Praise the Return of the Lord | Musical Drama “Every Nation Worships Almighty God” (English Dubbed)

I did! Of course! Secrets? Kingdom! Where is the kingdom? That’s wonderful! The new age! It’s wonderful! We can enter into the new age! So, in other words, God has returned! Has He really? Yes. Oh, it’s so great. That isn’t it. He hasn’t returned. He hasn’t? The incarnation talked of here is the Lord Jesus Christ! Right, it’s the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ … Honestly, you’re confused. How so? It was clearly stated this is the second instance
of God becoming flesh. How could you not understand that? Exactly. We just heard it. This time God does His work not in a spiritual body. It is a very ordinary one! Oh! So that’s how it is! That’s right. Yes. Hey, brother. Let’s listen. Hey, hold on, hold on. Isn’t He just of ordinary flesh? How can one say He’s God? This is beyond belief! Right? Wouldn’t you all agree? Don’t you guys agree? Am I right?
(Easy. What’s your rush?) Let her finish, won’t you? Yes, let her finish. Brother, just settle down and listen, alright? That is wonderful. (I know.) God always cares and shows mercy to us all. If that’s really so, we’re truly blessed. How are they blessed? The care … Goodness. What a happy thing! And so, His every word
would seem to shake the heavens and earth, further, if you see His eyes, they’re blazing flames. And what’s more— Hey, that isn’t right. It’s not? Not quite. You misspoke. Really? What she sang was What was that? Say it again! Well. Say it again. The words He speaks! Were you just saying “the words He speaks”? Yes, I was. What’s wrong? The words He says seem to shake the heavens and earth. She sang “you cannot hear the words.” Oh, about that— Easy there, let’s discuss this. Are His words referring to God’s? God’s words? Then where are they? What has God said? And how’d we not know? Please don’t get upset, brother. God’s words are a big deal! Not a small one! True. God should have let us know. Why would He let others know that first? It’s unfair. Isn’t that favoritism? Brother, please don’t fret. Just listen closely. There are so many details. Your unease won’t solve anything. Please relax. Let her explain. It’s just … I mean … Because, well, it’s a big deal. And we’re in the dark. There’s no rush. Listen carefully. Please, go ahead. Well, if you want to know God’s words, His work, then all you need to do is … God’s returned to flesh, right? Correct! And what of it? Goodness. Put that way, it’s a little scary. It would seem He’s quite significant to us.
(You’re right. Yeah.) Yes, stated that way, it is frightening. Still, the Lord Jesus Christ has forgiven our sins. Things like that, they won’t befall any of us. Exactly. Those like us will not ever have to suffer
through either famine or plague. Too true. Also, we won’t be destroyed, either
and condemned in hell. Exactly. Yes. See, the Lord Jesus has already saved us all. How can they say that? It’s odd. Brothers, we understand how you feel. Come. Please sit down. There’s still more for us to talk about. (Yes.) Right. Have a seat. Sit for now. Let them talk. Come. Go on and sit. Just sit down. Okay. This ordinary person could really be God become flesh. Couldn’t He? What do you think? I think so, too! We should look deeper. So you’re saying … What concerns me is God’s words they were talking about. Right, God’s words. (Do you know anything about it?) God’s words, where are they? Where? They talk and talk yet they still haven’t told us. Right, there’s no answer. That is an issue, isn’t it? We weren’t told, they don’t tell the answer. Hey, then we should think of one, seek one out! Yes, that’s right. (Yes, we should find one.) Right, let’s just search. Hold on. Let’s check the Bible. We can search in there. Oh! That’s right! Good idea! We can find the answer in the Bible! Yes, that’s true! Right. Let’s check it. Yeah, come on! Great idea. Wait. Which Book? The Book of Isaiah, of course. Yes, right! Yes, we can find it there. Here—look here. There’s no answer in the Book of Isaiah! No. It’s not there! No. How could it not be? Oh, let’s check Jeremiah! Right! Let’s check there. Look over there. Not there, either. This is odd. Which Book has it? Step aside. Allow me. I know where it is. Where is it? Obviously, the Book of Ezekiel! What? Yeah. Let’s check Ezekiel! Goodness! Oh, that scared me. Honestly, we’ve looked so long and still nothing! I’m exhausted. Wait. Why haven’t you checked Revelation? What? How could you have forgotten that one? That’s