Podcast Talk SDR Show with AARON GILLESPIE (Lead Singer of @underoathmusic & @thealmostmusic)

what is that my fellow Maddox is Ralph’s
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and drummer of under oath and the almost of his Aaron Gillespie comes in live
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right now the Aaron Gillespie episode of the SDR show it’s out we parted for you it feels good to be back yeah buddy I
missed the shot it is the STR no sex drugs and rock and
roll show I am Ralph Sutton sitting right across from me mr. big Jay
oakerson Jay it felt awkward to be sitting at home last week watching you
do the show without me for the second time in the five and a half years the
studio was abuzz and said I really killed yeah everyone’s like thank God
Ralph wasn’t here that’s what I heard that was the the underlying tones it
could you imagine how that would have went to imaginal that would have went
boy by the way uh that kid was a little weird
what was his name Steve Prue so we everything she’s gay yeah I think he’s
definitely gay there’s no doubt about it yeah I guess I never overthought it
and then people said I asked him he said no not at all and then Shannon said he
kept asking like he apparently knows me for 27 years and I don’t know who he is
are you kidding I’m dead serious buddy he made it like you guys I think we met
once fucking 27 years ago and you guys are tight I don’t know am i right about
that 100% he’s like oh I’m so sad Ralph wasn’t here I didn’t get a comment we go
way back you let me know that I’m not great with memory right but I did ask a
few friends of mine that are in that rock-and-roll world do I know this guy
and like I don’t think we’ve ever hung out with that you fucked him dude maybe
that’s what explain why I don’t remember him am i right I think Stewie I can’t
pay her rent and then she just gets that guy appearances on shoes and by the way
is rare for me to be attracted to a girl the beginning of a show and not at the
end yeah yeah remind me is she’s uh she was sweet all right couple things often
start guests I’m very happy he’s here boy uh when Feeny was here a little
while ago and I said Oh Aaron from under oath and the almost was come he’s like
what the fuck really I’m like yeah so Aaron Gillespie thank you so much for
coming oh thank you guys and Feeny sit in uh he had a run did he no yes that’s
off to him you know I just felt I was he was my because I didn’t hear from you
yes sir I said to you do you think Wednesday 132 o’clock is gonna work and
you said yeah it should work but then I never got the confirmation so I told him
if J doesn’t show up you’re stepping in and they got a chance that I would say
oh and then just not show up well maybe something happened I don’t
know the flu is rain so you think something
happened that would make me not contact you and you were worried about getting a
co-host you know cocksucker let there speaking
of which you know Bobby goes I want to show you something Aaron this is what I
deal with okay so this is my favorite thing all
week just watching my gosh do I have to say anything or can I just fucking watch
you should just watch it every so we’re doing this big Comedy Festival strs
gonna be a part of it his other show called Legion of skanks
is out there too fifth one I guess at this point is gonna be in Texas a lot of
amazing guests gonna be there a weekend of comedy podcasting musical comedies
that’s all it’s a be great it’s fantastic
so we usually do a show our beautiful producer Shannon doesn’t get laid a lot
so on these live events we do things for Shannon to potentially meet mates and
one of them works you ended up having sex so someone wants it worse it’s
proven it’s proven fifty percent of the time two times yes yeah one place though
five hundred ways Fox yeah but if you’re battling batting 500 you’re doing great
sure so we were gonna do a third one and then that didn’t come about because Jay
you talk about how hold on just play the video Shannon please you
better play this whole thing having a contest with SD our show where is gonna
have women’s shit in a bucket if this is rouse idea so we’re going back another
dating game for Shannon and in Texas maybe get some big old you know pause it
pause it that’s I know what you’re bringing some
I thought he knows what you’re gonna bring up and I forgot I did it what
you’re gonna bring up as clearly as two thing I do when we have horrible things
I just say it’s right just play the red player get forgetting please just onion
to prove that I it’s my idea I’m saying that wholeheartedly
I’m fine but by the way because what you’re not playing on the whole thing
you’re just trying to show that it’s not your idea I take ownership back very
quickly as I explained to Lewis who was coming at me shitty I know that the
contest converts of hot we’re doing hottest girl you’re giving away the
whole fucking thing that makes it awesome the contest is the prettiest
girl taking like the biggest shit and I’m Ryan Lewis like you’re not gonna
it’s not gonna girls aren’t gonna do I go yeah maybe not probably not
he’s like you won’t get any contestants a possible we get no contestants then we
won’t do it I guess but it was a smash no and then I said was I go but here’s
what it’s really based off of the contest is called hottest chick biggest
shit and that put a stir in the room and Luis started turning around and then
describing that the game involves anonymously these girls taking their
shits and then we rate the shit and then we rate the girl and rate the girls on
hottest complete say and if you add up two scores the least attractive chick
could win if she has a monster dump and then now Luis Luis almost wants to
sponsor the idea so I just that’s wild then I wouldn’t even give you credit for
that fantastic I am just saying I’m so used fine good let’s I know it’s my
version of going Wow tasteful nudes please a couple thing at the top of the
show follow sever at the ser show if you give us a five-star review we will send
somebody a t-shirt we do that once a month so we pick a random one we sent
the few out last week I have been sitting I do this I told you off air I
do a deep dive on whoever’s coming on the show right I know a little bit about
how you wasted on Billy course yeah I just told him I really talked about that
yeah I know he did and it’s eight hours eight hours some doubt about it I need
him to come on the show once just so I could use this knowledge dear Billy
dearest bill not even his fucking music stuff no he had to do an 8 hour deep
dive into his wrestling life that was part that’s a thing someone told me that
recently I didn’t know he was like this crazy anyway he bought a W a yeah and
not only that it was like they said that he would come on if at least half of the
show was wrestling related so I started doing research you know you’re a rock
star when you can like stipulate what conversations get stopped where it goes
hey remember the famous that’s great Billy Bob Thornton when he wanted to
just talk about his band yeah so when you were on the set of Of Mice and Men
he’s like that finally I should I’d like to talk about the music and he’s like no
I do want talk about music too but when you were that movie monsters full and I
think he stands up it becomes like a thing really it’s one of the famous like
YouTube viral I you ever put a stipulation when you’re
