POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN: Meets Sindbad the Sailor (1936) (Remastered) (HD 1080p)

(music) (Popeye’s theme) (Sinbad’s theme) (wind blowing) (snakes hissing) (creatures roaring) (creatures roaring) (lions roaring) (Sindbad) I’m Sindbad the sailor, so hearty and hale I live on an island on the back of a whale It’s a whale of an island, that’s not a bad joke Its lord and its master is THIS handsome bloke! (Singing) WHO’S the most remarkable, extraordinary fellow? (lions roar) Sindbad, the sailor! I scare off creation, on land or on sea. But talk about women, they all fall for me. I take my adventures wherever they’re found I’d go on a brag boat, but I’ve been around (singing) WHO’S the most phenomenal, extra special kind of fellow? Sindbad, the sailor! From the valley of serpents, these diamonds I took! I cleaned out those serpents with one dirty LOOK! (muttering) haha… serpents Look at this monster, so strong and so huge! He frightened King Kong… but he’s only my stooge. The capture of Boola for me was just fun… Who ever said two heads were better than one? (Sindbad laughs, Boola breaks free) (Boola) AAAAHHH! (Sindbad, singing) WHO’S the most phenominal, extraordinary fellow? (Boola) YOUS! Sinlavs se Sailor! (YOU! Sindbad the Sailor!) (Boola) *unintelligible yet utterly hilarous muttering* (Sindbad) On one of my travels, I ran into THIS! Now there was a thrill I’d be sorry to miss! He spread out his wings and the sunlight grew dim! He took me in his feet But I ran off with HIM! WhoooooOO’S the most remarkable, extraordinary fellow? Sindbad, the sailor! WHO’S the most phenomenal, extra special kind of fellow? Sindbad, the sailor! I’m! A! fraid! Of! Nobody under the sun! All! I! Say! is! BOO, and my enemies run! WHO’S the most remarkable, extraordinary fellow? (Popeye) Yes, Popeye, the sailor man! Popeye, the sailor man! I’m strong to the finish, cuz I eats me spinach! I’m Popeye the sailor man! I’m one tough gazookus, which hates all palookas But they turn me up, and square I biffs and I boffs em and always outroughs em But none of them gets nowhere If anyone messes to risk me fist It’s bop, and it’s wham, understand? So keep good behavior, that’s your one life saver with Popeye the sailor man I’m Popeye the sailor man! Popeye the sailor man! I’m strong to the finish, cuz I eats me spinach I’m Popeye the swag whaler man! (Sindbad) Who fouls the air with notes of sour, and dares to challenge Sindbad’s power? Why… I’LL fix ‘im! (Sindbad whistles for Roc) Wreck that ship! But bring me the woman Go (Olive Oyl) Oh! Oh! W-what happened?! Oh! Ooooohhhhh! Oh h-h-h-help! P-P-P-P-Popeye! Oh let me go, let me go! Let me gooo! No no no, don’t let me go, don’t… (Popeye) Oh, man the lifeboats! Well that was a nice ship we had once Hey, did you see the same thing I saw? (muttering) I’m gonna take another look at that thing and see what that was (TOOT) That’s the biggest buzzard I ever saw. Look at the fella go (Olive) Oh! Oh! Oh, where am I? Oh… Hey, keep away from me you! Stop that! Let me alone! AH! Don’t do that! I’ll punch you eventually, AH stop! (Sindbad) Come here! (Olive) I won’t! (Sindbad) Get up sugar, and give us a little smack (Olive) I’LL give you a smack, alright, alright there! (Popeye) HEY! We’ve gotta save Olive Oyl! Come on, Wimpy, hurry up before it’s too late! Into the brink! (Popeye jazz scatting) End of the line, everybody off! Oh, what’s this? The Isle of Sindbad. Enter Not! For whosoever passeth in, passeth