Performing Arts – Acting and Musical Theatre Pathways

[Music and singing] I chose to come to Guildford because I could do something that I enjoy. When I was at school I lived five minutes away and never turned up because I didn’t enjoy going and now I travel an hour and a half to get to Guildford just to do something that I actually enjoy waking up for. [Background music and singing] [Students acting] I chose to go for Guildford College because on the performing arts course you have got two different pathways, the acting and the musical theatre.
I chose acting because it really has a lot of different units that help
me to hone my craft. They’ve got devising, improvisation, voice lessons and also got great facilities at the college like the TV studio that we used today and the dance studio, just to name a few. The staff are really, really helpful especially my tutor Michelle She takes time out of her day to help
everyone. I’ve gone to her with a hundred problems and shes always managed to help me and sort them out. I didn’t do too well in GCSEs I’m
not going to lie here. and the thing is about Guildford College is they give you the opportunity to still achieve what you want to achieve.
Now I’m doing the Level 3 Diploma for Drama and Performing Arts. Before I came here I enjoyed singing a lot and dancing but I was never confident enough to do it, I just feel more confident and when I first came in I couldn’t sing one line by myself and now
I can do solos so it just shows how supportive they are. [Background music and singing] [Applause and cheers]

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