gonna go do an interview like look this is a new almost record I don’t I don’t
wander off I don’t think that keep your girlfriend’s off my dick no I just don’t
care like if somebody if somebody wants to
talk to you about your life just talk to him completely agree and I agree
ice living in a bubble too long you get like it’s a lot of fun for a listener of
a podcast or whatever whatever medium it is it’s fun for them to listen to
someone say whatever the fuck they want to say yeah I think when I did the radio
show for a very long time we one time got a chance to potentially interview
Axl Rose and the stipulation was I want to talk about his ballroom dancing yeah
it was when the new album sit at a piano the whole time you know a released the
single what was it oh my god for Chinese Democracy and the deal was you could
only talk about that song can’t bring up any men and members of the band prior to
who’s in the band now and he only wants to focus on that release and nothing
else should a deep dive on Buckethead yeah and but here’s the other thing
it had to be pre-recorded mm-hmm and then he had to decide if it was going to
be able to be aired or not afterwards and I just didn’t want to do it I think
I think the older musicians have way more like reservations than anybody that
I know in our world that I’ve met or whatever they’ll do whatever it’s I
think that’s an older thing maybe of dudes being like you know well
especially from the era of zero accessibility right baby the old-school
rock stars that were higher they were like you know you were Idol legends and
now it’s like even like you’re the fan that likes you the least like has had an
argument on Twitter with you it’s so before we learned you’re not supposed to
argue back sometimes you know I mean like we’re just it’s very accessible now
like arguing a sin RhoC stars for sure sometimes we get interviews that come in
and they tell me hey he doesn’t want to talk about this for this and in general
I just don’t tell Jay because I feel like you’re not gonna even know that
that was a thing you know like so we had off something obscure like Daymond John
was just on recently right from my shark tank and there was some weird thing that
happened where they booked him at a strip club to do a he does like
motivational speaking he didn’t know his trip come because it wasn’t called
Wiggles it was called something like you know night movie night whatever it was
yeah he went and gave them a motivational
speech he no he canceled it once he found girls throw me a business out
let’s unpack that so wait a second so he he didn’t book it his management booked
it when they found there was a strip club billboard come perform and he’s
like oh no I don’t want to do that so he backed out and when they told me that is
if we don’t want to talk about that I’m like Jay’s not gonna know this story so
I’m not even gonna bring it up to you so I felt like if I told you love to see
your face if I went Damon I came across the story you tell us about Night Moves
yeah I’m gonna give tank ideas for throwing me from strippers yeah
well we’re doing a Barbara Corcoran’s coming in in a month so he can be here
about my season I ought to do flatten of a girl’s gash how crazy is she crazy I
got into so much trouble for that stupid video yeah you don’t have have that
handy push each work she had an idea so bomber crook was here for another show
oh you’re holding the titty and I’m holding her boobs right she’s touching
them well she put it on so she’s wanted to she said you’re six six six five she
stood on the Ottoman mm-hmm and then she says well if I’m this tall I probably
have big tits so she grabbed the pillow put it underneath her shirt so it look
like she had big boobs and she said won’t do a boomerang grab my boobs I’ll
smack you and we’ll loop it play it oh you don’t have to play just that oh
there it is right there what in the world that’s it okay this is not a plan
her plan the amount of hate mail and emails if you like what the fuck is
wrong with you why would you grab her tits that I got is insane what you can
clearly tell by the right of court and not only that why would i if I was the
one that decided to do that why would I put that like hey look at me of
molesting a seven-year-old one like it makes no sense she was giving her exam
press for 15% stake in her titties exactly we need to start a food cart
though a long stretch though from letting you grab a pillow under her
shirt to working no haven’t called her wild no I know you try to kiss one of
the guys here I know when Shannon’s mummy dust-filled pussy letting someone
grab your pillow boob your fake pillow boobs is wild you hear the opening Sun
from the westerns and tumble we just roll by her
I bet it’s a bit so it’s tied together with shoelaces wait do you think do you
think that she’s like she’s she like a drunk Shannon you know she just as
though has crazy no Shark Tank lady Oh shark thing lady oh no I don’t think you
drunk what I think I’ll be honest be a dude you like Shannon you get it dude I
bet you could get it you’re like a handsomer Barbara oh I
thought you were trying to bang Shannon no no I don’t like good news like real
married forever Merritt now Shannon you fucking homewrecker Shannon stop trying
to fucking ruin his relationships there you Black Widow I got two kids what
happens next I bet you want to take care of kids now Shannon not your kids in New
York City idiot think Shannon idiot beep do not give him that letter you wrote
him yeah not even that letter Jana and those pictures do not do not I want to
tell one other story I think about the album yeah that’s fine I just have some
ridiculous thing that happened I heard it I heard it I didn’t because you know
that I am very bad with drugs right and we have not seen each other really real
problem with you yeah on the show like no I don’t do well with drugs they don’t
heroin in his ear yeah really like this is not doing
anything do you want to write a song so we have not really talked about our New
Year’s I know you were in LA with skanks right that went well it was fun right
unreal I heard that was great and I turned 50 on New Year’s with a bunch of
friends that I’ve known forever it’s like 15 of us at the new guitar-shaped
Hotel in in Fort Lauderdale which was it was really nice
Fryman but somebody brought edibles and oh I you know it was it was we all had a
great time we’ve gambled which I don’t even gamble how much for whatever then
we went back I took a sweet 15 of us are there somebody pulls out an edible I say
I fine I’ll take a little bit of an edible and then everyone goes home right
and hey everyone was super nice to me of course it’s my birthday yeah also
available and then I really before I took the edible then I’m lying in bed
every was my room was very weird cuz all the light switches were low and there
was like banisters in the bathroom and I realized oh I’m in a handicapped room Oh
and then on the edible acid I started to think that I was mentally challenged and
I’m just realizing it now for the first time at 50 and I started having a really
depressed breakdown that how did I not know that I was mentally challenged how
do you get so disassociated from tangible reality I may but I made I made
excuses very like think I know dated girls I’m like well maybe they were let
me tell you the last time he did edibles I’ll tell you they year caretaker that’s
what I thought last time he did edibles he said he thought he was on some of
