Pretty Li Hui Zhen 【漂亮的李慧珍】- Episode 03 [Eng] | Chinese Drama

Welcome subscriptions ♫ Lonely, lively, or in an ordinary city. ♫ ♫ A gust of wind, a surge of rain, a familiar melody. ♫ ♫ Helpless, proud, or in a despicable corner. ♫ ♫ How many details, how many scenes, how many clear memories? ♫ ♫ Traveling free, no restraints, or devoting myself to missing you. ♫ ♫ When I meet you again, when we reunite again, when I can see your pretty self again. ♫ ♫ Eternal or ephemeral: the two sides to life. ♫ ♫ I want you to hear and see it all. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. ♫ ♫ I want your company in all the exciting moments. ♫ ♫ Brilliant or ordinary; it’s always a lingering question. ♫ ♫ Together, I want to try changing myself for you. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. ♫ ♫ I want to get used to the occasional sadness together with you. ♫ ♫ I want to fulfill my crazy wishes together with you. ♫ Pretty Li Hui Zhen – Episode 3 – He’s the one I was talking about. The special person, the one that was sent from the company’s headquarters, Associate Editor Bai! It’s nice to meet you all. We’ll be working together starting today. Please take care of me. From today on, he’ll lead everyone here to take Immortal to new heights and places! He’ll make more people see our Immortal! Thank you, everyone. Let’s work hard together for Immortal. Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki Introduce yourselves! – Hello Associate Editor, I’m Zhu Ying, Fashion Editor, welcome.
– Hello. Hello, I’m Special Column Editor, Lin Hao. How are you? Hello, please take care of me. – I’m part of the Beauty Team , Zhou Ya Ling.
– Hello. Oh, you seem great. Associate Editor… Associate Editor, hello, I’m Beauty Assistant Han Xue. Hello. Ah! Can I ask you a question? Why… are you hiding? Are you afraid of seeing people? Afraid… I’m afraid of strangers. Hello, I’m the Make-up Assistant. My name is Lu Lu Hello. Hi, I’m Anna, I’m with the public relation’s team. You’re so handsome. I want to take a picture with you! And me, I’m Meili from the Fashion Team. Meili with the best taste. Hello, I’m Fashion Assistance, Husheng. Hello. You haven’t paid me back that favor yet. What favor? This handkerchief is mine. Thanks. You’re the person who rode the motorcycle. Thanks for your handkerchief! It’s fine, it’s fine. Our young people are very cute. When they see handsome men, it’s like they see a customer. They’re sheep in wolf’s skin. Where’s Yimu? Yimu! I’ll play with you later! Hello, I am Lin Yimu. Everyone says I’m the publishing department’s yellow card. Since you’re the yellow card, then you’ll have to work hard for Immortal from now on. Zhuying, please introduce our Immortal to the Associate Editor. Okay, no problem. I’ve prepared all the information. Fashion Assistant, please take all the new season’s clothes out. Okay! Associate Editor, this way please. All of this is the working area of our Immortal. This main background wall is made of LED. And then the newest information every season, most popular fashion, model, products, clothing, we will broadcast it here, including our current season’s cover. This part is our clothing and beauty area. All our sponsored products and top of the line brands… What?! Closing down the magazine? What is the meaning of this? The company headquarters has already decided, that after three months, Immortal will no longer be published. The Immortal editing department will be no more. Those arrogant brats. How dare they try to have control over my assets? Right now, there’s only one way to fix things. -What is that?
