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– So how come at the party
everybody was spraying me dollars and you were just hands down? You weren’t spraying me money. What was all that for? – I didn’t any have any money to spray. You won’t believe I don’t have savings. Where is Ben? – [Woman] I thought he was here. – [Male] Ben – [Ben] I’m here Mike. – All right. You want me to offer
you something to drink? – [Mike] No. – And you can have it over there. – No, I don’t drink liquor. I’m sorry. – [Mike] Ben. – [Ben] Yep. – Ben, listen to me. Leave this, this is very important to me. – [Ben] Then tell me, what’s the problem? – The problem is my wife, Rachael. – [Ben] What’s wrong with her? – She has no money management skill. You see, it’s come to,
I’m sorry to say this because she is my wife,
I love her to death, but every time I get my paycheck like pieces of puzzle they
just fit into her budget leaving me with no money to save. God knows you have those excellent ideas. (Ben chuckles) – Here you go again. – Ben you know, whenever
you give somebody an advice, it works like wildfire. That’s why I’m coming to you
for your advice, what do I do? – My brother, you need to work smart. – [Mike] Smart. – Yes. – [Mike] Ben, show me how. – I can’t talk here. Let’s meet in my office. – Okay, got you. Come on, let’s go! – Wait, wait, wait,
come on, give me a kiss. Okay, see you later. – [Ben] I know what the problem
is and I want to help you. – Please. – And I want to help you to make money. – That’s why I came to you. – You’re gonna be a millionaire
in less than a year. – No, no, no, no, no. – Sit down for real. – No don’t flatter me. – I am not gonna flatter you. – Don’t flatter me. – I’m gonna let you know
principles of how to make money. – And you promise that
I’m gonna be a millionaire in one year?
– Yeah. – [Ben] In less than one year. Sit down. I’ll teach you Are you for real?
– the principles. – [Ben] Yes, of making money. So, this is what I’m gonna do. You’re gonna grab a scrap paper and a pen, and I’m gonna teach you
the four basic principles of how to be successful. – [Mike] Okay. – Do I have your ears Mr. Mike? – [Mike] Yes. – Okay. It’s gonna be triple M in M. – [Both Men] Triple M in M – [Ben] That’s the word. – [Mike] So what does that mean? – That’s the secret to making money. – [Mike] Triple M in M. – And that is the Man
Managing Money in Marriage. – Man Managing Money in Marriage. – Principle, number one principle. – [Mike] Is? – Secret. – What? Secrets? – You heard me right, secret. – Wow! Miss Joy’s gonna cut her cake and everybody’s gonna have a piece, okay? If you guys would like a
piece, you can have a piece. – [Woman] What’s wrong with Mike? (children chattering) – Rachael. – [Rachael] Yes. – It look like something wrong with Mike. Can you find out what’s wrong with him? – Okay I will. I’ll make sure all the kids eat the cake, and then I’ll go up. Mike. Baby what’s wrong? What’s the matter? Oh my gosh Mike, a termination letter? – Whoa! I see this is a termination
letter you brought. Congratulations Mike. – [Mike] Thank you. – Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. This is what will take
us to the next level and the next level is
what I call stage setting. – [Mike] Stage setting. – Exactly. – What stage are we setting here? – Here you go. I wanna tell you about stage setting because this is the part that will initialize the plan of what we’re trying to do. – [Mike] Okay. – So listen the first
stage is gonna be one; you’re gonna get a new job. Once you get a new job,
you need additional job to make an extra money. We need that money to be flowing in, you know what I’m saying? So you can do your regular
job and get a job on the side like you can be a barber, you can be a taxi driver, you
can wash cars and all that. You can even take pictures,
you can be a photographer. These are many options you can work with to make extra income. – [Mike] Okay. – Once you have this
extra income coming in with your regular work or income, the next stage will be number two stage which is you’re gonna
open up a savings account. – Okay. – So every money you make
from your regular job, the additional job goes
into the savings account. – [Mike] Okay. – This savings account is going
to be autonomous by itself. – That means my wife will
not know anything about it. Ah, what about the documents,
what about the mails, what about the bank statements, they come to my house. – That is simple. I thought you just told me
you were an expert in IT, but this is the deal though, all letters will come to my office. – [Mike] Oh. – You gonna put your letters as in, make sure they come to my office. And the new world thing, go paperless. – [Mike] Oh, that’s true. – Everything electronically. – You’re right. I have another question. – No questions at this stage. Just listen to me, I’m not done yet. Remember we have a plan. So, this takes us to the
fourth thing you’re gonna do. The first was get a job, second was get an additional job, and the third one is open a new account. – Okay. – The fourth will be, you’re
gonna sell all your valuables. When I mean valuables,
you’re gonna sell your car, you’re gonna sell your house, and you’re gonna sell everything
that you think matters and has a value for money. Once you sell those, my friend, come back to life. – I can’t do it. – You can. – No. – You can Mike. – No. I’m trying to make money here. I can’t sell my landed
property and my moveable goods. – Then how are you gonna make a million? How are going to be a millionaire like me? You wanna be successful, right? And I gave you my word. You’re gonna be a millionaire in one year. If you follow these principles, my brother you’re going
to make that money. Easy money. – So, Mike, you know how you always
tell me that I cook so well and people love my food, and I could help us with our money by having a catering business. – [Mike] A catering business? – Yes, you always tell me how good I am. And Mike, even women in the Bible, the virtuous woman helped her husband by her skills that she had. – No, no, no. No catering business. – But honey listen, I’m your helpmeet, why shouldn’t I help you? This is the 21st century, and there’s no reason why
as a 21st century woman I shouldn’t be out helping you. It doesn’t make you anything
less than what you’re doing. – Rachael, I understand you wanna help, but the thing is we don’t have to deviate from God’s original plan for the man and the woman in the home. The place of the woman is in the kitchen. The place of the man is
go out and make the money. And we’re not going to leave that traditional fashion. We have to follow it through. That is God’s plan, so forget about your catering business. I’m gonna get another job. (phone ringing) Hello Ben. Hey. I’m on my bed with my wife. My wife, she’s the only
one who can take me out of this house at
this time of the night. What do you mean I
