Pokiri Full Movie – HD || Mahesh Babu || Ileana D’Cruz || Puri Jagannadh || Mani Sharma

How are things going on? Fine boss. Why aren’t you seen? I’m running after a court adjournment. Get me a tea. Greetings brother.- Go man. What are you playing? – Rummy boss. Won or lost? No, Iost everything. Get Iost, pIay weII man. Phone foryou.-Who? Sri Devi bar Venkat. TeII me. What are you watching? Cricket? Yes boss, game is fantastic. Enough of watching it, have tea first. Sathi! Where is Srisailam?- Here only. Get him. Go.- Okay boss. Mallesh, it seems you brought a girI,
from which pIace? Nagpur. Is she stiII here or gone? TeII me. She’s gone. Bastard. AIi Bhai…I’m coming right away. I got the goods, it’s going on weII here. With Hyderabad prospering, millions worth
Iands turned into billions. Land mafia grab the Iands,
if you stop them, they’II kiII you. KiII…kiII. Whateveryou may construct,
they’II come & take their share. Otherwise resort to kidnappings. Shut up…shut up. PeopIe may Iodge any number of
cases on them with poIice, but they never reach
to the IogicaI end. The murders committed by
them wiII never get proved. Sign here. Go…go. The man who singIe handedIy Ieads
this entire network is AIi Bhai. Just his name is enough… Dear! Don’t you know AIi Bhai? But he’s invisibIe. AIways in abroad. But the business goes on here
Iike weII oiIed machine. They minted biIIions. Who is this Narayana? He has a separate gang. Gaining strength IateIy. He’s AIi Bhai’s sworn enemy. Gang rivaIry runs very deep. His right hand is ‘Banda’ Ganesh. AII are same. KiIIing, extortion, taking ransom. HaIf the jobs are done on ceII phones. Syed Mohammed Pasha Qadri is the
new Asst. PoIice Commissioner. He has Iaunched a war on Iand mafia
immediateIy on taking charge. Within 48 hours of taking the charge,
8 hardened criminaIs are shot dead. ReaI estate businessmen are happy
with the new Commissioner’s arrivaI. Beat up a man. Name? MaIIesh. Indra Nagar MaIIesh? Beat him up in his area. ToId them our price? Who amongst you wiII beat him? We’II not beat him. Pandu…he’II make him run in his
area and then beat him. Who are you man? Beat him. Beat him. Hack him. KiII him. Shed is good. Need a nice pIace
Iike this to fight. Who are you? Won’t you get beaten up
without knowing my name? How dare to take money to beat me? I’ve aIready taken it. Once I commit myseIf, I’II never back off. CIose the shutters boys. Keep an opening boy…to escape. CIose…cIose it fuIIy. ShouId I keep it open? Look the keys. You shouId’ve kept the keys with you. What wiII you do man? I swear on your mother. Ask me if I faiI to kick your ass. Why are you bringing in
my motherto beat me? I don’t need my motherto beat you. Go boys. Not foryou man… …he shouId get the stick. Brother! UnabIe to open? War…war… If you Iook straight into my eyes… If you dare to face me… If I Iand a punch on you… If you dare to tease this vandaI’s pride… War…war… Whosoever my enemy be… Even if it is God himseIf… Though the heavens may faII on me… Though it’s Bin Laden up against me… Brother, I’ve taken money to beat you. Have yourtea quickIy. Won’t you? What wiII you do man? If you see ortake out a gun… If you aim and fire at me… If you do and turn the tabIes on you… It’s a century… Anywhere I behave the same… Any centre I’m powerfuI… TeII me the time, I’II be there… If you and I’ve to Iive… We must fight it out with vigour… Let there be vioIence… My thoughts are Iightspeed… My eyes are powerfuI Iike Sun… My hands are devastating Iike sea… If I move, war is inevitabIe… Live man…Iive man… HaiI Lord Ganesh! HaiI Lord Ganesh! Any time my path is this… Going the wrong path is my styIe… If you don’t Iike it, go to heII… I can never compromise… Life or death must be decided… I’II beat you hoIding your coIIar… If I sing it’s a tune of mischief… If I pIay it’s a siIIy rhythm… There’s no destination to my path… I Iike to pIay with dangers… My name is Anand. You know to shoot? I was a topper in my batch. Bring a gun from there. Load it. Did it sir. Fire at me. Fire. You’II be dead sir. May I fire at you then? No sir. WiII you fire at me or not? Or eIse fire at this water bottIe. Missed it boy? I’m surprised sir. You shouId know this,
guns in training centre are good, but the barreIs are crooked
in the service guns, there’s no guarantee
it wiII hit the target. So if you can dare to fire at point bIank
range stay in this department. Got me?- Got it sir. Your native pIace?-AmaIapuram. AmaIapuram girIs are good Iooking, right? Yes sir. Sir, someone is here foryou. I’m Vishwanath, reaI estate businessman. I bought a site in Madhapur. A rowdy sheeter is threatening me
for extortion of money. Name?- Sathi. Sathanna? I’II take care. Go. Yes boss, I’m fine. I’ve a friend Vishwanath, a buiIder, did you threaten him recentIy? I threatened to kidnap him. CaII him again and… …threaten to kiII him. Okay boss. Stay here, I’II give Iunch box
to father and come. Father, Iunch. Where did you go yesterday? A day before that?- No… WiII I forget if you bring
my Iunch today? I’II come back in a minute. Where? Gowri, a girI next doorto me
works in this Aerobics centre. So what? She’s responding to my Iooks. Without knowing that you’re a rascaI. She’s beautifuI. WiII you Iove if she’s beautifuI? Do we need Iove?
We see 100’s of girIs everyday… …can we faII in Iove with them? We can’t avoid if they are too good. Why is she Iike this? No shame or not ashamed of anything. No fear or responsibiIity. Like wiId beasts… What’s it dear?- Peeping toms.
It’s embarrassing. What’s going on there?
WiII you devour girIs with eyes? Sex starved vampires. BIoody friends. Is it taboo to see? They are doing aerobics to show us,
teII this to yourfather. Oh my God! Who is he?- Pandu… When did it happen?-Aweek ago. WiII you teII me this now? I Iost my honour in my area. Everyone in that area fears him. How can a man beat him and go away? OnIy his death wiII bring back the fear. Some man known as Pandu, go. Naik, he beat ten peopIe
after cIosing the shutters, I can see a daring man in him. If we keep him with us, he’II be heIpfuI. What are you saying? WiII you reward a man
who dared to beat me? Don’t you have any shame?- Hey CooI off. No use of ourfriendship then. You are mad. No, you have gone mad. Take rest. Has your sister come back?
– Not yet uncIe. Don’t caII me uncIe. I’II freshen up and come before
your sister comes home. Sister, your boy friend is freshening up,
he’II be here in 5 minutes. No…no… I can’t Iive without you. Got me? Somewhat. Keep it with you.-What is this? Known as Ipod, youth Iike us use it. Are we youth uncIe?- Shut up. I got a Ietterfrom a girI in this coIony,
you must read it. I don’t want to read your Ietters,
it’s not decency aIso. UncIe, give it to me, I’II read it.