-In three months, if Immortal’s sales can regain the number one spot, then that decision will be eliminated. Then the reason for you to be here is to let Immortal become number one or let Immortal be destroyed? Of course, I hope for it to be able to stay. Perfect! You are indeed Immortal’s hope! Never thought you would care so much about Immortal. Immortal. It cannot trap me here, but I hope that I can continue to stay here. If so, I have something important to ask of you. Please. Before I came, I already looked into every member of the publishing department. Everyone is very special and talented. That’s why I think… that this is not really a sure loss game. I will do my best to draw out everyone’s ability. So from now on, please give me the privilege to have full control over the control team. No matter what happens you’ll have to stand on my side. No matter what I will do, you have to support me and not block me. From today on, Immortal is all for you. I won’t have a second saying in it. Thank you. But Mr. Bai, are you aware of what you are doing? It means that like Immortal, I don’t have any retreat path. Please, I beg of you. If you do switch me back today, then I won’t get up. It’s not that I don’t agree. It’s that I don’t dare to. When the Editing Department asked for people, how can I not give it to them? She is a capitalist. We don’t dare to go against them. What capitalist? The Editing Department. The corporation’s chairman’s own little sister, that Editing Department’s editor-in-chief called Vivian, I heard that her background is very mysterious. She disappeared for a very long time. One time, she finally returned to the country. Saying that she wants to experience what it’s like to work; hence, she got demoted to being the editor-in-chief of the Editing Department. That’s why, Huizhen, I’m begging you. Please help me. I supporting my parents and my children. I dare not go against her. – I beg of you.
– I beg of you. – Huizhen, I beg you. Go back already.
– I beg of you… If we offend her, me and everyone will be in trouble. I beg you. Help us. It’s also hard on me. – I beg you, Huizhen. I beg you. Beg you…
– Director… I beg you. I beg of you, Huizhen… Director… If you don’t agree to it, I won’t rise anymore. I beg you. Save… save our logistics department. Really… I just know that you’ll agree with it. Thank you, Huizhen. – Jeez, Director, you’ve already said it like that…
– It’s settled then. Let’s settle it like this. Why are you sneaking around? Tell me honestly. Are you a spy detective? Tell me. I’ll surely help you keep it a secret. I am not some detective or spy. They why are you being sneaky here? Is our Editing Department that scary? Why? Because before, I was working at the Logistics Department. That’s why, I… You feel that the Editing Department is making you very nervous, is that it? Yes. It’s fine. You can encounter work pressure anywhere. But let me tell you. Isn’t the level of your nervousness now a bit exaggerated? Sorry. It’s okay. Next time just get me food. You still owe me a favor. What are you doing? Pervert! Don’t, don’t… Hey! Look, you owe me a big favor. I got you transferred from the Logistic Department to our Magazine Department. Did you know about that? Our Editing Department wanted to hire a female college student, the one that doesn’t want salary and just want to gain internship experience. Listen to me. However, then I thought about it. Our Afro is a really good worker. So why not just transfer you directly to our department! All the credit goes to me. Don’t you think you should take me out to dinner? Can I treat you for an entire week in exchange for transferring me back to the Logistic Department? Are you dumb? The Logistic Department is not as good as our department. Is it because you are very nervous? Just transfer me back. Don’t be nervous. I am here for you. I will help you. – Fighting!
– Hui Zhen! Fi… Fighting… Come here. What is wrong? No, nothing. I just fell down earlier. – Are you alright?
– No problem. Okay, then let’s have a cup of coffee at the coffee shop. – Alright?
– Alright. Look at you, – do you want to go to the medical office first?
– Zhu Ying Sister, let’s go. – To the tea room?
– Yea, tea room, ok. – Are you ok?
– Ok.
– Do you want me to carry you? Let me carry you on my back. Let me carry you on my back. Let me carry you on my back. Let me carry you on my back. – Is Cappuccino okay?
– Yes, thank you Sister Zhu Ying. You’re welcome. Sorry about that, Zhu Ying Sister. I should’ve got the coffee for us. I don’t mind. If I really wanted you to do it, I would tell you directly. You did really well organizing the materials and data that I asked for last time. Have you done this kind of work before? My family used to open a small printing press. Every year when it was near graduation season, there would be students who came to bookbind their thesis’. I would then help out to proofread and arrange them to earn some extra money. Something like that. How is your English? Although I took my English exam several times but I’ve already passed the 6th level. What about PS? In term of PS, I can handle PPT. However, it can be a bit troublesome if I have to do posters. – That is more than enough.