should come to the union? What has the union got to offer me? Only talk about other people and drink. And for God’s sake I’m a Christian. I don’t wanna mingle
with people like that. Hey Ben, I have something
I want to share with you. I’ll be right there in a minute. – [Rachael] Mike. – Yes. – [Rachael] Are you really leaving in the middle of this conversation? – Baby, this is a very hard
decision for me to make. Let me just go out and come back in and I promise I will get back with you based on your request. – Oh, guys that reminds me. Did you guys hear or heard
about Mike’s job loss? He lost his job. – [Male] What! – [Male] Yes. Yeah! – How are you? – Talk of the devil. – [Male] Mike, how are you doing? – [Male] How are you Mike? Good to see you. – Hey Mike. How are you doing? – [Male] Hey, how ya doing? – Sit down. We were just talking about, sit down. – Mike, Mike sit down. – [Male] Sit down. – I am so sorry about this. I learned that you lost your job. I’m sorry about that. – I let them know because
you lost your job, you are going to leave the union. – Alright I lost my job, now you know. What’s the union going to do with it? Nothing! You only run your mouths and talk. I mean, I’ve been in your
meetings for so many times and I see how you talk
about people’s businesses. So that’s why I chose not to tell you. – Mike don’t talk like that. – Hold on, hold on, hold on Fela. You see barely four
years ago, I lost my job and I was out of job
for eight good months. Eight months. – Now save the sermon till Sunday. Please may I excuse Ben? Ben please I just need
to see you real quick. – [Male] Hold on hold on. – Mike, Mike, Mike. – [Mike] This is very urgent. – Wait. Mr. President, Abass, Fela can you please? I’ll be back. Let me attend to Mike. – President did you hear that? That was really insulting! – Mike that was rude, why
have you just done that? – What? – Why would you say a thing like that in front of the president? – The president? – Yes, and every other
person Fela and Abass. – They will be all right. – That was insulting! – Listen! – What? – The principles are about to fall apart. – Which principle? – The principle you gave me. – Yeah, yeah, so what’s wrong with it? – My wife wants to start a
catering business what, do I do? – [Ben] So, if she’s
going to start a business so what’s your business about it? – [Mike] She’s asking
me to fund the business. – [Ben] Do you have the money? – [Mike] Yes, my 401k. – Oh Lord, you’re not gonna touch that. That, no-go area sir. – Okay. So, what do I do? – Tell your wife she has
to source the money from either getting a credit card. – Okay. – Or she goes to her family
or her friends for the money. – Okay. Oh! – Yeah. – I should have known better. Okay, so is this part of the principles? – Yes it is. – So what principle is this? – Number four, spouse subvention. – Spouse subvention? – Spouse subvention. – Spouse subvention. – Yes! – We are supposed to be
on principle number three, why are we deviating to
principle number four? – My brother we have to skip principle number three for number four. – Why? – Because we need number
four at this stage. – Ben, are you sure this
principle is going to work? – It’s going to work, trust me. – Are you sure? – I’m a genius in this. I’ve given you my word. – Ben!
– It’s going to work! – [President] Ben! – Excuse me gentlemen. Ben, the President wants you. – [Ben] Mike– – The President wants you now. – Just like I said I
got this under control. – We’re still talking. – Sit down there. – [Ben] You wanted to see me sir? – Just sit down there. – [Ben] Mr. President– – I think Mike needs to
apologize to this union. – I’m in support of that. I’m in support of that Mr. President. That was insulting and a
gross misconduct on his part, but Mr. President I will
apologize on behalf of Mike. – Excuse me! I don’t need nobody to
apologize on my behalf. – See what I’m saying? – No, no, no, no, hold it. I think this union is not worth it. You brought me to this union. – For good. – Sorry but I don’t see the
good in all these people. They’re bunch of fools You’re telling me to apologize to who? For what? – Mike you’re– – I’m done with you, for real. Mm mm, don’t give me that crap. I’m done with you. – For real Mike. – Mike called me a fool? (men laughing) – You know what I feel? I feel you are a bunch of, this is not, this is a bad group to me. You insult me! Don’t talk to me! – I said hold it. Go home and meet your controlling
wife to take care of you. (men laughing) – Don’t you ever, ever in your life bring my wife to this issue again. – Did you just say my life? – I am warning you. Don’t you ever in your life, in your life, bring my wife to this issue again! – Listen. In my life– – President! – Nobody dares to tell me in my life. – Is it because I am a
Christian, I can’t fight you? – [Male] What does that sound to you? – What’s wrong with Mike? – Don’t you ever! – You talk to me like that? – Yes! – You talk to me like… Get out of here! – I’m talking to you! – Stop, stop! Stop! – What you gonna do? – [Male] Dial 911, 911. – Hello. Hello. Hello. 911, 911. Yes, yes. – [Male] You stop it! – Know what? Actually, it was Ben’s
idea that I join the union, but now I see everybody is full of trash. I brought in my treasure, and now they want to exchange
their trash for my treasure. No, I’m not gonna take that. – Well, you shouldn’t it’s not worth it. Look at this. You can’t let them take you
out of yourself like this. – I know. You know what? I tried to be patient
in the face of anger, until he exposed my wound. – [Rachael] An old wound from your past? – I’m not talking about
physical wound you know that? – What kind of wound? – Yes, emotional wound. Somebody said that our past
experiences are like stones. You either build a bridge
or a wall with them. – So, which one did you build Mike? – Both. I built a bridge for myself
away from my disturbing past and guess what? I built you a defensive wall. (Mike laughing) – Well why do you think I need
a defensive wall around me? – Don’t you think I should protect you? And you know why? When I was growing up as a child, looking back at my mum,
she was defenseless. She had no one to fight for her. She had no one to turn to, and I promised myself that
when I have my family, I must defend my wife. I’m gonna treat my wife differently from how my father treated his. That’s why it really hurt me to the marrow when that man told me, go
home to your controlling wife. He hurt my wound. I don’t want nobody to talk down on you! You brought so much meaning into my life. God has used you so much to make me look past all my traumatic childhood experiences. And I’m looking forward to
a brighter future with you. – So, it is true. – What is true? – You have a face of a crying man. – I got plans for you. – Like? – Catering business, yes! – Oh my God! Thank you, Mike! Oh, thank you Mike! So, I can have– – [Mike] A catering business. – [President] Oh my God. – Barber do quick I want to go please, you’re holding up my time. – He came to apologize. – Who?
