Prima Donnas: Rebelasyong gugulat kay Lady Prima | Episode 102 (with English subtitles)

Mr. Mendoza. Lady Prima, Jaime. Hello. Ah, Jaime and Mom, I’ve brought Mr. Mendoza here in this room so you can have privacy in your confidential meeting. Actually, mom’s secretary, Karen, told me you went here so we followed you. Ah okay. You did the test to Jaime, right? Yes. So, this is it? Do you have it? Ah, excuse me. I hope you don’t mind me asking. What’s happening? What’s going on? You’ll know later. Everybody will know. Mom, excuse me. Kendra, it’s better if you will leave us here if you don’t mind. Sure. Excuse me. What am I going to do? They’re about to find out the truth! You told me I should give the DNA results once it’s available. Yes, I did. We can’t wait any longer. Mom? Are you ready? I’m more than ready. I know the truth. Lillian’s daughters are a fake. Ah, dammit! My plans will be ruined! No, I’m not gonna let this happen. I need to do something. You’re evil! You’re not doing anything?! You just took everything away from me! My dad, my family, my name, my friends, even Cedrick! If there’s a greedy person between us, it’s definitely you! Because up until now, you’re reaping things you did not sow. This is my place and don’t complain about it, you filthy fly! You stole everything! Shoo away! Shoo away! You’re the fly! So, what? I was right. Lillian deceived us and what she said about your “daughters” is fake. See, I was right all along! You fool! Let me have those. I want to see it for myself. I want to savour this moment. Mom, are you okay? Do you want water? Mom? I’m fine, I’m fine. I was just surprised. Sorry. Ah, Mr. Mendoza, are you sure of this? Are you sure this was not mishandled? Are you sure there’s been no confusion? I triple checked the results and it was all the same. This can’t be right. Are you 100 % sure of this? 100% sir. Jaime, I know what you’re thinking, but please. Let’s deal with it later. The important thing is we already know the truth. You’re so arrogant. Donna Marie! Brianna! You’re too much! Hey!
Stop it! Thank you. Thank you for this. Thank you. My pleasure. Lady Prima, Jaime, but if you excuse, I have to go. I have a flight to catch up.
Thank you. Hey! Stop! Enough with it! Stop it! Hey! Stop! Enough with it! Let her, just let her be.
Stop, enough already! Stop it! Mom, I just didn’t expect it. I thought… Jaime, I know how you feel. But we have to accept this. These are the results; I have it in my hands. It’s hard to admit that we were deceived. But it is more difficult to accept those who fooled us. You know I hate liars. I really don’t want to be swindled, of all things. Mom, wait. Where are you going? To tell the truth and to stop all these lies. Mom, for me, let’s talk to them privately to stop this issue from happening. If it’s okay with you. Okay, fine. Hey, stop it! Give yourself some dignity. Dignity?! Wow! Look at yourself! You’re embarrassing. I know you’re just doing this because you keep on insisting about your illusion that Mayi is a Claveria too. You gold digging cheater! You scammers, go away! Shoo away! Shoo! You’re so ill-mannered! If only you were my granddaughter, I would have beaten your mouth for you to know how to respect! That’s why I’m glad you’re not. Compared to Mamita, you’re nothing. Mom, Stop it. Don’t you dare treat my family that way! You should respect the elderly. My god, respect? You barely have respect for yourselves. You really are mean! That’s too much!
Go away! My dear, stop it. Stop it. Let’s just give this to her, her arrogance won’t last any longer. You know Brianna, if I were you, I would change my manners. Because when all your pride is gone, we’ll see where you’re heading. Whatever. And you, why are you beating her up? Mom, she started this. I already kept my distance from her. You know, my dear, sometimes you really have to teach her a lesson. Her devil horns do nothing. She’s totally the same with Kendra. They both have unbearable attitudes. Stop it, mom. Enough. Did Ma’am Kendra do that to you? Don’t mind it, my dear. How about you, how are you? Did you get hurt? I’m okay. Are you okay, mom? I’m fine. Always remember, if you can avoid the mess, stay away. Fires don’t get put out by the same fire. You have to be like water to drown those bitches. Mom, stop it. Where are your sisters, they might be the ones who are getting bullied now. Where are they? They’re inside. Let’s go. Let go of them!


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