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“Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Gazing into my eyes
and capturing my heart” “Giving me sleepless nights
after capturing my heart” “l had protected my heart” “But I had to lose it one day” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” “Love had to happen!” You have thrown a
very grand party… … on the occasion
of my promotion! Rahul, I am verry happy for you. But I am not happy
with your idea… … of not taking Sanjana with you. Sir, I am going to lndia
on an official tour. What will Sanjana do
if she comes with me? She will see lndia, what else? You know rahul, she loves india. Sanjana is phobic about planes. Forget flying, Sanjana
can,t even walk properly. Hey, Sanjana? Shall we move? Why are you looking
at me like that, Sir? It was just an accident. I tripped over Dimple,s leg. Okay. Ask her? Sanjana, forget it. Come here. Sanjana, even I am with Rahul now. It will be better if
you don,t go to lndia. No Sanjana! Sanjana, don,t cry. It
doesn,t look nice when you cry… … in front of people. Sanjana, don,t be childish. Okay, tell me, can
you travel in a plane? Sanjana, you have returned from
the airport twice, haven,t you? Then why are you being so stubborn? I have never lived without
Rahul since we got engaged. But Sanjana…. Rahul, please, I won,t
panic if you hold my hand. – But Sanjana? – Rahul, you know
you won,t be happy without me. Yes Sanjana.
But… Rahul, before she strangles
you, take her with you. Take her with you. Please. Okay! Thank you sir! Thank you so much!
I am so happy. Beautiful. But why are you showing
this house to me? Because, I want to buy it. Sanjana, day dreaming
is not a good habit. I know rahul. Having a house in a costly
country like this is like a dream And living in that house after
marriage is another dream. But a girl like me, who has no
parents nor any siblings… … has to herself make
her dreams come true. I have been saving half my
salary for the past 3 years. I have saved hundred and forty
two thousand Francs in all. Hello. Where were you lost? This is a very pleasant surprise! – I love you, Sanju.
– I love you too. I love you. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. We are ready for the take off. The lights will be
dimmed during take-off. The flight time
from Paris to Mumbai is seven hours and 20 minutes. Please, fasten your seat belts
and refrain from smoking. I hope, you enjoy your flight.
Thank you. – Are you afraid?
– No. Not-at-all. – Don,t you want to go to lndia?
– Yes. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
I am going to die.. Sanjana, stop being stupid.
Please! Okay. Okay. India is very good! Going to lndia is very bad! A train journey to
lndia is very good! A plane journey is very bad! – Sanjana, wait! Listen to me
Sanjana. – Captain, stop the plane! – Madam, what are you doing?! Wait!
– Ma’am, please sit. Open the door!
Captain, open the door! – Ma’am, please..
– Captain, open the door! What are you doing? – Try to understand, ma’am.
– Stop the plane. – We can’t stop the plane.
– I am going to break your door. – Help. Let me out..
– Okay.. Okay! Sanjana, I know, it is very
difficult to travel in a plane. Take this. It,s not a joke to
fly at the height of about… … 20/40,000 feet and that
too without any support! Sanjana, truly speaking l
am more afraid than you. Yes! – Phone..
– Oh! – Hello?
– Hi, Sanju. Rahul. How are you?
Did you reach there safely? I am fine.
But I miss you. I wish you were here,
we would have had a lot of fun. I am also missing you a lot, Rahul. You have not been
here just one day… … and I feel like
it,s been a week. How will we spend
another fifteen days? I love you, Sanju. I love you too, Rahul. Take care.
Eat your food on time. And don,t forget to
call me up every day. Yes, l,ll call you daily. It’s my promise. Okay? Why are you looking
at me like that, Sir? How much you love Rahul! Sir, you know that I have nobody
except him in this world. When he is not present,
I am not interested in anything. – What have you done?
– I’m sorry, sir. – Those were important papers.
– I’m really sorry, sir. – So, sorry..
– Let it be. – Please..
– Sir. – Oh, my.. Hey..
– I am so sorry, sir. They are important… What are
you doing? Please go from here. Go, I will take care of everything. I am sorry. What,s the matter Sanjana,
you look very happy today? Yes Dimple, I signed the
deal of my house today. I have to go and give
the advance tomorrow. Oh, really! – Did you tell this to Rahul?
– He hasn,t called since the… … past four days for
me to tell him this. I am worried.
Why hasn,t he called me yet? I think this is his call! – Hello!
– Sanjana! – Rahul, where are you?
– I am here, Sanju. But something has happened here. – Hello, are you there?
– Yes, Rahul. Dimple, please put the T.V off. Rahul, are you okay? Yes, I am very happy here. I am so happy that… I think,
I was destined for this. What were you destined for? I was destined to meet Nisha. Sanju, she is not a girl,
she is a miracle. She is mesmerising. She knocked me out in
the very first meeting. She has made me mad. – What are you saying, Rahul?
– I am sorry, Sanju. I am not coming back. I can,t leave her, Sanju. Don,t misunderstand me. I never felt what I am
feeling for Nisha with you. I am in love, Sanju. I have fallen in love.. – So, you want to go to lndia?
– Yes, Sir. Sanju, you know, I always
considered you to be my daughter. Can I give you an advice?
Forget Rahul. Okay.. Don’t cry.. Okay, tell me, how
will you go to lndia? Trains don,t go to lndia from here. I know, sir. I have no other alternative… … but to tread on the
path I didn,t want to. But no problem, sir. To bring Rahul back,
I will do anything,… … even travel in a plane. Bye. God, let this innocent
girl find her love. And give her the courage
to travel in a plane. – Wow..
– Excuse me, sir. Thank you, ma’am. Greetings. – Greetings!
– No problem, sir. – Thank you. Excuse me, ma’am. Thank you. Aren,t you the same girl… … who forced us to halt
the plane on the runway? – Me?
– Yes. What sorry?
You could have given me a seat. When I asked for a seat
close to the smoking zone – why didn’t I get it?
– Sir, please try to understand. – Our flight is full.
– No, I don’t want to understand. – You try and..
– We will adjust you after the take-off, sir. Sir, please take your seat now. – Where is my seat?
– This way, please. I didn,t get a seat in the
smoking zone because of you. Why are you hitting me? He’s blaming me for nothing. – Sit quiet, he’ll hit you again.
– Why is he hitting me? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! India is very good! But the lndians are very bad! My Rahul is very good! His girl friend is very bad! Actually, I am travelling
by plane for the first time. Do you think this plane will
crash and all of us will die? If such a thing happens,
no plane will fly in this world. What is this? What kind of a man are you
to frighten the frightened? That,s me! And if one is so phobic about
planes, why travel by it? I am not sitting here
because I like it,… … I am here because I am helpless. One girl has trapped
my fiancee in lndia. I am going to lndia
to bring him back. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I don,t think I can… I don,t think I can… The flight should take off! The flight should take off! – Will you please stop
staring at me? – No. I was thinking,
you are okay to look at. Infact you are quite good looking. Why did your fiancee leave you then? He didn,t leave me,
that lndian girl… Can I did you fact! India is very good
but all the lndians… … are like Rahul,s girl friend. Is there another reason
why your fiancee left you? Another reason?! I mean a pre-marital… Hey, mister.
Mind your language, okay? Who do you think you are?
Do I look like such a girl? It,s true that we were engaged… … but I never allowed
him to get near me. – Yes..
– What, yes?! – Now I understand.
– What did you understand? I know what kind of a girl you are. What kind of a girl am l? – You have only….
– Don’t Touch me… I am not touching you, I am
only making you understand. You have worn modern clothes… … but your thoughts
are very traditional. What? I don’t believe it. What! I am traditional?! What else? You were engaged
to Rahul, weren,t you? – Yes, so?
– You were engaged? – So? – And you didn,t allow him
to come near you? – So what? Nothing. He,s also a human being
what do you expect he would do? – What nonsense. – It,s not his
mistake. It,s your fault. And girls like you deserve this. I tell you, go back.
You won,t find him. – Go back.