– Mike? – [Male] Mike? – Yes – Mike apologized to you? – Just right now. – You see what I’m saying? (male speaking foreign language) You see what I’m saying? Let’s not prejudge this guy. Let’s open our eyes to the fact before we say anything against him. Everyone here knows quite well
that Mike is a gentle man. – [Mike] What bills? – They’re due. They have to be paid. – [Mike] Not again. – Mortgage, water, electricity. – So, what are were gonna do now? – I don’t know, it’s been four months and they have to be paid Mike. – We don’t have any means of livelihood. I think I should be driving a taxi. That will help. – Mike. – What? – It’s been four months and you said you put in
applications and all that. You are a senior computer IT Administrator. How can you drive a taxi? What kind of money is that
gonna be to pay these bills? – Look Rachael I’m not even
asking you what I’m doing next, I’m telling you I’m driving a taxi. That’s a way forward. Ben! – Are you crazy? You scared me! – Oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – You don’t have to barge
into my office like that! – It’s okay, what’re you looking at? – Golly! – Okay, you know what? I’m making money Ben, I’m making for real. I’m making so much money– – Geez! – My pay stubs, keep these in your office. – Cool. – I don’t need to take them home. – Calm down. Calm down! – I’m making so much money Ben. Listen– – I’m happy for you. – Okay, remember, your
principles are working. Remember we forgot, we
skipped one of the principles. We skipped principle number four, so, tell me what principle number is this? – Yeah, we skipped principle
number three for number four. Number three is actually
called Sempiternal. – [Both Men] Sempiternal. – Yes. – So, I’m going to lock
this in and I promise you, I’m gonna follow all these principles. They are working like
magic, you are a demon! – I’m not a demon sir, I’m a genius. – [Mike] Oh, you’re a genius! (men laughing) So, tell me about this principle. – Okay this principle,
this is how it works. – All right. – You will relocate your family, because you don’t want any obstruction, you don’t want any distraction rather. So, you will go out there and start sourcing for
money wherever you can. And whatever you do, you don’t want to take
questions from nobody. And it’s a stage where you’re gonna be unapologetic to your wife. – That’s mean, I can’t do it. – [Ben] You can. – The reason why I’m saving this money is for my wife and my children. So I can’t abandon my family and start pursuing money on the streets. It’s not gonna work for me. – Mike you’re in it already,
is it hard for you to do? – It’s not only hard for me
to do, it’s just impossible. – Come on Mike, you can do it! Mike! – [Mike] Can your hand reach it? – [Male] Yeah, I got it. – Baby, the result says
that I am not pregnant. Why don’t you believe me? Look, I took the pregnancy test at home and you didn’t believe me, so I came to a doctor and
I’m still not pregnant. No, I am not taking contraceptives. Listen, listen, you know
what, I’m gonna call you back. Men are so controlling. Can you believe this guy is pestering me about having more children? Look if he wants to have more children, he needs to adopt some kids because I even have a dog
Bingo, she’s a good pet anyway. He can deal with her. – I mean African men love to have kids. – Look I am a very rich business woman. I make way too much money on this job to be worrying about children. Children will slow my career down. – That’s true. – Let me tell you something honey. I may not be able to
control what goes in here but I can definitely control how much babies come out of here. – That’s what they don’t know. They just love to control. Men. – And they don’t even
listen, that’s the problem. – Look y’all let me tell you something. Look, every time I’m in an
argument with my husband he tries to run out like a coward. – What? – And I tell him, stop running
out the house like a coward because the moment you leave this house you are not gonna have any peace. You have to come back
and sit your butt down and listen to what I have to say or else there will be
no peace in this house. – That’s right!
– Exactly, yeah. – [Woman] That’s what they do. They have poor communication skills, I guarantee you, ask your husband why he runs out during an argument. It’s because he will
not have a clear answer. And you know what? It doesn’t even make it any better. – [Woman] That’s exactly what they say. – Look, the problem is they think that every time
you don’t agree with them that you’re nagging. Why won’t we nag? They don’t listen to details. – Exactly. – And they want you to follow
them in everything they do. – Exactly. – The only way you gonna let them come into your conversation
and roll with you, is if you treat them like a child. – ‘Cause, they’re children. That’s all they are. That’s all they are. You know what? I gotta go. – Alright girl, you look good. – I’ll see you some other time. – Take care. – I have so much business to attend to. I’ll see y’all later. – Alright see you later. – Alright common, so who’s next? Hi Tamika. – Hey Jada. – [Jada] You’re here early. – I know, I finished up early for the day and I was in the area, so
I just figured I’d stop by. Please tell you have a spot for me? – [Jada] Girl you know you’re good. – All right, awesome. – My client canceled, so you’re fine. Have a seat. So how are you doing? – Okay. I just needed time to straighten
my hair out a little bit, you know. I feel good, I feel good
girl, I’m working hard. – Hey, how are you? – Hey girl, how are you? – It’s a good thing you are still here. I was hoping I’ll meet you. – [Woman] I’ve been here running my mouth. – What’s been going
on, what have I missed? – Nothing, nothing really just– – Shooting the breeze? – I hope I can fix my hair
today ’cause you know. – I sure will. – I was waiting for you to get here. I’m so glad you’re here girl. The traffic was crazy! – I know, oh my goodness. Has anyone heard from Rachael? – [Woman] Rachael? – Yeah. – [Woman] Which Rachael? – [Woman] Rachael. – Rachael, Rachael your
friend, church member. You know, your friend. She always used to come and do her hair here every two weeks. That Rachael. – Lola, where do I start from? – [Woman] Start from somewhere. – Okay, so, you know Mike her husband? The one who practically worships the ground that she walks on? Who would not mind working
24 hours to get her whatever? He lost his job. – [Jada] What? When? – [Woman] How long has it been? – [Woman] It’s been about 8 months now. – Eight months? – Eight months of wretchedness. – [Jada] Oh, my goodness. – Rachael has been from one
crusade to another church trying to figure out
what’s wrong with her boo, and things have just been
getting worse for them. – Man, poor child. So, what is Mike doing right now? – I heard he now drives a cab. I mean who would have thought,
Rachael, it’s so shameful. The Cinderella story of our time? Boujee Rachael. I mean big house living, designer clothes wearing, never missed a vacation “Driving the latest car” Rachael? Now walks around, no pep in her step now. She walks around like the whole
world is on her shoulders. And her kids, those poor kids. They pulled them from Private
School, they’ve gone public. And you know that’s bad
when you’ve gone public. – Poor child. – I mean all the luxurious cars they had, they sold everything. Even the house they live in. They don’t live in that
nice sub-division anymore. Now, they live in the ghetto. Imagine, I don’t even want
to talk about the basement. I mean, it’s ridiculous. – [Hairdresser] He foreclosed
the house or something? – No, I heard from the grapevine that Mike sold the house and
the money he got from it, he got duped! Some fraudsters took the money from him. – [Hairdresser] What! Did he foreclose it or something? – No, Mike couldn’t even afford to pay the mortgage anymore– – Girl, girl, girl,
wait, hold on a second, don’t quote me now but with the way Rachael’s been looking nowadays, I think she’s been
shopping the thrift stores. Even the flea markets. You won’t believe it. I mean, life is so unfair, and that’s why I always say women should work to always
