Pilobolus (A Meet the Theatre film)

we are a Theatre Company that uses
movement to tell stories everything we make is basically related to the human body in some way
that can be using the body to make letters and spell
out words or it could be using the body to create and abstract expression of an emotional state time sometimes be coming with just an idea
and then all of us will improvise to find
things that support that one idea we sometimes we have nothing in or just
come into the room and start playing with is playing we
start playing physically and %um prime on alone will implement group impairs until we start to find something that’s
worth keeping MN our directors will point to things out
president Theo that’s a good thing keep going out for a
little while that’s not only that you can give input
but they hear expected to give input we’re looking for
people that are not only interesting in their bodies but
interesting in their minds and and Tony to this this collaborative creative
process it humbling for everybody I don’t think anybody comes in with a
massive egos day I have the right answer I think we all
value each other as include I mean who we collaborated the MIT robotics Department a fifty years battle twist art
spiegelman a cartoonist said each of these non-cancerous am is teaching us something me can create this community that engages the people within it to push
beyond what they think is personally possible as well as possible for community twitching when the audience walks into our performances what you see on the stage
is are dancers warming up and they’re not
it’s not like the fourth wall is up and you can’t talk to people will laugh
at a show cry yell sometime cleared out thank include I affecting the heck of
lot 18 I good for their reaction here so I you
like somehow with our shows get the Iranians
permissions like really be involved what made clobber
specials me when I was in the audience if that meant like I can totally relate
to that somehow you have me like you had me at the pump
her hands full in person head I I know how that field me not
wanna dance company she that which I needed you know we like I yeah it might lead no I’m doin them there is a sense that you can add at least dream the impossible and get so close to it that you want to try it
again in

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