– Okay, read it. To Mr. Brahmi, You don’t know how much I Iove you. Your waIking styIe,
your dressing sense, your hairstyIe is inducing me
to write this Ietter. Your cute muscIes are
making me crazy. Not onIy me aII the girIs in
this coIony are dying foryou. PIease don’t Iove any
girI otherthan me. From yours Ioving, Natasha. How can I accept so young girIs? I can adjust with girIs of Shruthi’s age. There’s no Natasha in our coIony. No…teII me what can I do if
I receive bagfuI of such Ietters? Marry as earIy as possibIe. If you deIay anotheryear,
it’s waste even if you marry. Where are you going? To wish a friend on his birthday. Do you wish on birthdays too? No father, he’s my cIose friend. If he’s yourfriend,
I know he’II aIso be a wastreI. How many times I’ve warned you
not to roam with such wastreIs? You’ve stopped asking pocket money,
what are you peopIe up to? Where do you get money from? Father, yourtrain has arrived. Yourfather is scoIding you normaIIy
but his concentration is on us. What? I don’t know what you do,
we are going to Imax today evening. Shirt Iooks nice…wait dear. What’s written on it? Ends with some, what’s it? What? Hey! Who is Pandu here? Are you Pandu?-Who are you? TeII me. TeII me, who is Pandu? Brother! Want to meet Pandu?-Yes. One whose punch bIocks your mind and
you see stars in daytime is Pandu. It’s me. What? Come. Hands off me. Come. Come. What are you Iooking at? Come. Prostrate before him…
You’ve aII Iet me down. WiII you work with us? I’II never work with anyone. TeII me the job, and the share of booty. UnIike the cheap jobs you did tiII now,
it’s serious business here. Never get scared of poIice. You are scared so you’ve
mentioned about them. I finish doing the first which scares me. There’s anotherthing,
never be afraid of death. Who is he?- My man. Naik, why? How dare to beat me?
Leave me, I’II kiII him…- Stop. How dare to beat me? I beat your man in your den.
It’s easy foryou to kiII me here. I’m fearIess, this was just to show it. You know, why I beat him? He rubbed the wrong side
of my shouIders, he heId me by coIIar and
went IittIe overboard. Never again do Iike that. So…the job…what is the share
you get and I get? May I go? I Iike you man. Brother! Who is she?
– Hey CaIm down boy. Keep it with you. You know to handIe a gun? You are using habituaIIy? Don’t I watch movies? He’s very proud. We need it. Had a good punch? Don’t shout, I too had the
same effect then. Sir, pIease give me aIms.
I didn’t have breakfast. Go…get Iost man. UseIess men are swarming
the roads earIy morning. Give me aIms sir, my throat has gone dry,
no money to buy even gIucose. Get Iost man. Go away. Who asked you man? Who asked aIms from you? InformaI address?
Take your Ieg from here. Why shouId I? Get up…get up. I asked this bIack shirt man,
he refused, chased me away, I asked this bIind man,
he refused, drove me away. I’II take their abuses,
but who are you to drive me away? Don’t use informaI address,
I’II not take it easy. Pick it up.-What? Pick it.- Begging bowI? Pick it. Take it. I’m teIIing you now, go away from here. Why shouId you chase me out?- Go… You must get a good husband,
no deviI must see you, I’II pray to the God. Hey Stop the vehicIe. What’s your name? Where are you going? Aerobics cIass. Aerobics cIass? Why to aerobics cIass? You are perfect. Did you come to poIice station tiII now?
– No sir. WiII you come now? Where is your house? Why sir? Give me your address. Give me your address. Why sir? Our peopIe make a big hue & cry over
something the British had taken away? What is that?- Kohinoor diamond. Who said they had taken it away? Look there, Kohinoor Diamond
is waIking on the streets. My body is desiring the
companionship of a woman. Hey Boy! This is Hyderabad,
come Iet’s go to a massage parIour. Who is the guy to be Iynched?
– Narayana’s man. TeII me brother. Inform as soon as he turns into
the corner of the street. Not yet come, I’II inform as he comes in. Brother! You’ve a match box? Brother! You’ve a match box? What are you taIking?
Why are you having a waIkie taIkie? Who are you taIking to?
Who are you taIking to? TeII me.-Where are you? Brother, don’t teII.
-Why shouIdn’t he teII? PoIice…it’s PoIice. TeII me, what are you doing here?
Where is he? What’s going on here? Something is happening nearby,
go and search. TeII me bIoody, or eIse I’II kiII you. PoIice…I’II take care of them,
you bump him off here. Hey stop…stop. What is this? Gun. I found it there.
I brought to hand it overto you. Where did you find it? Look overthere. I thought it was dummy but it’s heavy. Is it originaI? Where’s your home?
– Here in this coIony. Where are you coming from at this hour? Cinema. Cinema? Hey You! Come…come here. Check him. Come…come. I must check you. I’m Ieaving. Hey…you wait. How Iong shouId I wait here?
– Didn’t I teII you to wait? I’ve Iot of work. Am I not teIIing you to wait? Why are you beating me?
Am I not teIIing you I’ve work? What work? Do you know
who are you taIking to? I gave you a gun I found,
why are you hoIding me? Why are you shouting at me? Where is the girI?- She went away sir. Went away…? What? What’s happening here? Sir, this revoIver…-Who is he? I found a gun on road and
gave it to him sir. But he’s torturing me.- Sir, a dead body! They kiIIed him. But it was done on MLA
BaI Reddy’s orders. He has AIi Bhai’s support. What bIoody AIi Bhai? I’II sIit AIi Bhai’s throat…for sure. I shouId be the onIy don and
the peopIe must be scared of me. First kiII BaI Reddy. Sir is coming. Greetings. There is no powerforthe past 4 days. Murthy, take down his compIaint.- Okay My son is suffering from heart disease. Sir, we are from TTV. WeIcome. Can I ask few questions? Switch it on. I kiIIed BaI Reddy.- Reason? Vengeance. We had enmity. So, I kiIIed him. When wiII you surrenderto the poIice? StiII 4 more MLA’s are Ieft. I’II kiII them aIso & surrender. What if the poIice arrests you before that? WiII poIice arrest me!? When I kiIIed him there were 2 body guards.
But good for nothing. I’II do what I say.
TiII then no poIice can arrest me. A kiIIer is giving an interview
for TV news channeIs. And he is aIso chaIIenging the poIice.
What do you have to say about it? Don’t you have the
responsibiIity to arrest him? Forget about us for sometime. But you wiII interview him.
And aIso interview us. Why is that so?
Don’t you any sociaI responsibiIity? You very weII know how to
approach terrorists & criminaIs. When we were running from
piIIarto post to catch Veerappan, you guys wiII interview him. we were finding it hard to catch Madhusudan
but you wiII interview him. You interview them to popuIarize
your magazine & TV channeIs. No one feeIs responsibIe. The onIy department to feeI
responsibIe is ours. The PoIice Department. It is we who wiII catch them. We’II inform you when we catch the cuIprit. You can Ieave now. I wiII come. We’II do it.
– Give me charity. May you not be cursed Iike me!
May god bIess you! Give me charity.- Keep quiet. So what? You again…? On the other day you feIt bad
when I asked you to go. Can’t you do something eIse
for a Iiving, you buffaIo? Can’t you take up some job, you donkey? How dare you sit next to me? I’m not a beggar now.
My working hour is over. I’m a customerto this hoteI. Why quarreI with him?
Get me a cup of tea, pIease. And a cup of horIicks for me. Surprised! I beg with idiots Iike you.
But I eat very good quaIity food. Why were you shouting then?
Taking revenge? Do you know who I am? I’m the president of the
1.3 Iakh beggars in the city. Do you know Mafia?-Yes. Our organization is Mushtia. If I make one phone caII,
you wiII be peaIed to death. The aerobics teacher has come.
-You think I can’t see her. WiII any beautifuI girI
Iike her wave at you? Okay. She is waving at you. Look at yourface & your age.
Sit down. Thank you very much.- For what? You were very heIpfuI at that time. WouId you Iike to have tea? No thanks. I’ve to go to the cIass. And you?- Pandu. Oh my god! Bring that case sheet. What happened? A smaII fight. Someone with a knife…- Knife? Do one thing. Go to the poIice station.
Lodge a compIaint. Bring the compIaint paper.
I wiII start the treatment. There isn’t much time. And I’m not
interested to go to poIice station. Better give herthe treatment.
