Qarib Qarib Singlle – Official Trailer | Irrfan Khan | Parvathy | Neha Dhupia | Hindi Movie

My good name is Yogendra Kumar
Devendra Nath Prajapati a.k.a VIYOGI Get some action girl
or you’ll become a virgin again! What?! Entry gate shuts down, babe! Damn it, I’m stuck! An espresso coffee please. Buddy, the lady would
like an espresso… And I would like an expression! I’ve had 3 great romances in my life. Each one – historic. Legendary. – Shakespearean Tragedy.
– Are you in touch with them? No. So, why not visit? Would you come along? Ms. Jayashree! Must you yell so loud? How does one yell gently?How about I strangle you, darling…… while you squeeze my neck?You booked us a spiritual retreat?! Enjoy this view of the Ganges…
Practice Yoga at 6 am… Roosters practice Yoga at that time,
Ms. Jayashree… You want to compete with them? What are we, milkmen? O King of Rhymes! – Kids, meet your uncle!
– Radha, we’ve got some work… Hello, Uncle. Blessings, dear child.God knows why he doesn’t get it…I’m stuck with such a dimwit!
– You’re such hot stuff!You can’t tell a pigeon from a sparrow?
– You have the sweetest smile.Are you uneducated?Oh my god! – OH MY GOD!!!
– What the hell are you doing? Get OUT! Close the door! You’re on the train, right? Yes, absolutely! – Just not on the right train.
– Jump off! Yes, jumping!
No, too late now! Get down fast you donkey! Idiot of the first order!Why don’t I strangle you, darling…… while you squeeze my neck?… while you squeeze my neck?– Mr.& Mrs.?
– Ms. Shashidharan But make it 2 separate rooms please. We’re quarreling. So, one room is fine? NO! Two please!


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