– Shut up. You don,t know me or Rahul
and you are blabbering about us. That,s me. By the way, the
scene is very pretty. Hey!
The plane has taken off! Excuse me. – Ma’am.
– I’ll have it. Thanks. Oops! – I’m sorry..
– I’m sorry. – I’m so sorry..
– I’ll just get you something. – I’m so sorry..
– I’ll just get you something. – You have hidden something.
– No. You have hidden something. – He has hidden something.
– What was it,a pistol or a bomb? He looks like a terrorist. Wow Shekhar! You came to Paris
for some other reason… … but did something else.
Bravo! I love you. What are you reading? This
is of no use to you. – Okay. Listen.. Were you talking nonsense
to keep me distracted so that I don’t realise
when the flight takes off? Or were you serious? What do you think? I think, you wanted to distract me. Okay, you can think so. Aren,t you a bit strange? That,s me! By the way you seem
to love Rahul a lot. Is it?! How do you know it? You are going to meet Rahul
despite your phobia for planes. Isn,t that love? Perhaps this is what is called love. But you know, Rahul and I.. Have you ever loved anybody? I love my mother a lot. I am not talking about your mother. Even the people who hate
their mother love them. I am talking about the
other kind of love. Okay. No. Why? I don,t have time
for a stupid thing like love. But I have flirted around a lot. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What,s happening? Oh, my God.. Oh, my God.. Oh, my God.. Oh, my God.. Oh, my God.. Oh, my God.. – Take this.
– What is it? – God!
– God! God! This is your captain speaking. We are experiencing
a major turbulence but there is nothing
to worry about. Don’t panic.. Scoundrel, he himself is afraid
and is asking us not to panic!! “The earth above
and the sky below” “ln between the two,
hangs our life” “This journey cost us dear” “Who knows what will happen next” What will happen now? “What has to happen will
happen, then why cry over it” “What has to happen will
happen, then why cry over it” “Why cry over it” “Why cry over it” “What has to happen will happen.” “Agreed this is testing time” “But let us enjoy this moment” “You will forget all
sorrows in a moment” – “The world will seem heavenly”
– ‘Ram..’ “Don,t be afraid,
don,t feel hesitant” “Don,t be afraid,
don,t feel hesitant” “Enjoy it” “What has to happen will
happen, then why cry over it” “Why cry over it” “What has to happen will happen”. “What did you give me
to drink, l,m on a high” “l didn,t do anything,
it became an issue” “What did you give me to drink.” You are high!” – “I am not dragging things.
– It just happened.” “Let me be on a high” “Let me laugh, let me cry” “Let me be on a high” “Let me laugh, let me cry” “What did you give me to drink.” The drinks, this chaos,
what,s going on? “Oh God, save us!” “You help everyone in trouble” “He helps everyone..” – “Yes!
– Help us, Oh, Lord.” “You help everyone in trouble” “Who else can we call
for help but You” “One who has no one,
God is with him” “We know you always answer
everyone,s prayers” “Nothing happens until You want it” “Oh God, save us!” “You help everyone in trouble” “What has to happen will
happen, then why cry over it” “Why cry over it” “What has to happen will happen.” We are crying over what
is about to happen. Uncle, help me. – My dear.. Where are you?
– Help.. Where are you, my son? “Don,t be afraid” “Hear my song and dance with joy” “Dance different dances” “l,m dead!” “I don’t know what you saying
in your language, Mr. Indian.” “I don’t know why you are laughing
when everyone is dying.” “You are a psycho, you are a loco.
Do you know that we are dying?” “l,m dead!” Sir..
Everything has been sorted out. There was a technical problem
in the plane. I mean,
everything is under control. – Hail the Lord.
– All hail. Hail the Lord! What have you done? You broke the broken neck
of a respectable man?! – How many belts will he wear?
– Keep quiet! Don,t scold her.
She has done a miracle. She has accomplished what doctors
couldn,t do for 1 5 years. Move!
Madam you have done a miracle. You have freed me of this noose
tied on me for 1 5 years!! I will never forget this favour. Thank you.
Thank you, ma’am. Thank you too. Flight number 412 has arrived from Paris.
Thank you. Yes, please! Khan. Inspector Khan. Listen, aren,t you going
to the Holiday Home? – Why?
– I am going to that same place. I thought, I should drop you. – Okay, come. – Wait outside,
l,ll come after I get my luggage. Okay. Hello! – Mr. Khan, you! Here?
– I have come to arrest you. – What?!
– I am joking. You panic very soon. Yes, that,s me!! You look fine enough.
You have been to foreign countries. I heard you had gone
there for a music show? – Yes. – What were you
doing in the music show? – I had gone to play the flute.
– Flute!! Are you sure you were
playing the flute… … and not making a
drum out of somebody?! Mr. Khan, I am not a
policeman to do that. You are very good
at making repartees. – That,s because I hardly ever
went to school. – Very Good!! I will get the car. – Please.
– Yes Sir. – Come.
– Yes. Mr. Khan, I take your leave. What,s the hurry? We have met after days,
let,s go home and have tea. No Mr. Khan, not today.
I will come some other day. – I have some work today.
– Work?… What work? Nothing so important so as to
not have tea with you today. – Come.
– Yes. Sit. Come on. I have stopped doing those jobs
after you advised me against them. But you still suspect me! Suspect you?!
No, who told you that? Then why are you checking my bag? Who is checking it?
I was only trying to… … see what you brought
for me from abroad. The gift you want
is not in this bag. Where is it? Mr. Khan, after all,
what do you want from me? I want to save you from trouble. Because you had once saved
my life by endangering yours. I don,t want to repay that
kindness by arresting you. Don,t worry Mr. Khan, you will
never be able to catch me. Great! I mean I will never
give you a chance to complain. I have really changed, Mr. Khan. If you have really changed,
nothing better than that. Because you know, a friend
of the law is my friend. And an enemy of law is my enemy. Like to have some grams? Yes, ma’am. Can I help you? Mr. Rahul’s room number, please. – Sure.
– Rahul Bajaj. Rahul. Sorry, ma’am. I have instructions
to not disturb him. Look!
Rahul is my fiance. We are engaged. Still, ma’am. I’m very sorry. What do you mean by sorry? Do you know where I have come from? I have come all the way from
Paris and that too, by plane. I travelled for seven
hours twenty minutes… … by putting my life in
danger only to meet my fiancee. And you tell me that…. Ma’am.. It is our duty to take care
of the privacy of our guests. I can’t help it if he needs
privacy from you. Okay. Hello! Yes. I just gave you Rs. 100. Yes. And I have kept it
in my pocket. By the way, let me know
if you need any other help. Hello? Reception. Hello, ma’am. Thank you. You have nothing in the purse.
Such a pauper. – What? Nothing.. Nice purse. So empty.
Welcome to India. Bye.. Hello. Hello. It seems like you haven’t
got a room in the hotel. I can arrange a room for you
in another hotel if you wish. Something better as well as
cheaper than this. – No, thank you.
– No.. Come with me right now. Don’t touch my luggage.
I said, I don’t want a room. I am waiting for my fiance here. And if Rahul gets to know that
you are misbehaving with me he will kill you. What happened, ma’am? What happened, sir? Can’t you see?
Look after the girl. Hey, John.
Why are you doing here? – I came to drop a friend.
– Okay. Hey.. – Hey..
– Rahul. You! What are you doing here? I was trying to help you
regain consciousness. Where is your room? That girl in the
pink dress snatched my room.. – What is it, mister? Get going..
– Where is she? – Where is she?
– Please, get going.. – Thank you! – Oh, my God.
– What happened? – I can’t find my luggage.
– What! What nonsense are you talking? It must be here,
how can you lose it? Look for it. Come on. Why are you looking
under the cushions? It is a suitcase, not a key. What happened, ma’am? Can I help you? How can you help her? Her luggage has been stolen. Is this a hotel
or the abode of thieves? He didn’t even give me
Rahul’s room number. To hell with Rahul,
think about the luggage. Hey..
The luggage is mine. What is your problem? – But it has..
