Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 7 | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 5 March 2020

Munshi ji, I know that you’ve never been able to forget Sarwar’s past. And that you’ve also never accepted him is Shahbaz’s place. Yes Madam… but you also know that I’ve never shown Mr. Sarwar any disrespect. But then Munshi ji, what has happened to make Sarwar go all out after you? I just don’t understand it! Maybe… he thinks that I’ve gone beyond a certain age…that I’ve grown old and so not of benefit to him anymore. Maybe he feels I’m unable to do my job as quickly as I used to do before. Anyways… doesn’t matter… if you remember, I’d made a request of you… about Mahjabeen’s… No, no, please! No need to say anything further Munshi ji. I’ve brought something for you. I’m just sorry that I was unable to do anything about your job because Sarwar’s really angry… he doesn’t even want to hear your name. But… this, however, is something that I can do. It’s a small gift from me for your daughter. Yes… Please take it. But Madam, this is for ten lacs… no, this is way too much. Munshi ji, generations of your family have served us and this is nothing in comparison. Please don’t say no. Look Abdullah… this thing called poison, its tasteless. One doesn’t even know what it is when having it. But it kills the person after they’ve consumed it. This is what your dad’s love is like for you. Its a poison! Its killing you slowly… and you don’t even realize it. But I’m not going to let you die. Which is why you need to sign these papers without a fuss and rid yourself of this sense of ineptitude. Please? What will I tell dad about where I’m going? Sign them quietly! Abdullah? Abdullah? What?! Are you not going to sign them?! You’re not going to do it? Fine don’t do it! Your wish! Its your decision. Do as you please. Do what you want. What do I care. I’ll sign them on your behalf. This is your signature isn’t it? This is wrong… wrong! This is a fraud! It’s cheating… cheating! Its not cheating! I’m telling you. Dad will never agree! And then why would I leave my college and go to a third… Shhh! I know you’re dead scared of dad! We wont tell him! You will go to this University without telling him. And you’ll repeat your BBA to make him happy? And you will also fail to make him happy? Is that understood? Yes… But what if dad finds out? Tell him, ‘Vashma made me sign them.’And he should talk to me about it! Do you have absolutely no respect for dad? Huh? Oh and yes, I am going to make sure you become a ‘Sarwar Aqilwala!’ He’s going to be left standing there stunned! The card you’ve had printed is lovely.Very many congratulations to you Munshi ji. Thank you very much. Oh… but what a surprise, its Munshi ji How are you? I’m fine,How are you? Fine Please sit. So? Everything alright? Yes. I brought over Mahjabeen’s wedding invitation card. Really?
Show me? There are some lying there. Nice. When is it? Its on the twenty fifth. Twenty fifth… All okay? Uh… I’m getting engaged on the twenty fifth. Its going to be difficult for me to come… how will I manage? Dont we have to go on the twenty fifth? Hmm . Twenty fifth? Cant you make it the twenty six? No young master… twenty six… everything has been arranged… the cards and all… Okay… yes, yes. Hmm…Mama and I will come. We’ll manage… somehow. Thank you very much. Hmm. But… on one condition. Condition? You will have to dance at my wedding. No. Yes. No. Yes… No… Have you forgotten? Remember what you said… you said that you would dance at my wedding. I only said it like that… how can I… You wont dance at my wedding? No young master, I… Alright, I’ll try… but only to make you happy. Promise? Try… Yes, yes. Positive?
