Pixar Lamp | Halloween Costume Reveal!

I dressed as a partially
eaten gingerbread man. Inspired, of course, by Shrek. I did another movie-inspired one two years later the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Look at that fishnet stockings I got the pump on the light is functional in the skirt. After that I dressed
up as a flamingo wait for it. This is my foot. That’s my face down there. It’s sort of a
crutch handstand. I took it to the zoo. I tried to go like stand
by the regular flamingos just to see if they would like I don’t know, try to mate with me or talk to me. My favorite part about it is this child who is so much more
interested in me than actual flamingos. I dressed as a
foosball player the Halloween after that. I did an IHOP sign. Wait for it it’s like a double pun. Dads? Where my dads at!? I know you guys
like that one. I did Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. A Blizzard from Dairy Queen. So this was actually
not Halloween, this is just here in Santa Monica
on The Promenade right before Christmas. Look at that lady’s face I love her face. You remember fidget spinners? Yeah I did a one-off random fidget spinner costume. This is Halloween 2017. Tigger T-I-double-Guh-Er And Halloween 2108 I dressed as Genie
from Aladdin. Down here at the bottom that is my tiny dog Mushu. He dressed as Abu of course. Aww, aww When I did the Christmas tree, he dressed up in this dog Santa outfit. What I love about this is these people are just not impressed at all,
they’re like, “Oh yeah, just a tree out walking a dog.” But this kid over here, he’s like, “Something’s weird over there.” I got these custom semi-invisible
clear crutches made. So that I could
walk with my costumes and sort of float
above the ground. There was, for some reason a local news crew walking around so I was interviewed by… And what I love
about this is how seriously she’s taking her job. She’s like, “Yes, I’m a professional news woman, and I’m just interviewing a tree. Like, I went to journalism school to be able to do that. Hey there,
I’m Josh Sundquist. I lost my leg
to childhood cancer, but I grew up to become
a paralympic ski racer, motivational speaker, bestselling author, comedian, and, of course, Halloween enthusiast. So here it is, My 2019 Halloween costume. It’s easy to get above it. Unfortunately the X popped. We have a bunch of I’s
because that’s the one I intend to pop,
but I didn’t have the foresight
to buy extra Xs. A medium gluten-free pizza. And do you have jalapenos? I do. We’re trying to
figure out if we can fill the balloon with something and
prop it up somehow. I just filled this thing
with so much toilet paper. The center part of the X we will tape onto the tripod. Baaaaa. Just another day
at the Sundquist house. Hey Mushu. Baaaa


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