Pretty Li Hui Zhen 【漂亮的李慧珍】- Episode 01 [Eng] | Chinese Drama

Welcome subscriptions! ♫ Lonely, lively, or in an ordinary city. ♫ ♫ A gust of wind, a surge of rain, a familiar melody. ♫ ♫ Helpless, proud, or in a despicable corner. ♫ ♫ How many details, how many scenes, how many clear memories? ♫ ♫ Traveling free, no restraints, or devoting myself to missing you. ♫ ♫ When I meet you again, when we reunite again, when I can see your pretty self again. ♫ ♫ Eternal or ephemeral; the two sides to life. ♫ ♫ I want you to hear and see it all. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. ♫ ♫ I want your company in all the exciting moments. ♫ ♫ Brilliant or ordinary; it’s always a lingering question. ♫ ♫ Together, I want to try changing myself for you. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. ♫ ♫ I want to get used to the occasional sadness together with you. ♫ ♫ I want to fulfill my crazy wishes together with you. ♫ Pretty Li Hui Zhen – Episode 1 – Hello, welcome. These are free samples. Do you want to try them? If you have children, you can pick the milder one. It’s very nutritious. It contains all sorts of minerals. – Does it taste good?
– Huizhen, we are too busy. Come help! Okay! I’m sorry, but I have to go. If you need any assistance, call for our staff. Thank you for visiting our store! Thank you! I’m coming! – Hello?
– Li Huizhen! Why are you still not here? Are you coming? Babe, I-I’ll be right there. I’m working the night shift. I can only leave work at 10 p.m. I order you to come to my side immediately! Do you hear me? Qiao’er, what are you saying? I can’t hear you clearly. What did you say? I know! I’ll go find you right after work, okay? Be good, be good. Don’t drink too much. Happy birthday! Happy birthday. Happy birthday! – This is from you?
– Yes, do you like it? This cake is pretty, but I remember telling you all that I only eat the cake that one certain person gives to me, nobody else’s. In the future, don’t buy me cakes for my birthday. But seeing how pretty this cake is, everyone can split it. Don’t waste it. – Good!
– Good! Xia Qiao, I privately ordered this gift from France. It’s for you. Do you like it? Thank you. Qiao, look at mine. It’s a limited edition. And mine! I especially asked a designer to design this gift for you. Don’t compliment yourself. Let’s mix our gifts together and see which one Xia Qiao likes. That’s true capability. – No problem.
– Okay! Happy birthday. [Her] Today is my birthday. Everyone, drink to your heart’s content! Cheers! Excuse me. Was a very pretty girl with short hair having a birthday party here? They just left. They had a lot of fun. I don’t know where they went. Did… Did they already go home, or… Oh, my god! You… – I can’t believe somebody answered.
– Look! Look at the time! Look at your watch, okay? I’ll look. Currently, it’s 1 a.m… A little past 1 a.m. – Be careful.
– I don’t even want to scold you anymore. I called you so many times. Why did you only come now? Oh, my. You’re seriously… Where are the others? Didn’t you invite a bunch of people for your birthday? I told them to leave. Then, were you waiting for me? No. I was waiting for the cake. The cake is here. Look. I’ll show you the cake that I had custom-made. It has your favorite candy on top. Do you still have room in your stomach for my cake? In order to eat this cake, I just threw up all the food that I ate tonight. What are you doing? Will you eat here or somewhere else? I’ll hug it as I sleep. You can’t hug it and sleep. We need to go home. Let’s eat at home, okay? Get my cake. You can’t ruin the appearance. Wait a second, okay? Happy birthday to me! Xia Qiao, happy birthday! Qiao’er, happy birthday! Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to me. I’m tired from playing. Happy birthday, Qiao’er. Thank you, my dear Zhen’er. Make a wish. Done. Blow out the candles. I won’t blow them. You haven’t blown out the candles yet. How will you eat the cake? Open the door. I don’t have the keys. What’s wrong? Why are you suddenly unhappy? You haven’t even blown out the candles yet. Anyway, the wish that I make has never come true before. It’s the same whether or not I blow them out. My mom and Xia Qiao’s mom were once best friends. They got married on the same year, and gave birth to me and Xia Qiao on the same year. We were once neighbors, and grew up together like sisters. You can say that we’ve been friends since we were in the womb. Later, many things happened to my family and Xia Qiao’s family. Our lives became different than we had always imagined, but we became the closest sisters. I’m constantly unemployed, afraid to tell my family. Xia Qiao allowed me to live in her house, just like how we often lived