keep up the financial standards. You know that’s what I preach. – [Jada] She better do
something with her life now. – I have heard from the grapevine that she now has a restaurant downtown. Grace, we should visit there. – [Grace] You know I’m down girl. – Yes. – I know that’s right. She told me she likes to cook. She cooked some Fufu and
Jollof rice for me one time. You know I don’t know how she learned how to cook all that African food. – What else would she do with herself? She studied Food Science in College and she has a lifetime of
experience in Mike’s kitchen. – [Grace] You ain’t telling no lie girl, you ain’t telling no lie. – I’m sorry to barge into
your conversation ladies, but this Rachael you are talking about, she’s your friend, right? – [Lola] Not really our
friend but we know her. – Well, I may not know her, but I can definitely relate
to what she’s going through. I actually went through a
similar situation myself. And I can feel her pains. You know, I used to be so
dependent on my family’s income and I was really involved in the business. But one day, something
unexpected happened to my family, and all that money, all that
wealth that we had disappeared. I can sit here and tell you
guys everything that happened but it’s a really long story. All I’m trying to say is sometimes life takes us down a path that we’re not too happy about. You know things are not
turning up as expected or things are not going according to plan, but if we submit to God’s will and we love Him, you know, deeply from the bottom of our hearts He is able to lead us down
that path of happiness. Down that path of fulfillment, success. You know, do me a favor Jada,
next time you see Rachael give her this book for me. – I will, I will. – I think it would really help her. – All right, thank you. – You’re welcome. Thank you for fixing up my hair girl. Alrighty. – I’m stuffed. – Scoot over girl, let me get in here. Scoot over. – Sure! – Ooh child! I’m so glad to have this
restaurant but it is a lot of work and I just have to take me a little break. – I can imagine. – [Rachael] Scoot over
girl, so how was the food? – It was really good, the food was good. Rachael, I gotta say, I just praise you. You know for this. From going from a nobody
needs to tell me twice, to know what it feels like. You know, for you to go
from a full housewife to a working wife. It must be tough. I applaud you. – Yes, this is what society
expects of us women. To be working. Not to let our boyfriends, our husbands, or even sugar daddies tell us how to handle our business. – Absolutely. Even me, through my
three marriages Rachael. I mean I worked. Not because of material
things, not because of money, but because I wanted to be me. Because I wanted to do me. – [Grace] I hear that girl. – You know, so… Girl you’re doing good. You’re doing really good. It’s just it is what it is. – You are so right. Rachael, honey! That ring is blinging, is it new? – Mike gave me this ring years ago so, I went ahead to clean it up. So, these diamonds that
he had put on it specially will just sparkle like they should. So isn’t it beautiful? – [Grace] It is Rachael. – My baby gave me that. – Sweetheart, it’s so nice
that you are fortunate to get a husband like Mike that
got you anything you wanted, but the sea of change has
blown you to the real world. And now that you are a
working woman like us, you need to stop spending
money on things you don’t need. Like going to clean that ring and save up a little bit. You know, help your husband out. Help out the household, that’s
what you are trying to do. – Excuse me. When those winds of change
were blowing around, neither one of you called. I don’t remember getting any call about how I was doing
and if I needed anything. So, thank you so much for coming. I will send somebody around
here so you can pay your bill. And I hope you come back ladies, bye bye. (ladies speaking foreign language) – Girl, pay that and
let’s get out of here. – What! No! That is so disrespectful. – Hurry up girl! – [Waitress] Thank you, ladies, – Girl, let’s get out of here. Let’s get out! – You know we should tip. – [Woman] Tip? – On her book? – That belongs in the trash
let’s go, no tip, let’s go now! – No, no, no she deserves a tip. – What! – She deserves a tip. – [Grace] No, no, no. – I’ma tip her. I’ma tip her. I’ma tip her. Here is what she deserves okay. – Yeah, hopefully she
can buy herself a clue. Talking to me like that. I took time out of my day. – Good to see you Don. – How are you sir? – I’m good, I’m quite good. I know every time you come
around, it’s good business. – So talk. – Have your seat sir. We’ve been doing business
for quite some time now. Over 10 years, no mishaps, nothing. But except for this one Don. The load that was supposed
to be coming from Africa had a mishap. There was a delay in the flight and the man bringing
the stuff from Africa, the stuff got punctured in
his belly so, we lost it. I’m not lying to you Don. Everything in his belly, we lost it. – Mm, tragic! – [Ben] No story. – Tragic. – [Ben] We lost that. I’m sorry. – Well, it’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that I don’t care. You know we put a lot of money into this. You know what? Three days from now I’ll come back here,
you’re gonna have the stuff or you’re gonna have the money. You got it? – But three days is not enough Don. I’m thinking I’ll need some more days. And if that is not cool with you, I can bring up some of the money so, I can pay up when I
have the rest of the money. – It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s all right. – And I promise to pay the
balance if you give me some time. – I’ll take this, but you got three days. You bring me the rest of the money or you bring me the stuff. Three days. – But Don Paulo, I wish
I can get some more days to come up with the balance. – If you won’t come up
with these in three days you’re gonna wish Hotel
Rwanda was the Four Seasons. – [Ben] Hey Mike, good to see you. How are you? Common man, my brother man. – How are you doing? – Why the looks, come on. Sit down. So, what brings you here today? Sit down Mike, sit down. Man, sit. – Wait, wait, wait, who are those people? – My business partners of course. – So, what are they doing here? – They are trying to buy my estate. – What? – Sit down. – [Mike] They wanna buy your estate? What happened to you? – Mike, I want to sell my estate. – Ben. – [Ben] Yes. – What happened to you? Talk to me. – The crash in the Mortgage
industry affected me so bad. And I need to sell my estate, so I can have some money to pay my debts. Banks are on me. – Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben! How many times am I gonna tell you this? You are still human. I mean, why didn’t you say something out, all this while you could
have said something out. – [Ben] I know. – A tree can never make a forest. Even though you have all
the wealth in this world, somebody is out there
to lift your hand up! Your family members, your friends, those who are well-to-do like you. If you said something to
them, they will help you. So, what are we going to do now? – That brings me to bringing
a proposal before you. – What? – [Ben] Yes. – A business proposal? – Yes Mike. – The proposal will be, you’re gonna buy my estate. Once you buy my estate at the close of the deal,
we’re gonna make some profit. Huge profit. Once we make the profit,
we split the money. It’s gonna be a win-win situation. Right? And in three months’ time, I wanna come, buy this estate from you again, at the close of the deal,
we’re gonna make some profit. And we split the money. What do you think? A good proposal, right? – I don’t even know what
question to ask you. – Don’t worry about that. We’ll take care of that. I have experts in my office, that will be able to answer
whatever questions you have. Why don’t we meet in my office tomorrow, so we can take care of the
million questions you have. – [Male] Hi Mike, what’s going on? You’re good? – [Mike] Yes. – [Male] Come on in,
you’re in the right place. – How are you doing?