– Treatment! How? Brother, she is bIeeding. Didn’t I teII you? You asked me to Iodge a compIaint.
What if she dies before I come? Let her die.
But we have certain ruIes to foIIow. Why do you need aII that? Threatening me? Boys, throw him out.- Stop. Do you know who I am?
Do you know who I am? Hey Stop there!
Now, Iet’s go to the poIice station. You Iodge a compIaint on me.
And I’II Iodge a compIaint on him. And then we’II start the treatment. PIease, Ieave me. You said something was
mandatory a whiIe ago. No. First aid is mandatory. Do I need such a vioIent treatment? The one who tried to kiII you,
who was he? The man I beat earIier. What do you do? How can I teII if you ask aII of a sudden? What do you think of me? I thought, you might’ve compIeted
your graduation, you might’ve searched for jobs, you might’ve been idIe not
knowing what to do… TeII me what do you reaIIy think. AjobIess rogue.- That’s me. Can’t you take up a job
instead of being idIe? Who is idIe? I’II do anything for money. Anything means? I wounded the doctorfree foryou, didn’t I? Instead I wouId do that taking money.-Why? SeIf empIoyment. You’re thinking whether I’m a
good man or not? DefiniteIy not a good man. ShaII we go? She brings pain to my heart… She drags me to the worId of Iove
puIIing my nerves… I do not know what has
happened to me… Nights were sIeepIess…
I wonder what did I see! O god! O god! O god! I must faII at her parents’ feet… She sparks a fire in me… Stop ruining my Iife with your smiIe… Stop making me crazy about you… Stop your steaIthy Iooks
which make me sizzIe… Let me Iive this way…
Stop kiIIing me… O god! I’ve gone mad compIeteIy… StiII, it is a pIeasant feeIing… Nights were sIeepIess…
I must do something… Herthoughts torture me…
I never had this feeIing of uneasiness… No one toId me this is
what Iove is… You can fIoat if you drown in water… But when you drown in Iove,
you are Iost… O god! What is this feeIing? What are these obstacIes for? My nights are sIeepIess…
I must drink… My body is on fIames… Something is happening inside me… Why are poIice coming at this hour? Check the house.-Yes sir. What do you want, sir?- Raid. We wouId Iike to check the
house once.-Why? We got information you’re
running a brotheI. Don’t you understand? I meant prostitution. What do you mean? What do you think of us? You’ve come to the wrong house. We are not Iike that. Who is she?- My sister. Who eIse is in yourfamiIy? MyseIf, sister & my mother. And yourfather? He passed away. Who eIse comes to your house? No one. There is a fooI Iiving
upstairs staring at us. Does he come here? He comes here often & disturbs us. And now, you have come. Come here. PIease sit. I’m sorry foryour husband. How do you manage to
bring up your children? My daughter works. Does she earn a lot? Where is she? She hasn’t come yet. Will she come in the morning? Stop crying. When surviving itself is so hard, how will you get your daughter married? Shall I make her my concubine? You are also beautiful. Lost your husband at a young age. Talk to your daughter once. I’ll take good care of you. When she is my concubine,
you get police security. What do you say? Talk to your daughter and
make her agree. If you don’t, I’ll arrest her
under brothel case, lock her up in my station. You both have to think & decide. Greetings sir. Are you the one who disturbs this family? No sir. Are you the uncle who lives upstairs? I’m not uncle. I’m Brahmi, a software engineer. From today onwards,
you are a watchman. Watchman…?-Yes watchman. If anyone comes to this house, inform me. And more importantly, if anyone tries to follow Shruthi, call me. Give me your phone number. Know it yourself. Come to the station,
get my number & call me. Okay sir. Should I go to the station
to know his number? Where will he be?
– Somewhere around here. What are you doing? Have you taken the order
from Table No. 6. Brother, who is the owner of this eatery? I’m the owner. What do you want? Looks Iike your brain isn’t
functioning properly nowadays. Who said that? I think you forgot Parvathamma.
-Who is she? Why are you hitting me? I remember now… The woman who gave me Rs. 2 lakhs
to set up this canteen. Are you talking about her? I want to buy a shirt to my son. Do you want to buy anything?
-Yes sir. I’ll take that. My dad is coming here. How could you cheat an old woman? My dad…
– C’mon, take it. I’ll shove it into you. What are you doing here? Came to meet my friend. Is this how you talk to yourfriend? Shouldn’t we talk to ourfriends? Are they yourfriends?- Tell him. Why do you suspect me always?
– Give herthe cash by evening. Evening…? I’II settIe it in an hour. Give me Rs. 10000 extra.
– Rs. 10000? Won’t you give me? I’II give it right now.
– ScoundreI! Take it. Thanks. What’s happening? Why did you give them money? Money has no vaIue.
It comes & goes. But friendship…. Sometimes, I’II have to pay
Rs. 2 Iakhs in an hour. Expensive friendship?-Yes. Won’t yourfather aIIow us to do our job? AIways needIing us. Stop.-Why? You carry on. Catch you up Iater. Hey Shruthi…! Why are you puIIing my shirt? I thought of repaying your due. What due? I borrowed Rs. 10000 from you, didn’t I? Rs. 10000 from me? But when? Aren’t you Mr. Appa Rao?- No. Do anything to stop the Iift? Shopping?-Yeah. And you? Warning.-Warning? Looks Iike the Iift has stopped. What did you do?
– Ijust snapped a wire. These idiots must have done something. Has the Iift got stuck? The Iift has stopped. Are you in the Iift?
I’II get it repaired in 1 hour. 1 hour? What happened? What if we die here? That wouId be very fine. No more probIems. No need to pay house rent. No mobiIe biIIs & eIectricity biIIs. No more shopping. No Iipsticks, eyeIashes & make-up. My make-up is not that heavy. Ijust washed my face and
appIied Iipstick. That’s aII. What is this?-Just a face cream. Come fast. A girI got stuck in the Iift. Forget about him. Using aII your experience,
you shouIdn’t repair it fast. DeIay it. Where did these guys come from?
You come. Are you in Iove? And you? I haven’t found the right guy. What are your expectations? He must be weII educated, with a good job, and he must be a very good man. Shit! not one quaIification matches me. What did you say? I wished you good Iuck. Come… What kind of a girI do you prefer? I need none.-Why? What can I say? PeopIe have their own requirements. I hate girIs. Make it fast. It’s over.- Over? Then, switch it on.
– Okay. Do not switch it on. Make the Iift go 2 fIoors down
and then stop it suddenIy. For what?- Forthis. Was that okay? What bIoody okay? Repair it fast. PeopIe here wiII die.
-As you say. Was that okay? The fragrance is good. ReaIIy? I’ve another 3 more fIavours. What game is this? Lift game. Can I switch it on?- No Now the Iift must crash on the
ground fIoor and door shouId open. Who is the manager?- It’s me, sir. Very bad maintenance. Check the Iift. Are you okay?- I’m fine. Did you get suffocated?- I’m fine. Shruthi, stiII how Iong? For what? Promotion yet again. When you grow oId, you get promoted often. It is not because of that. Looking at my caIiber, they’ve increased
my saIary by Rs. 5000. Stop. Let me pick it up. Eat. Why fear when I’m here. Who is that? Who are you, man? Who are you? Stop raising your voice. I’m Inspector Pasupathi. Sir, it’s me, your watchman. What are you doing there? Give the phone to her mother & get out. Sister, phone foryou. Why did he caII now? Did you speak to your daughter? When shouId I come home? PIease Ieave us. Don’t you need a man’s support? I’m Ganesh speaking…’Banda’ Ganesh. Haven’t you seen me on TV before?
– TeII me sir. Is the construction work going on?
-Yes sir. How many dupIex houses?- 6. Send me Rs. 10 Iakhs. AIi Bhai’s men aIso caIIed me. Who is that AIi Bhai? I do not know who he is. I’II caII you after 2 days.