together when we were little. I love this house and I love this dear sister. I hope that she can have more and more happiness and love. Good morning, beautiful day! Mrs. Wang! Healthily grow up! Spin, spin, spin… Qiao’er! The wolf is coming, Qiao’er! Qiao’er! Qiao’er! Qiao’er! The sun is out! The sun is gone again! Li Huizhen, I hate seeing you every morning. So? Do I look pretty? You look good in anything. Don’t you have an interview today? Why are you still washing the dishes? Stop washing; I’ll wash them. Go change your clothes. I’ll feel more at ease if I leave after washing the dishes. So? Do you have confidence in today’s interview? The more interviews, the less confident I feel, but what can I do? I really want to work overtime so much that my nose starts bleeding, but I don’t have a chance. If you’re my friend, you can’t give up. You must have confidence! Relax. If they don’t hire you, it’s because they don’t have good taste. But if they really don’t hire you, don’t worry. You still have me. I’ll raise you. Stop! Stop with your puppy eyes. I’m going to work. Oh, right. Hurry to my room and pick a suitable set of clothes, purse, and shoes. You must pay attention to your outer appearance in an interview like this. – Good luck!
– Good luck! Our Huizhen is the cutest! – Good luck!
– Good luck! Qiao’er! What’s wrong? W-What else are you worrying about? I’m not worried. I will bring out my best mode today! – Good luck!
– Good luck! – Bye-bye.
– Bye-bye! This? Why does it look different than when Qiao’er wears it? Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki This is my dream workplace. Good morning! Be careful. I’m sorry, but the elevator is full. It’s full. – Close the door.
– Are there stairs here? Turn right, walk straight forward, and take another turn. – Okay, thank you.
– Close the door. Quickly. Good luck! Number 689, Chen Fei. Number 690, Li Huizhen. Number 690, Li Huizhen. I’m coming! – Go inside.
– Thank you. It’s here. Hello, everyone. I am number 689, Chen Fei. I graduated from Shanghai International Studies University. I used to work at Booking. This is my resume. Number 690, Li Huizhen. Here! I’ve never heard of your school before. Is it a full-time school? Yes. University of Wenying an ordinary, third-tier private university. The teachers there are very friendly and amiable. Their teaching is also great. This level of education is enough for a trainee. You’re not young anymore, so why are you wanting to become a trainee? It’s because the requirements for normal employees are too high. You’re quite honest. Yes, that’s my biggest merit. All my previous bosses complimented me that I’m very honest and willing to work hard. Also, I’m very strong. But why did you switch jobs so frequently? You haven’t worked at any workplaces for over one year. This is actually because… It’s quite strange. I don’t know why, but whenever I work at a certain company, that company will go bankrupt soon after, so… if your company hired me, I will become this company’s longest-serving employee. Then, our magazine company will be under a lot of pressure. I wonder if we can handle you. Next up, everyone will answer one question. Look around at your fellow interviewees. Talk about their strengths and weaknesses. I’ll go. I’m sorry, I’m a little nervous. I’ll talk about number 689, who is sitting next to me. I think she is very articulate, coherent, and graceful. She is also pretty. Her weakness is… I don’t think she has any weaknesses. She’s very good. Interviewee number 690’s weakness is that she doesn’t have a responsible attitude. In our modern society, outer appearance is also a field of competition. Her hair and outfit don’t appear to be organized. I think this shows her irresponsibility. Because I highly value this interview, I wore clothes that show my personality. Actually, my good friend picked out many pretty clothes for me, but I think I should face you interviewers with my truest appearance. That’s why I wore these clothes here. I also picked them out myself. Then, what do you think number 690’s strengths are? Strengths? Her strength is… Okay, that’s good. ♫ It’s already very late. Time to go home. ♫ ♫ Even if a cloud doesn’t come to block the sun, the night will still arrive. ♫ ♫ Yes, that’s right. Everything will pass, ♫ ♫ even if you can’t bear its departure. ♫ ♫ He is already long gone. Time to turn around and leave. ♫ ♫ If love doesn’t wear flip flops, its steps will be lighter. ♫ ♫ Yes, that’s right. You can survive without him. ♫ ♫ Right when you walk by him, don’t say anything. ♫ ♫ The sky can’t make the clouds stay. ♫ ♫ Pouring rain can’t create a river. ♫ ♫ The old love song that we cherish. ♫ – This piece should be right here.