right! I’m done looking! No more. I’m worn out. It’s not there! It’s still nothing. I’ve looked for so long and still nothing! No sign at all of God’s words they talked of. The words of God … You’ve found God’s words? You found it? Where are they? Where are they? So you haven’t found it. Where are they? God’s words, where could they be? What the Lord Jesus said would all be God’s words, no? He’s not wrong, but … Why look further? Right! And the words Jehovah spoke are God’s words as well. Yes! That’s right! Those aren’t the same. It’s hard to tell. (Yes, it is.) You’ll still look? Wait, wait. That was too far. That’s right. But the Lord Jesus never told us mankind’s destination. Very true. He hasn’t told us the secrets
that man is unable to tell us about. Yes, that’s correct. Jehovah God hasn’t told us the inscrutable truths,
at least not yet. Right. Yes, He sure hasn’t. Let’s go! What are they doing? Hey, where are they going? Who can tell us then? Who’s going to tell us? Who’d be able to? I think … Other than God, there’s no one else
who can tell us these things. Yes, he’s right. In other words, if there’s one source who can tell us these things, it’s just— one source— God! This is wonderful. Brothers and sisters! If you would, take a look! This is …? Let’s go see. Let’s go see that book. Just look. The Word Appears in the Flesh? What book is this? Why is it so thick? Come on and open it. Let’s just read it. Come on! Let’s open it. Wow! Table of Contents. God’s Utterances. God’s utterances? This is an interesting phrase! What book is this? I don’t know. Isn’t this a book about God’s utterances? We should just hurry up and read it.
(Let’s read further below.) Look. (Words of the Holy Spirit to churches?) Wow! So many! Oh, let me see. In Your Faith in God You Should Obey God The entire universe … Let me see. What does that mean? What does it mean? There are many more. Heaven and earth? Oh, what else is in this? This is great. Hey, look here. Brother, are you okay? I’m fine, I’m fine. Careful there. Go on reading. Eternal life! Oh, take it easy. Calm down. Easy. The Day of Wrath … What judgment? Judgment? Oh, what else is there? Yes, let’s see. Destination! Settle down. Take it easy. A great thing. I found it! I found it! What did you find? It’s God’s words! They’re right here! Where? Over here. Let me see. Hey brothers, look with us. Let me see. Let’s see. I can’t see it. What’s that? The fury of God? Let’s look into it more. Read on. Looking for something? All mankind … Concern and care. Concern and care. It’s not here! It is, though! Oh, let me see. I want a look. Come, brother, keep looking. Still nothing here. Come on, look more carefully. A change? Let me see. Undergo a change? A change? In famine and plagues? Have a look.
It seems to be something in Revelation. Right! I’ll look again. Brother, the tone of these words is harsh. Yes, it is. These words have the tone of the Lord Jesus’. They do. I think I’ve seen such words
in the Four Gospels of the New Testament. It sounds like God’s words! Right? We’ve still got nothing! You should try to be more patient. The words aren’t here! Hey everyone, look at this. Oh, where? Look at what? Oh, let me see, let me see. Yeah, that’s it. Oh! Let me! Oh, my turn. Hey, what’s wrong? We have to read these words carefully. It’s wonderful. Brother, are you still anxious? He often is. True. Have you not found God’s words? I have. I have. Then are these words you see God’s words or not? Oh, I think they’re all His words. Yes, indeed. They really are. Is there now an answer in your heart? Yes. There is. If so, you’re at ease now? I should read more of this. Go ahead. Have you ever seen this book?
(Brother, I have a question about this.) I’ve heard of it somewhere. Oh. Really? Hey, is it possible that this book
came down from heaven? Grandpa, how is this book connected to the Bible? I don’t know. It’s old! Outdated! It’s all yellowed. What is it? The Bible! It’s old, outdated, and yellowed. So don’t read it. What should I read? Read God’s new words. God’s new words? Right. God’s new words. How can it be that easy? That’s right. God’s up there in heaven. And us? We’re on earth. When God speaks, we’re unable to hear Him. True. We can’t hear Him! But still Oh? Could it be— we’ll have to go up to heaven? Hey, we can’t go up there. But God can come to earth. God is Spirit! A Spirit! Even if God came down to earth,
we still couldn’t hear Him or His words. Right? (Yeah.) Come now. Sit down. Let us talk, please. That’s right, brothers.