– Really? Would you like to stay in our Editing Department for the next three months? We will be really busy for the next three months. We really want you to stay here. Zhu Ying Sister, I think the Logistic Department is more suitable for me. You are the first person who wanted to go back to the Logistic Department after seeing our department. – Why?
– Because I am afraid I can’t meet the standard. – Li… Huizhen?
– Li Huizhen. Hui Zhen, let me tell you. After we leave the school, there are a lot of things that are learned while working. If you don’t do it. everything will be just book knowledge. For example Immortal. Immortal is a fashion magazine that caters to 20-30 years old. It more or less is distributed in 3…30 plus countries. Every year, 30-40% of the information we publish are from China. The rest are left to the the editors to create. We are only mainly responsible for fashion, beauty, and special column articles. Fashion… refers to the posters, fashion news, and everything related to fashion. As of beauty, it is about skin care, cosmetics, losing weight, health, and so on. They are all categorized as beauty. Regarding information… For example, movies, design, culture, all information related to these, society hot topics, interviews of famous individuals, all of these are placed in the special column. If you understand these, you already almost understand 50% of it. There’s a lot. I think I have a lot of questions related to these. Associate Editor, do you need any help? Nothing. I looked at the work schedule. There seems to be a pictorial – this afternoon?
– Yes. – I want to take a look and meet the photographers.
– Sounds good. Then are you going to say hello to them? No need. It just so happens that there are a lot of things that I still want to verify with you. Here or the office? – Office.
– Let’s go. Help me! How long is he staying? Okay, thank you. – What are you doing here?
-Since you won’t answer my phone, I can only come here personally. I do not like how you are acting. You look very ill mannered. It is very comfortable. I wasn’t born to make you feel comfortable. I am not comfortable seeing you either. If there is nothing important, I wouldn’t come find you. Next week is your dad’s birthday. You didn’t forget, right? – As long as you remember, then it is all good.
– I already told him that. On his birthday, you will be there. You said it for me? You think that because you had replaced my mother and entered this family, you can also talk on my behalf? Xia Qiao, it’s already more than a year. You should try to accept reality already, right? How long do you plan to be this willful? I know you wont accept me. You still want your mother. But she left you for a long time already. She escaped the responsibility of being a mother for this long. If she loved you, she wouldn’t have left you for this long. Luo Mili, shut up! On what basis can you be my mother? What right do you have? How my mother treats me is my problem. I’m willing. What right do you have to say things about it?! Xia Qiao, can we not talk like this? I’m only holding it in because of your dad. The moment you came into my father’s life, I didn’t like you. if you can accept me, I can really treat you as my own daughter. Why can’t you? Being like this, you aren’t happy nor is your dad. None of us are. Whatever you are saying. The main point is to let you people be happy. No matter what, your dad and I are already married. I am you mother now. I will never admit that you are my mother. Even if my mother left me, I won’t admit it. I’d rather be an orphan. What were you and Sister Zhu Ying talking about earlier? Why are you in a daze? Nothing. Are you too nervous? Let me tell you. You must win over yourself. In this world, there is a lot of fear that’s only a fiction of one’s imagination. Scaring myself. Fighting. Hey, Huizhen. Help me get 2 reflectors from the stock room. – Okay.
-Thanks. Are you there yet? Is everything settled yet? How is your jet lag? Don’t be annoyed by me and don’t dislike me for nagging. I’m just scared that you will disappear. When you see this you have to reply. The me right now, being abandoned and forgotten by the whole world, my family is only Li Huizhen. And this guy who is treating me as Li Huizhen, at this moment, actually can also make me feel some warmth. Oh, my! Oh, my… Hello… Assistant Editor, I’m here to get some things. They need me to get these pictorial materials for them. Assistant Editor is also here to get some things? I’m looking around. Is anyone there? What’s wrong? It’s not me. It was open when I came in. The stock room is on maintenance today. The electricity has been cut off. We can only wait for someone to come. Oh my gosh. Hello, Zhu Ying, I currently got trapped inside the stock room. Hurry up and bring someone to open the door. Yes. Okay. Is it going to take a while? No. They’ll be here fast. Hey! Hey! Is anyone there? Hey! How about… How about we think of a way to open it? Calm down. It’s fine. Do you have claustrophobia? Dividing your attention can make you feel better. It can help you forget the fear. Haoyu! Let’s hurry! It’s raining. Let’s go! – Mother, Mother, rain…
– Hurry, hurry, let’s go. Mom, Mom. Haoyu! Mom, Mom. Haoyu, don’t be afraid. In the future, I will be at your side to be your umbrella. Are you feeling better? Assistant Editor! Are you alright? – It’s fine now.