♫ Do people listening to it feel a sense of regret? ♫ We finally finished it! Huizhen and I finished it together! ♫ Does happiness belong in the past or in the future? ♫ ♫ Has dearest love already passed or will it be here later? ♫ ♫ Are memories something already possessed or will it dissipate? ♫ ♫ Does eternity exist or is it an unknown? ♫ Hello, Qiao’er? How was today? Was it successful? Did you meet people who appreciate you? How should I put this? That building was too dignified. I feel like the employees and interviewees there are great. Compared to them, I’m quite lacking. I need to continue working hard. Did you listen to me and dress very fashionable? I think I dressed pretty well today, but I have a question that I’ve never understood. What is fashion? Is there a standard? There are no scores, so how will you calculate fashion? Sometimes, I feel pretty good about myself, but other people laugh at me. Why are there two extremes? Forget it. Don’t worry about being fashionable. Be yourself. Don’t force yourself. Qiao’er, you understand me well. What are you doing? Are you wandering around? If only I can return to my childhood. Are you wanting to escape from reality again? I’m telling you, you’re not allowed to be embarrassing. Many things that are far away disappeared so quickly. Don’t worry. With me here, our childhood will be here. I will execute it until the end. Okay! Promise? Seal. What’s wrong with you today? Usually, you’re quite unashamed. It’s not your first time being rejected. Why do you sound so upset today? After walking a while, hurry and go home! People like you need to be dealt with simple roughness. I got it. Bye-bye. Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki What? Somebody’s there. – What?
– Somebody’s there. What are you doing? Stop looking. Why is he a different man from last week again? I need to change boyfriends as fast as you change jobs. That way, we’ll be compatible. Why did you come home so soon today? Wait. Am I the type of person to abandon friends for love? I even ordered crayfish and soybeans for you today! Let’s go, let’s go. The people at the interview had such great qualities. I can’t compare to them. Their good qualities are only on the outside. Only your good qualities are inside. It’d be so great if you can interview for me. Nobody can compare to you. If I can replace you, I would have done it 100 times already. Now that I think about it, what happened to you today? Does seeing me now make you feel very happy? I’m so happy that it has reached my head! Can’t you see how happy I am? Why aren’t you thanking me? Whenever you date and find a boyfriend, are you sincere every time? No! Sincerity is too hard. It’s hard for others to sincerely love me, and I’m afraid to sincerely love others. Hence, I think happiness is easier to find than sincerity. It also makes me happier than sincerity can, so I want happiness. I don’t want sincerity. Won’t you be even happier with sincerity? Sincerity can make people sad. With what you said, is love easy or complex? How many times have I told you before? What I have is not called love. It is only dating. Understand? Then, I don’t want dating. I want love. You always tell me that you want love. Then, tell me, in your heart, what is love? Love is when you miss the other person when you can’t see him. When you see him, you never want to part from him. I’m willing to do anything for him, and he’s also willing to do anything for me. Stop! You’ve never dated before, so you don’t have the right to speak. When you’ve truly dated somebody, you’ll realize that there is one basic condition. What is it? When you’re tired of him, it’s better not to see him. After not seeing him for a long time, you’ll find that you don’t even remember his existence. I don’t know what love is, either. Compared to love, I’d rather return to my childhood. My love has actually always been there. It’s just unwilling to grow up because growing up means that love has to be defined as seeing and being with each other. Come downstairs. Didn’t you want to learn yoga? I’ll teach you. No, I still have to write a cover letter. You don’t need to search for a job anymore. You can specialize in helping people write cover letters. I’ll help you pull in customers. I promise it’ll earn you money. Can you be kinder? Then, I’m leaving. Li Huizhen, hello. I am Bai Haoyu. Qiao’er! Qiao’er! Guess who found me, Qiao’er! Qiao’er, look! We haven’t talked in such a long time. I thought he would never be able to find me again! It’s been 12 years. 12 years already! How did he find me? Do you know who I’m talking about? No. You still haven’t told me who he is. Bai Haoyu! That white and chubby Bai Haoyu from next door. That chubby one, Little Fatty. He’s white and chubby. I think I remember him. White and chubby, and was often bullied as a kid. You don’t seem to remember him very well, but he’s my good friend. Later, didn’t your family move? That’s why you didn’t see him very often. That’s all? Can you stop nagging about it to me? It’s not simple. Look, look. “I am Bai Haoyu. I have come back to China. I want to meet up with you, period.” He’s back to China and he wants to see me! Meet him, then. But in 12… In 12 years, this’ll be my first time seeing him. So what? If you want to see him, go see him. If you don’t, then don’t. It’s so simple. This Little Fatty is very important to me. What did you say? You said that Little Fatty is very important to you? Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki Li Huizhen! How did you know my name? I’m new here. I live close to your house. I heard your mom call your name yesterday. Then, what is your name? I’m asking you! Why are you not talking again? Is it possible that you don’t have a name? Bai Haoyu. Bai Haoyu, time to go home! Bai Haoyu, goodbye! I know your name now! ♫ Pouring rain can’t create a river. ♫ Remember, even if the lights are green, you have to turn your head and see where the cars are coming. Start crossing after you’re certain all the cars have stopped. Here, give me your hand. ♫ Does happiness belong in the past or in the future? ♫ – Safe!
