Puppy Dog Pals | Best Cartoon for Kids & Children | Episode 212 – Purple Hedgehog

Thanks you very much! I Wanted to read today’s news, but You chewed on my slipper you Chewed one of my books. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you yet. Chewie little chore. Oh, No, it says here that the Mona Lisa is missing. Oh, that’s a double big old shame Lisa lady looks nice. I wonder if she’s a friend of Bob’s Great Wall of China which many consider to be beat think that means somebody might have hung it on the greatest wall in the world That’s right. Hang it It’s pretty far away actually, I’m not sure how we’re gonna get there. Where are you flying? China hey, this family’s going to China, too We need to go Well looks like you keep the flying by yourselves just like growing up huh, we won’t be needing pillows because we rocks them ourselves So let’s enjoy the trip This wall is the perfect place to hang out painting to Bob’s friend Mona it goes on forever this wall is a lot longer than I thought and Not there either Sherina I ended up in China. Whoa. Hey wait for me A little room. Do you have to Roley I know what dogs gotta chew when a dog’s gotta chew, but so I need you to not shoot I can’t chew that I don’t see that painting anywhere you see anything. Nope Now you’re waving titties at you and have it sent to our house Copy and well-placed Look at that thing go. Please have a painting of Bob’s friend, Mona Lisa Smiling like this. Yeah, we’re both smiling like this Looks like you’re both all comfy. Here’s something to keep you busy during the flight The art community is overjoyed today with the news that the Mona Lisa has been recovered Did you hear the news they found the Mona Lisa I’d wave hello, but I’m afraid I might get snatched up and melt somewhere else, but now it’s back where it should be Thanks to whoever was that found it there I’m just glad to know the Mona Lisa’s right where she belongs painting that picture of us. It probably looked great You Their royal pugna’s I’m gonna get you blue blue Rollie but it’s my mom’s birthday party tonight. So we’re all gonna treat it like a queen, okay I Even got her this paper crown to where we don’t know how to do that Yeah, and we’re gonna find a queen which alone how they have a queen in England maybe you should go there Missy Steve’s gonna pour a Perfect. Mission is someone missing let’s go Now those men in the furry hats are the Queen’s guards Frank and it’s their job to keep Anyone from getting through the palace gates? Maybe if we can get those guards to smile or laugh, they’d be so happy. They let us into the palace They never smile or laugh, then we’ll give them something to laugh about if we can’t get past those guards We’ll never get inside that palace unless you look through that doggie door right there and dog you won’t right way, huh? um crumpets worth cream puffs coat eyeful bottom the third at your service But you may call me Gump it pretty please Well, since you said pretty please I don’t see how chef like me can say no To eat biscuits at tea time one must never eat their biscuit until after they’ve been given permission. Oh, This is a challenge, he’s not real good at waiting. Nope Can I have a biscuit please? There is no greater compliment to the Queen than to sit still in her presence. I remember on one such occasion Suppose we sing move. We were sitting still for a second That means walk like this Everything’s alright then This is a royal mess, we didn’t mean to make a mess I’m so sorry pops, but tea time with the Queen is starting soon and I need to straighten the whole way before it begins Whoa, what’s going on? Looks like Bob’s party Wait a second fancy table with biscuits it for tea It’s the Queen Has everyone spied by purse Rolly that’s the Queen’s purse. Oh, is that what this thing is? Perfect Good that sounded just like him just take one the way you’ve been treating do If we go out there, so no, we’re not krumping although I do like a good Scratchy behind yous a bit Where are you? Good doggy? Thanks for filling in until I arrived you need to get home so we can treat Bob’s mom like a queen, Lilliana Hold on it was a really good trip. I say good Here you go kasib doggie biscuits go ahead boys eat those treats This way mom got the birthday party Thank You Rollie I always like to have this right by my side and we even learned a special birthday song just for you mom Ready Pop’s you’re special I feel like a queen good work chef jolly good you too champ Good and Gimli time for the birthday portrait? Remember to sit still you guys sat perfectly still they must know it’s my special day Wow, we look great yeah Guys come see what I made for you. I See you’re here all day and how I wish I could be with you. I do if I was here Hi bingo, hi, Roley I Call him arf if you guys get hungry Would you like our to bring you a treat I even Programmed them to clean up any mess that you make before I get home from work. I Still haven’t programmed them to do everything He smelled for me too Hey, Jessie, one of me ARF

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