– Hurry. It’s this door. Lever it open. One, two, three. One, two, three. – Assistant Editor, are you alright?
– I’m fine. Huizhen? Why are you also here, Li Huizhen? That… Sister Han Xue asked me to come over here to get some stuff. – So I came in.
– You’re called Li Hui Zhen? Hello. I am a trainee of the Editing Department. – Are you fine?
– I’m fine now. It’s Sister Han Xue who told me to come over here and get some stuff. – Hurry and go then.
– Thank you, Sister Zhu Ying. – Let the engineering department send someone over and immediately fix this door.
– Okay. Assistant Director, what were you looking for? Let me help you. No need. I was just looking around. Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki What’s wrong? Hey, I’m talking to you. Hey, why do you always have this sad expression? Can you tell me about it? I told you earlier that you have to win against yourself. You must raise your spirits up. Brother Dao! Brother Dao! This. Is it these two colors? Oh, my god. Why did you get these? Hurry and change it! – There. There.
– Hey, just do your writing letter. Tell them first to change this. Let them move the items a little forward. It looks a little better. Okay? More obvious. – How come I keep feeling that…
– How is it going? Assistant Director, take a look. Are these okay? – Sister Zhu Ying.
– Not ideal.
– It’s a call from editor-in-chief. She said she kept calling you but you were not answering. – These shots. Let me see these shots.
– Hello. Oh, right. We are at the studio. Assistant Editor is also here. Oh, you can see us. Right. Is there any full body shot? Right now? Oh… Okay. Editor-in-Chief said that our main theme now is problematic. The whole pink thing is too local. She told us to change the topic. Now. – Are there any back-up themes?
– We do have some. Lin Hao! Lin Hao, come, come. We made two back-ups. One is summer scenery and the other one is little angel. We do have these two. But I feel that ‘little angels’ may be more appropriate. Look at these first. It would look like this. – Let’s try it out first.
– Okay.
– Little angels? – Change to little angels.
– Okay. Hey, everyone. So sorry. Let us change the main theme. Change it to our backup plan A, Angels. Right now. Right now. Right now. Hurry… – Let’s go…
– Prepare the clothing and make-up. Anna, take the models away. Okay? Husheng! Husheng! Tell Huizhen not to get the previous props anymore. Tell her to bring over all the angel props that we’ve prepared beforehand. Okay? Especially the balloons. We’ve prepared a lot of balloons. Tell her to bring them. – I know already.
– Hurry and go. Okay. Be a little more excited. You have to be very happy, very happy. Okay? Yes, this is right. – The kids are not that excited.
– Where are the balloons? – Where are the balloons?
– Balloons, I’ve already told Huizhen about it. She’ll be here soon. – Rush her again.
– It’s here. It’s here. Hurry and bring it up there. Go and buy the kids some more lollipops. Hey, shoes! Who told you to wear them up there?! – Hurry and go. Hurry and go.
– Why did you wear your shoes in going up there? Oh, can’t I wear shoes? Do you have any professional knowledge at all? I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Huizhen, in the studio, if you go beyond this white line, we all must change our shoes. I’ll remember it next time. I won’t wear my shoes up here anymore. I’m sorry. Hey, how does your left foot grow? Every time you wear socks, your left sock breaks first. Hello, Qiao Qiao. I am a foreigner. Sister Huizhen, wear these slippers next time, okay? Thank you, Husheng. Thank you. Assistant Editor, I’m sorry. She’s new. It’s my fault that I didn’t tell her about this. She doesn’t know the rules yet. – So sorry.