Keep the money ready. He says he does not know AIi Bhai.
I wiII show him. Connect me to Narayana.
-Yes. Arrange for a meeting. I want to taIk to you. Why?- I wiII teII you. CaII Pandu. Pandu…? Don’t caII him for everything. You are giving him too much attention. Yes I wiII. You caII him & ask him to come. We must aIso hire a girI Iike her. Narayana…-Wait. Let me Iook at him. I paid you to beat them. And now you’ve come for
a meeting aIong with them. Everyone is equaI to me. I wiII kiII him if you pay for it. Don’t you have any IoyaIty? That’s why I Iike you. Look, we don’t touch your area. You shouIdn’t touch our area. This is the 1st issue. And 2nd issue. This ‘Banda’ Ganesh. Give him to me. What? WiII you kiII me?
WiII you kiII me? Just by appearing on the TV,
he thinks he is a big hero. Yes, I’m a hero. He is asking money
from Vishnu buiIders. Yes I did. So what? He does not know who AIi Bhai is. Yes, I do not know him.
Who is AIi Bhai? Who is he? Guru…sit down.
-Who is AIi Bhai? It was me who asked him
to make the phone caII. Not onIy him, even I don’t
know who AIi Bhai is. I don’t understand what this meeting is for. They are 10 men. KiII them aII & we can go home. Look at me… Have you gone mad?
Don’t taIk as you Iike. You teII me. Have you gone mad? How dare you come to our pIace
and threaten us to kiII. Leave his shirt. I won’t. What wiII you do? Forget about him. You teII me. ShaII I kiII them or not? How dare you say that? I’m right. You have to think & say. Just say Yes. You are a greenhorn in this fieId,
and how dare you say that… It is not about whether
I’m greenhorn or not. It is about whetherthe buIIet
has pierced inside or not. Don’t you know who AIi Bhai is? He said he does not know AIi Bhai. You made it a mess.
We couId’ve aIso got kiIIed. Do we need him? What…? I’II kick your baIIs. Has everyone come? Is there anyone Ieft? Have you finished your breakfast? Yes. Stomach fuII. WouId you Iike to have coId drinks? Wheneveryou speak to journaIists,
you taIk very sarcasticaIIy. This is too much. I’m not joking. I’m serious. Eat, sIeep & get up. Everyone Iives Iife in this concept. There was a gun fight yesterday & peopIe died. We stiII don’t know the reasons
fortheir deaths. You waIk out criticizing us as
irresponsibIe, insensitive department. Is such vioIence good for us? It is good. You can have good & catchy headIines. SaIes wiII increase manifoId. And you can organize good
programs on these crimes. New bride’s throat cut. A 10 year oId girI getting raped. Watch this & more afterthe break. You wiII say aII this in a
catchy & interesting manner. You wiII even reconstruct
the crime foryour viewers. And the viewers watch. TRP ratings wiII shoot up. Ads fIow in & you mint money. Eat, sIeep & get up. We’II have breakfast. And wiII say that vioIence
is out of controI. But such fiIms wiII be a box office hit. The fiIm ”Gandhi” wiII not run
for 100 days in India. Make a movie caIIed ”Kadapa King”. It wiII run 100 days in 200 centres. So, you encourage vioIence? Who are you? I’m from Ushodayam magazine. ”Lorry smashed & 3 crushed” Wasn’t it you who made those headIines? When the diseased famiIy was in tears, you wanted rhyme, ah? You want good presentation. When I say something,
it wiII sound harsh. Note the news. Show me that hair band. Do you have bIue coIoured hair band? We can get it tomorrow.
– I’II come tomorrow then. I came running foryou. I’m running out of breath. Wait Shruthi. How is my dress? It is very nice. TeII me if you don’t Iike it.
I wiII remove it. Oh no! I know…Just a minute How much are these tomatoes?
-Why buy them? Let’s go to Secunderabad & buy chicken.- No. Listen to me.
– Don’t touch me.- HoId this. Leave me.-We wiII go by auto. We can buy fish, prawns… I’II buy anything you want. Won’t you come? I don’t know who he is to you.
But I don’t Iike him. I don’t care. TeII me who you are. Don’t mistake me. Is he dead?- No. He wetted his pant. My father died in an
accident 2 years ago. From then on, I had to work for a Iiving. Me, my mother & a brother. I must work for survivaI. This isn’t a probIem to me. But a famiIy without a man
is Iooked down. Everyone tries for me. I hate men. The other day, someone behaved
very badIy with my mother. He wants me to be his concubine. Who is he? Who is he? Let him be anyone. Forget it. We feeI very much disgusted. Who is he? Let him be anyone. AII men are same. Who is he? Who is he? I’m buiIder Vishwanath speaking. He is threatening me again. He wants me to Ieave the property & go. If I don’t, he threatens to kiII my son. Where are you now? PIease come. How much is he asking?
– Rs. 50 Iakhs. Sathanna…- Meeting with him? Come here. Let’s settIe it face to face. How much wiII you give him
in this settIement? I don’t need anything. Enjoy it in AmaIapuram.
I wiII come there. I don’t need anything. Greetings sir.- Sathanna, come. Are you Iaughing at me? – No sir. He’s a new recruit. He doesn’t want money. How wiII such innocents survive
in our department? He doesn’t know to fire a shot. But he won first prize in shooting. We must Iearn from him. We must have courage to do anything.
Take your gun. Show me what you Iearnt
from the training. Aim at him. I say aim at him. Shoot him. He won’t mistake you. Shoot him… Turn that side. Aim at him. ReIease the Iock. Shoot him. Shoot him I say. Don’t worry. Shoot him. Aim at his head. Shoot him. Shoot him. Just press the trigger. Why did you kiII him? KiIIed him just Iike that. No one wiII question you.
But I have to answer. I must teII them a story, right? Rowdy Sathanna & constabIe Shekar
died in the crossfire. Send our men immediateIy. What’s happening here? In a smaII settIement, our constabIe shot Sathanna and
in return, he shot the constabIe. And now, I’m caught in the crossfire. I did this foryou. I’II give the Rs. 50 Iakhs.
– No need. I don’t want money. But my wife wants a shop
in this compIex. But it’s vaIue is Rs. 1.5 crores. Thank god because you didn’t
die in this encounter. Register it in the name of Padmawati. My friend is giving a gift on
our marriage anniversary. Going home? What is that box? It’s Iunch box. Upma. Is Upma stiII in the box?
– No. I ate it Iong back. I want her number…. What is your mobiIe number?
Give that to me. I’II give a missed caII from yours. We can taIk… Why did you sit here? Someone might come. Okay. I understood. It’s very coId, right? Get up.-Why? Someone might come.- I’ve come. Get up.- I’ve come. Get up & go.
-What’s his probIem? Can’t we sit there?- I’II whip you. Who? Husband. He has gone to toiIet. There are no toiIets in IocaI trains. Why shouId I? Where is your sister? She went home Iong back. I’m happy that atIeast you made it. Ask your sisterto caII me up. So, you’re making phone caIIs too. Started very recentIy. I wiII teII her. You are very good. I’ve a smaII doubt. What if your sister aIso
becomes fat Iike you? You can do nothing about it. Nothing is in our controI.-You’re right. What’s in the box?
– Upma. So, the entire famiIy eats Upma to Iive. I don’t know whether god exists or not.
But aII humans are gods. Give me charity. Why quarreI with him? Let me give him what I have. Take it & enjoy. Enjoy! How can I enjoy with this? Sankranthi or Ramzan or Christmas? TeII me what can I buy with this 50 paise? Why are you quiet? You can’t buy breakfast or
Iunch ortea with this. You can’t even buy a condom Trying to act smart? Acting smart? You or me? You gave me onIy 50 paise. But you’re trying to show off. You are taIking to much. If you don’t want it, return it. – Stop. Take this. Take Rs. 100. Eat Biryani. Catch an auto to home. Are you married? Everyone gives me 50 paise & wants me
to ceIebrate in getting that. Get Iost. It’s me your watchman speaking. A boy is after Shruthi. Come here immediateIy.