there was cameras in his place he was on a reality show I don’t never seen we’d
get somebody that like disassociated I’ve gotten when I say panicky on weed
like my panicky is always but it’s tangible it’s like man I hope I don’t
have like I hope not sick you know I mean like I had this you know cigarettes
and probably have lung can you know that yeah I don’t it’s definitely like out
there too but it’s it’s a tangible thing you’re saying crazy if either what is
this my institutions institutionally said to myself OJ’s nice that he’s doing
a show with this memo I do write a toast I do write it off as charity you do I’ve
had some scary edible moments where you’re I looked out of my Apple watch
one time I was on the back of a toilet so I had to eat inedible which is not
when I when I used to use marijuana was not my you know your dorm will go to and
I looked down at my Apple watch in my heart was 140 sitting still and I’m so
scared I’m so scared and I hadn’t even hit yet probably the edibles is like oh
you take this fucking thing and you got to wait an hour to see what happens I’m
getting a panic but getting a pet about like I’ve never seen someone take
edibles and be like today’s a day the alien invasion I have to get to higher
ground I don’t understand it’s why I hate doing it because every time I have
this weird disassociative thing I was brought up being a you keep doing it
when you’re gonna be alone shortly I was in the bed look at that yeah but you
never do it we’re at bachelor parties in the Hobby part and you’re like
everybody lie cause it started to get late everybody left I didn’t think
everyone’s gonna leave that quickly but boy I was just lying in bed miserable
like I can’t believe I’m realizing this at 50 that I’m retarded I didn’t know
really is upsetting someone that doesn’t normally eat edibles is probably gonna
eat them if he’s drunk yeah that’s what I’m saying usually it’s like oh fuck as
my birthday I’ll have one and then you got yin and yang going on also it’s
gonna take 50 years for you to learn a tude you’re retarded retard it takes way
time 50 years Oh 50 years 100 years goes full circle he then forgets he’s
retarded starts functioning it was really upsetting man I was lying in bed
almost into when you’re 70 take edibles again and maybe it’ll revert back the
other way yeah why were you sitting back and
thinking man for a retard I dunno I thought I really believed that
they were cared at work and my brain tricked me into thinking that I was new
this is retarded Truman Show this is all a farce I thought this ought to keep you
regulated every single thing I could come up with with well of course I’m not
because of this then I came up with a reason how that would be allowed well if
it goes 3 2 1 ever for your retarded dude oh but I do like soft foods I do my
own account also not allowed to drive a car alright like marching band music so
now I think everything that movie the other sister I I scream if someone
touches my ears do I know I don’t okay so the interesting thing is your I hate
to use the term new band but technically it is your newer newer of the chain yeah
but this band the almost has been all around for 10 years roughly yeah 12 12
12 years 12 years you know but that is a crazy thing to say that euro you’re on
tour with your other band mm but it’s as long as a band would normally exist
anyway yeah I just it’s like my that’s like my it’s like my diary kind of in a
weird fucked-up way like with under oath I it’s like a heavier style of music so
when we were making our second record with under if they wanted to do some
like driving your car rock-and-roll music so I made this record
and it’s always been pretty casual you know it’s like I this is the first
almost record I’ve made in seven years and it’s like let’s just do it now I
played drums for Paramore for a while after under oath and I just stopped
doing this project and then just picked it up again last year so it’s like it’s
sort of just like a weird like if I feel like I got to do something you know what
I mean like I’m sure that it’s like that a lot in radio to where you might want
to you know make a different podcast at something niche or something means yeah
for me it’s that Paramore chuckle Hayley Williams Hayley Williams mad cool did
yeah mad cool I tell you what that song came out it’s pretty much pop music but
I dug that sing well they started out heavier and then you just kind of move
right yeah yeah she’s she’s like one of them she’s one of the actual good ones
yeah I think the the chick form is cool uh I you know she’s gotta come some
quick cryptic ass shit up online I think she’s putting a solo record out oh I
think I don’t I don’t know where’s the cryptic thing solo record coming soon
what is it that it’s called like hate pedals it’s called pedals for peace or
something and there’s all this and then she posted something that said like I’m
making some music under different things I think it’s a solo record but the thing
that I think that everyone thinks they have fascinated me about use it that I
didn’t realize and you as the drummer and singer yeah I started looking and I
go shit you also play almost everything right I don’t play guitar did you let on
this on the new single that I heard that has the sack solo did you play that sax
no well I did cool shit but then also that you write shit for other people all
the time too yeah it is one of yours novel shit I’m sure at all I’m dick it’s
all shit fucking trashed your friend shit for other people yeah good stuff
for yourself I get that’s the question why do you give your shit to the other
people and keep the good science what are some other things like have you
written songs as you said somewhere that you write a lot of pop songs yeah that
we would no no no no like pop like electronic dance music stuff like that
like they call it top lining like you hold what top lining I’ve never heard
that long term well let him explain it stop lining he’s going to say what it is
it just looked at you first I thought there was a boob joke coming so I was
gonna get could I guess what that is yeah I guess it’s probably wrong
but it’s like as far as electronic music you just make like one track of F
something it’s laid over several times with laser e sounds and shit no top
lining is the lyrics and the melodies to the music oh wow
do you know means I’ve been doing a bunch of that which has been fun so they
give you dizzy the beat they send you a track no fully produced not just like
the drums like a fully produced track like you would hear on the radio and
then there’s just no vocals so they farm they farm all this shit out through all
these publishing companies but then do you you’re writing the lyrics where
you’re not singing it sometimes you sing it and some don’t
that’s fascinating that it’s a whole separate career for you whole separate
thing just really started in the last year so that’s pretty well yeah it’s
like to me I like in music I like a challenge right like I don’t know
anything about electronic music I was gonna say are you are you writing are
you writing leaning towards you know for writing like rock music pouring about
not are you just going bounce bounce bounce no no you know I’m just owns
balance no yeah no it’s just shit that you think it’s cool
right and you don’t like conform to what you’ve heard before a lot of those DJs
and those people are super into rock music right so I think a lot of times