– What does it have? – What does it have?
– We will be insulted. The luggage is yours
but this is my country. Listen.. Sit down, relax. Think with a calm mind. Tell me,
where did you keep the luggage. I was sitting here and the
luggage was right here. Then? Then Rahul came with
the girl in the pink dress. I can’t tell you
the way he’d held her. Let me listen to your love story later.. Where is the luggage?
Think about that, first. – Oh, my God.
– What happened? I guess, the bastard did it. – Which bastard?
– The one who forced me to take a room.
Now, I am sure. All men are bastards. They are all bastards! – Okay, the man..
– He was a bastard as well. I am asking you, did he.. Was he wearing a grey colour suit? – Yes. – Black shirt?
– Yes. Yes, come with me. You..
Do you know that bastard? – I know him very well.
– Of course, you know him. All the bastards know each other. He is a bastard too. You.. You bastard! My car. My car! A similar red car rammed
over his wife and she died. He has lost his senses ever since. He always runs behind a red car. Hey, my car! Police.. What is this.. Hey..
Don’t try to escape! Stop there.
I’ll shoot you. This is the last warning.
Stop. Shall we? The one you left in the hotel. She’s here. Hello. How are you? – You were in the hotel.
– Hey.. Why are you throwing my bag? – I’m sorry.
– You.. You fell unconscious in the hotel. I’d gone to call a doctor
but I couldn’t find you. All I have is the passport. – Listen..
– Yes. Ask him where my
luggage and money is! – No..
– Where is it? I paid my debts with the money. And I sold the suitcase
and clothes. – Oh, my God.
– I am.. – Oh, my God.
– I am sorry, ma’am. – Oh, my God.
– I am sorry. Oh, my God.
I am so sorry. – No problem.
– I am so sorry. No problem.
It’s not your mistake. I have put it in a wrong place. – Will you have some tea?
– No, thank you. – Have some.. – No.. You have it.
– I can’t drink now. I don’t understand
what he is looking for. Shekhar, what are you doing? There’s nothing in there.
Nothing. What are you doing? No.. There’s nothing. I am telling
you there is nothing there. – You broke it.
– Listen.. Don’t hit him.. – Don’t hit him. – Don’t hit me.
– Ask him about my luggage. There was a sapling
in the hand bag. Where did you sell it? – Sapling?
– Sapling? – What sapling?
– A plant.. Pl.. Plant? How will buy that? It’s over there. Why did you place
the plant in my bag? My bag couldn’t be locked so I thought, I’d keep it in
your bag and take it later. Oh, so you came here
to look for your plant? What does this contain? You asked the thief about the plant and not my luggage! I am warning you.
This is a very expensive plant. This is my life. My happiness. Happiness! – I don’t care.
How does it matter to me? – I was robbed off my luggage.
– Did I steal it? I help you and this is how you
talk.. – I don’t need help. Ever since I have met you,
I have been in trouble. Excuse me. You are in trouble
because of your fiance! – The one who left you..
– Please, stop following me. Yes.. Go on. Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! I don’t know where the necklace is. Give it a thought. Would I be here
if I knew about the necklace? I think the necklace would have
fallen inside that girl’s bag. Leave me.
Leave me. Excuse me. – Hello.
– Hello, sir. Yes, Sanjana. How are you? Did you reach safely? Yes, sir. I have reached. Hey, are you crying? No, sir. I am a bit worried. I am really worried! Rahul is enjoying with that girl and I’m roaming on the streets
without food. – Excuse me.
– Sure, no problem. – Sanjana! Sanjana, listen to me.
Don’t cry. Sir, what do I do now? Where shall I go? I don’t even have money
to book a room in some hotel. What? But you took money
from here, didn’t you? Yes, sir. I carried some money with me. But, sir,
there are many thieves here. My money and belongings
are stolen. Sanjana, don’t worry. I agree I’m not with you. But I can send things to you
within two hours. Tell me,
where shall I send the money? Sir, I’ll call up and inform
you after meeting Rahul. Sanjana, I suggest you
should come back. No, sir. I won’t come back without Rahul. He will have to love me the way he used to do earlier. Sir, I will remind him
how happy we were. Okay, don’t cry. No, sir. I’m not crying. I just can’t help it. I don’t know why. Sir, I’ll have to hang up. The bill is increasing. – Here are your tickets.
– Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Sweetheart!
– Yes. How come you decided to go
to Palolem Beach suddenly? Here are your receipts. Sweetheart, you know, Palolem Beach will make you forget Paris. Oh, it’s so beautiful
and so romantic! There’s a vast sea
and a beach close to it. Only I’ll be there with you on the beach. – Understood?
– Wow! Wonderful. Finally, I caught you. I was just looking at the suitcase. Wonderful. It is very good.
How much did you pay for it? Thank you, sir. Sir, believe me. I’m coming here for the first time. Okay. So, one of your colleagues
stole a girl’s bag yesterday. What bag? Which girl? Sir, I don’t know
what you’re talking about. Come on, have some chickpeas. You will understand everything. Sir, how can I eat
when my hands are tied? Give me some, sir. Hello, ma’am.
Welcome back. It’s amazing. How do you wear a plastic smile
and talk so sweetly? Is it your habit or are you
so cheap from childhood? Ma’am, you can take a call. See! See, the same smile.
Oh, my God! Listen, stop giggling
while talking to me because I feel like punching you
and breaking your teeth whenever you show me your teeth.
Get it? Ma’am, there’s no point
in creating a scene here because your fiance and his friend are not our guests anymore. – They have already checked-out.
– What? Where did they go? They.. Palolem. They have gone to
our resort in Palolem Beach. The flight would have taken off
by now. But there’s a train at 1 p.m. I can book a taxi
to the station if you want. That’s better. Listen, I’m losing my patience. You will have to tell me
about your boss if you want to save your life. Sir, that person
has just entered the hotel. Good. It would be better
if you explain in detail. Your friend, Shekhar has stolen a diamond necklace
from Paris. It is not difficult to arrest him. He is right behind you. Turn around. I’ll tell you. – Tell me.
– Palolem. Good. Shekhar! Shekhar! Ram Singh, start the car. Oh! Shekhar! Shekhar! Shekhar! Shekhar! Well done, sir! You! Why are you here? After you left yesterday I realised that it’s not right
to leave a girl alone when she’s in trouble. Hence, I came to help you. I don’t need your help. You would be the last person I would take any help from. Why is that? That’s because I know
what kind of a person you are. What? You told me
that you’d bring your car. You call the owner of the car crazy when he runs behind you. You raise your hands like a
thief in front of the police. But you start exercising
when I see you. Oh, ma’am!
What do you mean? Am I a thief? What do you have that I can steal? That is what I can’t understand. Why does a person like you
want to leave all his work and help me instead? – That’s how I am.
– What? Well, you told me in the plane that all Indians
are like Rahul’s girlfriend. And in the hotel you’d said that all men are bastards. I felt very bad. So, I want to prove it to you that neither all Indians
are like Rahul’s girlfriend nor are all men bastards. Did you see that?
There’s no policeman here. But I’m still exercising. It is my habit. Rahul! Tea! Tea! Didn’t you recognise me?
I’m Ramnath. Go. – Are you Rohit?
– No. I am not well. I have a stomach ache. Oh, God! – Was this the only
station you found to fall sick? What? I mean, why did you get off
the train? I feel more sick
when I sit in the train. – Do you want to meet Rahul?
– Yes. The train stops only for
two minutes. Let’s go. – Oh, God!
– Hey, you are unwell. Give me your bag at least.
Bag.. Oh, I remembered! – Aren’t you Nirmal?
– No. Hey!
Hey, the train is leaving. Come out quickly. What is your name? Come out. Hey, where are you going? No, I wanted to check.. Go there. – I just..
– Go there, I say. Strange! I know this scoundrel. But I can’t remember who he is. Did the train leave? Yes, I told them
that you are unwell. – Oh, God!