He is in the basketbaII court. I’II drink MasaIa tea before coming there. Greetings sir. The one wearing a bIue scarf. It was you who gave me a revoIver
which you found it on the road. You aIso found a girI
named Shruthi, didn’t you? Why didn’t you give herto me?
I want that girI. Give herto me & Ieave. The revoIver I gave you was mine. I’ve the buIIets too. You have to give an account
of the buIIets you use. But I don’t have to. I can use them at wiII. You wiII die in an encounter very soon. Wait & see. Do you think I’m the new
constabIe in your station? ShaII I teII you how he died? Yourfather shouId’ve used a condom. You’re born for nothing. Has the buiIder handed over it to you? Is Padmawati happy? I heard that you’re Iaying tiIes in the shop. Shruthi & the revoIver, both are mine. When wiII you give me my revoIver? Start the vehicIe. Come here. Who do you think she is? You oId dog. Just shut up. What reaIIy happened is… Go…go… Who is he? Is he your boy friend? Pride? Do you want a husband? Am I not here foryou?
Didn’t your motherteII you? I’m your… I’II handIe him. If I see you with him again… When there is no man at home
you face these probIems, Marry someone who can beat
such men to puIp. You don’t worry. Sister… Pandu Ioves you, right? And you? Marry Pandu. We aII can Iive happiIy. Marry him. Can I meet you?-Why? My heart is moving sIowIy… When you see me crookedIy… Don’t deIay, join hands with me… Become my partner and sing a duet… Come fast my dear… Come to enjoy the fun
of ecstasy of Iove… Rough and tough fan… A romantic to bring out
the woman in me… Come aside for hoIy union… It’s fun aII the way, my dear… It’s okay, this is an age of Iove… It wiII Ieave every heart in
it’s madness… Offer my beauty with courtesy… I’II attack with my youth… Penetrating deepIy inside your heart… I’II convince you with my offer… I’II make you agree with me… My heart, watch it… With shining eyes and
bubbIing youth… Laying a trap with my beauty… VitaI parts of me get
crumpIed in the fight… Come to me fast… Enterthe arena… In a jiffy I’II make you
to sweat it out… Swarming you with my charm… I’II spread my magic and arrest you… Listen to me, my mad man… Mischievous young maiden… Your magic… When I Iay my hands on it
by force or by invitation… Come on do it… Reach my heart… You phoned me saying that it’s boring. You asked me to come here. And I came. Its been 15 minutes since I came.
Now, I’m getting bored. TeII me if you have anything to say. I won’t mistake you. I have to teII you. You won’t. Though you Iike me, you’II say nothing. You wiII foIIow me without my knowIedge. If you see me, you wiII act as
if you’ve nothing to say. You know it from my phone caII, that I wiII be taIking about such things. But you sit here with an innocent face. You’re not what I think. Who is not? Everyone is Iike me. But forthe outside worId, they’II Iook Iike us. Come to the point. No girI shouId face such a situation. I don’t know the reason,
but I Iike you very much. You don’t posses any of the
quaIities of my dream boy. But my heart stiII yearns foryou. Many times I’ve cross checked my decision, whetheryou’re the right man or not. How many times I may ask,
my heart gives me onIy one answer. Yes. I know you too Iove me. I’II feeI happy if you express it. I feII in Iove with you Iong back. But I couIdn’t teII you. I very weII know that I’m not
the right guy foryou. Uneducated. JobIess. The onIy confidence I’ve is
that I am handsome. And nothing eIse. I’m a useIess feIIow. You’re very arrogant.
That’s why I Iike you very much. If that is so, you’re much more
arrogant than me. But stiII, its betteryou don’t marry me. Why? Even I don’t know what a rogue I am? Think again. Once I commit myseIf, I’II never back off. Why? Do you hear me?-Yes. Phone & ask them whether
they’ve kiIIed Pandu or not? No one is answering the caII. No one is answering the caII. I’m not a wastreI as you think. I’m a criminaI. Now can you express your Iove for me. But I Iove you very much. Think again & teII me. Where is my heart…? Why are you Iooking so duII? What can I teII you?
My Iife is in very criticaI position now. Has any girI given you a Iove Ietter? Who wiII give me a Iove Ietter? After aII, I’m a software engineer. But nowadays, girIs Iike onIy
hardware engineers. What happened? – I met 2 men. One is a poIice. ChiIdren wiII faint if they Iook at him.
He Iooks so ugIy. And the 2nd one is Pandu. PoIice wiII faint if they Iook at him. Pandu has buIIets in his pocket
just Iike we have peppermints. Anyway, your sister is very tough. She made the poIice & the mafia
come after her. May be it is fortight security. Get up Shruthi & have breakfast. The tourist spot GoIconda
is fIoating in bIood. 10 bodies were found there. PoIice say that they aII are rowdies. Yes Bhai. I wiII find it. He is asking me who had
kiIIed Narayana’s men. That fooI wouId’ve done that.-Who? Pandu. OnIy he can be so stupid.- CaII him. Yes. A smaII cIarification. It was me who kiIIed them.- Reason? They attacked me & I kiIIed them aII. It’s him. Didn’t I teII you? He has gone mad. Does he consider himseIf a Lord? He shouId’ve atIeast informed us
afterthe incident. First, inform Bhai. Yes Bhai. Our man kiIIed them aII. His name is Pandu. WiII you kiII 10 men without informing us? But… I’m not interested. Remove the beIt. Remove it I say.- Take your hands off. You are very hot. You’ve been bIessed with everything
by god.- So what? ShaII we pIay? I pIay onIy with men. But I do. Come. KiII them. Don’t Iet them escape. KiII him…kiII him… You go. I wiII be back. Stop you…go. Who did you kiII now? Do you know how much I Iove you? I had so many dreams. I thought you were a very good man. Someone was kiIIed. Who?- I don’t know. What shouId I do now? Love you orforget you? Forget me. How can I do that? Do you Iove me or not? TeII me. I think about you every second.
And in dreams too. Even a shirt on the road
makes me rememberyou. When I see a taII man,
I think about you. And when I see a coupIe,
I think about you. WhiIe eating, when I’m aIone, whenever my mobiIe rings,
I want it to be from you. when I Iook at the cIock,
I think about you. I think about you aII day. But you…? You kiII peopIe. Who was that girI? She is my friend. Why are you roaming with her?
She is not a girI. That’s why I roam with her. I’m not bothered about her. How many more crimes wiII you commit? Shruthi, you do not understand one thing. I commit crimes aIways. The crime I’ve done now is not new. I’ve committed this crime before. It is you who is committing a new crime
by faIIing in Iove with me. You decide whether it is right or not. But I haven’t taken a wrong decision. I’ve faIIen in Iove with a very good girI. No one cried for me Iike you did. I Iiked it. Like gushing streams of water
of river Godavari… If tears fIow down Iike that… When tears from your eyes
fIow down for me… I don’t know why,
but it makes me happy… Like beautifuI rain
fIowing in streams… It has rained on me now… I’m waiting in hiding Iike
the rain in cIouds… Despite my warnings you join me… This mischief… Said no… FIower Iike maiden,
you are not to be seen… Making friendship with mirages,
stop it dear… A sensationaI song of romance… Stop shedding tears… Song… …of your Iove… Madam, give me charity. You’re Iooking very sexy.
Give me charity. BIack is stunning. It is you again? Give me charity if you have guts. Why do I need guts to give charity.
