Poland On Air – Crowdfunding

Hi, my name is Maciej Margas, and this is… Aleksandra Łogusz – Blogusz! We do photography from heights From the rooftops of skyscrapers, drones Airplanes, and even helicopter with no doors And together we have Warsaw Gift Shop which is an internet store with the prints of our photographs and other cool stuff you can do with them A few weeks ago we published unique photobook with aerial photos of Warsaw – WARSAW ON AIR We did it thanks to two crowdfunding campaigns before All Polish and many foreign medias were talking about it Photographs were awarded by Grand Press Photo and International Photography Awards. In New York! Photobook became loved not only by Warsawers, but also Poles all over the world! Now we are starting a new project, and once again, we need your support This time we want to shoot from above the whole Poland Katowice, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk Toruń, Szczecin, Bielsko-Biała (which as we know is wonderful) And many, many other, smaller and bigger cities Photos will create unique and unrepeatable photobook, which will become a fantastic thing to show Poland all over the world – POLAND ON AIR! In exchange for your support you will receive preorders of the photobook POLAND ON AIR our prints, and… flights with us! You can become a sponsor of on of aerial sessions in helicopter or plane see the backstage of our work and have a wonderful adventure, you will never forget We also prepared a special offer for the companies, who want to become a partner of the book which will be on tongues in country, and beyond it Until now our projects had a huge range and were unique in the scale of the whole country, so this time it may only be better Recently WARSAW ON AIR photobook was given to the Royal Couple Kate and William as official gift from Poland and people all over the world are ordering it Support a special project, which will become an unique historical certificate and a document about Poland, we will be able to promote ourselves all over the world And prove with us, that SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT Nothing is impossible Let’s do something beautiful together!


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