– It didn’t stop. I also told
that you have to meet Rahul. But the train left. Oh, my God! I’m dying. I’m dying. I’m feeling dizzy.
Oh, God! Yes, you are Shekhar. – Let’s go. – I’m dying.
– Let’s go. Mr. Shekhar, did you think that I wouldn’t recognise you? I’ll complain about you right now. What happened? I’m feeling better. – What time is the next train?
– It’s at 6 p.m. What?
But it is 6:15 p.m. now. Is the train late? I mean, tomorrow morning
at 6 a.m. Oh, no! I’ve never seen
a stupid girl like you who has travelled so far to get back something she has lost. You look worried. Where will we stay now? I was thinking
about the same thing. Look, don’t hit me. Hear me out first. At least hear me out! Stop it. Otherwise.. He used to box like this with me
since childhood. He is my elder brother. – Greetings.
– Hello. Elder brother? This is my village. “The greenery and flowers
make my village beautiful.” Wow, what a beautiful place! /”The night has passed,
let’s welcome a new day.” “It’s a beautiful morning
and the world seems lovely.” Uncle is here. Pappu, what are you doing? – Don’t run.
– Shekhar! – Uncle! – Shekhar!
– Greetings, Mom. Here you are! Uncle, how are you? – Shekhar!
– Sister-in-law! Naughty boy! – Sister-in-law,
my ears.. – Keep quiet. You didn’t inform us about anything and you’re returning home
after three months. Sister-in-law, I had some work. Oh! Who is this girl? Sister-in-law, she’s my friend. Since when did you start
befriending girls? Sister-in-law, this is not fair. My Shekhar is back. – Greetings.
– Give me a hug. God bless you. Daughter-in-law, you were
worrying for no reason. Didn’t I tell you that he’d return home
before Chutki’s engagement? He is here.
He is here, isn’t he? Dear, who is the girl with him? – She is Shekhar’s friend.
– Friend? Chutki is not to be seen. Shekhar, Chutki is here. Chutki! Hey, are you angry with me? Yes, I made a mistake. Okay, I am apologising. Forgive me. Hey, why are you crying? I wrote many letters. You know,
brother went to the city twice. But there was no clue about you. Chutki, what do I do? This is how I am. I had already informed mom that I wouldn’t get engaged
tomorrow if you hadn’t come today.
You can ask mom. Really? How can I not attend
your engagement? Your engagement will be
a grand affair. Brother, be seated. – I’ll get tea for you.
– Go. – Hey, what happened to you?
– Nothing. Are you crying? I have only one sister. What will we all do
after she gets married? Shekhar, this is how things work. Didn’t I leave my house
and come here? Sister-in-law,
don’t give me a lecture on such traditions. My sister was with me
for 20 years but she’ll leave
this house forever. What kind of a rule is this? Come, Sanjana. Hey, easy. Stand up. – Are you all right?
– Yes. I’m all right, ma’am. Sanjana, this is your room. You might be tired
after the journey. Freshen up and take rest. Okay, ma’am. – But keep my bag safely.
– Okay. Come, the bathroom is that way. – What are you doing here?
– Nothing. Go then. It’s your sister’s engagement
tomorrow. Change your look. – Mr. Shekhar!
– Yes. I’ve heard that the salons
in the city make people look good
without using a soap. – What do you mean?
– I mean, they shave neatly. They earn a lot too. There are a lot of expenses
as well. Why won’t they spend
when they earn so much? We don’t earn anything here. But people make us work. – I will fall.
– Hey, why aren’t you playing? No, Ms. Sanjana.
I don’t want to play. – I’m fine here.
– Come, Pappu. It’s great fun. No, Sanjana. Let it be. He won’t play.
You guys carry on. Okay. My turn.. Mr. Shekhar,
shall I say something? I will earn a lot of money
in Mumbai if you open a salon for me
in that city. There will be a lot of profit. I’ll share half the amount
with you. – Shave my beard now.
– It’s my duty. I’ll do it. I’ll shave in such a way.. – What happened?
– I made a mistake. – What? Mr. Shekhar, you’ll look good
if you shave your moustache. – You will look handsome..
– Hey! I love my moustache a lot.
Understood? – Remove it and see.
– No. I’ll kill you
if you touch my moustache. – Kill me then.
– Why? Because I shaved
half of your moustache. What! What have you done? – It was a mistake.
– What did you do? – Mistake! You idiot, it’s my sister’s
engagement tomorrow. – But you shaved my moustache.
– Uncle! How will I face the public? You want to go to Mumbai, is it? – What happened?
– Do you want to earn? – What did he do?
– Look at this. – Uncle’s moustache is gone!
– His moustache is gone! Hey!
Hey, stop! Hey, you shaved of my moustache! Where are you going?
I won’t spare you! – Have some more.
– Ma’am, what are you doing? – That’s a lot of food.
– Nothing will happen. The food gets digested well
in this weather. – Have it.
– Ma’am! Look at brother. Why are you covering your face
like girls? Like old men? I said ‘girls’! I mean, he is shying away
like girls. You shaved of your moustache
at the age of 26. Look at me.
I am 60 years old. Remove your hand and have food. No, Dad. Everyone will laugh at me. Why will they laugh? Nobody will laugh. Don’t you dare laugh at him! Remove your hand. Come on. Come on, Shekhar. Dad, what should I do? The game is over in the first move. Checkmate. How are you playing?
It’s my turn. No, Dad.
It was my turn. You are cheating like always.
It was my turn. Dad, it was my turn. You are lying.
Look what’s written in the diary. – It was my turn.
– It was my turn irrespective of what
is written in the diary. You are cheating again.
It was my turn. – Dad, it was my turn.
– It was my turn. Wait a minute. Both of you are playing chess and you don’t remember
whose turn it was. I remember. It is clearly
mentioned in the diary that he played the last move
three months ago. Is this game going on from
three months? – No, Ms. Sanjana. This game is going on
from one and a half year. Whenever uncle comes home he plays half the game
and goes back. That’s why,
I wrote it in the diary. – He cheats a lot. – Am I a cheat?
– What is it then? I know what you are, okay? It is his turn. Sir, go on. Okay, come on, kids.
Let’s go. One, two, three.. – Play!
– Really? You didn’t agree when I said it. But you’re asking me to play
on her say. You heed her a lot. What are you saying, Dad? That’s not true. Something is fishy. Look at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes indicate
that you love her a lot. Brother Raju, come on. Sanjana, take this. You will look very pretty if you wear these clothes
for my engagement instead of a shirt and pants. – Thank you.
– Kids, what are you doing? Don’t you have to wake up early
in the morning? Sanjana, what are you doing? Chutki gave me an album. I’m looking at it. Are you just looking at it
or even recognising people? – What do you mean?
– Tell me, who is this? This is Shekhar. – Shekhar?
– Yes. Why are you laughing, Ms. Sanjana? Is it because
this is Uncle Shekhar’s photo or is it because
he is without clothes? Hey, you only talk like elders. Can’t you play like kids? I can’t play, Ms. Sanjana. I get tired very soon. Really? You know how to give excuses. No, Sanjana. He is right. The doctor has forbidden him
from playing. Doctor? Why, ma’am? Because there’s a hole in my heart. Do you have a hole in your heart? It’s not as big as you said. It is a tiny one. I’ll be fine after one operation. But the doctor is demanding
a huge amount for the operation. That is why, uncle went
to the city to earn money. Ms. Sanjana, you know what? My uncle never lies. He told me that he’d earn
a lot of money in the city and he’d get me operated so that I could play
with Munni and Raju. Ms. Sanjana, I’ll defeat Munni
and Raju in the race after that. – Right, Mom?
– Yes. Inspector Chaturvedi
just called me up from Palolem Beach. He was present at the station
with the police force. But Shekhar didn’t reach there. What are you saying? He has put me in trouble. – Sir, what happened?