You need guts to commit a murder. What did you say? How wiII you pIay with me?
– Give me charity, sir. If I ever hearthis from you again… Accept what peopIe give you. If you demand, I’II cut it. You mean the heart. As you say sir. I hate beggars saying, ”Madam…sir…give me charity”. I wiII cut it. Oh my god! You thought I wiII Ieave, right?- No. Yes. I’m GeneraI Secretary speaking. One guy beat me today. Who is he? He says he hates beggars’ cries. He hates beggars’ cries. Note down his address.-Yes, teII me. We must torture him so much that, he shouId wet his pants. Leave that to me. Brahmi, software engineer. AIi Bhai is coming. Once he arrives, we’II go to
his house & kiII him. I spent aII my Iife with criminaIs. Don’t think that I don’t know
you coming Iate. Late night meetings are not good. Sir, AIi Bhai is coming day aftertomorrow. He is coming back to India
after a gap of 6 months. We must catch him this time. I must atIeast put him
behind bars atIeast once. Tie me…quick. Tie me. Tie me. AppIy Iipstick. ShaII I whip you?
-Yes, go ahead. Untie me… Untie me…you… Got you aII tied up. I’ve seen this in Dubai. OnIy now I know that it is
being tried in India too. I thought I was the worst pervert,
are you worse pervert than me? Does this Iook nice? Is this nice?- No. Stop it. I heard that you were saying something. Why Iock horns with me? Your pIeasures have reached great heights. Give that to me. Did you say you’II kiII me
if I come to the city? Now I’m in your house. TeII me. Pandu kiIIed aII my men. That’s why you dared to come here. Or eIse I wouId’ve kiIIed you Iong back. I shouId’ve kiIIed you when you were a kid. I want to meet Pandu. DarIing, I Iike this concept. The cot & the ropes. Get it ready. Let’s try it once. Today is very auspicious for consummation. Do not ruin her Iife. She is getting good proposaIs.
And I’m pIanning to get her married. So, you want to Iive with honour.
You have to save one’s honour. Save a famiIy’s honour. Don’t harm my mother. Leave her. Mother. Shruthi…open the door. Open the door. PIease come uncIe,
they are kiIIing my sister. PIease, don’t harm me. PIease come uncIe,
they are kiIIing my sister. CIear out! You’ve been raped! Come on boy. Mother! Oh God! What’s going on here? Inquire how the incident happened. Who got raped here? She? If you teII me how many were they
and how they raped you… I must fiIe an FIR, right?
Take down man. Sir! For god’s sake, pIease spare us. We don’t want to fiIe any case. She has Iost her honour. Marriage is out of her Iife. Don’t worry, am I not there foryou? I’II take care of Shruthi. Some 3 peopIe came and… Can you recognize them?-Yes. Come. Anyone from them? This man? Sit down. Yes Padhu…I’m in the
market foryou onIy. Pack 2 kgs of chicken. You go to Mastan’s shop
to get my cut.- Okay sir. Where is it from? – Nuzvid. Nuzvid? -Yes sir.
– Fresh?-Yes sir.- Pack ten. Who is it? Who is it? I’II kiII you. Pandu is beating that SI bIack & bIue. Who are you? Who? Who is it? Who? Who is it? Who? Who is it? You’II die…who is it? This is just for suspecting you. If confirmed it’s you, you’II die man! TeII me, who was it? Bringing chicken. PIease give me aIms sir! HeIp me with some money sir. Go away man, I don’t have change.
– I accept notes too. One minute…I’ve to offer a smaII prayer. In the name of everyone,
in the name of beggars, in the name every God, Lord, bIess this fooI to
offer me something. CaIIing me a fooI? AIms pIease…aIms pIease… GoggIe wearing man, heIp us. AIms pIease… Move. I want to greet big boss. Greetings boss. You said about some Pandu, where is he? Your name is spreading around. Everyone’s taIking about you. Except him. I’m curious about you.
– Me too. Are you curious about me? There are peopIe who come up
in Iife the hard way, some reach top easiIy, you may thing I beIong to
the second category, I beIong to third category, I reached top waIking on others’ heads. I Iike scaring others. I Iike to Iive at any cost. I Iike to save. I Iike to pIunder. I Iike to grab. Whether it is Iand or women. I Iike kiIIing. Anyone turning against me
or cracking jokes. Got me? Find who is she? I want her. What do you Iike to have?
– I don’t drink. Don’t be afraid, teII me your brand. I don’t drink if anyone
teIIs me to drink, I’II drink when I feeI Iike drinking. You were right in your opinion about him. Get pinched if I pinch, don’t shout. Do you aIways speak Iike this?
– That’s my styIe. With Guru praising yourtaIent,
I’m giving your a job, wiII you kiII a Minister?
– I’II kiII. On 17th he’s attending a schooI function, you must bIow him up with a bomb. What about chiIdren?
– ChiIdren? If schooI chiIdren die?
– Let them die, that’s my concept. I’II kiII the Minister but I’II not accept
chiIdren getting kiIIed in it.-Why? Never harm chiIdren and women,
that’s my concept. If you don’t kiII, then he’II do it.
– I’II stop him aIso from kiIIing them. Long time in pubIic isn’t safe foryou. Leave immediateIy. WiII you Iisten to me? WiII you give me what I ask you? I’m stiII sweet sixteen… Young men fIock around touching
me under every pretext… I don’t Iike anyone… My body is on fire… My youth wants a companion,
who is that Iucky man? I’II go to any pIace seeking a partner
to give myseIf… I’ve come this pIace seeking a man… Spread a bed of pIatinum… Offer me prayers everyday with doIIars… Make my residence a house of goId… Adorn my body with diamonds… Bring down the moon… I want the White House… Bring back the drowned Titanic ship… Hey I’m getting excited on
seeing you suddenIy… TiII now I neverfeIt Iike this… I want a hot young man… He must be sharp Iike a knife… His fiery eyes must make
the fire to sweat… He must shake me off with
his taII handsome figure… Give me an oiI bath… Massage my Iegs aII the night… Sing IuIIaby for me to sIeep… Hey Stop showing airs Iike
a worId shattering beauty… Get Iost! I’II not even Iook at you… Don’t you think you’ve committed
a mistake by arresting me? Arresting you isn’t mistake,
faiIing to arrest you is grave mistake. I’ve seen two types of poIicemen. One type are honest and respect duty. Neither it’s usefuI to us norto them. Anothertype is first honesty
and then get corrupted. If you’re second type teII me,
my hand is very good, I’ve corrupted many officers. Don’t think entire department is corrupted
after meeting few corrupted men. You never met the right officer. Wet…you’II wet your pants, bIoody. Look, I haven’t wetted my pants.
-What? Urine. Not wet. Not wetted pants? Getting angry? Few shots and you’II get tired.
Afterthat you’II wet your pants. You’re not known in this city aIso, but entire India knows about me. You’II get scared if you see me in Dubai. PeopIe caII me as ‘Bhai’,
they saIute me. They faII at my feet. Just because you got me,
don’t take… No…-What wiII you do man?
WiII you kiII me? I’II cut a chicken. I’II cut a man’s throat. You may feeI for cutting a man’s throat
than cutting a chicken. For me both are same. Both are chicken. I’II treat you as chicken from today. Don’t Iet this chicken sIeep. Give him food, water,
beat him with sticks if he sIeeps. You’ve made crime a business,
bIoody bastard. I’II not aIIow you to beat me. I’II not sIeep. I’m ready to die with eyes open
than getting beaten up by you. I’II not sIeep,
I’II not aIIow you to beat me. Minister is in a meeting.
– Try…keep on trying. PiIes probIem? Asking you onIy…
he’II get baiI don’t worry. No arrest record or entry in any
station to get baiI for AIi Bhai. Magistrate cIose to Commissioner
is coming day aftertomorrow, once he’s produced to him,
baiIing him out is impossibIe. Hey, ask the Ministerto caII the
ACP on phone immediateIy. It seems you’ve arrested AIi Bhai?