they just want a different perspective so as some of us but you weren’t the
same way you would write a rap song you’ll personally more into 100% as
someone who’s been top planning a lot give me some insight yeah when did you
start copying top lining that’s what it means when he just jerks the head of his
dick so that’s just hot top lining thumbing it like a lighter straight up
helmet all rough stranglehold on the bottom here and a little thumb thumb
action you wait til it’s blue so you have obviously these these two major
entities right one thing that I’ve heard that’s fascinating is the road crew for
under oath hmm is the band yeah that’s on tour with almost yeah not all of them
but the the two senior oldest working like longest working for us guys yeah
there because that make a little weird dynamics as I think sometimes you’re
ordering that guy go you know pick up that guitar rig or whatever and then
he’s like no man go get someone else they fucking take care of themselves
oh because with Underoath they drive the ship right so they gotta think about
moving a semi-truck and they got to think about like how all these pieces
get to Europe and so now with this and we’re just doing
small clubs on this run to 300 rooms they just do it all I don’t have to do
anything that’s great and they don’t you don’t test it’ll be done right you don’t
ask them to do it because they’re just because they’re used to doing it anyway
used to doing you know even though they’re playing in the man they just
everything works like I know that after this interview I’ve got to go to the
grammar scene it’s done even though they don’t technically have to do that cuz
your eyes I clean the fuck now they’re so view interview the rest of this
fucking asshole Aaron and it shows up at the end of the day fucking why isn’t
everything done already yeah good idea with the confetti bombs
assholes get some brooms I’ll be in my tour bus
you gotta cost you know if you have like they they make these huge you see like
an arena show there’s a huge confetti burst yeah it can be up to like three
thousand dollars to clean that up oh I believe that the artist pays for
yeah you have to I know that’s so funny that the guys – I never knew that I
never even put it together that a band would pay for their own thing
yeah and corn on one of those tours it was that Oildale album where they had
this all in it which is like so it’s it’s all these big oil rigs and on stage
for a am fest I think was it for the first one on the first week yeah that’s
what the song in a towns called oil day or whatever so they have these oil rigs
that was like the album cover was oil rigs and they had oil rigs like going
onstage with like flames going up the middle of them and all this stuff the
first week of the tour they just stopped doing it they just took down all of the
stage effects the change name I know I asked the guy like what happened this
stuff he’s like he’s like yeah you guys I think we just had a talk last week and
like this is so stupid expensive like oh I don’t even think about that yeah the
band goes where they go we want land oil rig on state that comes out of their
mine I didn’t know I never like put that together
I thought maybe like I don’t know I don’t know what I thought about we just
spent we just spent all summer this past summer with corn under oath did and they
didn’t have any like extra we call that like like an extra effect like hydrogen
tree they had tons of license shit like moving shit but there was no like fire
or all this great light show but they uh they got some crazy German guy does
their lights one thing I like they noticed about you that you do seem to
embrace technology and the chain I listen to you do some interviews about
the changing of the music industry and how everything you believe is
cyclical and things are always gonna come back around again but one thing
that surprised me though is that you still which I don’t have like I’m not a
musician but you still believe in the concept of tour album tour album yeah as
opposed to where a lot of bands are moving towards malice or singles you
know like yes but it didn’t is there a reason why you’re still holding on to
that old-school ideology this is I want to you doesn’t mean I know that doesn’t
make any sense like I mean but I’m I mean I’m not gonna be like Lars Ulrich
and sit here and complain about Napster you don’t mean like I just don’t I like
what I like but you have to I don’t understand though in the thing like a
sink like there’s still where albums always had a single from the album well
no the thought process nowadays a lot of bands they just release singles and then
maybe do like a an LP as a specialty thing it’s like back to the 50s again
we’re like it’s just a bunch of singles and you make an album maybe every five
years your lunches are release in forty fives only yeah widemouth like they
still love my forty fives of myself you know no streaming yeah really no one
would ever hear your music that’s a thing like I you know embracing the
times or whatever it’s like if you want people to consume what you make you have
to let them have it they’re not going to go out I mean most people don’t listen
to physical musics it’s funny if you hold off though like you know how long
tool were dick you asleep off when they release though so many years after it’s
been running already they are now I mean for a band that then around that long to
like they were trending in it and yeah most day
oh there’s were for months and months I think there’s a fucking there’s a method
to that right now we had Papa Roach on and they talked
about this thing with it’s called gaming the playlists where you get someone to
remix your song so that you appear on another on another list somewhere
playlists yeah yeah and then that makes them search you out that’s why if you
look at pop would pop road is it an anomaly in Spotify if you look at the
top 10 songs played 4 out of the 10 are like new songs yeah not the first out
they another way to do that to a lot of rappers do this is and then you see this
in pop music to how a song will come out and then the album won’t come out for
like a year yeah but all the plays that that
single have been racking up they count towards the place for the first week of
that album oh well that’s a way to get to like the top of the charts really
fast because on that album even if it’s different you know version I don’t know
if the artist ever be that involved if I’m getting ready to start paying a
company think next month ridiculous fee it seems but they say
they’re gonna do my social media stuff and their thing what they do is that
they they’re so confident and have shown with like Neymar gasps he uses them to
get people a certain levels that social media and it’s all these things you’re
like really it’s like yeah we know how to do the right hash tagging on all them
you think it’s all nonsense you’re like why because a lot of people just hashtag
live stand-up comedy live stand-up comedy whatever a city whether they just
know how to like do all that’s enough I would never think to do I told you that
I should about this on the show which it makes me the biggest creep in the world
right I will search the hash tag on my lord NYC
oh sweet Jesus because girls that are coming to New York for the first time
across will put that in and I have gone on several dates finding women that way