Come on over here, and let’s talk about it. Sit. What you say is true. If God’s Spirit talked to us, we’d be unable to hear it. What if He were clothed in flesh and talked to us? Couldn’t we hear Him then? Wait, that’s right! You see? Then— why has God not become flesh yet? Why hasn’t He talked? We’re all— we’re all longing for that day and night, longing for that day to come! We sure are. We are all long for God’s return
for so many years. (Yes.) Come! Come! You should just look at this book. Come on now. Just carefully take a look. The Word Appears— From the title, The Word Appears in the Flesh, isn’t it clear enough? Just think, is its meaning not coming to you? Word in the Flesh. The Flesh? The Flesh. Then isn’t that a human being? Oh! I get it! Well, Appears! Really. Isn’t God appearing in the flesh
and uttering His words to us? Yes, that’s it! I see now. So you understand. That’s what the intention is. It sounds great. (Right.) That’s what the meaning is. That’s wonderful. Amazing. In other words, God has returned. This is a fact. We were all foolishly waiting. It turns out God returned long ago. That’s right! If He hadn’t, who would’ve been able
to express truths in here? That’s true. Yes. You should hurry up and read the words in this book! Come on and read it! That’s right. We believe in God, following the Lamb’s footsteps is what’s crucial! It is! Yes. True. Returned! The Lord’s really back! He is! That’s great. That’s wonderful. It’s wonderful. Let’s look some more. If this is what God expressed in the flesh,
is it everything? No. God is like a living spring! He is! Yeah. How can His words be expressed with these few? Expressed with these few? (There are so many.) This— this is a few words?! It’s not a few. Not to my eyes. The table of contents alone is 15 pages! That many! I know. Right? It’d take days to read! It’d take years to say! You could be right. This is a few? So much. It’s this thick! How many chapters are there? It’s more than the Bible! This many is a few? It isn’t. This book here beats the Bible in thickness! It’s way thicker. Way! The contents of this particular book is made up of only a portion of His expressions from when God becomes flesh! A portion? My goodness! This has fulfilled God’s words. Do you have a copy of The Word Appears in the Flesh? Oh, I haven’t gotten one yet. The Word Appears in the Flesh. I know. They lent me a copy of it last time. How far did you get? I only read a little. They really speak to our hearts. God’s incarnation is beyond man’s expectations. It is. Hey brother, share some more with us. All right. Everyone, listen up. Okay! Go ahead. Sure. We’ll say more. God appears to mankind and in the flesh. Once here, He talks face to face. Face to face? Isn’t this like seeing the Lord Jesus? It is. Yeah. And thus, ended the age of fumbling through vagueness. That’s wonderful to hear. Look at us, what faith did we have before? From now on, we can see God. If we have questions, we can ask Him directly. That’s true. She’s right. It’s been hard to grope around in our faith
all these years. It sure was. Each of us can listen to God’s words with our own ears and fully know His will for mankind. And also know— Yes, we’ll know His will for mankind. Additionally, at the same time we can know
what His requirements for mankind are. God has said all this? Yes, He has! Oh, that’s wonderful! God said all this? God has revealed His will to us. This is great! This wonderful time is ours! How could it belong to you? It’s God’s grace! It truly is God’s grace. Really, I never dreamed it! Of course not. It’s unimaginable! What an unexpected gift! He’s believed in the Lord most his life. (Yeah.) Living to see this is God’s salvation. We’re uplifted. It’s God’s grace. (Yeah, it is.) God hasn’t cast us aside. That’s right. God, He loves us so much! He’s come! It’s a joyous occasion! He has returned. We should all rejoice. Right, it’s a wonderful thing. Be happy! It’s a magnificent, joyous occasion. Everyone, calm down. Listen to me. Look, over there! The Word Appears in the Flesh. That book is so great. It is God in the flesh, He brings us the truth and the life! That’s right. In addition, it’s God in the flesh who points out to all the path to salvation. The path to salvation? That’s right. The path to salvation! That’s wonderful! Don’t we believe in the Lord to be saved? This ordinary one, this incarnate flesh of God has brought us, brought mankind, He has brought the path to salvation to all! Know what? So you’ve finally returned. Good job! Thank God for His love and mercy. Brother, you have received the Lord! God has always cared for every one of us! He has! God has heard them, all of our prayers! The Lord knows we all, each of us have longed for His arrival! At last, God has truly returned! That’s right! God truly has returned! So what— So what— So what are we still waiting for?! The kingdom has descended! The new age has started! God has returned! God has returned!


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