– What do you think can happen? The commissioner’s sister-in-law
had gone to Paris for her honeymoon. He met her there as a guide. He stole the necklace
while showing her around Paris. Wonderful. The commissioner’s wife
has made his life miserable and he is making my life miserable. Shekhar might have got down
at Shamlakot if he didn’t go to Palolem Beach. That is his village. Wonderful. This is not good news. His family members
are decent people. I’ll have to arrest him
in front of everyone. “He is 60,
yet he looks handsome.” “He is 60,
yet he looks handsome.” “Let the drums roll,
when the bride’s grandpa dances.” “It was bound to happen.” Hey! “The sky and the clouds
are dancing.” “The sky and the clouds
are dancing.” “Let the drums roll,
when the bride’s mother dances.” – Come on, ma’am!
– Please dance! “There is happiness everywhere..” “There is happiness everywhere..” “Let the drums roll,
when the bride’s brother dances.” Stop it! I don’t know how to dance. Shekhar, dance! It’s your sister’s engagement! – You will have to dance!
– Yes! Make brother dance then! Why? Isn’t she your sister? Will the elder brother alone dance? Come on, dance! No, I won’t dance. “Hey, it’s your sister’s
engagement today.” “Hey, it’s your sister’s
engagement today.” “Show us your dance moves.” “Hey, it’s your sister’s
engagement today.” “Show us your dance moves.” “Don’t shy away like girls..” “Just do as I say.” “I’ll dance with everyone,
come and hug me.” “I’ll dance with everyone,
come and hug me.” “Look me in the eye..” “Look me in the eye..” “Just do as I say, my beloved..” “Donning the groom’s garland,
I’ll come with a procession.” “I’ll take away my bride
in a palanquin from here.” “Don’t think I’m innocent
and try to flirt with me.” “I won’t marry you.
Get this straight, you crazy guy.” “Listen, gorgeous. I’m lonely.
I feel restless.” “Get lost! Leave my hand.
My friends are watching.” “Just do as I say..” “Just do as I say..” “Do as I say!” “My friends say,
your intentions aren’t right.” “Why are you after my life?” “Tell your friends
not to interfere.” “Ask them to treat me
like their brother-in-law.” “I won’t come with you.
Your intentions aren’t right.” “Let’s not drag this.” “Don’t trouble me.
Stop fighting like this.” “Please be my wife.” “Just do as I say..” “Just do as I say..” “Hey, it’s your sister’s
engagement today.” “Show us your dance moves.” “I’ll dance with everyone” “come and hug me.” “Don’t shy away like girls..” “Look me in the eye..” – “Just do as I say..
– Just do as I say..” – “Just do as I say..
– Just do as I say..” “Just do as I say..” “Just do as I say.. “Just do as I say.. Sir! – Sir!
– Yes? – Oh! Come.
– Lassi for you. – Sit down, Sanjana.
– Yes, Sister-in-law? What were you thinking about? What is Shekhar doing
in the fields so early? He is dreaming of something
that can never be fulfilled. Sir, I didn’t understand. All the fields that you see belonged to us
at one point of time. But due to growing financial needs everything was mortgaged
gradually. We cannot get it back now. How can we arrange for
lakhs of rupees? But he is adamant that he will get it back. He roams different cities trying to arrange for the money. Sanjana, when he is not here the family worries a lot
about him. They miss him a lot. He doesn’t pay heed to me. Please make him understand. He may pay heed to you. He won’t win a lottery
in the city. He can at least get this house back if he works here
with his brother. Tell me something. Chutki is engaged. If we lose this house too how will she get married? Tell me! Don’t do any mischief.
Let’s go quickly. We’ll be late. Beautiful, isn’t it? You know what? These are mustard flowers. When the flower blossoms fully the seed comes out and mustard oil is
extracted from it. – Really?
– Yes. But this crop remains
only for three months. We grow grains after that. – Grains?
– Yes. Wheat. Oh! You seem to know a lot
about farming. Earlier I would work in the farm
with brother and grandpa. Why are you staring at me? You call me crazy and idiot because I travelled so far
to get back something I have lost. But even you are
roaming in the city to get back this field. Now, tell me. What’s the difference
between the two of us? Even you are crazy
and stupid like me. Shekhar, your family
loves you a lot. They really miss you, you know? How do you stay away from them? This is how I am. Don’t be like this. Very few people in this world
get so much of love. Look at me. I had only Rahul’s love. But even that was snatched away. You may get back your fields. But I don’t think
I’ll get my love back. Sanjana, you will get
your love back. I will help you unite with Rahul. Henceforth,
consider me as your friend. I promise you that I’ll definitely help you
get back your love. Tell me this. You want to get these fields back and free your house. You also want to get Pappu treated. Have you made any arrangements
for all of this or will you win a lottery
in the city? Sanjana, what shall I say? I’d won a lottery
worth Rs. 22 lakhs. If only I could claim it I wouldn’t go back to the city. I would stay here peacefully
with my family. But I haven’t given up yet. I have to work harder. I lost the damn lottery ticket. Is this your lottery ticket? This.. Sanjana, you.. This is how I am. Sir, we’ve been driving non-stop
since the past 12 hours. Shall we stop on the way
and eat something? Oh, you’re hungry!
Why didn’t you tell me then? I’m about to die out of hunger. That’s why, I informed you. You’re so strange. You complain a lot. – Come on, have peanuts.
– What? Yes, have it. Don’t hesitate. Did it make any difference? Yes, sir.
My stomach is full. Did you see that? You will enjoy like this
if you stay with me. Wonderful! You are feeling better, right? Drive faster at least now. He shouldn’t leave the village
before we reach there. – Bye!
– Bye! Bye, Uncle! Bye! Sorry, sir. I can allot you only one room now. Sanjana, what do we do? Only one room is available. – Yes.
– What can we do? – Okay.
– Take it. Sir, will you pay by cash or.. – Card.
– Okay. – Mr. Kumar Mangat!
– Yes. – Shekhar!
– Yes. Are you sure that
I’ll get Rahul back? Only if you follow my advice. Tell me. What will you do
when you meet Rahul? I’ll punch him very hard first! And I’ll pull out Nisha’s hair! Even Rahul might have thought that you’ll create a scene
the day you meet him. But don’t prove him right. If he gets to know that you cannot live without him he won’t value you. We should never let anybody realise how much we love them. Instead, make him feel that you are happier without him and that you are also in love
with somebody else. Somebody else? – Who?
– Me. – You?
– Yes, Sanjana. You are in love with me. You have come here for me,
not for Rahul. Yes. I think it’s a very good idea. This will be a good drama. Listen, in order to win a war the first attack
should be well planned. When Rahul will be on the beach
with his girlfriend tomorrow attack him suddenly. Sanjana? Hi, Rahul! Sanjana, what brings you here? – Hey, is she Nisha?
– Yes. – Yes, she’s Nisha..
– Yes, Sanjana. I’m Nisha. – Sanjana, actually..
– Let me see, Rahul. So, you are the one
who stole Rahul from me. I didn’t do anything like that.
He came to me on his own. Smart girl! Good choice, Rahul. Sanjana, it seems like
you have changed a lot. Of course not, Rahul.
I’m still the same. When you called up and informed
that you’re not returning I was so furious! I decided to win you back
from that super bitch! Sorry. And you know that I hate flying. Yet I took a flight! I kept thinking
throughout the journey how you could fall in love
with any random girl. But I was wrong. I was so wrong. Love can happen anywhere
between anybody. It can happen anytime. Sanjana, what are you saying? Yes, Rahul.
I met Shekhar in the plane just how you met Nisha. – Shekhar?
– Yes, Shekhar. He’s magical and intoxicating. He made me crazy about him
in our first meeting. And you know,
the way I feel for him I never felt the same for you. It’s amazing!
I’m in love! I’m in love! Ma’am, it’s a call for you. Oh, thanks! – Hello! – Sanjana!
– Shekhar! Darling, tell me. You’re smiling a little too much. – Yes.
– Get up from there. I’ll come in five minutes. – No, right now.
– Okay, okay, I’m coming. Bye!
Bye, Rahul! Oh, my God!
I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! You seem to be nervous after
seeing your ex-girlfriend happy. What? – Are you envious
of her love story? Come on, Nisha.