okay can we unpack that now so say you do sit so you search this hash tag
whatever you see these women do you like message m and say I’m a great tour guide
and it’s not gonna sound better when you see it back it’s not gonna sound better
when it has worked really well you’re not joking I’m no to a guy yeah I’m a
great tour guide if you want somewhere around New York it so he’s describing a
grooming and lawyering process yes yes I mean Ralph kill today I just say I don’t
know if he did I’m saying yes look into it you know what good good yes and
you’re hedging your bets ends a smart bet just look at me he’s retarded leave
him alone I’m sorry retard you every left him alone from thank you so much it
was him there’s definitely gonna be a picture eventually of Ralph high-fiving
Jeffrey Epstein NYC tour guide ruff was his murder
that’s why Ralph looks like one of my parents respect me so dude could
somebody please Photoshop a Javier Bardem haircut on Ralph with the cattle
prod enterprise so now when you’re writing songs because you seem to do
that often yeah do you get into a mindset of oh this is going to be ahead
your song for under oath this is gonna be a more commercially accessible song
for the almost or is it just wherever the direction takes you I feel like I
feel like if you if you like try to give everything a compartment
like that especially with art any kind of art I think you can get some real
shitty stuff you know I mean I think you have to just right that’s what I do well
I notice that one that I think seemed somewhat pre-planned is that you
recorded this new record in the desert near the Joshua Tree and then you
decided to cover a u2 song off of Joshua Tree yeah yeah that was pretty plan that
was already people the record was a weird
we did the whole thing in six days the whole record the whole record in 60
anything that you had no songs recorded oh no no no I had all the songs written
on it we recorded it all in six days and I I live in Utah so I put all my studio
gear in a u-haul van and drove it to Joshua Tree California my producer buddy
mass choir met me there we also produced uh under oath yeah I erased me so we
started recording for about an hour and knock on doors to police and we had like
rented this Airbnb and told them what we were doing and they said we’re looking
for this retard Ralph Sutton he looks like the No Country for Old Men guy
cattle prod he’s been eating children hitting them in the head with the
counter part no but he he’s like yeah there’s the rape they’re allowed to the
citizens around here are entitled their peace and quiet and they’re allowed to
enact a citizen’s arrest if you make more noise Jesus so I’m like what the
fuck does that mean like I literally said that to the guy
it’s like and I’m like wait so they can arrest us he goes not per se I’m like no
that’s what you’ve just said so anyways we get kicked out of that place the next
morning then we have to find we’re driving around Joshua Tree in the desert
with a van full of studio gear and we find another place that’s a studio when
the guy goes well I have a studio but I have a local band recording in here so I
can’t give you the studio but you guys can rent my house so we rented this
dude’s house and made the whole record in another house in Joshua Tree Wow and
so we really did in five days he’s lost I heard it’s unreal it’s like the moon
it’s bizarre yeah it’s a really cool place a lot of people say they go camp
there and then they go the Coyotes won’t bother you well I’ll never go – ever now
have you ever gone like legit camping like no
not like a camper not a camper or a or a log cabin I mean like you’re out in the
woods you got to shit in the woods I explained this to you I’m white garbage
from the city of Philadelphia we’re not campers really there you’re
talking about more Midwest white garbage I’m just curious you have you never have
I never have now why do people from Philly
don’t that trash from Philly doesn’t campus traffic strike me as a place
where any of my friends I could think of growing up we’re gonna do that I mean
unless you count like you know sleeping overnight and the stadium parking lot to
fistfight ethnics at an Eagles game maybe maybe that shit
it’s a weird town of odd people but I love you I never uh flat-out camp oh
yeah yeah yeah yeah we from originally Florida toe he’s also by the like true
white trash garbage he loves it was bright racing you love a NASCAR NASCAR
racing I’m true hot trash I was just in the home of NASCAR Charlotte North
Carolina this last weekend it was fantastic we were in North Carolina last
week where we had a day off in Mooresville which is where all the shops
are and there’s a few drivers who were massive under oath fans so we got to go
to like you can’t take your phone in like these engine shops and shit it’s
like a big deal yeah but the night before we all contracted this Peruvian
death flue or whatever is going around shitting and throwing up and oh yeah
someone just told me Amy at the regularly but tell me that you were just
telling sir that you shit your pants I didn’t shit my pants i I I should my
pants i I do shit my pants about once a year though mm-hm
it’s loose no you think you can fart and you got clearance and you just you’ve
run out of space once a years well I think Lawrence you know how you need
some space like between your colon and your asshole there’s some just you know
there’s a I think you have space I think you have a space but it you know you go
to shut the door and the door won’t shut all the way because you mean I I’ve told
this to everything right in my adult life me three or four times I feel once
a year i shit once a year that’s great and you’re not a big drinker
I like to drink but recently in the last few years I’ve slowed it down and you
keep putting your hair on this hot stove my friend you’re gonna come up same way
every time continues your parents every anyways we all got the stomach thing and
went to these race shops and had to keep going to the bathroom it’s like once in
a lifetime thing and then we got home and I met like some of my idol drivers
like crucial shit like it was it was a serious thing
to get to go to this place interviewed on serious Joey lagano our producer over
there is a huge yeah yeah I I was stalking on Jimmie Johnson’s crew chief
he was the last guy I talked to you that day seven times champion like big deal I
get back to my hotel room and I’m I feel like I’m on ambien like I’m so fucked up
I would threw her threw up all night the night before I get back to my hotel room
in my whole mouth like chin under my nose is all red I just had been drinking
Gatorade to hydrate myself and I walked around and met all these fucking people
had Gatorade and he must have blue somebody there another dude it was nasty
it looked like I had just woken up from a night with her like we made already
try to get pretty put on red lipstick for us we thought that was sweet
where do you live in Salt Lake City or the in Salt Lake City yeah I live I live
downtown right now I just got five acres like 20 minutes west of town over build
a house on I like to fish I like all that I told you he’s writing complete
white garbage truck yeah I’ll be playing wiseguys in Salt Lake City and the month
of February bro I live two blocks from nice guys hey it’s you look we’ve made
kismet here I’m gonna hang out so hard let’s do it I’ll take you to the few
bars in town that are green we’re gonna maybe you guys can shoot your pants
