Pour la France – Animation Short Film 2019 – GOBELINS

September 1870, France’s army
is defeated and captured by Germany. The country must accept
an humiliating treaty requiring to confiscate
Paris weaponry. Feeling betrayed by the country,
Paris working class makes the provisory government
fly to Versailles and declare its independence. To sign the treaty, Germany
sent back the French army they captured asking for the requirement
to be respected. With the help of the army, the French provisory government
launched a great offensive to take back Paris.
It’s the bloody week. IN THE NAME OF FRANCE Portugeses, Garibaldians,
and even Turkeses… Ain’t France anymore! You there! Yes, General? Martin.
Go and bring me Sergent Mercier. Yes, Sir. The last day of a condemned man Mercier! Mercier! – Mercier!
– Is it time already? Yes, Sergent. We’ve gathered the prisoners. Galliffet want to crush the barricade
in the back street. He’s waiting for you. So be it. I’m coming. Sergent, don’t you think it’s not
the place and time for such book? This book has always been with me,
even during my incarceration in Germany. It’ll stay with me. As for me, I was not allowed
to read in Germany. By the way, why do you even care so much
about this book? It was a gift from my old teacher,
Miss Marzin, Lorraine Marzin. During the uprising of 1848,
she saved my life and gave me the book. Yes. Miss Marzin. Lorraine. Lorraine! Lorraine! We captured the priests! Let’s kill them all! Lorraine Marzin, look, we seized these damn priests! Save your bullets! You should
be helping us at the barricade! Women and their thoughts… Let’s kill them anyway! Is it Versailles? They’re already coming? Mercier, charge head on. Meanwhile the cavalry and I will attack them in their back! Arrest those who surrender
and take their weapons! We’re doomed! Burn everything,
let’s return them Paris in ashes! Poor fools… Come on, you’ll be judged by Versailles. Stop! Execute right here those who have
gun powder on their hands and those who have grey hair, they saw June 1848,
hence they are guiltier than the rest! You! Come over here! Make a line! You! Come back here! Aim! Fire! The bloody week made 20 000 victims,
1000 in Versailles’s side, without taking in account
the 38 000 arrested Parisians. Courts will also hold 50 000 trials
until 1877, some death sentences and around 10 000 deportations.


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