Why would I be jealous? Why should I? Come on, let’s enjoy. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, God! Rahul’s face was worth watching
when he saw me. He was very jealous after
listening to our love story. Oh, my God!
Shekhar, you are great! You gave me a good idea! “This was bound to happen.” What the hell are you doing? I’m very happy today! What will people think about us? Why should we bother about that? Let them look at us. – Let them feel jealous.
– Okay! “I’m crazy about you, my beloved.” “At least look at me once.” “I’m crazy about you, my beloved.” “At least look at me once.” “The weather is pleasant,
our hearts are young.” “Let the world be envious of us!” “I’m crazy about you, my beloved.” “At least look at me once.” “I’m crazy about you, my beloved.” “At least look at me once.” “The weather is pleasant,
our hearts are young.” “Let the world be envious of us!” “I’m crazy about you, my beloved.” “My love for you will never die.” “I love everything about you!” “All I want to say is..” “In your heart I want to stay.” “There’s not a day or a moment” “that I want to stay
without you.” “My life revolves around you.” “Let the world be envious of us!” “Let’s get romantic today.” “Why should I stay away from you?” “I want to be yours forever!” “Let the world be envious of us.” Oh, my God, a shark!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Rahul, there’s a shark! Rahul, hurry up! Rahul, swim faster! Oh, God!
Rahul, hurry up! Come on, Rahul!
Come on! Please! “I’m crazy about you, my beloved.” “At least look at me once.” “I’m crazy about you, my beloved.
At least look at me once.” “The weather is pleasant,
our hearts are young.” “Let the world be envious of us.” “Let the world be envious of us.” – “Let the world be envious of us.
– Let them be!” It was so funny, isn’t it? I know. I see Rahul, over there. Come on. Hey, you guys are here! Great! I knew that both of you
would fall in love. No, Mr. Mangat. – It’s nothing as such.
– Come on. Why are you feeling shy? Both of you make a good pair. Mr. Mangat,
we are just good friends. You know what? Lovers are liars. They step out of home saying
that they are going to college. But they go to the theatre
with their girlfriend. I used to do the same
during my college days. When I used to get caught.. Mr. Mangat,
we are just good friends. He is her boyfriend, not me. – Let’s go.
– Okay. Come. He? Oh, I’m sorry. – I’m very sorry.
– It’s okay. – Shekhar, Rahul will leave.
– Let’s go. – Bye!
– Bye! See you, Mr. Mangat. How do you know
that my name is Mangat? How do I know? I know your name
as well as your address. – You stay in this city, right?
– How do you know? I found your credit card
near the dustbin. – Did you find it now?
– Yes. Did you find this credit card – after I lost Rs. 1 lakh?
– Yes. This is not good.
How is this one? – Tell me! How is this?
– Very nice! Very nice! Naturally!
What about this? – You will like it..
– Hi, Rahul! Don’t scream! Don’t scream! Quiet! We won’t harm anybody! We’re here just to loot the shops! I want you on your knees! Anybody who revolts
will lose their lives! Hey! Throw your weapons and step out! Otherwise, an innocent person
will die because of you! Step out, I say! I’m saying it for the last time!
Step out.. The police has surrounded
this place from all directions! You cannot escape from here! If you want to remain alive throw your weapons and step out. Surrender yourselves to the police! Inspector, did you get my answer? I will kill everyone
if you try to come inside! Leave this place with your men! Rahul!
Rahul! Will you go from here
or shall I kill her? Let go of her. Don’t step forward! I’ll shoot you! I thought
you are very intelligent. But no, you are an idiot! You are crazy! This is how I am. ‘This is how I am!’ What happened to you
all of a sudden? What was the need to
risk your life? What if anything
had happened to you? What if anything
had happened to you? Shekhar, are you so concerned
about me? Is it necessary
to express everything aloud? There’s so much difference
between Rahul and you. I wish Rahul was like you. He doesn’t know the meaning of love and you very well know
the meaning of friendship. Did you understand what to do? – Yes, ma’am.
– Okay, good. Excuse me, sir.
There’s a phone call for you. – For me?
– Yes, sir. – Are you sure?
– Sure. Darling, I’ll be right back. Hi, Nisha! Oh, hi! How come you’re alone today? Even you are alone today. So, I came here alone. Where’s your bodyguard? – Hello?
– How are you, Rahul? – Who is this?
– You oaf! This is Nisha’s father. Oh! Hello, sir. May God bless you. – Are you short sighted?
– No! Why? I mean, how can
a ravishing woman like you have an ugly boyfriend like Rahul? Hey! Doesn’t his face looks
like a minister’s face – who has lost the elections?
– You’re such a naughty boy! Nisha. I really like you. You can’t be Nisha’s father! Shut up! Right!
I know! Your lover is coming here. He’ll commit suicide
if he sees you with me. – See you.
– Bye. – What was he doing here?
– He was praising you. Nisha, I’ve been noticing that something happens to you
whenever you see Shekhar. What about your mood
when you see Sanjana? – Nisha, I..
– Shut up! Don’t you think
you were too close to Nisha? Hey..
I was just trying to help you. Listen to me..
Listen! Yes. You did your job, too. – You’ve always liked Nisha.
– No.. – Let me enjoy her company.
– No! – She’s not a nice girl.
– Is it? – What about her?
– Shut up! Let’s go from here. – She looks decent enough.
– Shekhar, I’ll whack you! – What do you think about her?
– You! – Hey.. – You stupid.. Idiot..
– Hey.. – Look there!
– Listen.. – I’ve had enough.
– Listen to me.. – I don’t want any more..
– Nisha! Get lost! Ma’am, it’s all because of me. We’ll have to play one last move
to break their relationship. Kumar Mangat. Hey!
What are you doing? – Sir!
– Sir! – Sir!
– All right! – All right!
– Sir! – Who is he?
– Don’t you know him? He is Thakur Sher Singh! He’s the most affluent man
in the city. When he gives alms to the poor
even they buy an apartment. But, why is he carrying a gun? Mr. Sher Singh is a famous hunter. When he passes by a jungle animals like lions and tigers
hide themselves on seeing him. How can a petty doggy
like you bark at me? I’ll shoot you.
Shut up! Stupid animal! Why is such a rich man
pleading Sanjana? Sir..
Sir, are you okay? My chest is paining
all of a sudden, dear. Will you please drop me home? Welcome, dear. Come in! Sir, you were talking to a girl
near the swimming pool. – How do you know her?
– What do you mean? She’s the apple of my eye! She’s my granddaughter
and I’m her grandpa. – Grandpa!
– Of course. Sir, as far as I know – she has no relatives.
– Then, who am I? Who am I? Who is she? That’s not Sanjana. That’s her mother
and my only daughter, Ranjana. I’d severed all ties with her.
Do you know why? Because she’d married a poor man. Ever since that day
my soul curses me! It says, ‘You’re are a dog!’ ‘You are a scoundrel!’ ‘You are a useless man!’ My daughter is dead. But she didn’t let me forget her. Now that my daughter, Ranjana has taken Sanjana’s form you say, she has no relatives! She’s my blood! Got it? You know, I just hope that Sanjana forgives me
wholeheartedly so that I can transfer
all the properties to her name and go on a pilgrimage! – What happened, sir?
– Nothing, dear. Now I have a toothache! Come on.
Come on.. Sit down.. Tell me something about you. I’ve never seen you in this city. I’m here for a holiday, sir. You must know Mr. Raghu Jaitley. – I am his guest.
– Jaitley! Oh, yes! He has mortgaged
his bungalow to us. – What happened, dear?
– Nothing, sir. It’s all right. I understand..
But, we are helpless. He owes money to many people! His bungalow is bound
to be auctioned. Jaitley! Oh, yes! He has mortgaged
his bungalow to us. His bungalow is bound
to be auctioned. How did you find my bungalow? Your bungalow? It’s nice. Rahul, your behaviour has changed. It was your first meeting
with my parents. You didn’t even
talk to them properly. Actually, I’m not keeping well. Right.
