PSJA Southwest Theatre Presents: Evil Dead the Musical

♪ At the edge of the night ♪ ♪ There’s not a deadite I can’t handle ♪ – So in this production of
“Evil Dead The Musical”, we see how five college students come into this abandoned cabin in the woods, and we eventually see whether
they make it out or not. It’s incredible. Honestly I think one of the things that makes it really special
is the fact that it’s not a children’s show, and
it’s a really real show. And I feel like this is
also very revolutionary for our department, doing a show that is sort of PG-13 in a way and it’s for mature audiences primarily. – I think the style’s very different, and there’s a lot of cool visuals that we haven’t played
with in the years prior. I think it’ll kind of get ’em
in the mood for Halloween. It does have a bit of, I guess,
supernatural you would say. So I think it’ll get them
in the mood of Halloween. It is very personal, it’s very intimate. And I think it just grows the show more and it ties the audience in more. It’s like they’re really there. – I hope the people walk out of the show with a different
perspective, and I mean that as in I want them to leave
and have escaped their lives for an hour and a half. And I want them to be
nervous when they leave, and have to walk out
into the dark to go back to their vehicles and be scared, not knowing whether a deadite is gonna come attack them or not. (laughing)

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