together go out with me you will so now when you do almost tours do you do know
Underoath song son all right that makes sense who then people know what to
expect do you find that there are people that
are almost fans that have no idea about under oath I don’t know I don’t know you
know when I get heckled to play under a song I always try to really comedic ly
shut it down you know yeah um but I’ve never had anybody come up to me and say
I don’t know who your other band is because it’s all so funny it’s under
oath is such a media – Grammy nominations is that right or am I wrong
with us you that’s crazy I like you toward last year with with was it all
strain of corn summit or yeah and that last record that was your comeback
record it’s such a big record for you guys to come back that strong it’s
amazing to me that you still felt oh I also want to put out this new almost
record – yeah I mean just these songs like I was writing just don’t really fit
the Underoath format and like you were asking before I don’t like sit down and
go I’m gonna write this type of song today but you don’t
yeah they just didn’t work you said somewhere that you have like 30 songs
that you were gonna put on this record that I mean obviously is not 30 for it
right so do those songs disappear do they be game do they get top line to the
next EDM song that’s not bad question and I love to shit all over alpha I got
talked to here I got talked to I was talking to my publisher today about
using some songs for other stuff so sometimes you reappropriation
today’s the first time I ever sat with someone who they told me like hey we
might be able to use these songs for something else it was kpop actually
really just fucking weird so now so now you’re on some sort of list of like a
go-to guy for songs I mean yeah yeah that’s pretty wild
yeah great cuz you know there’s that like Hit Factory place in California
that supposedly write hits for everybody you keep giving quotes when you say I
think it’s called Hit Factory I’m not sure why you did that three place
there’s a company these guys that like write songs they’re like seven year old
guys that write all these like pop hits Rodopi factory productions in just place
I should say like that oh so I wasn’t replace it’s not
production just displace maybe you’ll fall into that crew and you’re known as
the guy that just write songs right I mean that’s what I I’m kind of like my
ropes starting to run out on touring right you’re doing it since you’re a kid
how are you I’m 36 yeah but your first view you first under oath was like view
17 yeah yeah we start touring full-time at 18 that’s crazy
I’m like that’s tough to buy understand touring though music is so die it takes
a heavy toll on me and I do you do Thursday but I do Thursday morning come
home Sunday morning usually if I’m driving I can even be home that’s called
country schedule but uh yeah is that what it is the country guys just do that
yeah so like I’m still home even though it’s
like I know we’re made more daunting like by flying a lot more like it’s not
just gone at some point I’m in my own bed and you’re by your own stuff so yeah
I got kids too yeah that’s why it’s like when you’ve gone three run like what’s
like six weeks usually at or six to eight weeks and I’ll fly home but
sometimes you get screwed and you took a thousand dollars to get home from the
East Coast or you know whatever so yes stuff and how long have you been married
with kids this is my second marriage oh yeah because I heard you say yeah
don’t get someone someone was contemplating about getting divorced
yeah and he’s his responses don’t get divorced it’s really funny what that big
fat pig do to you we’re on your side dude she slept with
my best friend oh my god no no no been so cool no no she just heard I hate
reading a bukkake session I’m just kidding no her and I just uh her and I
just fell apart you know it happens you know and in in I got remarried at him
it’s great and everything’s good but it’s harder she’s an angel but that last
slut ya know it’s really it’s really hard on your it’s really hard on your
any relationships it’s also gotta be hard I imagine when you’re the wife I
have an ex-wife I know and you’re the wife and then the but you see the guys
the band on tour and now he’s married again it’s gotta suck even friends
though like like all my friends like you know you have really good friends
growing up like they all move on too so it’s not just to like your sexual
relationships and your emotion or it’s like your buddies there it’s gone it’s
well when you especially people not in like the field of what you’re doing you
bill it’s an immediate and then you drop an entertainment if you have any kind of
like legs in it at all like you just get a whole new community yeah other seems
national than you do at home yeah this is weird that you’re like exactly you’re
like I don’t know what to even do it my own you know I mean like they’re still
going to like nickel beer night I’m really trying to do something you know
can’t have a conversation with him about what you’re into because this is you’re
an asshole also yeah you’re just that you’re all your star you’re gonna come
in town fuck on a nickel beer night I’m the same person
camping out to see an Eagles game the next day but I’m obviously and you still
be you know I mean just having experience all right big man you think
you’re so fucking good I was saying the one year that I was in South Africa I
have a few other questions for you but one that I want to get to before we do
the song and then we’ll bring you in we’ll come back and finish it but um
there was this you know again I do these deep dives and I was watching this thing
where you they have 30 questions you pick seven and then you answer those
seven and one of the questions was something about what part of your body
would you change and you said that you have quote sumptuous lips and you would
like to change that yeah I would J how do you feel about his sumptuous lips
lips look dsls they are DSL those things are down
man they’re great you don’t like other ways
that way you had the red lipstick on that trying to suck some dick you wish
you a sinner yeah man like a regular dude you don’t have girl lips hold on by
the way we turn you’re a second let me see you let me get on that by the way
you I didn’t realize how much you’re fit you have to get you laid bill burr a lot
facially which is not an insult all you leave bill bar with fantastic hair never
you see it I mean I see it crazy yeah by the way bill before him smile
Bobby you might not and Bill has super sumptuous lips that’s well it’s that
Wilbur Cooper wishes he had your lips picture bill please
yeah oh fuck that’s bill but you are is he balding a shaves his head
completely but that’s that’s pretty much get great hair when he had hair and
that’s it he never got here but no no never like that but also a drummer bill
burr is that a fact yeah he did a drummer yeah all right so uh what’s only
gonna do something off the new record okay so uh let’s uh set that out you
start off wimoweh a wimoweh wimoweh blue all right I’m gonna move this in there
Shannon hey Millian I don’t know why things like they are we’ve come so far but we are back at the
start no one can win come to me what’s the point you can’t eat it goes then you can’t
unless you can’t find go but you keep on trying there’s nothing but dust you