– Good thing you’re still not a regular employee. Or else, I’d surely fire you. You are not needed here. Go out first. -When you have time, fix this part.
-Hui Zhen, go and buy the kids some lollipops. Go now. Hey, let’s go, okay now. Just run like this. Okay. Editor-in-Chief, hello. I am the trainee who was transferred from the logistics department. My name is Li Huizhen. And now, I’m doing my training in the Editing Department. Hello. Do you know why I asked you to come here? I… So sorry for earlier. Because I made a mistake, so Assistant Director… Oh, wrong, Editor-in-Chief is going to scold me. Criticize me. Not only that. Such a young girl… What’s wrong with your hair? Because… Because my hair is severely curled, it’s naturally like that. – That’s why, I don’t have a way–
– Not fashionable. Not fashionable at all. Oh, my god. What is that? Is that an oil drop? I already washed this clothing yesterday. But earlier… But earlier when I was eating, I must have dropped some on it. I’ll just wipe it off later when I go down. How can I see such an unfashionable person here in a fashionable place like Immortal? Do you know that I love glamorous appearance the most? That’s why, I hope that everyone I see here in Immortal, their clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, all glamorous. Remember? I remembered it. But my hair is naturally-born curls, so… Stop looking for excuses. As long as you’re working here in Immortal, then you must have our Immortal style. Okay. Immortal style… I will keep monitoring you. Go now. Thank you, Editor-in-Chief. Hey, that… lady. I will be always monitoring you. Immortal style… No, no, no, no, no… I know already. Thank you, Editor-in-Chief. – But my hair is really naturally-born curls…
– I know. I know already. So interesting… This is not bad. This one is very nice, too. This one is okay. – Right.
– Then it’s decided. Yes, let’s choose this. We want this style. How long will the transfer take? It would probably be finished in around an hour. There’s still an hour? How about we go drink some coffee and relax for a while? – You worked hard…
– Thank you, Assistant Director Bai. Thank you, Sister Zhu Ying. – Okay. Just call us.
– Hurry and go! Everyone, go downstairs for coffee. Go, too. Go and have a few drinks. Let’s go. All of a sudden, being physically closer to Bai Haoyu, the distance between our hearts is getting wider. I think I am a failure. Because I begin to understand that this Li Huizhen in front of Bai Haoyu is disappointing him. This Li Huizhen that he sees and the one that he misses in his memories only have the same name. The Li Huizhen that he sees is embarrassing the Li Huizhen in Bai Haoyu’s heart. This Bai Haoyu dared to be mean to you? You don’t even know. . . He didn’t leave me any dignity in front of so many people. This is my first time photo-shooting for a magazine. How should I know that I can’t stand on the decorations? But he doesn’t look like a mean person. He definitely has two faces. Two-faced? At the warehouse today, h-he was polite and thoughtful and even played music for me. And asked me if I’m claustrophobic. Then, once we started working… he became a devil. If you continue to work in that environment, will you really become mentally ill? Actually, I was pretty touched at one point. Distracting yourself might make you feel better. It allows you to forget your fear. He still remembers our past. Do you still love him? Not acquainting with him makes you sad? I feel warm and touched at heart. But after today’s event, I shouldn’t acquaint with him. Actually, my mood today is not very good either. How are you? That woman came looking for me at the hotel. You still can’t accept her? They don’t understand me. I truly don’t want to accept my current life. Then… did your mother come looking for you? Don’t mention her, okay? Huizhen, I really missed you today. I really missed you, too. Somethings I can’t tell my dad and mom. They are already tired. I just want to let them live happily. I can imagine when you embarrassed yourself at your company today. Look at your foot. You drew on the foot and it turned out like that. -I will help you add a few marks.
