Pride & Prejudice (8/10) Movie CLIP – Visiting Darcy’s Estate (2005) HD

[laughing] [gasps] [panting] [birds chirping] (Darcy)
Miss Elizabeth! [footsteps on stairs] l thought you were in London. No. No, l’m not. No. No, l came back a day early.
We would not have come… had we known you were here.
Some business with my steward. l’m in Derbyshire
with my aunt and uncle. And are you having
a pleasant trip? Very pleasant. Tomorrow we go to Matlock.
Tomorrow? Are you staying at Lambton?
Yes. At the Rose and Crown. Yes. l’m so sorry to intrude. They said that the house
was open for visitors.
l had no idea…. May l see you back
to the village?
No! l’m very fond of walking.
Yes. Yes, l know. Goodbye, Mr. Darcy.


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