Peter Dinklage Speech from a data entry to be an actor(English Subtitles, 中文字幕, Subtítulos español )

and then finally after two years of job and couchsurfing I got a job in application processing as a data enter er at a place called professional examination services and I stayed for six years
six years longer than my time at Bennington from the age of 23 to 29 well they loved me there I was funny I wore black no cape no tights I smoked in the loading docks with the guys from the mailroom and we shared how hungover we all were everyone called each other shorty what’s up shorty how you doing shorty also hungover shorty I called in sick almost every Friday because I was out late the night before I hated that job and I clung to that job because of that job I could afford my own place so I lived in Williamsburg Brooklyn ended [Applause] yeah you say that now or my kingdom for a time machine yeah that’s right I lived in an industrial loft
my rent was $400 a month my dream of running a theater company with my friend and fellow Bennington graduate Ian Bell had died I won’t go into those details but neither one of us had any business sense and the theater we lived in it had no heat or hot water we didn’t smell very good but we had our youth the youth gets old very quickly you’ll see so Ian moved out to Seattle and I moved up to the street to my loft and I still didn’t have heat in 1993 industrial loft meant not legal to live there I see I don’t want this to sound cool and I feel like it’s sounding cool ad lib but I did have hot water mm-hmm hot water in my bathroom which a friend of mine using said bathroom once shouted it smells exactly like a summer camp in here it was true for some reason in the middle of Brooklyn there was earth in my shower actual earth and then look mushrooms growing from the earth but I was safe though the ideal fire control company was right across the street where they make all the chemicals that put out chemical fires I did not fear a chemical fire I would be okay and all those chemicals in the air were okay too because up the street we had the spice factory they made spices and that just covered everything up in a nice human scent I had a rat but that was okay because I got a cat his name was Brian no relation my grandmother had given me a pink pull-out couch oddly no friends or recent graduates wanted to crash on my couch so I put the couch on its end so Brian could climb it and look out the window I had only the one window I myself could not look out the window it was it was quite high so I had no heat no girlfriend what are you kidding me no acting agent but I had a cat named Brian who told me of the world outside and I stayed for ten years no don’t pity me there’s a happy ending when I was 29 I told myself the next acting job I get no matter what it pays I will from now on for better or worse be a working actor so I quit my position at the professional examination services my friends really weren’t happy about that because he was so easy to find me when I worked there work was the only place I had the Internet this was at the beginning of the Internet and now I didn’t have either the internet or a cell phone for a job but something good happened I got a low-paying theater job in a play called imperfect love which led to a film called 13 moons with the same writer which led to other roles which led to other roles and I’ve worked as an actor ever since but I didn’t know that would happen at 29 walking away from data processing I was terrified ten years in a place without he six years at a job I felt stuck in maybe I was afraid of change I couldn’t be lazy now I’m totally lazy but back then I couldn’t be and so at 29 and a very long last I was in the company of the actors and writers and directors I’d sought out that first year that first day after school I was I am by their sides raised the rest of your life to meet you don’t search for defining moments because they will never come well the birth of your children okay of course forget about it that’s I just six months she’s my life is forever changed that’s the most defining moment ever but I’m talking about in the rest of your life and most importantly in your work the moments that define you have already happened and they will already happen again and it passes so quickly so please bring each other along with you everyone you need is in this room these are the shiny more important people what I should have said was don’t wait until they tell you you are ready because the world might say you are not allowed to yet I waited a long time out in the world before I gave myself permission to fail please don’t even bother asking don’t bother telling the world you already show it do it what did Beckett say ever tried ever failed no matter try again fail again fail better the world is yours treat everyone kindly and light up the night thank you so much for having me here

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