Piccoli Dei (Little Gods) – 66e Festival De Cannes, Short Film Corner 2013

You, with me! Come on. Ale! Kevin! And who am I playing with? -Go away!
-Off you go, it’s better! You let her play, and she’s a girl! Nobody’s ready for what you are choosing. Sure. Things don’t change. -You think perhaps the others will stop?!
-Stop. Please, stop, stop! -Do you think…
-Stop, please. “He who has nothing is sad, but he who’s alone is even sadder.” Wisdom from Calabria! What are you waiting for? For you to wise up!
Stop feeling better than me! From now on I am. Well, what are you doing?!
Are you not answering to the “family”?! I think you have to go. I believe you should think about it and change your mind. Maybe. In another lifetime. Will you do it for me? You have to go. Sir? Sir? Sir? – Go away!
– Off you go, it’s better! What’s he doing here? Come on, Lomba! He’s a kid! Calm down, calm down! He’s a fucking kid!


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