Penguin Beach | Episode 3 – New Day, New Drama

– Last time on Penguin Beach, Austin shocked us all by going behind Elizabeth’s back to spend some alone time with Courtney. Rocko and Hoover secured themselves a new nest with waterfront views. And Harlan left DG in the dark to pursue his new love interest, Katy. With breeding season
just around the corner, relationships on Penguin
Beach are heating up. Some couples are getting
their practice in early, whereas others are taking the time to seriously reconsider
their current partner bonds. No relationship is safe when this many pheromones are flying free. So, I think it’s time to reveal this week’s hidden secrets
and new relationships. (funky, upbeat music) (water splashing) Once they hit breeding
age, African penguins are on the lookout for
that special someone. – When African penguins hit
about three or four years old, they’ll start looking for a mate and they’ll establish a strong pair bond and, eventually, start a little
family and lay some eggs. – At only two years of age, Lori isn’t quite old enough to settle down with a partner just yet, but as we saw with McKinney, when it comes to intimacy, youth is not a barrier for Lori. Let’s just say, she sees
this time in her life as a great opportunity to shop around. After all, there are some strapping, young, single penguins in this colony. – Lori’s situation is something
out of a reality show. Even though she’s a young,
single two year old, she thinks that she’s
a very mature penguin. – While we have some available males that aren’t yet spoken for, Lori seems to like the challenge of going after birds that
are already in relationships. – And, according to
Lori, not-so-single Dan looks like he could do with
a bit of extra attention. (penguin braying) Lori starts with her signature move, the gentle neck preen,
which Dan seems to enjoy, but not for long. Dan’s partner, Molly, has
spotted Lori’s pass at her man, and she’s not impressed. Lori backs off, but plays it cool, and waits for the right moment to pick up where she left off. (groovy music) (penguin braying) What’s this? It looks like disloyalty
won’t be tolerated in the colony today. Prince has spotted their not-so-subtle beach-side canoodling, and he’s putting a stop to it. Lori knows a lost cause when she sees one and admits defeat, for now. – Well, we’ll just sorta
see how things play out between Lori and all the
rest of her boy toys. – Over at the rock caves, DG
is doing his best to prove his everlasting loyalty to Harlan. Yet, unfortunately for DG, Harlan is showing very little enthusiasm. He only has one penguin on his mind, Katy. – Poor DG, he’s doing everything he can to get Harlan’s attention, but Harlan has certainly
changed his opinion or his affection from DG to Katy. Katy’s one of our older birds, but apparently, she’s very
attractive, especially to Harlan. – Any chance that Harlan gets, he’s spending his time defending Katy. So, he’s pretty much all
about her at this point. – Even when DG is less than two feet away, but yet again, other members of the colony (penguins braying) are showing their
disapproval for disloyalty and are fighting for DG’s honor. Harlan has made his position quite clear. He is with Katy now. He stands by his decision. – The penguins are all very aware of who’s partnered with who, but when things get outta hand, they’re not afraid to take
things into their own flippers. (funky beats) – Meanwhile, Lori still
has boys on her mind and she’s not afraid to
pursue them publicly. In fact, she’s no stranger
to a bit of backlash. She’s up to her old tricks again, dishing out yet another subtle neck preen, but this handsome male is already taken, and Lori is chased away
for the second time today. Perhaps she has engaged in
enough meddling this morning. Tomorrow is another day. (orchestra music) It’s almost lunchtime and the penguins are beginning to gather for their midday feed. However, Gayle is not by herself. On any other given day, she would be front and center of the food line, muscling her way towards pole position. So what’s going on? – Gayle is love-struck. She’s found herself a partner and he’s all she can think about. – His name is Cannon
and he’s quite a catch. Of mature age, has a great
house and a playful personality. What more could a girl want? – I think it all began with
a fun swim in the pool. Cannon’s been following Gayle around and she seems to finally be noticing him. – And now, they’re inseparable. It’s all swimming and preening
and grooming for these two. – Gayle and Cannon seem to be the hottest thing on the beach today. Gayle has found something
more interesting than food. – But, if we know Gayle, she will always make room in her day for her first love. Next week, on Penguin Beach, we catch up with our
newest colony member, Jack. Has he found somewhere to sleep? And has he found someone to sleep next to? Everyone’s favorite single
girl, Lori, is starting to molt. But, how will the boys
react to her new look? And, are Hoover and Rocko
preparing to become parents? (waves whooshing)


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