there’s nothing but dust here you can’t you can have a heart attack and keep on
living you can put your food on your mouth and people give it I think it’s
all connected a need for love and acceptance it’s not my directive to
explain it what’s the point what’s the you can’t eat ghosts and you can’t sit yeah I go people joy you can’t you can’t eat a ghost and you can’t see
the lighting you can’t find don’t keep on trying you give back just you can’t oh yeah I want to come under the sacs
I’ve been so cool shit that was great I was great that was I have a question you
did like a magic trick I was staring at the guitar because I’m so intrigued by
anyone’s ability to play the guitar no but uh when you start a finger picking
hmm you do like a I thought was like oh I thought maybe you dropped the pick and
then when you went right back into it what do you need for palm it so you like
like you say you’re doing this cause gets quite easily ahead and then you’re
gonna put back I thought you were you know all your fingers going I’m like
where the fuck’s of it and they’re just like shot back yeah it’s interesting
because you are one of these dudes from again did not to keep talking about it
when looking at you’re just like a guy that’s made to play music because you’re
just every when you play several instruments you’re write songs whatever
that part of your brain is is made for writing music the only part that works
right so do you like what would happen what sacrifice no dog you can’t dunk
right I can’t down yeah yes yeah they give up dog you did you know that at a
very early age that this is a oh I play guitar you rocked already at 18 yeah my
mom has photos of me like holding me above like to blow out the candles on a
birthday cake at my third birthday and it’s like got drums painted on the cake
Wow like some shitty ass eight he’s like did they want you to play there was a
complete no it was just it’s all my thing that’s just I I’ve never wanted to
do anything else it’s crazy like the more I watched
interviews of you and listen to songs of my this dude is just made to play music
yeah certain people like I use a Nikki Sixx right whom he wrote hits for so
many people that he does people don’t even know like he wrote a hit for Celine
Dion and the Backstreet Boys and she has made to write songs yeah and you’re one
of those people just your brain that part of your brain is is made to write
music yes we remember at that age to having a three-year-old birthday cake
what was that was it just like you were like whacked oh he was really into the
wheel what was like the music like the song or the band that was like hell yeah
I mean I was talking about this with someone today in a meeting I grew up in
like a super southern religious family but my dad every Friday night would get
drunk on Coors he had yam sounds better religious yeah
yeah and he had a ton of record Tampa Clearwater Beach Tampa yeah yeah he had
a ton of he had a ton of Records and he would play him and I remember just the
sound of it man I was just like fuck it was like all classic rock you know
Templin and and even older you know the Beatles and the stones and and it was
always like you can never ever you can play music in church for your parents
and but you’ll never ever do that you know could you those are God’s you see
video I would see would show me documentaries about Zeppelin and stuff
and you look at those people like this is crazy like you’ll never be able to do
that but then when I was in elementary school middle school there here comes
Nirvana and you could look you could watch Kurt Cobain on TV and go I can I
can do that yeah you don’t mean a song for simple enough it was cathartic drugs
yeah I live him also I live in Florida everyone knows math they were an
approachable look yeah yeah I said it seemed like you and your buddies like
you and your buddies band just got picked up so they seemed like totally
yeah I think that was really the Nexus for me to be like fuck that’s my life
you have to be a god to wear spandex on ironically and have it raining pussy a
massive dick yeah so the last question before we do the first you just kind of
touched on it a little bit I think both under oath and maybe the almost as well
although nowadays doesn’t seem to be as much anymore
we’re kind of religious bands yeah on the onset totally and now you are kind
of moved away from that was there a specific thing that happened in your
life Scott’s taps breakdown it could be on stage yeah
dude I’ve heard some stories about that I used to get sent videos cuz they’re
one of the dudes from Shiprock who was one of his like video ographers
and he would show me batshit crazy video what a bad guy to show you that Paramore
store manager was a was the tour manager of Crete during that time and his story
you know he almost came on sto we were talking to his wife Judy I think her
name is and he was we were going back and forth he was gonna come in and
perform and I just didn’t have oh man I was in you know that magazine
alternative press yeah ap I was at an AP award they do an award show yearly award
show and I would sit in a word it might have been 2016 anyway the band
of data remember had Scott staff play with them and they played like higher
and then he sang one of their songs and he shows up Scott staff shows up with
red carpet he’s a fucking dressed to the nines and he’s like people are cheering
and he thinks that it’s serious and I felt so bad because obviously a
day to remember is like that I’m not gonna
they don’t think hires cool yeah it’s just ironic and he had no clue and I
felt so well they say there’s some part of your psyche I read this once about
famous people the most famous who ever got in your brain you’re always that
famous well you know what some people were just on the I don’t know we did
that make a holiday show for the bonfire and we had Tim capella come out and play
saxophone he he played the song I still believe the boardwalk song from the
movie Lost Boys yeah I know that at all yeah and he’s like a 65 year old guy now
than the mony tail still he’s still in good shape he comes out and plays it
wearing the codpiece sounds great it’s good but he does get it yeah come buddy
he belts it out he sings the shit out of the song he knows the ideas like the
Lost Boys check-in boardwalk Kevin Dubrow used to do that but he would do
the whole Quiet Riot like they would wear the leper pants
he’d steep stand up on those guitars you know shoulders he knew it was
ridiculously new it’s what people wanted to sing right dude I was so
uncomfortable though because it wasn’t that on stage it was funny but he didn’t
know it no right so I’m saying yeah he showed up and Aaron was right in front
going boom corey feldman concert I’ll tell you what dude I could tell you
about a person not understanding why the people he have his angels there oh yeah
recently wish you happy birthday Ralph Ralph got him on cameo to wish me
happy if he knew it was me he would have been furious I just worded in the ways
that it was enough insight that people would know it was Jay it was great um so
the last story um I just it’s not related to you at all but I didn’t know
this I heard you saying it’s fascinating looking at someone who spends their life
learning music and instruments and songs and you told the sort of an old town
road which I never heard that before where the guy spent $35
oh it’s I want to keep the front I don’t know
