(Petaling District) “Thousand Seas of Love” Drama Competition ’15

*** YouTube Subtitles ENABLED *** At a far end of a neighbourhood
stood an ordinary family, the Lim’s. Oh, look at this one! She’s actually studying.
– Hi mummy. Unlike those two.
Mummy’s going shopping now. I’ll get you a little treat. Okay?
– Okay. And as for now, here’s some pocket money.
– Thanks, mom. And as for you two, I expect the house to be
squeaky clean when I get home! – Sure, Mom.
– Sure, Mom. Or, I got a better idea. How about letting
Jessie do all the chores, huh? You know what? That’s a fantastic idea. Maybe it’ll get head out of the books for a while. And in the meantime, we enjoy this for ourselves.
– Hey! That’s my money, give it back. Mom gave that to me.
– Hey Jessie, what’s this? Don’t touch my homework.
– Is this your book? Oh, really? Well, that’s too bad. You’re such a lame.
– Loser. You know what? You gonna clean this up,
while we have lunch. (SCHOOL BUS HONKS) (SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Hey!
– I am sorry, nerd! Hah, nerd.
– Nerd! Why not you run off and tell
Miss Susan? Such a teacher’s pet! Teacher’s pet, just a teacher’s pet.
Come on. Boys!
That’s enough. Jessie here, is an obedient, hardworking,… …dedicated and a very disciplined student. The things that you both, are not.
So how dare you pick on her like that? And don’t you have class? – Yes, teacher.
– Yes, teacher. Off the class, now.
– Sorry, teacher. And as for you Jessie,
for the hundredth time, when are you going to
stand up for yourself and stop allowing them
to do what they do to you? Is it your siblings again? Okay.
I, as a teacher, I feel internally responsible to at least, talk to your parents about this. No, you don’t have to talk to my parents. I’m fine, I can handle this.
I’m okay. All right, okay.
I get it. But know this. If you ever feel like leaving
that miserable home of yours,… my house is always open for you, okay?
I need you to know that. I don’t want you getting hurt,
and I don’t you hurting yourself, alright? Okay, I’m here for you.
Okay, now let’s go to class. Look at this room.
Always so messy. Taking people’s things, then
don’t know how to give back. Where she keep it? Hey, what are you doing?
This is my room. Those are my things. Well, if you have the
decency to actually stop being so annoying every 5 seconds,
you’re probably no. Why are you touching my things?
It’s mine. You won’t find anything here. Are you….
You… You know what? I’ll look for it later
when you’re out of my sight. Why are they always treating me like this? What have I ever done to them? So sick of all of this. You know what?
Maybe I should go with Miss Susan’s. She treat me better anyway.
Maybe they’ll live happier without me. Yeah, I’ll go to Miss Susan’s. See? Leaving things as a mess as usual.
What’s this? Dear family, I think I will be
better off without me. Love, Jessie. Oh God. She’s leaving? No, no….
Josh! NARRATOR: Back at the doorsteps
of Miss Susan’s house (DOOR KNOCKS) Oh, hey Jessie. It’s you.
What’s the matter? Miss Susan, it happen again.
Can I come in? Of course you may, Amy.
I mean, Jessie. Welcome to my humble home.
Okay, make yourself at home I’m just got to lock the door. (LOCKS THE DOOR) Miss Susan, why do you have so many locks? Uhm, well. Security purposes.
I suppose. I mean, you know the crime rate in this town. Sweetheart, are you hungry? I’ll get you something to eat, okay.
I’ll be right back. Make yourself at home,
and comfortable. Miss Susan, do you mind if I stay
here for a few days? Of course you may, Amy.
You’ll stay as long as you want. Miss Susan, I’m Jessie. Okay, tell me.
It’s there enough milk? Did you need more milk?
– No. All right. Miss Susan, I think this is wrong. My parents would be really
worried about me. I think I should go.
– Amy. You just got here, and I mean, you really want to go back
to all the tortures all the pain that put you through
every single day. You really want to go back to that,
when you can be happy, here? Much happier here. But, I don’t want my parents to be worried.
They’ll be really worried, and I I just don’t want them to worried.
It’s not right. I think I should go.
– No. Miss Susan, what are you doing…
– No, Amy. You can’t go. You’re here.
– Miss Susan, I’m not Amy. Why are you keep calling me Amy? You are Amy. My baby, Amy, and you have to stay. Miss Susan, I’m Jessie, I’m not Amy. You are my baby, you’re Amy.
And you’re here again. And you can’t leave me, not again. After all my pain that I’ve been through. Miss Susan, are you okay? You don’t understand,
you can’t leave me again. I think I’m gonna go get some help. No! Let go!
Let go! Let go! It’s okay, you don’t need to struggle.
