the hope that Princess Peach can’t solve a puzzle… No matter. We’ll just have to intercept her at the final hiding spot. The Forest of Yemoscar. Sure, I’ll head there right now… No… you’re stationed at headquarters! Come on, Boss, this isn’t the Duplighost way… We’re meant to prank people, not stay cooped up indoors. Well, I’ve got the loyalty of Bowser’s army now! I can send any of them over! I think it’s time for a little scheming, don’t you? So, those guys go to the forest… Now for the base… I’ve been thinking… It’s been more than two days since I saw Kamek, and I miss being able to wave that wand and teleport places. We need him here. Didn’t you dump him in some storage room? Yes… and that’s days away on foot. But I have control of Bowser’s minions, so I’ll get one of them to bring him here for me! If the boss is getting you down, there’s
something we can do about that… We could never… she’s done so much for
the Duplighosts. And now things are going too far. We have to stop her before it’s too late. I was wondering when you would find me
here. What’s that you’ve got there? I see… is that it? After years of loyalty to Bowser, you’re letting yourself become a slave to the Duplighosts? Koopa! This isn’t your calling! King Bowser is still alive! Mario, I am not your friend. If you do anything rash, I will personally make your life a misery. But, I am giving you this hat because I want to meet with you tomorrow night at the palace entrance. Be there. Does it look any different? Only one item to go!


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