Professor Ellen Teaches a Lesson in Kindness 101

Thank you for being here. You’re here on a special
day, I’ll tell you that. Today, I don’t know
if you know this, but it’s World Kindness Day. [CHEERING] Yes, it is. Since I preach kindness every
day, this is a big one for me. This is like my Super Bowl
or my World Series or my– I don’t know any other sports. That’s all. U.S. Open or Wimbledon. Same sport. Anyway, I’ve always
said that kindness should be taught in
schools because I really believe that’s something
that kids should start early, early on learning about, and
look what I read this morning. UCLA opens world’s first
institute to study kindness. [CHEERING] How about that? Their goal is to study how
kindness affects our well-being and how to empower
people to be more humane. And finally, they’re
teaching something that we can use in life,
like instead of math. I mean, math is– who learns that and uses it? Anyway, I love
what UCLA is doing. They have my full support,
unless they want money, and then I can’t help because
I’ve got gorillas to feed. I’ve been studying kindness for
the past 17 years on this show, and I thought I could help
with some research that– I don’t know. These are things
that I’ve learned, so consider me your professor. This is like Kindness
101, so pay attention. This is on the midterm. So we all know that receiving
an act of kindness feels great, but the act of being kind
also has great benefits. It reduces anxiety,
depression, pain, stress. So the next time somebody
cuts you off in traffic, just be kind. Don’t go crazy and
stress yourself out. That’s not doing anything. So roll the window
down and yell out, that must have been a
really important text. Congratulations. [APPLAUSE] Or if they cut you off because
they were not paying attention and they were putting on
makeup, roll your window down. You don’t need makeup. You’re beautiful. [LAUGHTER] Just find a thing
to turn it around. I brought some visual
aids to prove my point. So here’s a graph that I
would like to show you. This is Steffi Graf. And she’s a– she was
a really good tennis player when she played, and I
hear that she’s a kind person. And tennis is a very kind
sport because even if you have zero points, it’s called love. [LAUGHTER] I also have a pie chart. This is an actual pie. But this is the part
that’s empty right there. That represents
kindness because it’s nice to share a piece
of pie with somebody. Also, pie equals 3.14, so you
do the math and, of course, again, pointless. [LAUGHTER] One of the ways
I spread kindness is with my Be Kind boxes. Each box has items
hand-picked by me, and they also help out
different charities. And normally, you have to have
a subscription to get one. And thank you all for
wanting subscriptions. There’s a lot of people who
are enjoying the Be Kind box. I have one box to give away
today to some lucky person. So what I’m going to do is– [CHEERING] Oh, wait. I am so sorry. I just realized I have two. So I have– [CHEERING] –one here. That’s one. What? Andy, are you sure I have three? I have three. All right, I have three. So there’s one there. [CHEERING] There’s one. I’m just– I’m so sorry. I don’t know how I
didn’t remember this. I have enough for everybody. [CHEERING] Happy World Kindness Day. That’s wonderful.


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