PVCC Majors in a Minute: Theatre & Drama

Professor Brad Stoller:
Something that makes the theater
program stand out at PVCC is if you go to a four-year school,
most people have to wait a couple of years to get the
hands-on work. And here you’re going to get it
immediately. You’re gonna have a chance
to be cast in a show, a chance to assistant direct,
a chance to stage-manage. And not a lot of other community
colleges have theatre programs. Especially not this robust. Shane (student):
My career goal is
eventually to go into motion-capture and
voiceover work. PVCC is helping me get
my foot into the door, especially with what you see
behind me, doing West Side Story Everybody has something to
offer to the stage – everybody. And seeing how you could
present people what they don’t normally see with you, that’s
when it makes it fun. In any other class, mostly, I’m
quiet, I’m reserved, I’m
listening, but out here I am energetic,
I am expressive, and being able to have that freedom is
really empowering, and I
recommend it to anybody. If you are considering theatre,
go ahead and jump right into it. You’re going to have
a lot of fun! ♪♪♪

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