Promise? Okay, nice, nice. Good. You will now come to the wedding? Hmm… Yes. I’ll try… I’ll try. …I promise, I’ll try. Where was the point of you coming here if you’re going to just lie there quietly? How is she? Who? Listen to that… Her… that old woman of yours… how is she? No, no way munnay … I’m positive she’s gotten some real black magic done on you by some great learned sage. Its so you’re tied to her for the rest of your life.Like this… just like this! And I… your mother, will depart this world without ever having seen your offspring carry your name forward. Is this any way Munna … you’re a strapping, young man… a rich man… And that two bit Munshi , he dared to think he could refuse you his daughter?! Huh? Why don’t you say something… why arent you answering me? Hmm She’s sown your lips with her black magic… she’s sown your lips and that it! She’s shut you up forever! She doesn’t love me. She doesn’t love me. She knows that even if I leave where can I run to? These luxuries, the comfort, this money it’s all there for me but… it isn’t mine. This is why! This is why I’m telling you to get married again get married secretly, quietly… but just get married again! Find someone else and forget her. I can’t forget her Ma. I cannot forget her. Besides how does one forget a person like her. A person one thinks of even while not wanting to do so. If you could only see her through my eyes… you would also fall in love with her. You’d feel as if the princess fairies of fairyland had by mistake forgotten their child in this world. But why should I see her though your eyes? Why? Why can I not see through my own sinner’s eyes! What did you get by falling in love with her… what did you get? All you did was lose out? And now she’s about to get married. She not. The only way he could get her married was if he had the money. Oh really She’ll give it to him… she will give it to him that old woman of yours! She will give him the money for her marriage! Yes! That Munshi must have gone begging and pleading to her saying, Give me money! Give me money!’Pathetic man! That’s not how he is Ma. He’s very honorable. What?! To hell with his being honorable! What’s so good about him? You on the other hand, bore the loss Munnay ! You’re the one who’s bore all the loss ! Stop it Ma, enough! Bad people also happen to like good people. Oh but where was the need… she’s already done so much for Mahjabeen. Uh… It made my mother happy to do it… so she sent it with me. Its really nice. Its, in fact, really lovely. Yes. Well then… Oh wow! How are you? Me? I’m fit. Be polite! Who is this for? This… Its quite lovely. Wow… How do I look Ma? All you do is glare at me! Tell me how I look Abdullah? You… uh… you look maybe beautiful… beautiful. This is how you compliment someone. You never say anything. That’s because you do all my talking for me. Alright now keep that away. You want to wear it tomorrow don’t you? Son, why don’t you sit while I arrange for some tea and refreshments. Okay. I’m getting married you know… Yes. so I’ll get all dressed up by the beauticians at the beauty salon. You know the way that they show it in those soaps on TV… make-up, hair, henna… everything. Nice… nice. nice. Idea! You’re about to get engaged as well, yes? Hmm. I’d suggest that you also get dressed up at a beauty salon. She’ll go lattoo over you. Uh… What is… uh… lattoo? Lattoo means… forget what it means! Just get yourself dressed by beauticians at a beauty salon and she’ll say yes to you. Are you positive? Yes. And if she says no then I’ll marry you. Huh? I was only joking you fool! I was only joking. I was only joking… keep sitting… please keep sitting! Don’t just leave like this… otherwise I’ll get a real scolding from daddy. I’ll pray for you! Your beloved will then agree… your lovely beloved. And then you’ll get married and then you’ll live happily ever after. Please smile.My prayers are always fulfilled. Please smile. Way to go you crazy guy! Oh hey yes, Munshi ji, I will definitely come. I still remember how you used to bring her over. She used to play with us. One day we were playing hide and seek and it was my turn and I had to find everyone. Abdullah was there, Mahjabeen was there… Maria ji’s children were there and they all went and hid. But Mahjabeen, she turned her head and stood facing the tree. Obviously she couldn’t see me and she thought that I couldn’t see her either. But then I never caught her. And afterwards she was jumping up and down as if to show she’d won who knows what war! That’s exactly how she is. But not everyone thinks like you child. People are very cruel. If they sense that any weakness in someone… they hang them for it. Then we should all do as what Mahjabeen used to do in our childhood. We should hide our faces so that we can’t see anyone and then also imagine that no one can see us. This child of ours has become very wise. This is exactly how it is. Alright so tell me something Munshi ji, you are still going to the office these days arent you? No, young miss. I get tired. I’m unable to do the work now. There’s no other reason… in fact, Mr. Sarwar, himself, came to get me… but I refused. I told him, Sir, please retire me from the job now.’ The cards you had printed are really lovely. Look at that and here I was about to tell my daughter here that the tea she made was lovely. Thank you. Please show me your paper… let me copy it. Let me copy your paper. Please give me the answer to just one question? Oh gosh could you please give me the answer to just this one question because you’re real nice, right? The thing is that I’m getting married so I don’t know it and then all your sins will also be forgiven if you do. …Just tell me the answer to this one question. Liar! Go and do your own exam paper. Failure! Mahjabeen! Here, take this maths exam paper. No!!! Someone grab her! Ahhh! Oh god… that was such some scary nightmare! Raddi-paperwala is here! ! Raddi-paperwala is here! Wha…! Oh hey, hey, where are you off to? Uh… Its the teen-dabbaywala ! Teen-dabbaywala? Yes, the teen-dabbaywala is standing outside… And what is this… I even see you all in my dreams… and now you’re here so early in the morning. Anyways, we’ll have breakfast together now, okay? I’ll be back! I’m just coming back! Oh hey… but where is she going??? She’s going to the teen-dabbaywala! What??? Buy your old used papers, old steel! Stop teen-dabbaywala … Where are you going… Let me pass! Teen-dabbaywala brother, take these… take them Take this… this and this! At least take your money before leaving! I don’t need the money! You can take them like that! For free??? Yes, for free! Consider this your lucky day that you ever came across a Mahjabeen in this neighborhood. See the thing is that I’m getting married and I don’t need those any more so you can have them. Come on, come on, come inside. You’re getting married? Yes, yes baba! You think that this house has been decorated to celebrate my coming in the first position or what? Do you ever come in the first position then? Yes, I do! Now leave! Oh hey wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You must come tomorrow… tomorrow, okay! We’re celebrating my mehndi today so we’ll have leftover food. I’ll tell my mom to keep some leftovers for you, okay? Old used papers and old iron…! I’d already told my father that since each one of my friends is special I’m going to go across to their homes to invite them! Assalamwalekum aunty. Walekumassalam . Its such a major day for me so everyone should come. Ma these are my friends. She comes in the first position. And her… she nearly failed this time around and its only because she allowed her to copy her that she passed Mahjabeen, I’d like to speak to you. Will you kindly follow me inside. Ma’s not in a good mood. Its because you all turned up so early in the morning. I’ll just come back after I speak to her and then Ma will make us breakfast then. I cant make it as I have my henna ceremony! Have you gone mad?! And even of you have gone mad, why do you need to give proof of it? Ma, I didn’t do anything. I invited them over for the henna ceremony and they turned up first thing in the morning so what was I supposed to do? Who’s talking about them??? I’m talking about you! Why are you running around the neighborhood when you’re supposed to be a bride in mayun Oh gosh Ma, I swear to you but I had this horrific nightmare. I dreamt that I had my exams and I didn’t know a thing. So I thought that if I didn’t have my books I wouldn’t have to give the exams. Mahjabeen, look I’m begging you, there are only two days left to your wedding so please sit down quietly in some corner. don’t want your wedding to not happen because of something you did! Mahjabeen, you’re so very innocent. I pray that God fills compassion in the heart of the person to whose home you will eventually go. One needs the heart of a mother in order to survive with one such as you. I don’t know where your husband’s going to find a heart similar to that of a mother’s. Ma? Yes my love, my baby, what is it? Could you please make breakfast for my friends Ma? I’ll be real humiliated if you don’t make my friends any breakfast. Don’t go on their healthy looks. Seven to eight parathas will do just fine Okay? Oh… please give me some water Ma. Hey, hey, hey! That… that’s the young master’s drink! Put it down! He might be the young master for dad and then… …and then you’re the only one who’s going on and on when in fact the poor guy who’s cold drink this is, is smiling away! Mind your manners. And where have you been all morning? Remember you told me not to step out after the mayun so I thought I’d better let everyone know quickly. But I didn’t meet anyone because they’ve all gone to school as no ones taking any holidays these days. Oh god… can I have some more? Young master I’ll arrange for someone to get you some more. Oh no… no… no, I don’t need it. Hon… honestly. No, no, I’ll get it. Get two! Thanks. So… Hmm. hmm? Abdullah? Hmm? You know don’t you? Know what? That thing. What… what thing? You don’t know? And Ma says that girls should act shy when talking about this! Umm… What are you talking about? Umm… The thing is that… I’m getting married on the twenty fifth. Yes and that’s why I’ve come here to congratulate you. Then say it! Say it. Congrats. Thank you. Oh and by the way, how far have you gotten with your situation? Uh… Mine? On the twenty fifth… no, I think my proposal will