– Safe! When you’re at the middle of the zebra crossing, turn your head to the other direction and see if all the cars have stopped. If they’ve all stopped, continue walking. – Understand?
– I understand. Remember, you must check for yourself. Don’t follow others and cross together. – Understand?
– Yes. I can’t believe not only did you reply to his message, you also agreed to meet with him. Not only did you agree to meet with him, you value this event so much. Aren’t you afraid of being tricked? No, I need to be certain of your safety. Right now, I feel a little excited inside and a little nervous. Why are you nervous? We haven’t met in 12 years. You haven’t met him in 12 years. Didn’t you figure out what his job is before agreeing to meet with him? Only somebody with a big heart like you would do this. I wonder if he has changed these 12 years in America. I wonder if he’s been living happily. No, I must escort you there. You’re also going? Of course! If you value this so much, I must also value it. Aiyo, why are you in such a hurry? It’s almost time. It’s very early. It’s really almost time! You’ve already waited for 12 years. Why are you so anxious now? How will you two find each other? We gave each other our phone numbers. Alright, then. I’ll wait here for you, since you can see me. How am I dressed? D-Do you think… Super great. Everybody will love you. Even flowers will bloom at the sight of you. Go, go, go. He hasn’t changed in 100 years. In a crowd of people, you can find him with one glance. Little Fatty! Hello, hello. Why are you shaking my hand? Li Huizhen, what are you doing? Can you be more reserved? Oh, my god. She’s already touching him. I was just listening to music. You’re quite naughty. What music are you listening to? Little Fatty, you haven’t changed at all! You’re still so chubby. Turn around. Let me see. You haven’t changed at all! You’re still so chubby. Doesn’t the music sound good? Why do you listen to music like this now? I’m telling you, these songs are super trendy these days! You’re quite fashionable! Of course. This scenery is pretty, right? That’s right. Look at how bright Oriental Pearl Tower is. It’s not like you’ve never seen it before. Really? It’s because you’re here. Little Fatty, you’re so good with words now! – You’ve become bad!
– No way. – Are you hungry?
– I am. – Let’s go eat while we chat, then.
– Okay, okay. Let’s go. Do you like– Do you really like the scenery here? It’s okay. We can talk here. Tell me what you usually like to eat. When I’m hungry, I’d eat anything. You’re so easy to raise! How annoying. I heard Ms. Xu say that… – That’s more normal.