out! Sindbad. (Popeye muttering, unintelligible) *QUACK* (Wimpy) Oh! Lunch! Mmmm… Here I go within it Oooh… I don’t like this place at all… Hmph… Sorry I ever came in here Looks kinda spooky to me What’s this? (lions roar) Oh… Oh yeah? (Lions roar) Woah… tryin’ to scare me like that, huh? MmmnnnrrrrrAAAAAAGHH! And he lets them dumb mammals know, try to scare me like that, huh? (Olive) Help! Popeye! Save me! *screams* (Popeye) I’m comin’ Olive, I just got a little wall here! Do I have footprints upon here? OH! (Olive) Oh… Oh, I wanna stop, I wanna stop this dancing! (Popeye) Stop! (Sindbad) Hurr? (Olive: Oh… Oh, Popeye!) (Sindbad) Who invited you? (Popeye) I did, what’re ya gonna do about it? How did you get in here? (Wimpy) Umph! ooh… Fouled again… I must resort to my last hamburger. (Popeye) HEY! I wants me goil! (Sindbad) Oh yeah? (Popeye) Yeah (Sindbad) Who are you? (Popeye) I’m Popeye the sailor man! (toot toot) Who are you? (Sindbad) Who am I? (Popeye, muttering) Yeah, that’s what I said (Sindbad) Who am I?! (Popeye) That’s what I said (Sindbad) Why… Hhhrrrrr… WhooooOO’S the most remarkable, extraordinary fellow? (Crowd) YOU! Who’s the most phenomenal, extra special kind of fellow? (Crowd) YOU! I’m. A. fraid. Of. Nobody under the sun! All. I. Say. Is. BOO! And my enemies run! Who’s the most remarkable, extraordinary fellow? Who?! (Popeye) Popeye the sailor! You better fix your shirt there, fella. *chuckle* Hey! (Sindbad) Well, let’s see how great ya are! (Popeye) Hey, put me down you big-OHH! Woah! Woah, what’s this? HEY! Let me down, you big, overgrown canary! What’re ya doin? Taking me for a ride or somethin’? Hey, lemme go, princess! I’m not goin’ your way! Come on! Lemme go. Hey! (Olive cries for popeye while sindbad laughs) (Popeye) There ya are, with gravy! *laughs* Hey! Don’tcha think we better talk this thing ovah? (Sindbad) Try and get out of THIS one! (Boola squeezes Popeye) (Singing) Come for to sleep, my baby kid! My peaches and cream, my baby kid! If you don’t sleep, my baby kid! I’ll close for you your… two eyes… like dis! (Sindbad laughs, Olive worries) (Popeye) Oh, two against one, huh? How do ya like that? What for you like that? Popeye smack our face! How do you like about that? You hold that Popeye in THIS hand! Bicarbonate… if I had that mug in this hand… I make from him special dish of chopped fricasseesees! I don’t LIKE chop-you-apart fricasseesees! I MEANT for you to like it! (Popeye) Ohhh…. Why you two-headed, fat-faced ignoramus… How do ya like that? OOOoohhh! ooph… Oooooooooo…. uuuuughhhhh…. Oh come on, you’re gonna take a devil outta this time… WHAM! (muttering) Well I guess I fixed those two fellas I hope they’re alive Woah, yeah? *stomp* Who’s gonna make who like chicken fricassicasseesees hm? (Sindbad) There’s only room for ONE great sailor in this world! And that’s ME! Ohhh says you. We’re gonna come to terms right now! (crowd of animals cheering) Hey, what’re you doing? Hey, you can push me just sooooo far… Beats for beets! Take that! Peekaboo! I sock you! (Sindbad) How do ya like that? (Popeye) Do ya give up? What’re you, a fresh guy or somethin? I’ll show ya… Hup hup hup! Don’t leave me now… (Spinach time!) Take that! *chuckles* How do ya like that? C’mon! Get up and fight me! (Olive) Give it to him, Popeye! Give him the Twister Punch! (Popeye) Twister Punch, comin’ up! Take that! WhooooOOO’S the most remarkable, extraordinary fella?! (All) YOU! Popeye the sailor!


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