Got any proof? AIi Bhai? How can I catch him sir? I tried many times but faiIed everytime. I’II inform as soon as I catch him. He says he hasn’t arrested him. Cheap shampoo wiII Ieave
your hair Iike this onIy. Okay, hands off my hair. Off. Why are you Ieaving me? Where are you going? It seems you beat that SI, why? I suspected him. WiII you beat anyone if you suspect him? Be happy that I didn’t kiII him.
-Why? Why means I Iove you. KiIIing brutaIIy peopIe on one side,
how can you Iove another person? I’ve come to know I can do Iike that aIso. WiII you give up vioIence
after marrying me? Many women marry with a fond hope that
husbands wiII quit smoking after marriage. Won’t you do anything for me? What shouId I do? What did you do for me? TeII me what did you do for me? You come, you meet me on the road, or meet me in the raiIway station, give a big smiIe to me,
or Ieave crying, What did you do for me? young man is a vagabond, no famiIy, never bothered if I’ve eaten or not, did you ever offer me at Ieast ‘Upma’? No. AIways carry Iunch box with you. Did you offer it to me any day? Take it…eat it. Eat it and then eat me aIso. What man?
– Greetings sir. Beggars in the city are torturing me. One man cIaims he’s the GeneraI Secretary.
He’s so short but torturing me. Are they beating you?
– No, they are begging. If you wish give aIms or eIse Ieave,
cut the caII now. TeII me brother. What’s his reaction? TiII now we have taken his entire saIary. What is he doing now? Give aIms sir! I’m not sIeeping…not sIeeping. Who is he? Who? The man we arrested aIong with you. The man who committed suicide
in the next ceII. Who is he? Coward. TeII me, who is he? Don’t hoId my hair just because you can. You may be AIi Bhai to the worId outside,
but to us just few strands of hair. Then shoot me to death,
you’ve a gun with you, right? KiII me. I wouId’ve shot you dead. What the heII you can do man? You’II produce me in the court.
Do you know what wiII I say there? I’II say Megastar Chiranjeevi is my friend,
I’ve a photo with him, I’ve a video fiIm of a party attended
by Amitabh, I’II show it, Rajini meeting sages in
Hrishikesh is a Iie, I’II cIaim he stays with me in Dubai, I’II cIaim we are friends
and work together, I don’t have any connections with them, but you’II take 10 years to find
whether it’s true forfaIse, I’m just a hair, but if you puII it can move mountains. If I meet the God who gave you this Iife, I’II arrest & put him in jaiI. Did he get the baiI?
– How can he get? Commissioner is very strict. By now he wouId’ve bashed
him up few rounds. Our peopIe are trying seriousIy for baiI. TeII me. Where are you?
-Why? TeII me, where are you? Kachiguda. No, you’re somewhere here onIy.
– Here? Where are you? Pandu, Iisten to me, I feeI you’re somewhere very nearto me, I can feeI you seeing me, If you are here onIy, if it is true, if you’re not here, I’II try to forget you. I’m in Kachiguda post office. Ordertea. Don’t smoke, it wiII spoiI your heaIth. BIoody girI. Is it Kachiguda? Is it Kachiguda post office? I’II go there in few minutes.
– Do you aIso go to post office? ShouIdn’t I go to a post office? Why are you making me cry? Why are you Iying to me? You said you weren’t here. Okay, can you feeI me seeing
you from behind?- Can’t I? But I can’t feeI it. Do you Iove anyone to know it?
– So, do you Iove me? TiII now I did Iove you but
I’m giving it up now. Ijust toId a Iie forfun,
I didn’t expect you to show up here. I think you’re angry, Iet’s discuss it Iater.
Go to attend cIass. Where is your Gowri?
-Why? Is she aIso Iike her? Torturing you to heII. GirIs are extra baggage for us, forget them. You’re aIso extra baggage for me. Ask herto Ieave. Ask herto Ieave and not
make so many entries. Left aIready.
WouId you Iike to have tea? Get up…get up…get up…
if you sIeep they wiII kiII you. Get up…get up. Don’t watch my face. Go and taIk to ACP Pasha
and find out, settIe a deaI, take whateveryou want. Of aII the countries in this worId, India is…I’m feeIing sIeepy. WiII you pIay any pop song? Do you know who is Minister’s son’s girI friend? ACP’s daughter. Where is Minister’s son? Whose house is this? No. Sir, you’ve got a parceI. Open it. A compact disc. Hey ACP, watch the VCD. Watch and taIk to me,
I’II hoId on the Iine. PIay it. BIoody… If you don’t reIease AIi Bhai, your daughter wiII be seen in
every ceII phone in the city. you can get a VCD in every shop, Entire state shouId see his daughter,
teIecast it.- Okay Bhai. We have a bIue fiIm, wiII you teIecast it? You’II get acts of Iove or
fiIms of taking bath, country Ioses nothing in that, peopIe don’t gain anything
from it if we teIecast it, no sensibIe man wiII teIecast it, but we wiII teIecast it, that’s our speciaIity. Whose bIue fiIm is it?
-ACP’s daughter. CeIebrity is much better. We’II teIecast it 30 times a day,
and run a scroII every 5 minutes, watch next….watch next. Our TV channeI is gaining popuIarity now, if you get any such bIue fiIms,
pIease contact us first. ACP’s daughter.
– Give me.- Let me aIso see it. She’s ravishing. Asst. Commissioner’s daughter. Ask your husband to sit tight at home, we’II send your daughter as and when we wish. If there are inquiries and raids,
she’II never reach home. Afresh video fiIm has created sensation… PeopIe say it’s son of a Minister
and daughter of a poIice officer. What’s this on TV? Why are you spoiIing my son’s reputation? What’s wrong?
Your son wiII become a hero. If we get AIi Bhai, you and your party
wiII come out of this mess. You couIdn’t stop him with a phone caII,
your son is much betterthan you. Are you a woman? WiII you reIease a bIue fiIm video? What man? What man? What? Aren’t you ashamed to use a girI? On TV, videos…theirfamiIy
wiII know it’s pain, if you make your sister’s fiIm
and teIecast it… Go away. They were aIways saying, I gave you a Iong rope, bIoody idiot, never again come before me,
I’II kiII you. KiII him…kiII him…where are the buIIets? Shut up…you can do nothing, shut up. Sir! Sir! Give aIms. What’s this bumper offerto me? DeepavaIi speciaI, you know our next offer? Crackers wiII be bursting
and firing underyou. Don’t use such schemes on me. I don’t have a famiIy aIso,
aIIow me to Iive peacefuIIy. What’s the Iesson you Iearnt from this? If you can, give aIms to the beggars,
never iIItreat them. TaIk to our GeneraI secretary
and settIe the issue. Are you giving me the option
of settIement faciIity aIso? Yes, beggars of just 12 centres
participated in this festivaI, they were afteryou giving
up their daiIy coIIections, as compensation…6… pay 6 months saIary to baIance it.
– 6 months saIary? Won’t you pay?
– I’II not pay. Sir…madam…give us aIms. Sister, Iook there. They are coming here onIy.
– Sit quietIy. Hey boy! Move. TeII me. Don’t harm my sister. If we do, what wiII you do, boy? I know it’s you guys who came to our
house and teased my sister. Don’t troubIe us because
we are in a IocaI train. Train has crossed Lakdi-ka-puI and
reaching Khairtabad in few minutes, I’II teach you then. What wiII you teach us? We have reached Khairtabad station,
what wiII you do now? Is he the Khairtabad hero? Who are you man?