that I don’t think you’re ready to hear that I no one knew we gotta be nice to
blacks and gays another together so kitties quickly tell me I didn’t know if
you know this J yeah yeah I guess I don’t want to you someone they hide the
guy that wrote that song yeah yeah little nods X I guess I’ve never used
this service don’t say anything so I finished my
service I knew you you can buy like a beat for rapper you know you can buy a
beat for like 35 bucks and that’s that’s what that’s he bought $35 beat wrote
that song and that became Old Town Road really and now there’s I mean there’s a
thousand version and a guy that spends his life learning instruments and
creating songs and then the schmuck buys a job because that little I don’t know
almost anything about his music other than the live performances I’ve seen on
award shows or I’ve liked some through but like seems like a very creative get
Andre 3000 very creative type yeah I let his odd but I mean like yeah some of the
most simple riff so we’re gonna we’re gonna do the first right now Shanna can
you hit the first please first we wrap up the show every single week
with asking our guests their first experience at sex drugs and rock and
roll starting with the first concert you ever went to there was a homeless
shelter in st. Petersburg Florida that did hardcore shows I don’t understand
that concept it doesn’t make any sense it’s called the refuge and I don’t
remember the band Oh some local our globe and what about the first one that
you remember I saw I saw no it wasn’t the Eagles fuck I’ve seen so many shows
it might have been Garth Brooks how was the shit and how old were you like
probably eight or something why it was so funny just for the show value is that
Ralph it’s maybe the first time in five years where he hasn’t said the extended
thing of like we asked you the first concert either one two typically you
know we don’t mean like seeing like a local shows you don’t know the name we
wouldn’t know who they are though I mean totally their first major show and so
for the first time I can say you went some local show I don’t know you know I
fucking allowed the nonsense of the emails that come in to get into my
psyche like who people know this up over-explaining around we’re soul for
the one time I fucked the whole thing yeah hardest get all those shadow
accounts and now the first drug you ever did ideally not pot unless pots the
worst drug you ever did mmm I’ve never done anything but pills and pot so I
mean the first time I smoked pot it was in my 20s I got on a super conservative
home me too and never home but it was too much nothing happened
mm-hmm I don’t know if that’s like a thing the first time I did you think you
were retarded in it yeah the first that I think that everything was fake now the
first time I took real drugs I was I have anxiety I was prescribed xanax and
it said to take a half a one and I was like feeling really like anxious I was
like what if I took a whole one and drank three beers with it and I woke up
20 hours later with all my clothes on in a bus in Czechoslovakia Wow feeling
great feeling rested anxious feeling wild yeah like what happened and first
time at sex was a girlfriend and my parents house how old were you old cool
house who said the first night eggs my girlfriend and my parents what 18 19 yeah I don’t know but usually and you
guys must hear people being like you at first time had sex
babysitter I was I was seven you know we’ve had stars it’s called something
else Beauty putting the other consent for the other caveat Ralph has to give
on those he goes the first time he fits sex consensual sex that you wanted to
I’m sorry remember that uncle was yeah mines boring my first-timers are boring
sorry um so the almost is on tour right arrow and shattered in my eye yeah you
playing tonight at Gramercy Theatre tomorrow you’re playing Asbury
New Jersey but the whole string of dates up on your website the fourth album the
new album for your caller is out now the new single is chokehold
well as the first single first that’s the new single that you did live which
listen to the video just for the fucking a good for this Axl yeah my favorite
don’t know the last time I’ve heard a rock song with a sack solo in it it was
supposed to be funny too and then it got serious and that I was like oh we should
do like a Bruce Springsteen sax solo and Matt was like what and I was like no for
real he’s like come on I was like let’s actually try it it’s great yeah it was
our street so here let’s whisper yeah come on kandi duffer what you remember
her she had said she had a solo she’s one of the two sac Shannon balls you
could stop the show immediately right now in the middle over ocean of King um
let’s do plugs really quick Jay do your plugs
big jack Tommy calm whole bunch dates coming up Minneapolis
DC Salt Lake City Moontower festival hustlers on on-demand right now if you
want to hear my beautiful voice and see my stupid face for eight seconds
did you time it to be exactly eight seconds no I think it’s uh more than
eight seconds but I’d be like it’s sick yes significally more than eight seconds
but it’s just so you know I just keep calling it the big Jay
oakerson vehicle huh yeah listen the bonfire listen Legion of
skanks I love you Ralph love you – Shannon plugs my podcast the thing is
ding on gasta chill network we talk about bad dates fighting and ghosts big
J was on recently you can check out that episode and follow me on instagram at
Shannon Lee six nine eight and by the way Shannon we were kidding before you
can still give him the letter and the pictures Frank anything you want to plug
he also wrote you a letter he made some pictures you might not want that
what are your pictures you don’t want that just open butthole watch broad
topics every Thursday at 9:30 on gas digital network you could check out the
best of the week we put up best clips of all the shows on the network every
Sunday on YouTube he ended that weird I thought there was more to YouTube I am
Ron Burgundy follow me Brad I am Ralph Sutton my
other show with the founder of juice press the shirt button the schmuck is
out now doing the other show dude yeah just started ahead about how come you
don’t listen to me saying that if once you start another shows this guy likes
me unlike you that fucking likes me but now you start rumors
hey Shannon play the video one more time uninterrupted you just one more time
uninterrupted no okay you got a mute Jay’s mic because I want to hear the
this is what I deal with on a daily basis from mr. big Jason oakerson we
call that getting your ass eating where is gonna have women shit in a bucket oh
this is a rouse idea so we’re going back another dating game for Shannon and in
Texas maybe get some big old you know cowboy to really fucking rail Shan
here’s the thing though it’s unrealistic that he’s gonna rail Sharon so why don’t
we just have like you know like girls come into like the biggest dump contest
is are you picking through comedy right now well let’s wrap the show I know you
have some social justice we hate me we’ll put Wow let’s do the title track
from the actual do chokehold why not so the song of the week will be chokehold
you go to the STR show calm slash playlist and you can add that it’ll be
edit today Aaron thank you so much for coming so thank you guys thank reshoot
it be me for you’ve been listening to the SVR show


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