– Hello. – Fellas, Mike is my childhood friend and he’s been tested and trusted. And he has fears and
anxiety of buying my estate. – Okay, thanks for the news update. How are you all doing? – [Male] We’re doing good. How are you? – [Mike] I’m fine. – [Ben] So please remember
that whatever we discuss here stays here guys. Okay? – No problem. We know it. So, Mr. Mike, we understand
that you would like to purchase a property in the highbrow
of Connecticut Avenue. – Yes. – [Male] Now a property in that area runs over two million dollars. – I know. – And you don’t have sufficient funds to purchase the property. – That’s what I was told. – Let me get this. Mr. Mike, how are you doing? My name is Keith. – Nice to meet you
Keith, how are you doing? – I’m excellent, thank you. So how much are you
currently making right now? – I make $115 per hour. – Okay, okay. So, don’t you think we
should look for a second job with a salary of up to $150,000 per annum to help you with the desired
loans for the dream estate? – $150,000 per annum? – Yes, it will help you for the loan that you need to buy this dream estate. – I am interested in that! What company is that? – It’s actually one of our sub-contractors that we award cases like
this to, to help our clients get the desired loan amounts. And we also have our
built-in terms of service so there are no worries
with the secret agency. – Okay so would you tell me
what are the terms of service? – You don’t need to know
that information Mr. Mike. You see our clients don’t
actually really work for our sub-contractors. – They don’t really work for them? – [Keith] No, they don’t
really work for them. – [Mike] And they are on their payroll? – You’re making this hard
for me to explain Mr. Mike. – No please, I need to
understand what is going on. (woman clears throat) Right? – Don’t worry guys, I got this. Mr. Mike, now we’re doing
this to help our clients get the loan that they need. Now, all we need from you
(ominous music) is to fill out the I-9 form. It’s the Employment Eligibility
Verification PDF Form. We provide it for you? – I understand what you are saying. But this is more than
filling out I-9 form. We know the IRS, they require the employer to fill out the salary
information of their employees on W2 during their tax return. And how are you going to cover your backs when the government finds
out that your employees working for your sub-contractors, they’re no-show and they are getting paid? – [Keith] It’s an easy
thing to do Mr. Mike. All your information
will be on your record, including your tax income withholdings! – I have to go back to work. – [Ben] We’ve got you covered Mike. We got you covered!
– You! – [Mike] I smell your rat. – [Keith] Mr. Mike! – What have you just done Keith? That was too much information! Ah! – I was thinking the same thing too. Keith, what is wrong with you? You just kept talking,
and talking, and talking! – I messed up! I talk too much! – Common y’all, we’re supposed
to be working as a team. But Keith, I hope you didn’t
mess it up for all of us. – Fill out the I-9, you can
be one of our sub-contractors. Gah-gah, gah-gah, blah, blah, blah! – Please Mike I need your
help, I need your help! I need your help! This estate is the background
of my financial structure. Please, please, I beg of you, I need your help. – It’s okay man, it’s okay. – I need the money, I need
the money for down payment, I need the money. – Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben,
listen, listen, listen, listen to me. I can’t talk if you are still crying. Listen to me, hear me out. I have one million dollars
in my account, right. But what has one million dollars got to do with your property? It can’t buy it. – I need at least $400,000. That will help us secure
a loan from the lender. If only you can help me Mike. – [Mike] $400,000 to secure the loan? – Yes, yes. – I will borrow you the
$400,000, that’s fine. – [Ben] I mean it straight
from my heart, I’ll pay back. – I believe you.
(Ben sobbing) Alright, that’s fine. It’s okay, stop. – [Ben] Wow, I can’t wait
man for the dinner man! Oh, my goodness, I need some red wine. Pull over Mike, this is
where we are actually coming. – [Mike] Here? – [Ben] Yeah! – [Mike] Jesus Christ! – [Ben] I will, I will. – [Mike] I’m getting scared here. – You can actually call the restaurant and put the reservation
for the dinner, okay? I’ll be back. – [Mike] Okay. Oh Lord, I can’t imagine
staying here all by myself. I gotta turn off the
engine and follow him. – What you got? – Don Paulo, I have your balance. – Let me see it. Bye bye. You got lucky. – [Mike] Ben! – Identify yourself.