get accepted. Really? Yes, me and… uh… Sh… Shanzeh… yes. Then why do you have such a sorry expression while saying it?! Be happy when saying it! Have you not seen me and how happily I’ve gone and announced it in the whole neighborhood and told the entire school? Huh… So yes… I am happy… I’m happy. Supposing your proposal doesn’t get accepted. Why won’t it? I’m only asking you to suppose! Supposing your proposal doesn’t get accepted. Hmm… Then you are not to become sad. You have to be patient. Because the fruits of patience are sweet. Hmm! And see someone may refuse you… but no one will refuse your cars, your houses and your money now will they? Right? You will definitely get married and that’s for sure. Yes, yes. Dont think so much about it you crazy guy! I was only saying it for your benefit. See if you think too much then your hair will fall out and you’ll become bald. And if you go bald then its all over! Oh hey, where are you going?At least have your cold drink! Your cold drink is on its way! Its good he left. The foolish boy got upset. He got upset. You’re always late coming back. Such lassitude isn’t good Ma! Who did you send to get the cold drinks? Thirty lacs. That’s fine. No… its three lacs… its a cheque for three lacs. Two zeros…? Only three lacs brother? What can one get in three lacs these days? One can only get an air-conditioner and a generator in this! Yes, you’re right about that. The furniture and all will be delivered to your house. And I’ve also brought a car along with me. This is the key for it. This is a car key??? It doesn’t look new to me. Yes… uh… its slightly used. Not too used… but its good. Now see here brother, respectable people like us… you wont find our kind anywhere even if you were to search far and wide. Yes… You think you can but there are so many greedy people in this world! Its just sad! You’re right. Uh… Did you like the clothes Hammad, son? Yes, I really liked them Alright… Would you like to go and see the car now? I’ll look at it later. You’re rather quiet today? I hope you’re well? Actually people who speak without thinking first are thought to be stupid! But you’re obviously used to your daughter’s conversations. I’m somewhat different. I think before I speak. That’s good. Don’t worry, you’ll also eventually get married. But for that to happen you all will have to lose a bit of weight. Come along, get up now because I’m coming there. Oh Ma Shaa Allah , you are looking lovely! Uh… Should we start with the ceremony? Yes, of course. Dulha bhai where’s our gift money? Oh hey, you will have to give it. Uh… hmm… alright fine, I’ll give it. Here you go. Who gives a thousand rupees in this day and age aunty? But then who accepts such a plain bride in this day and age either? What I don’t get is, why do you all want to meet me? I don’t know if you’ve been informed this or not but dad and I we’ve already refused. Well you can say that its something we want to do in order to satisfy ourselves that we did everything we could. I promise you that we will not bother you after this. Alright, okay… send me the address and I’ll be there. Great. I’ll just send you the location. Okay, bye. Hello? Its me… me. Abdullah? I was just thinking of you! Why were you thinking of me? You know what, I really prayed a lot for you. This woman told my mother that whatever prayer you make during the ceremony, it gets fulfilled. So I prayed and prayed a lot for you. You wait and watch, everything will go great for you tomorrow Thanks… thanks. I’m telling you, get yourself dressed by beauticians at a salon. I’m also getting dressed up by beauticians at a salon. The salon people they really change a person’s face! You just wait and watch, I’m going to look so lovely tomorrow that Dr. Hammad’s going to forget his doctor’s degree! I’m telling you right now, it’ll look over the top. Oh hey, why will it look over the top? Its not going to look any over shover! Its our happiness and our business where we choose to get dressed from and how we get dressed! I think that you should also go get dressed by the salon that Dr. Hammad’s going to use. Hmm… uh… no I’m going to a proper salon, I don’t want to go where hes going. Arrogant are we? You want to go to rich man’s salon do you? But let me tell you one thing, these rich people’s salon, they do nothing! They only rob one! Umm… Tell me something… Should I really go to a salon? Won’t I look too much like the bridegroom? Do you want to get married or not?! I do want to get married. Well then do as I’m telling you to do. Otherwise you don’t want to come back crying to me And besides, you know how I won’t be here then because I’ll be married… and so not only will I be away from studying but I’ll also be free from all its pain. Hello? We actually want to convince you for Abdullah. He is a really nice boy. He also loves you too much. And he is very serious about you. Shanzeh I assure you. He will keep you very happy. My son is very innocent. He is not that smart. I want a confident girl like you to be his life partner. So that you both proceed in life together. Agreed. 100% Agreed. You are right that your son is innocent. Very “innocent”.


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