Queen Esther

It was the third year of the reign of
King Ahasuerus, Emperor of vast Media Persia with 120 provinces stretching from India
to Ethiopia. This was the year of the great celebration of Shushan Palace to
which the Emperor invited all the government officials and army officers
The celebration lasted six months and when it was all over the king feeling
very merry with wine told his servants to bring Queen Vashti to him wearing the Royal
crown upon her head for he wanted to show her off everyone but Queen Vashti
did not like the idea at all. So he wants me for a showpiece to come at his beck
and call and though I am the fairest of all I shall treat his command with the
utmost contempt go tell the king I will not relent!
The king was upset with Queen Vashtis’s decision. Feeling very humiliated he
seeks the advice of his counselor Mamucan What shall I do about the situation
Queen Vashti spites her King with mean deliberation. Such a poor example Queen
Vashti rudely shows her behavior like wild fire could spread to where who knows?
From province to province wives will disobey and very soon your Empire will
fall in disarray, .put her away then fast as you can otherwise other wives
will follow a plan. They too will treat their husbands with contempt just like
Queen Vashi who will not repent. This problem I face is a most disturbing
fact.The words he speaks indeed are wise. Upon his Council
I must swiftly act since his fore sight on this matter could materialize. That which
seems at possibility could become overnight harsh reality. The matter
is desperate and can’t afford to wait.Time is speeding by Its getting very late.I will do immediately what is necessary Queen Vashti has to go.Whatever will be will be! After the King divorced Queen Vashit, he began to have misgivings. Woe is me I feel so sad Queen Vashti used to make me glad and
now I’ll see her face no more why did I ever show her the door. Oh noble
King be sad no more. There must be one you can adore. A maid not too fat nor thin.
Just your liking pretty and trim. The type of maiden I have in mind must be more
than pretty and trim but also good and kind. How then can I find one fitting to
be queen possessing noble qualities do you know what I mean? From your vast
empire there are many you can choose shurely with such a choice how can you possibly lose.
So your majesty please don’t feel so blue. There’s someone in this big wide
world who’s just right for you wholeheartedly
I agree now listen to me attentively. This very day I make a decree that
the fairest of maidesn are brought to me then I will choose my queen to be. Perform my
command this very day. Hurry now, and dont delay! Now, there was a certain Jew named
Mordecai. A Bengamite who had been captured when Jerusalem was destroyed by
Nebuchadnezzar. Mordecai had a beautiful cousin named Esther whose
mother and father were dead and whom he adopted and raised as his own daughter.
As a result of the Kings decree Esther was brought to the king’s palace along
with many other maidens. Hagia who was made responsible, favoured Esther above
all the other maids. He gave her the best beauty treatment.A luxurious apartment and
seven women to wait on her day and night In spite of such preferential treatment
Esther was very homesick and complained to Hagia.” What a waste of precious time and
isnt it a pity sitting around all day like this just looking pretty. There must be
more life than this. Alas my uncle and my home I miss”. Please dear Esther don’t lose heart, it
won’t be long now before you play your part. Applause. At last the great day arrived for King
to make a choice from all the fairest maidens of his Empire. After viewing many
maidens without success, he becomes increasingly bored and decides to liven
things up a little by having a joke with the next group of maidens. Much to their
amusement and the good humor of all the people in his court Ho Ho no What a blow you look so mean and crabby
you’re not just ugly like a crab but also very scatty. I want to see the next
one and this time not so flabby. hahah, next one. haha This one looks just
like a duck and quacks just like one too wonder where you came from you come from. Did you come from
the zoo? Guards tell her to quack off or I’ll go off my rocker by taking off my
shoe and sock and deciding to play socker which will knock my blocker offer, ha ha ha haha ha Next one hahahaha Oh my Ive never seen a maiden who looks so like a horse. Your no better than the others and just as coarse of course. Have you come strait from the farm chewing straw and hay. If my judgment serves me right you know you know how to neigh. Next one! Help you need a face lift just like the rest. How many more times I only want the best. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ho, hoI’ll never find my Queen What a life without a wife.. By now the King doubted if he would ever find his Queen.When suddenly Esther appears on the scene.