(Mike grunting) – A-Shake-Some-fun? A-Shake-Some-fun? Please pardon me if I’m
mispronouncing your name but, A-Shake-Some-fun? Excuse me, do you mean A-Shake-Some-fun or (speaks too fast)? – Oh, I’m so sorry, please pardon me. Please come with me. – Okay. – Identify yourself. – You had a sharp blow to your
head, which we call amnesia, which is a temporary loss of memory. You’re fine. Go live your life. Go enjoy yourself. ♪ Yay ♪ ♪ This actually type that you got ♪ ♪ On me ♪ ♪ Don’t know what to do ♪ ♪ But I gotta get rid of you ♪ ♪ I loved you ♪ ♪ But now it’s time to go ♪ ♪ Lately I ♪ ♪ I been sitting at home thinking ♪ ♪ About getting a bottle on ♪ ♪ To the head and drinking it ♪ ♪ I’m trying to drown my pain ♪ ♪ In a pool of liquor ♪ ♪ Wish someone could suggest ♪ ♪ Another way to deal with this stress ♪ ♪ Every night that I get
on my knees to pray ♪ ♪ And ask the Lord above ♪ ♪ To send an angel my way ♪ – Excuse me sir. Are we actually making profit on closing this deal? ♪ For my love to last ♪ ♪ I loved you ♪ ♪ But now it’s time to go ♪ ♪ Lately I ♪ ♪ I’ve been sitting at home thinking ♪ ♪ About getting a bottle ♪ ♪ And taking it to the head ♪ ♪ And drinking it ♪ ♪ I’m trying to drown my pain ♪ ♪ In a pool of liquor and ♪ ♪ I wish someone could suggest ♪ ♪ Another way to deal with this pain ♪ ♪ I can’t ♪ ♪ Love you anymore ♪ ♪ Loving you ♪ ♪ Got me running to the
corner liquor store ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ I’m buying gin ♪ ♪ Buying Absolut ♪ ♪ Buying cantina morning ♪ ♪ All the gin and juice ♪ ♪ My love is worth much more ♪ ♪ Than you’re dragging across the floor ♪ ♪ I loved you ♪ ♪ But now it’s time to go ♪ ♪ Lately I ♪ ♪ I’ve been sitting at home thinking ♪ ♪ About getting a bottle
and taking it to the head ♪ ♪ And drinking it ♪ ♪ I’m trying to drown my pain ♪ ♪ In a pool of liquor ♪ ♪ Someone could suggest ♪ ♪ Another way to deal with this pain ♪ ♪ And lately I ♪ ♪ Been sitting at home thinking ♪ ♪ About getting a bottle ♪ ♪ And taking it to the head ♪ ♪ And drinking it ♪ ♪ I’m trying ♪ – Thank you so much for coming by. I just am so concerned about Mike. The other evening I had to go and get him. He was drunk, he was in the street and I couldn’t believe it. I had to rescue him. – Mike? – Yes. He was disheveled. I mean, in the street, literally. And I’m just concerned about it and I just don’t know Brother
Ronald, what’s gonna happen. – I’m here. – Hi Mike. – [Mike] Brother Ronald. What’s going on? Why are you talking about me? – Hey, listen, we need to talk. We really– – I’m not talking about
you, I’m not saying nothing. You already told him everything. – Yes. – You’re a snitch. – It’s okay that I would
snitch because I’m your wife. Mike, I’m concerned about you. You just haven’t been yourself. I had to go get you out of the street the other night, drunk and you know. I don’t know what to do. I’m just concerned. – I’m really disappointed in you! – [Rachael] I’m your wife,
I’m concerned about you! – You’re concerned about scary cats. I’m fine. I’m taking care of myself out there. I don’t have time to sit down and talk. – Well guess what? You walk out, you don’t
get yourself together, consider your family and myself that we might not be here for you. Because I’m not gonna
put up with this Mike until you make a change, and make it soon. – I’m warning you, stop
talking about this. I’m not cool with it. – Do I get to be like your mother – I said I don’t wanna hear
– And do without my husband? – [Mike] nothing more about this. You don’t stop talking
about this, I’ll stop you. – Are you gonna keep my mouth shut for me like your dad kept your mum’s mouth shut? – You talk about my mother? Rachael, you talk about my mother! – Yeah. – Mike, I was told that you beat your wife. Is that true or not? Where did you see that bad behavior? – Eh, you’re beating your wife? – Tell me what is your problem? I was so disappointed. You, beating your wife? – Why did you even have to beat her? – Is there any love in that? There’s no love in that. – That’s a no no no. Never you do that in your life! – What are you thinking? What’s wrong with you? You are in America, you cannot be beating
your wife just like that. You know you can go to jail for it? It’s just not fair. You don’t beat a woman. She’s like a mother to you. What did she do? Can you tell me or tell us? No, I don’t appreciate that. There’s nobody that can be like your wife. What about the children,
do you think about them? – I’m sorry. – You think about your children? – Ah, Mike I can’t believe what you did. It’s really, really wrong. You beating your wife? In America? You think you are in the village where they beat your wives
over there, nothing happens? You do that here, you are going to jail. You do that here, you are
losing everything you have. Let me tell you, this is America. America is totally different. Our great grandfathers can be doing that and get away with it,
but this is nowadays. Nowadays is different from that time. You need to be serious and think twice before you take action! Some actions will put you behind the bars. Some action will take you down. And if you have a record in this America, let me tell you now, you have a record? Ha ha! You can’t get a job. If they charge you in the court, felony, assault. That is what we call assault. If you have assault charges,
you can’t get a job. Everywhere you go, they won’t hire you because you have a felony. – I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. – I’ve always wanted to go to Paris but ever since what happened, I’m really thinking twice now. – I can imagine. Wait, hold on. Does he work here? – You mean Mike? – [Woman] Yeah. – Mike Bello, yeah. Yeah he works here, he’s our IT guy. – Oh. Oh really? – Yeah, he’s a really nice guy. Hey Mike, somebody is
waiting for you outside. Yeah, so make it quick. – Mike, I am very, very
disappointed in you. Why on earth did you go tell your wife about your financial doom? Nobody does that Mike! Nobody! – Ben, she cried all night. I had no choice other than
to tell her everything. – So, what happened? If she cries, she cries! Women cry! – Okay, we’re talking about my wife here. – Yeah, so? – So even though she’s a woman,
I don’t want my wife to cry. Basic! And you know what Ben,
I don’t trust you again. Even though, you are my childhood friend, you asked me to help you. You borrowed $400,000 from
me, you never paid me back. I bought your property, you
never paid the mortgage. Now you are telling me that why would I tell my wife? Enough of it. We had an agreement that
you’re gonna make me a millionaire in one year. It’s over, I am going. Bye. – I am so, so disappointed once again. For all this crap you are saying. Mike, I made you who you are. It looks like you’ve forgotten! I made you a millionaire! – You made me a millionaire– – I put all my sweat on you to make you somebody! – You’re doing that because you
are turning the table around in your favor, you are a thief! – I’m not gonna to stand here, and listen to you talk to me like that! As a matter of fact, I want
you out of my house now! That’s the door. – You’re my friend you know that? – Get out of my house Mike! – Make me get out then. – Oh, you wanna dare me? – Make me get out. – You wanna dare me Mike? – Go ahead, do what you wanna do. – Wait for me; I’ll be back for you! – The bloody criminal. You’re telling me to
get out of your house, when you are owing me. Pay up all you are owing me! – I can’t stand this man! – Glad that’s over. – Yeah, pretty long day. – What do you have planned
for the rest of the day? – I know I’m gonna get a
few beers, that’s for sure. – [Keith] I think I’ll do the same. – That’s the way this business is. Hey Mike. – Keith. – [Male] Everything alright? Good Oliver? – Yeah, how are you?