It’s all right. We’re together now.
Mommy is here. NARRATOR: Back at the Lim’s residence. Hey guys, I’m home. Jessie, look what
daddy got for you. (DOOR KNOCKS)
Jessie. Gloria, Joey, Josh!
Get in here. Why? What’s wrong? Look at this. We have to go find her now.
She’s not safe out there. She’s alone! No, this can’t be happening.
Jessie’s not that kind of girl. She won’t do such a thing. Joey, Josh,
you know what happened here? Look at me when
I’m talking to you, young lady. (GLORIA SOBBING) No…
– I say look at me! No… You know what? It’s better
that she leaves anyway. You shouldn’t be talking
to your sister like that. Do you even hear yourself?
Like, do we not exist to you? It always has to be
about Jessie, doesn’t it? “Jessie, you are so hardworking.”
“Oh Jessie, you’re so sweet.” “Joey, why can’t you be more
like your sister, Jessie?” It’s like she’s has
only the perfect daughter. And I’m so sick and tired about
you comparing her to me. We provide you food,
we provide you shelter, we try to give you everything. How can you
possibly think that way? You know what?
Jessie wouldn’t say such a thing. Well you see, that’s the thing. It’s always Jessie this and Jessie that. Why never thought about us?
The both of us? The both of you, ever thought about us? You see? We disappointed.
Let’s go, Joey. I think we were wrong.
We should go talk to them. Hey, guys. I didn’t know you guys
thought that way. We both of us, love you three
equally much. Look, maybe we put Jessie first sometimes because she was the younger one. But, you are our flesh and blood.
– Yeah. And no matter what,
we always love you and care for you, always. Mom, Dad. I’m so sorry. We should not had
spoke to you that way. We are sorry. Right? Yeah, I’m sorry. Come here you guys. I think I may know where Jessie is. Then, let’s go look for her. (DOOR KNOCKS) Do you think anyone’s home?
– Don’t know. The lights are out.
– Anyone home? Coming. Oh, hey.
– Hi. Is Jessie here? My student, Jessie?
– Yes. No, she’s not.
Why were do you think that she’s here? Because my daughter….
– No, no. Wait. She’s here. She told me….
– No. I’m sorry. Wrong house. No, she told me that
she’s was gonna… (JESSIE KICKS THE CHAIR) Wait, what was that? – Jessie!
– Jessie! No! Leave! Okay, I think there’s a
misunderstanding. No. There’s no….
– Jessie! Why are you standing here, people?
It’s…. I said, leave!
– Jessie! She’s not Jessie, she’s Amy.
My Amy! Who is Amy? Oh my God, she has a gun. You want to know?
You want to know who Amy is? You want to know who Amy is? (LAUGHS THEN INHALES) She’s my daughter. The daughter that I lost,
drowning in the water. And yes, it was my mistake. Come on, Jessie.
– No! (GUNSHOT) No, no, no…. Get away!
-No, you don’t understand. I say, leave!
You done enough already! My daughter has been shot. No! No, I didn’t mean to.
I’m sorry. – Are you okay?
– No, no…. – I’m so sorry.
– No…. No….
Why? Why would you do it?
– Hang in there. Why were you get shot? Jessie, why? Why were you do that? Because no matter what happens, you are my sister,
and I always love you. I’m sorry.
– Where are the ambulance? Hold on. Hold on.
I’m sorry… Sorry. (AMBULANCE SIRENS) JOEY: You have to hang in there. Sorry.
MRS. SUSAN: No, no… Not again. Josh, do you think she’ll be okay? We treated here like that.
We should not ever done that. She was our sister.
– Hey guys, we’re home. – Jessie.
– Jessie. Are you okay? Do you any anything?
– I’m fine. It’s okay. You’re back.
You want me to get you a glass of water? No, it’s good.
I’m okay. Do we have any news about Miss Susan?
What happened to Miss Susan? Jessie… Mrs. Susan in the rehab.
But I suppose, she’ll get better. I hope she does.
She was such a nice teacher. And such a nice lady.
– I don’t think so, I think she deserve it. – Josh.
– Josh. Whatever happened, is in the past. Now all that matters is that
we’re here as a family again. So, reunion guys. I love you guys. Amy. Amy, my darling daughter, Amy. Words cannot describe how much
I missed your smiley face, everyday I wake up. I know. I know that I failed you as a mother. And I find it so hard to forgive myself,
but I pray to God that you do that you forgive me. However Amy, my love, I think that it’s time that I let go. I think it’s the best for the both of us. But know this, you’ll always be in my heart. I love you, Amy.
I really do. Goodbye. NARRATOR: The End. Subtitled by: Loh Chwan Khai – Thank you.
– Thank you.


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