Q&A with American Ballet Theatre’s Isabella Boylston and James Whiteside

Hi everybody, I’m Isabella Boylston.
>>And I’m James Whiteside. It would be very avant-garde for sure, um…>>Help. Help!>>It would probably be to the music of Carly Rae Jepsen Who we both love and if you only
know her for “Call Me Maybe” you’re really missing out you need to go and listen to
her other music because it’s really great.>>It’s really fun pop music, she’s nailing it. I would describe Isabella Angelica Boylston- That’s not her middle name. As, ‘fresh’.>>Fresh? Cool.>>In all the right ways and all the wrong ways too. You know like- Quit being fresh with me little missy!>>Oh god. How would I describe Cindy? It’s gonna come to me later but let’s keep going. Well it depends on the ballet, some contemporary ballets can be really hard
to learn because it’s it’s like another language, but a ballet like Swan Lake is
spoken in our English, you know, ‘tendu’ ‘plie’, ‘sauté’ and that you can learn that
pretty quickly.>>…that’s French… [ mock laughs ] So we’re geniuses with that but with everything else we’re a little slow [ laughs ] It’s true.>>Oh I thought of the word for Cindy. ‘Magical.’>>That’s my unicorn horn. Poke. [ laughs ]>>Oh god. You know what I do want to do, um, have you ever seen
White Christmas?>>Oh my god yes.>>That duet where it’s Vera-Ellen in that yellow dress and the man is in some high-waisted
what-have-yous. It’s just a great dance, a great duet.>>Maybe we’ll do
it for Christmas this year. I’d say, open mind and
be eager. If you want to try and if you don’t, do something else. [ laughs ]>>Be nice to
everyone and keep your sense of humor cuz things don’t always go your way so
if you can laugh about it you’re gonna have a much easier time. Thanks for the
questions you guys, come hang out with the Cindies more!

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