Pratibimbo – Drama Bangla Short Film

Mirror is my illusionary epic Whimsical tunes ride my fleeting desires, Why are words piercing me today,eliminating the anarchy The hidden doors are bounded, in transcending its boundaries lies my salvation (..Happy Birthday song) (Choking…) Who is it ? Nothing happened.It’s OK. Thanks Di Here, Drink some water. Do you remember Sushmita? In our childhood, we used to play Ludo together with our father and ate the puffed rice mixture prepared by Mother. You guys used to cheat a lot and I used to throw the ludo board The pieces would be strewn all over. Today I am recalling our childhood days, you know. Recalling a lot. You will soon be the man of someone’s else’s life . I still remember the college days , you know The time spent in canteen But all hopes and aspirations are over today But why , why this happened to me… why only me Oh please don’t act as if you don’t know anything… What are you saying? Sushmita. I am talking about Sushmita. And what happened that day? The way she was screaming, pleading , making a ruckus in front of everyone. It was very evident that she did not wants to get settled I was left with no other choice than leaving the scene I knew this was a bad sign. I knew this Everything is over between us. He had called me, you know? Do you know what he ask me to do ? To send you to the Orphanage But I didn’t listen to him I told him, you are my first priority You cannot live without me You are in every part of my life. but he didn’t want to listen and left everything and went away. You cried a lot, created a scene They left without saying anything my dreams,hopes ,desires, everything was shattered within one moment. The whole day whole day I cried in that room. Do you remember that day? Do you remember? That day when I returned from office I saw that you had defecated on the sheet all were dirty Whole night I washed everything With these hands I cleaned everything throughout the night Did I ever complain? did I ever complain… tell me Sushmita… tell me (Phone beeps…) Wow Sushmita , you are blushing, tell me what’s the matter No, Nothing I will tell you everything once it’s finalised and happens as anticipated They say right… we should not say things in advance Ok, if you are happy I am happy That’s what all matters to me. I have exploited you to build my concealed paradise My dreams are few , love is ordinary My mirror… is too stubborn it’s shadow is bounded I’have written with stolen language greed galore Thanks di, You know everything what I need.. what I likes… Do you know Di I always wanted to experience this one feeling Being a handicap get lot of the things with many difficulties But you were always there by my side during those difficult times and I am so grateful for that Today I want to gift you something that I worked so hard on Di… (Choking…) Ma Baba I have come a long way since then I am a best seller author now Publishers run behind me for my next piece of work But… what if they come to know the real person behind these words then ? You always wanted that I should be by her side I never left her alone I was always with her, all night and day I used to take care of all her needs from morning till evening I never allowed her to feel your absence I gave every part of my life to her I gave every moment of my life to her but there was something in her which she was hiding from me she never told me Not once she let me know about it. Why? Why did you do this? Why did you hide it from me? That …that writing … I never ignored you then… then why didn’t you let me know Why? Why Sushmita? Because of this book everything changed My life has changed I have sacrificed my life because of this book (Laughs…cries) Di.. How many Sun you see? There is only one…right? Nope..its Two can’t you see other one in that lake See…its just a reflection Just like you.. Perfect reflection of mine There is only one Sun… See… Up there It’s gleaming so brightly Look… Within each one of us… There is one angel and one devil.. Their voices are alike but the battle is won by the one… …who is stronger The devil encourages our solitary conversation and the angel… encourages our… …attitude’s reflection This is what we called…Life Always remember that Sushmita But Di… what if devil overcomes the angel and kills our reflection… Will the angel… ….will the angle be able to save us? With torn leaves I am trying to bind the tempest within Existence is challenged Pleading for it In this confusion arguments are still camouflaged Destination is unknown my salvation is uncertain


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