-You still want to draw? Look, it looks exactly like you right now. ♫ Eternal or ephemeral: the two sides to life. ♫ ♫ I want you to hear and see it all. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. ♫ ♫ I want your company in all the exciting moments. ♫ I am an intern in the editing department. I mainly translate and am everyone’s assistant. ♫ Together, I want to try changing myself for you. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. I want to get used to the occasional sadness ♫ ♫ together with you. I want to fulfill my crazy wishes ♫ ♫ together with you. ♫ Good morning, everyone! Ms. Lulu, good morning. Husheng, good morning. Ms. Han, good morning. Ms. Yaling, good morning. Ms. Zhuying, good morning. Mr. Linglang, good morning. Good morning! Afro! Good morning. Li Huizhen, your hairstyle… is burning hair? My hair is naturally curly. Making it wet make it become more… curly. You should organize it a bit. Okay. Meeting after ten minutes. Okay. Let’s go to the meeting. Go, quickly. -Go.
-Okay. Ms. Zhuying. This is your computer. Listen more, watch more, learn more. You will slowly be familiar with it. Okay. Later, you can keep records for the meeting? Okay. Quickly, don’t let others wait for you. Before, we’ve already had enough time to know each other. This time, please also try to prove yourself in terms of professional work. Of course. With 20 years anniversary as the main theme, may everyone tell me their proposed topic clearly within three sentences. Just three sentences? Really of foreigner style. That’s right. Let’s start. Assistant Editor, what’s the purpose of that sand timer? This is a habit of mine. You have any problem with it? Oh… none. – Then what are you all still waiting for?
– Oh right. We… We have always been thinking of writing publicly about talked about celebrity private life. To show the reader their attitude about beauty and lifestyle. We have 20 choices. Only sending wired copies for interviews, and you still expect they’ll be willing to expose publicly their private life? For unrealistic topics, don’t waste everyone’s time anymore. Next one. My proposal is must have essences that women before 30 years old must have. Next one. Don’t know how Assistant Editor Bai will treat my little flowers today. Assistant Editor, based on the previous sales pattern of the magazine and the topic following including the report on a wedding of a celebrity, we’ve decided to do a mix-and-match album for island getaways for our 20th anniversary edition. We’ve invited the three most famous runway models. – I’ve already talked to them on the phone.
– Summer… doing island theme… so creative. Next one. Inviting a famous fashion blogger and a fashion designer to do a PK. Next one. I… My thoughts are like this. I’m thinking of gathering all those young models – into a compilation album and compare their differences.
– Next one. Editor, I haven’t finished yet. We’ll compare their hair– Next one! What are you laughing at? That… I feel that… everything that they said seems… seems to have not much difference. – That’s why…
– Then what direction do you have? Say it for us to hear. I… I… don’t understand much of what you were all saying… So sorry, Assistant Editor. She’s a special assistant that we transferred from the Logistics Department. She is only tasked to make the minutes of the meeting, a newbie. Logistics Department? Yes. You can’t give any advice regarding the proposals given by the other editors. Just laughing when you want to. So even your own situation, you have to let Editor Zhu Ying say it for you? So sorry. I don’t mean it like that. – You don’t need to be part of the meeting anymore.
– Assistant Editor. So sorry. I don’t have any other meaning for it. Don’t waste everyone’s time. ♫ I want to wander around in your heart. ♫ ♫ It’s better than secretly thinking alone. ♫ ♫ I want to accompany somebody and have crazy fantasies. It’s better than my empty dreams. ♫ ♫ I want to brave the wind together with you. ♫ ♫ It’s better than quietly looking out a window. ♫ ♫ I want to lend my shoulders to somebody. That way, I won’t waste this beautiful scenery. ♫ ♫ In the city, who is bravely wandering around? The light that shines onto your face is dazzling. ♫ ♫ In your palms, there is courage and hope ♫ ♫ for the persistence hiding in your heart, ♫ ♫ Cinderella. ♫ ♫ In your heart, loneliness is crying out. The panic is very obvious. ♫ ♫ If you’re not pretty, so what? ♫ ♫ In your dreams, love is only afraid of pain. Facing the lonely corridor, you are flustered. ♫ ♫ In the city, who is bravely wandering around? ♫ ♫ The light that shines onto your face is dazzling. ♫ ♫ In your palms, there is courage and hope for the persistence hiding in your heart, Cinderella. ♫ Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki


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