Pitch Perfect (9/10) Movie CLIP – I’ve Got the Magic in Me (2012) HD

I’ve been living for the weekend , but no not anymore cause here comes that familiar feelings that Friday’s famous for yeah i’m looking for some action and it’s out there somewhere you can feel the electricity on the evening air and it may be just more of same but sometimes you wanna go where everyone knows your name so I guess i’ll have to wait and see but i’m just gonna let something brand new happen to me and it’s alright (it’s alright) I know it is so bright it’s alright bright lights and the big city belong to us tonight, tonight I’ve got the magic in me every time I touched that track its turn into gold now everybody’s knows I’ve got the magic in me when I hit the floor the girls come snapping at me now everybody wants som presto magic these tricks that i’ll attempt will blow your mind pick a verse, any verse i’ll hypnotize you with every line I need a volunteer , how about you with the eyes ? come on down to the front and sit right here and don’t be shy so come on , come all and see this show tonight prepare to be astound ain’t no ghost or poltergeist you know i’m no Pinocchio I never told a lie they call me mister magic , man I float on cloud nine ! I’ve got the magic in me everytime I touched that track it turns into gold (oh yes it turns to gold) everybody knows I’ve got the magic in me magic, magic, magic magic magic, magic , magic, magic magic, magic, magic I’ve got the magic in me


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