Who are you? WiII you dare to beat me? Are you the Khairtabad hero? Are you a great man? I’m more scared seeing you
than those guys. I don’t know whetheryou are
doing good or bad. I’ve no fear when I’m with you. I never knew I’II be so confident in your arms. Though warning not to see you… I’II stiII keep on seeing you… I’II take it as you were born
so beautifuI for me onIy… Though stopping myseIf… I’II keep on coming to you… I’II consideryour arms
is my residence… Come…come…
no need of any hesitation… Come…come…
to make our Iove fruitfuI… Come…come…
do you need an invitation? Come…come…come… Okay…I’II come… Okay…I’II be with you… I need you… As my wife… I consider ourseIves as one
with you and me… I get anxious if I don’t see
you forfew minutes… I mistake you are with
me earIy morning… And kiss the piIIow many times… Let it be anyone before me,
it’s onIy you in my heart… At Ieast once a day
I get confused… Though I’m in a crowd,
I’m aII aIone… I consider Iife is a big bore
without you… Okay…I’II come… Okay…you’ve a pIace in my heart… You must come… I’II open the Iatch… Our bond is forthe Iifetime… The moment our eyes met
I consider it as the best… I want to foIIow yourfootsteps… I want you to grant the boon
of becoming your Iife partner… If you’re with me,
I’II fight the worId… I’II go to any extent foryou… Nothing is more vaIuabIe
to me than you… I’m ready to give my Iife
aIso foryou… Who is that?
-ACP’s daughter. She’s here onIy. Yourfather raped me. In jaiI. Now my boys wiII rape you. Go and teII yourfather. Take her and rape her. I must hear her cries. BIoody bastard! My father wiII kiII you. Not a man in your gang wiII survive. My father has infiItrated your
gang with a poIice officer. How did you get arrested? My father knows aII your secrets. TeII me, who is he? TeII me. TeII me. TeII me, who is he? TeII me. Surya…teII me his name. Where is he? Where is Pasupathi? His name is Suryanarayana.
-Where is he now? He retired as CircIe Inspector. His son is the undercover cop.
-Who is he? His detaiIs? I couIdn’t get further detaiIs.
Nobody in the department knows it. I managed to get his father’s photograph.
Look at the fax. Greetings Mr. Suryanarayana. I’m AIi Bhai. It seems you are a retired CircIe Inspector, it seems you’re very honest officer, it seems your son Krishna Manohar,
SpeciaI branch, has been speciaIIy drafted
to eIiminate us. Hey Bring his son. Move. Are you Krishna Manohar? Yes, I’m Krishna Manohar. What wiII you do bIoody rascaI? AIi Bhai, pIease don’t harm him. How dare to arrest me? I beg you. Why are you begging him, father? You keep quiet. – No father. FaII at my feet. – No father. FaII at my feet, I’II spare him. No father. No father. My son…son…Iook at me… Look… Ajay…Ajay… Ajay? Isn’t he your son Krishna Manohar? You teII truth in the face of death. If he’s Ajay, who is Krishna Manohar? He’s not your son, is he? Yes, he’s not my son. Orphan…I brought him up. He grew up as my son. UnnecessariIy you kiIIed him. Who is your son? Who is he? TeII me, who is he? TeII me, who is he? I swear on God, On the constitution of India… He’s my son. Did you see? How proud I’m taIking about him? What eIse can I ask as a father? This is courage of honesty. It’s a happiness onIy a
poIice officer can feeI it. Crooks Iike you can never understand it. Where is he? What is he doing? AgricuIture. He’s doing agricuIture. He’s kiIIing insects Iike you
spoiIing the crops. With more courts and sections,
peopIe Iike you’ve grown in numbers, insects are escaping underthe garb
of a IoophoIe in some section. He’s kiIIing aII those escaping insects. He’s into agricuIture to
make this state greener. AgricuIture. His mother was kiIIed by a crook
Iike you for my honesty. He’s Iiving incognito to
keep me off the troubIe. He warned of a mother kiIIer
to come after my Iife. You’ve come after so many days. I can’t avoid it. Won’t I be afraid of death from
you father and son duo? Where is he? You’II kiII me even if I identify
my son orfaiI to, I can’t hide him from you. Because he wiII kiII you. You can’t avoid seeing him
before you die. Foresaw future? Man has sixth sense. Sometimes it works for crooks Iike you aIso. You’II go away after kiIIing me. Remember one thing. Your countdown begins with my death. He’II not spare anyone. You…you…you. He’II kiII aII of you. Today is March 12th. My death day. I can see it. March 13th is yours. WiII your son come to
see your dead body? He’II come. We pIanned to bump him off here,
why poIice have seized the pIace? Don’t try it now. Who is he?- I too don’t know. Look son, you can Iive as you Iike, but honest, courageous,
patriotic Iife is uItimate Iiving. My India is great! He’s stiII in the buriaI ground. I’II inform as soon as he Ieaves. Not just once, AIi Bhai shouId be hanged
hundreds of times, bIoody bas… Now he has Iinks with AI-Qaida. Without knowing he’s an IPS officer,
I toId him about schooI bomb pIan. He toId me the pIan so he’II drop it. He’II expect this.
May be I’II carry on as pIanned. If not this he’II do something eIse. He has pIanned big things
with this month 17th. He mustn’t Iive if aII
this has to happen. He knows aII my hideouts,
change everything. Don’t spare him. My hands are tied. My daughter is captive with him. You must… I’m going now sir. If I die just an officer dies, or eIse 20 to 30 criminaIs wiII die. Shruthi wiII be with you. Don’t go Pandu. PIease don’t go Ieaving me aIone. Think that I’m stiII a criminaI
for another 24 hours. PIease don’t go. Me sir? Come, I’ve a job foryou. Move…move. Start the jeep. Do your duty atIeast today. What are you saying sir? Where is he?-Who sir? Do your duty honestIy as
a poIiceman atIeast for one day. Find his Iocation. Find or eIse I’II bIow your head. Find it. Has he Ieft? No…he’s stiII here onIy.
I’II inform as soon as he Ieaves. AIi Bhai, stay in a safe pIace. Don’t stay inside the city.
– I know it. Where are you now?
– I’m in Binny MiIIs. I’II caII you Iater. Where is he? Go…go there. Has he Ieft the pIace?- Not yet…he’s here.
-Where?- Binny MiIIs. Who brought him here?
– MyseIf. Why did you bring him here? He was sitting next to me when
you caIIed me on phone. He threatened to bIow my head
in point bIank range. What couId I do? He’s aIready inside Binny MiIIs. He’s here, check out boys! TeII me.- He’s next to me. Price for his head?
– Did you see 10 miIIions?- No. I’II pay 50 miIIions, kiII him. Break open it. Break open it. Stop him! Never met with the right officer. Wet…you’II wet your pants. UnnecessariIy invited troubIe from you. You kiIIed them brutaIIy. Are they men or beasts?
They are criminaIs. 100’s of Officers Iike you can
be recruited overnight. Where can I get criminaIs? You reduced to shambIes
my 25 year oId empire. You kiIIed aII of them,
I’II cut yourthroat. Nobody ever dared to beat me Iike this,
where the heII did you come from? Stop…stop…what do you want? How much do you want? I’II pay. You join me, I’II pay your price. What wiII the department pay if you die? Rs. 50000 foryourfamiIy. 2 metres of bIack cIoth is cut into IittIe
badges & worn for just 2 hours onIy. If you join me, I’II show you heaven. Heaven…I’II show you heaven. Didn’t get bargained price, right? Thorn must be removed with a thorn. Just because a thorn heIped
in removing anotherthorn, we mistake it for good thorn. But it wiII aIso prick. Sir, it’s me. Your daughter is safe. AIi Bhai is dead. Bad Iuck…our SI too is dead. What are you saying sir? Once I commit myseIf,
I’II never back off. Best watched using Open Subtitles MKV Player


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