You aren’t keeping well ever since Sanjana has arrived. Don’t drag her into everything! Please! Any problem, dear? Rahul looks miffed. No, Mom. As tomorrow is my birthday party he said, I’d invited
all my friends. But, I forgot to invite his friend. – His friend?
– Yes. Sanjana! I think, I’ll have to invite her
to the party. Hi! I don’t get it, Shekhar. Why did Nisha invite us
to her birthday party? In a war, even the enemy
has the right to attack. You attacked her many a time,
now it’s her turn. You mean to say,
she wants to make me feel jealous. She’ll feel worse
if you don’t feel jealous. Do you mind smiling? This is a little too much. Better. Nice party! Hey! Madhu, Trishna, come soon. – Excuse me.
– Sure. – Be nice to Nisha..
– Shekhar! – Hi! – Hi!
– Hello, Sanjana! – Happy birthday!
– Thank you! – Happy birthday!
– Thank you, Sanjana! Oh! Meet my friends. She’s Roma.
That’s Madhu. She is Trishna. – Hi!
– This is Shekhar. – Hello!
– And, she is Sanjana. Sanjana! Is she Rahul’s ex-fiancee? – Why did Rahul leave her?
– She’s so beautiful. But, Nisha is more than
just beautiful. You tell me. Whom would you choose
if you were in his shoes? Of course, Sanjana!
It’s very obvious. Come on, friends!
Sanjana, don’t mind them. Have fun! Bye! – I hate her! – Sanjana.
– I’m going to kill her! Just relax! Okay? No, thanks! Dear friends, can I have
your attention, please? Thank you! Nisha, come here.
Rahul, you too. Come on! Today, I’m going to give you all
a big surprise. Today is not only Nisha’s birthday but also her engagement with Rahul! Oh, Rahul! – What’s wrong, Rahul?
– Nothing. – You didn’t tell me that..
– Aren’t you happy? No, no..
There’s nothing as such. I invited her. How could I forget to
invite your friend to celebrate our happy occasion? – Come on!
– Come on! Let’s dance, Shekhar!
Why? Come on, Shekhar! Sorry. Let’s go, Sanjana. What’s the hurry, Shekhar? It’s Rahul’s engagement party! Let’s enjoy. – Are you drunk?
– Relax, Shekhar. The war is over. Nisha has won and I have lost, Shekhar. – Sanjana, actually..
– Oh, come on, Shekhar! Don’t start lecturing me
about what I need to do.. I’m not a doll, Shekhar. I’m not a doll. Even I’m a human being. Even I have a heart. Even I feel hurt. Let’s go, Sanjana! It’s okay. – Sanjana..
– Hi, Rahul! Hearty congratulations! – Sanjana, I need to..
– You know something, Rahul? You are a bastard! Understand? Your girlfriend..
Or your fiancee.. She is a.. You know what she is. Hey, Shekhar! – Even he knows what she is.
– Let’s go.. Come on. She is a super bitch! Are you leaving? What’ll I do staying here? Will you be happy without Rahul? I was happy
even before meeting Rahul. I used to enjoy life. Everything was normal. You know something, Shekhar? It really hurts a lot
when you dream of something and it doesn’t get fulfilled. So, I’ve decided not to dream, here on. Right? Don’t smile so much, Sanjana. I can clearly see the tears
in your eyes. So, you accepted defeat? Yes, Shekhar.
I lost! I’m fed up of fighting my destiny. Sanjana, Rahul will surely
come back to you. Last night, it was clear
from his expression that he’d got engaged to her
out of compulsion. Yes, Sanjana. You’re almost there. Don’t give up now. Try to see things
from my point of view. What? I can see that Rahul is going back
to Paris with you. Don’t look at me, Sanjana.
Close your eyes. One not only dreams
with his eyes closed but also sees the truth which he fails to see otherwise. Please, Sanjana! Close your eyes. Can you see the house that you wanted to buy? You have bought the house. You’re happily dancing
in its courtyard. See who’s standing at a distance. It’s Rahul. He is waiting for you, Sanjana. Go to him. What happened?
Why did you open your eyes? You saw Rahul, didn’t you? Then, close your eyes. “Oh, stranger. Tell me this.” “Why is the heart so restless?” “Why do I feel as if” “I have known you for years?” “You are so naive.
You are so innocent.” “You are unaware about
your feelings.” “Oh, stranger. Tell me this.” “Why is the heart so restless?” “Why do I feel as if” “I have known you for years?” “You are so naive.
You are so innocent.” “You are unaware about
your feelings.” “Oh, stranger. Tell me this.” “Why is the heart so restless?” “How do I tell you how I feel” “and what I think?” “I have heard that it is difficult” “to hide your feelings.” “How do I tell you how I feel” “and what I think?” “I have heard that it is difficult” “to hide your feelings.” “Your smile will reveal” “all your secrets now.” “Oh, stranger. Tell me this.” “Why is the heart so restless?” “How do I tell you about the girl” “who has made me so crazy?” “A stranger has become
more close to me” “than my dear one.” “How do I tell you about the girl” “who has made me so crazy?” “A stranger has become
more close to me” “than my dear one.” “Love is full of sacrifices.” “It’s not going to be so easy.” “Oh, stranger. Tell me this.” “Why is the heart so restless?” “Why do I feel as if” “I have known you for years?” “You are so naive.
You are so innocent.” “You are unaware about
your feelings.” “Oh, stranger. Tell me this.” – What happened?
– Nothing. Sanjana, don’t be upset. Your dream will definitely come true. – Hello?
– This is Rahul. May I speak to Sanjana? Of course..
Hold on. It’s Rahul’s call.
Come on! – Hello?
– Hello? Hello, Sanjana.
How are you? I want to meet you, Sanju. Please, don’t refuse me. I have some important work. Sanjana, I’ll be waiting
for you at the Happy Valley. Okay? Excuse me!
What did Rahul say? He wants to meet me. How can you give me such
a good news with a sad face? What’s with you? Nothing. Get ready soon. Listen, please smile. I think, it’s the last scene
of our drama. I don’t know
where I should start from. You know, people who don’t
get their love are unlucky. But, the ones who get their love and can’t recognise it,
and are even more unlucky. They lose their love! I’m feeling guilty, Sanjana. – I shouldn’t have ditched you.
– Cool down, Rahul. I have gotten over it. You must move on too. One must live in his present,
not past. It’s only good to hear. But, that doesn’t happen
in real life. Tell me honestly. Have you forgotten your past? Don’t you love me anymore? You still love me, Sanjana. Otherwise, you wouldn’t
have created a ruckus after getting drunk
at my engagement party. Last night, even I realised that Nisha wasn’t made for me. She’s a different kind of girl. I am sure that you don’t love Shekhar either. Sanjana, you have brought Shekhar
just to make me feel jealous. You are just pretending
to love him. Please, forgive me, Sanjana. Please, come back to me. Please! I need you, Sanjana! I need you. What’s happening to me? I always wanted Rahul
to come back to me. Now that he has come back to me why am I not happy? Is it because I am in love
with Shekhar? What happened? Rahul wants to go back with me. Congratulations. That means, you’ll leave
in a couple of days. I don’t know whether we’ll
get the tickets or not. Don’t worry about the tickets. I’ll book them. Why are you in a hurry
to get rid of me suddenly? I have troubled you a lot,
haven’t I? That’s not true. I can go back to my village
after you leave. I need to get my sister married. What will you do staying here? You have got what you wanted. Yes. You were overthinking
unnecessarily. I knew that Rahul would surely
come back to you. True love never fails. “When your heart begins
to incline towards someone..” “When words rise to your lips
only to halt..” “When the eyes begin to signal
assent to each other..” “Let me know if you
have fallen for me..” “If you have fallen for me..” “When your heart begins
to incline towards someone..” “When words rise to your lips
only to halt..” “When the eyes begin to signal
assent to each other..” “Let me know if you
have fallen for me..” “If you have fallen for me..” “When you desire another
person’s happiness..” “It’s nothing but true love.” “What’s the use of lying
to yourself?” “What’s the use of hiding
your love?” “When someone becomes
more precious than your life..” “Let me know if you
have fallen for me..” “If you have fallen for me..” Happy birthday! – Let’s dance.