– You don’t like to eat things with wings. Then… Let’s go eat seafood! Okay! We’ll go eat seafood. Okay! Who’s Ms. Xu? Isn’t Ms. Xu your dad’s classmate? I’m telling you, my cousin and his wife met each other through Ms. Xu. – I think we’re…
– Actually, I think we’re quite compatible. See, you’re an extrovert, and I’m an introvert. It’s nice. Actually, I think you’re different from other girls. The first time I saw you, I felt you’re a very honest person. You’re very simple. Let’s talk while we eat, okay? Let’s go. Excuse me. Bai Haoyu? Where are you? I think I’ve got the wrong person. Hello? Breaking up is breaking up. Don’t you understand? Huizhen, where are you? I’m walking towards the red bridge that you mentioned. ♫ We are together, talking about everything. ♫ ♫ Love doesn’t need courage to slowly continue. ♫ Huizhen, where are you? – I’m…
– Stand in the same spot and don’t move. I’ll definitely find you. ♫ Just like how happiness is floating in the wind, floating in my dreams. ♫ ♫ At a compatible age, I met the compatible you. ♫ ♫ Together. ♫ ♫ I can afford to love you. In love, there’s no need to worry about the differences. ♫ ♫ If love had a true meaning… ♫ I found you. ♫ Between us, there is no rush. No need to prove yourself. ♫ ♫ Let’s turn our futures into memories. ♫ ♫ You are the you whom I love, not the you whom others see. ♫ Are you sure you got the wrong person? Are you really not Xu Weiwei? I’m Li Huizhen. Li Huizhen? ♫ You are not the you whom others say. ♫ ♫ I can’t resist it. I just want to be together with you. ♫ You’re still the same as when you were young. What did you say? I said, you’re still the same as when you were little. In a crowd of people, I recognized you with one glance. You… Let me pick up a call. Hello? What’s the situation over there? No. Qiao’er, I need to tell you something. I’m telling you, I just dumped one, and another fan came. This fan is quite handsome! The “fan” across from you is Bai Haoyu. – What did you say?
– That person is Bai Haoyu. No, but… Who was that chubby person from earlier? That chubby person? I got the wrong person! That wasn’t Bai Haoyu. The person across from you is Bai Haoyu. Keep your voice down. No, but… Then… Then… Then, what do I do? Y-You mustn’t tell him that you’re not Li Huizhen. What did you say? I meant, first pretend to be Li Huizhen! Don’t tell him that you’re not Li Huizhen right now. You want me to pretend to be you? I’m not you! How will I take your place? I don’t know what happened between you two when you were younger. What if I expose myself– I’m begging you. I’ll explain it to you afterwards, okay? First pretend to be Li Huizhen. Don’t let him… Don’t let him look over here. I’m begging you. Promise me, okay? Qiao’er, I’m begging you. Qiao’er! Fine. I’ll think of something. Good luck. Thank you, Qiao’er. Good luck. You’re here. Well… If you’re not used to calling me Bai Haoyu, you can still call me Fatty like you did before. Have you been well recently? As you can see, I’m fine. Is your family okay? They’re fine. I can’t believe how much you’ve changed. Also… I almost didn’t recognize you. In my opinion, you haven’t changed much. You’re the same as when you were younger. Oh, my god! Right, right, right. Just now, didn’t I pick up a call? The call told me that there’s an emergency, so I need to leave right away. I originally wanted to spend more time with you, but now it seems like we must wait until another day. Huizhen! After not seeing each other for so many years, I can’t believe you’ve become so interesting. It’s okay. If you’re busy, you can leave. I’ve already found you, anyway. Oh, right. How long will you stay here? I’ll stay for a while. Okay, I got it. I’ll send you there. No need. I drove here myself. Plus, you only recently came back from America. I know the roads here better. I’m leaving. Huizhen! I’ll call you again. The next time we meet, can you leave more time for me? Okay! Bye-bye. Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki ♫ I want to wander around in your heart. ♫ ♫ It’s better than secretly thinking alone. ♫ ♫ I want to accompany somebody and have crazy fantasies. ♫ ♫ It’s better than my empty dreams. ♫ ♫ I want to brave the wind together with you. ♫ ♫ It’s better than quietly looking out a window. ♫ ♫ I want to lend my shoulders to somebody. ♫ ♫ That way, I won’t waste this beautiful scenery. ♫ ♫ In the city, who is bravely wandering around? ♫ ♫ The light that shines onto your face is dazzling. ♫ ♫ In your palms, there is courage and hope ♫ ♫ for the persistence hiding in your heart, Cinderella. ♫ ♫ In your heart, loneliness is crying out. ♫ ♫ The panic is very obvious. If you’re not pretty, so what? ♫ ♫ In your dreams, love is only afraid of pain. ♫ ♫ Facing the lonely corridor, you are flustered. ♫ ♫ In the city, who is bravely wandering around? ♫ ♫ The light that shines onto your face is dazzling. ♫ ♫ In your palms, there is courage and hope ♫ ♫ for the persistence hiding in your heart, Cinderella. ♫


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