– Alright good to see you. – [Mike] So, have you seen
him yet, you know where he is? – [Oliver] Who? – Ben. – Ben? – [Mike] Yes. – No, you’re looking for him? – Yeah. – We’ve been looking for him too. – Yeah.
– For real? – [Mike] Do you know ever
since I signed those documents, I’ve been trying to reach
out to him, I called, I looked for him in his houses,
he’s nowhere to be found. – Really? – [Keith] He did the same thing to us. – He did the same thing to you? – [Keith] Ran out on the agreement. – Hold on one minute. I need help, I need help please. I closed this deal with Ben and I’ve been looking at something I’m not quite sure about. I don’t know if this is it? How much did we realize
from closing this deal? I think it’s somewhere here, I’m not sure. – $850,000! – What! $850,000? So, he actually made
$850,000 from the deal? – This guy. – And that lawless,
ferocious animal told me that he made $135,000! – That’s the same thing he did to us! – Same thing! – You know what, thank you
so much guys, thank you. – Hey, hey, hey, hey, what is the problem? – Ben has duped me. I have been to his houses,
he’s no more there. I have been to his offices,
they are all closed down. The guy is a crook! – Come. That’s what I’m saying because people just keep calling me, coming to my shop asking for Ben. Are you sure everything is okay? – He is a crook and his
phone is switched off! He has run away with
my family’s investment, that’s why I’m looking for him! – [Male] Wait, your family’s investment? – I’ll call you, I’ll
call you, I can’t wait! – [Male] You just have to
just take things easy okay? – I will. Thank you. – Hello Mike, I’ve got some news for you. – Okay. – Good news. – How are you doing ma’am? – How did you get here? – So, this is where you hide? – Yeah. (Mike speaks too low) – How did you get here?
– Ben – I didn’t know he will
take me to the court. – Mike, tell me what happened
and tell me the truth. No more lies. – Ben and I had a physical altercation. I seized his wallet and
I took some of his stuff. But that was a minor issue. I didn’t know he was going to the extent of taking me to the court. We can talk about this. – What did you eat? – The toilet is clogged dad. – What? – Yes. – Okay just cover it, we’ll
take care of it tomorrow. – You sure? – Just go and sleep. – Can’t nobody come and deal with this? How this thing even work? This is taking forever. Mike, can you fix the
toilet before you go? ‘Cause the waters everywhere. – Baby, I have a meeting to
attend with the association. – But this is an emergency Mike. – Well, this is about the lawsuit, so I have to deal with it now. I believe you don’t want me to go to jail. – Both the toilets Mike, is
not a little piece of cake. The whole house and you’re
gonna run out the door. – I’ll see you later honey. – You know what Mike. – We have to settle out of court, okay. And if we take our time to
settle it out of the court, I believe Ben (speaks too low). Or what do you think?
(phone ringing) – But can’t we invite Ben here? – Excuse me. Hello Rachael. – Mike. – Yeah. – I need you to come home,
we have an emergency. All the toilets are flooded, there’s water everywhere in the house. – Okay, I’m with the union. – What do you mean you can’t come home? – I have to be here because
it is very important at this time that I meet with the union. It’s about the court issue. – Hey, hey, hey, who is
that on phone with you? – Hold on, I’ll be home, hold on. – [President] Is that your wife? – That is Rachael. – Let your wife know that
you’re not going nowhere until this case is settled, okay? – You know what Rachael, listen, just listen to me okay. – Yes. – This is just a minor issue, it’s about the toilet
right, it’s overflowing? You can do it. What if I’m not there? What if you’re a single
parent; God forbid,? Won’t you go ahead and fix
the problem by yourself? – Mike, I need you to come and fix this. – You are a strong woman, you
are dynamic, you can do it! I want you to do it, do it without me! – Okay Mike. – Don’t worry, I’ll come home soon. – I love you. – Bye. – Yeah. You can see. – [Plumber] Excuse me ma’am, this part right here is broken, so– – Can you fix it? – [Plumber] Oh yeah, why not? Yeah, we’re just going to get the part and see what we need. – [Rachael] Okay, ’cause
the whole house is a mess. Upstairs, downstairs,
everything is a mess. I’m glad you can fix it. – [Plumber] Yes, we’re gonna fix it, yeah. – Okay, thank you. – [Plumber] Okay. (speaking foreign language) Yeah, the main pipe is switched. So we’re gonna– – It’s blocked up? – Yeah, its blocked up,
so we’re gonna go see if– – Okay, it’s in the
basement, I’ll show you. – Okay. – Let’s go downstairs to the
basement and see if we can… Why did he lock this door? Do you have any tools, you think you can? – Yeah. Let me see. – [Rachael] Ah, great, okay so let’s go. – [Plumber] Okay. – Okay, so down here…. Oh, my goodness, another leak? Another leak. (all chattering) The pipe is over here. – Yeah, this is the problem right here. The main switch. – I don’t know. So, let’s see. – I think it’s right here. – [Rachael] That’s it? – [Plumber] Yeah, that’s
the main switch, yeah. – So, everything is blocked? – Okay. So, let’s go check over there. – Oh okay, so another
thing that’s blocked. – [Plumber] Yeah, this is gonna
be the problem right here. – So you think you can fix it? – Yeah. – Okay, go ahead and fix it and
make it flush, flush, flush. And I’m gonna go upstairs
and clean up, okay? Thank you. Okay, no problem.
– Thank you so much. ♪ Praises ♪ ♪ Praises unto you ♪ ♪ I will sing praises ♪ – [Mike] Wow. ♪ Praises unto you ♪ ♪ I will sing praises ♪ Honey, you’ll never guess
what happened today! Oh my goodness! ♪ Praises unto you ♪ Listen to me.
– How was your day? – [Mike] My day was good. – Great! – How was yours? – Oh, my goodness, Mike, I can’t wait to tell you what happened, but first, let’s go flush the toilet. – [Mike] You are so much
in high spirit today. What’s going on? – [Rachael] Let me show you,
I won’t leave you hanging. Come flush the toilet. Let me show you this first. Oh, my goodness, I’m so
excited, you need to see this! Flush the toilet, flush the toilet. (toilet flushing)
(Rachael cheering) – [Mike] Oh, you did it! – [Rachael] Yes! I am woman! And every woman is me! – I knew you could do that! – Mike, I’m every woman
and every woman is me. – I’m so proud of you.