– Why not? “If I’m surrounded
by her very fragrance..” “If I am living her dream..” “When she doesn’t seem
to get convinced..” “When she becomes the necessity
of my life..” “My life becomes
difficult without her..” “Let me know if you
have fallen for me..” “If you have fallen for me..” “When your heart begins
to incline towards someone..” “When words rise to your lips
only to halt..” “When the eyes begin to signal
assent to each other..” “Let me know if you
have fallen for me..” “If you have fallen for me..” “We were bound to fall in love.” “We were bound to fall in love.” Shekhar. I’ll leave tomorrow evening. What will you do after that? I’m standing before
my destination. Where will I go? Look there. I’ll sell the necklace tomorrow. That’s it.
What else can I do? Do you want to have some ice-cream? Ice-cream? It is said, friends must
have ice-cream before parting ways. – Sweet memories will stay with you.
– I’ll get it. Listen. – Do you want to have chickpeas?
– What! – It’s good for health.
– Do we know each other? Actually, I know you.
You don’t know me. They call me Khan. Inspector Khan. I’m here to talk to you
about the necklace. – Necklace?
– Yes. That diamond necklace Shekhar has stolen from Paris. You had helped him come out
of the airport, hadn’t you? Oh! – That necklace!
– Yes. That necklace. I want that necklace, Sanjana. Otherwise, Shekhar
will get into a big trouble. I’ll have to arrest him. He’ll be imprisoned
for a couple of years. If he doesn’t make it
to Chutki’s wedding next month I’ll be saddened the most because he’s my friend too. Why don’t you talk
to him directly about it? He will not understand
if I talk to him. I don’t want to use the other method practised
by the cops. Hence, I’m asking you to help. Shekhar will never agree
to surrender the necklace. You’ll have to convince him,
Sanjana. Otherwise, I’ll have no option.
But to.. I am staying at this hotel.
Call me. I want the necklace by tomorrow. Have a nice day. Bye. I need to sell it tomorrow morning. So, I’m cleaning the diamonds. You know, Sanjana. Everything will fall into place if I get a good price. – Shekhar.
– Yes. What if I sell this necklace
instead of you? – You?
– Yes. I’m a girl.
I’m from Paris. I can sell it easily. And nobody will suspect me. All right. But, be careful. I’m handing over my life to you. – Hello?
– Sir, this is Sanjana speaking. Who? Sanjana! – How are you, dear?
– I am okay, sir. Sir, I’m taking a flight back home
tomorrow in the evening. Very good! Sir, I wanted to talk
about something important. Go on. Tell me. What! But why do you suddenly.. That’ll be done.. All right.
Bye. She’s one crazy woman. Hey.. What have you done, Sanjana! You don’t deserve to go with me, Rahul. Sanjana!
Sanjana, please stop! You cannot leave the love
of your life. Until yesterday,
even I used to think that you are my love. But, after you left me I realised for the first time that I only liked you. I never realised how my choice turned into my stubbornness and then into revenge. But, when you cried on my lap
the other day to get back to me I got a weird satisfaction. I felt as if I’d taken my revenge. – Goodbye, Rahul.
– Sanjana! Sanjana, listen to me!
Sanjana! Sanjana!
Sanjana, stop. Sanjana. Why can’t you say that you’re in love with Shekhar? Yes, Rahul. I’d brought him to do a drama
in order to win you back. I realised after a long time that it wasn’t a drama but love. But, I’m so unfortunate. Because of you,
I can’t even tell him that I love him. I hate you, Rahul.
I really hate you. Sanjana. You may hate me. You may badmouth me! But, don’t leave me, Sanjana.
Please! I will not be able
to live without you. – I really love you, Sanjana.
– Oh, stop it, Rahul. I have no relation
with Sher Singh. What! I’m not going
to get any property. I’m still the same. Don’t worry.
You haven’t incurred any loss. You have no idea what I have lost. I was rude to Nisha
just to go with you. How do I face her now? What will I tell her? You know something, Rahul? You are a bastard! Ma’am, look at this. Did you like the design? Thank you, Sanjana. – Here you go, ma’am. Rs. 14,65,000.
– Thank you so much, Mr. Goyal. – It’s your money.
– I know. But, I wanted the money here
and not in Paris. You arranged the amount so soon only because my boss asked you to. – So, thank you very much!
– It’s all right. Okay, Mr. Khan. See you. – Sanjana.
– Yes. I don’t think
you’ll ever meet Shekhar. Why are you giving him
your entire savings? Have you ever dreamt, Mr. Khan? I have. I’ve seen them getting shattered
as well. It really hurts. So, I don’t want
Shekhar’s dream to shatter. The Lord has a strange
sense of humour. When He makes one rich he never needs a house. But He doesn’t make the needy rich. Anyway, bye. See you. Goodbye. One must fall in love
once in his lifetime. Love makes one a noble soul. Very true, sir. Thank you, Sanjana. Shall I leave? Rahul must be waiting for me
at the airport. Okay. Shekhar, do you remember what I was thinking
when I’d got here? What? That India is a nice place. But, Indians aren’t. I was wrong. Even Indians are nice. You’re the nicest of all. Okay. Take care. You too. ‘God, Shekhar! You smoke a lot!’ ‘You know,
smoking is injurious to health.’ Don’t lie! Shekhar! Don’t run! I’m not here to arrest you. The necklace I was supposed
to arrest you for, is here. You must be wondering as to how you have the money when the necklace is here. That’s not the necklace’s value,
Shekhar. That’s her saving. She wanted to use the money
to buy a small house. Forgive me. I thought,
you were a petty thief. But,
you are an experienced thief. You stole her heart. You stole her peace and happiness. And you didn’t even confess
your crime! Look over there. Nisha!
Nisha, hear me out! That’s not love. Sanjana loves you. She loves you a lot. Not everybody gets such a partner. Don’t let her leave you, my friend. Stop her. Listen! Take my car. Have some chickpeas.
You’ll get there soon. Flight from Town Beach to Mumbai will be precisely two hours
and ten minutes. Transit passengers
are requested to stay on board as we will be flying
to Paris from Mumbai. Have a great flight.
Thank you. Sanjana, consider me your friend,
here on. I promise you that I will help you
win your love back. Sanjana, you are in love
with somebody else. – With whom?
– Me. Are you so concerned
about me, Shekhar? Is it necessary for me
to answer all your questions? Don’t be upset, Sanjana. Your dream will surely come true. I think, this is the last scene
of our drama. Hey.. Hey! Stop!
Stop! Ma’am!
Ma’am, the flight to Paris.. It’s going to take off now. Hey! Stop!
Hey! Stop! Hey! Surround him!
Catch him! Somebody catch him! Let go of me. Let go of me! Let go of me.. – What..
– Sir, hear me out! What’s happening?
What’s the matter? Who is this man? Sir, he was going inside. Please, sir!
Stop this flight from taking off. Let me meet her once! Sir, it’s about my life and death! Sir, if I don’t express my love
to her today I won’t get a second chance! – Sir, please! Sir..
– What! – Is this related to love?
– Sir.. Sir, even you must have
loved somebody in your life. Sir, please help me
at least for the sake of love. Prasad,
put the pilot on the line now. – But, sir..
– I said, shut up! Leave him.. Is it necessary for you to leave when both India and Indians are nice? You took so long to say this. What should I do, Sanjana? This is how I am. Yes!
– Bravo! “We were bound to fall in love..” “We were bound to fall in love..” “We were bound to fall in love.” “We were bound to fall in love.” “Come and steal my heart.” “Make me feel restless.” “I tried very hard” “yet I lost my heart to you.” “We were bound to fall in love.” “We were bound to fall in love.” “We were bound to fall in love..” “It was bound to happen..” “It was bound to happen..”

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