– You believe it? – [Mike] Yeah! – Oh my gosh. – You know what? I knew you could do it. I mean, I should have done that. I told you before, that
was a just piece of cake, I could have done it. But I just tested you,
I wanted you to do it. I gave you a chance to do it. I gave you the chance to do it. Just to prove your worth that
you are the virtuous woman the Bible talks about. – I called the gentlemen they came. – Well the end result
is you fixed the toilet. – Right, and I had to call
some guys to come over and fix it and fix the basement, and unclog the toilets and the pipes. And they were so good, and so– – Wait, wait, wait, wait. – What’s the matter honey?
– They did what? – [Rachael] They had to
go around the basement, unclog the pipes and stuff. The door was stuck, they had to move the door off the hinges, but they went down there
and what’s the matter? – Rachael, what did you do to my door? – [Rachael] Nothing. – Nothing? – [Rachael] I mean Mike, I know
nobody goes to the basement except you.
– Wait, don’t move. Just stay there. – [Mike] Ow! – Mike, be careful. Once they got down there and
figured out what’s going on, and cleared it out and
everything’s perfect. The problem’s fixed, they were so good! – Ah Rachael! Rachael why? Ben, Ben! Rachael! They’ve killed me. This is the end of it,
this is just the end of it. This is just the end of it. – Mike are you okay? – [Mike] This is the end of it. – Mike, once they got down there, they cleared everything
out, it was perfect. What happened? What’s that matter with you? Are you okay? – I need to use the
bathroom, the bathroom. – Well good thing is it’s
not clogged up anymore. Mike, is everything okay? – Lord, please bring my money back. I promise I will pay my tithe. God please, let this be a dream. God let this be a dream. God let this be a dream. I promise I will pay my tithes. Bring my money back. Bring my money back. (Mike speaks too low) – Mike are you okay? – [Mike] Yes, I am. – Well make sure you flush the toilet, I don’t want it clogged up again. – [Mike] I am flushing it. – Flush it real good. You don’t wanna clog it up anymore. We don’t want it backed up again. Oh my God, what’s wrong with you? Look at you. You’re sweating, you okay? Mike, you sure you’re all right? – Rachael, you don’t
have to worry about me. I don’t exist in your life. I will never bother you again. This is the end of it. – Mike, I don’t appreciate this. I try to fix the house
like you asked me to do, you said you left it for me to fix, that I was virtuous woman and
this is how you talk to me? I don’t need all this, I’m
going upstairs to relax, it’s been a long day, I need that. My God, Mike! Oh my God, Mike! – There’s something I
have to tell you guys but I can’t tell you in church. You know how people are. Let’s go to the back and talk in private. Girls hurry up, this is huge. I’ve got stuffs to tell
you, come on girls. Now everything the pastor
said about being submissive to their husbands and all that is good, but you need to play it smart
and know when to apply it. And that’s what we’ve
been trying to tell her but she just won’t listen. Just wouldn’t. – Look, what the pastor
is saying about submission is not his will and it’s
not our will as women, but it is what the Lord requires. Because, the Lord requires
that we do unto the Lord, not unto men. We are to work unto the
Lord with our whole heart, because it is in Christ Jesus, that is the one that we serve. – Good luck Sister Mareen. Those who don’t have husbands don’t have problem with submission. And talking about men, I personally would advise
that nobody invests more into a relationship
than they’re willing to lose. Especially with men who are
very secretive about finances, having money communication problems. – Look, money communication
skills shouldn’t be difficult if you have a
mutual agreement as a couple. For example, in my marriage, my husband and I share
one financial decision and we share our financial
resources together as one in our union. – That’s what Mike and Rachael were doing until she found out that he
had stashed a lot of money in their basement, I’m talking $700,000. – What!
– Shh! – [Woman] Oh, sorry. – Why do you think the pastor
was all up in church today asking us to pray for
them during the service? He’s not gonna tell us what’s going on, but I have my sources. I know, you didn’t hear it from me. But that $700,000 that he stashed away, in one day some workers that
came to the house, took it off. Everything. – Wow – Communication. – That is so unfortunate. $700,000?
– Shh! – [Woman] I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Look, alright, one thing I do
know that in the word of God it states that the husband
is to love his wife as Christ loves the church. And we as wives are to serve
our husbands as Christ served. Now, I know for a fact, that in order for a
marriage to be successful you have to have the foundation, of the word of God, and the Rock. It must stand on the Rock
in order to be successful. – Please forget it. This marriage, it has hit the rock. – No, girl, it didn’t hit the
rock, it fell off the rock. – Please please, we need to pray for them. It can be anyone of us, let us pray. Come on.
– Pray? – [Woman] Forget it. Look, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing wrong
with prayers, all right. I believe in prayers but
only when there’s hope. and with what is going on here, there’s no hope for this marriage. Lola let’s get out of here. – The jury has spoken. And to be quite frank, I agree with them. There was more than sufficient evidence presented by the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have violated Section 3-202 of the Maryland penal code. You are guilty of assault
with a deadly weapon. Sir, your actions were childish, reckless, and malicious. You beat a man within inches
of his life, over money. Over a property dispute. I cannot understand what
would have possessed you to hit a man, to hurt a man to the point that he
will be put into a coma. How could you have so
little value for life? Fighting over property, and now you are going to be
the property of the state. You have 10 years to
think about this decision. (Mike sobbing) Senselessness. Sir, you will always reap what you sow. If you sow evil, you will reap evil. If you sow good you will reap good. You always have a choice,
punishment or reward. You always have a choice, and today you’re getting punishment. And I pray you gain some wisdom from this, otherwise you have a lot more
punishment coming your way. Take him away. – [Mike] So, this is it? Is this all I got for following
my best friend’s advice? Ben, you did not wait for
me to complete my jail time before your business partners conspired to snuff the life out of you. All the wealth in this
world cannot compare to the worth of your soul.
(gun firing) And you left this world
taking nothing with you. I made a mess of my life,
but it’s not your fault. I should have taken a
responsibility to choose godly advice from Brother Ronald. But now my greed for wealth
has changed my identity and it has also brought
sadness to my family. Rachael’s father and sister visited her from Louisiana one day. They advised her to
divorce me or else, hm. From that point on, Rachael
became mentally unstable. She suffered a severe
emotional disturbance, she never recovered from
it until she passed. Life frustrations made my
children exhibit rowdy behavior at home and also in school.
(kids yelling) We all know that the love of
money is the root of all evil. So tell me, what is it
you are trying to grow? Whatever it is, remember this, only true blessings come from the Lord.

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