appeared on the scene she comes like a Like a breath of fresh air. Beholding her beauty
he leaps in the air Esther your beauty is beyond compare my
kingdom with you I gladly will share you must be a gift from heaven above your
eyes are gentle like those of a dove. You shall be my queen ,my bride, my
love. For we fit together like hand in Glove. Your countenance is so fair and comely
How you completely over whelm me You are so dignified and very obviously, Your designed you see, my Queen and bride to be beautiful I love you together Oh By now Mordecai had been made a
government official. One day when Mordecai was at the palace
gate he overheard two guards plotting to assassinate the king. He passed
information on to Esther who told the king crediting Mordecai with the
information. The two guards were found guilty and executed. This was record in the History book of King Ahasuerus. Very soon
The king appointed Hayman to be his Prime Minister Hey man oh haman you will be my man to
execute my judgments so do the best you can. Help to rule an empire, Keep it in
control. Make all men go to work, yes keep them off the dole. Law and order I place
into your hands. Separate the good from bad.Destroy my enemy’s plans. At last the
King has made me great and how my heart burns with hate. Now I can exploit my
power to choose the Jews darkest hour. A thrown dice will determine their time to
be killed but to their cries for mercy I will not yield. All Jews must die here and
everywhere. Every single one I refuse to spare What is this I hear you say that profanes this Sabbath day. I’m so great
and don’t you forget it. Acknowledge my might or else you’ll regret
it Be gone with your evil plot you’re
nothing like an emperor you’re just a silly clot. You just wait and see for
rebuking me – you’ll pay for this Mordecai Very soon you all will die. The Lord
is greater than you or I, He decides whether we live or die. The time
determined by Hayman to destroy the Jews was by throwing dice this was done in
April of the 12th year of King Ahasuerus And February of the following
year was the date indicated. Haman now approached the King about this matter.
There are a race of people dispersed throughout your land who refuse to bow
the knee to me nor follow your command. So let us purge them right away. All
costs incurred I will pay. Pray my noble King, what then do
you say. Keep the money and do this thing I will sanction their death with my ring Oh what shall we do dear Mordecai. Our beloved
people are doomed to die. We shall all be killed without restraint
The very thought makes me feel so faint What can a mortal man like me do or say. I have no power to change this appointed evil day. Yet be of courage
dear one. Our God above over flows with justice mercy
truth and love. We are the chosen people. The apple of God’s eye.Since he favours
us how can He let us die. I will plead our cause this very day. I must hurry to
the palace gate to fast and pray Queen Esther wants to know why are you crying so.
She has sent you clothes to change for dressed like that you look
strange. In sack cloth and ashes I stay as I am to pray and fast against Haman’s
evil plan. Tell Esther to plead for our people to the king because wicked Haman
wants to do an evil thing. Which is to kill our people here and everywhere
man-woman old and young nor babe will he spare. You message sounds very serious indeed.but Queen Esther says she dare
not pleed Because the King may not accept her. Within his inner court, she fears his golden sceptor. Tell Esther to fear God not
his own cyber terror suit appear or not man for to save our people is God’s
soveriegn plan. She therefore must beg of the King this urgent case then she’ll
find his favor and His abundant grace God has brought her here for such a time as this
and his divine appointment she can’t afford to miss. Is what your saying true?
Will the King accept her. And extend his golden sceptor to the beloved beloved Queen Esther Im Mordecai I’m Mordecai and this is why Id rather die than ever tell than ever tell a lie a lie Is there anything more you wish me to
tell Queen Esther before my departure Yes tell Queen Esther there’s no time
like the present Theres no time like the present So do it right away Dont put off tomorow what can be done today. We need to fast and pray right now, We cant afford to wait. Hamans out to get us. He’s full of guile and hate There’s no time like the present
yes No time like the present fast and pray so do it right away When God speaks loud and clear to you His words please dont dismiss. For He has brought you to this place fo such a time as this Dont sit around in comfort, pretending its ok All of us will persih if you look the other way.Theres no time like the present. Yes no time like the present .We need to fast and pray, so do it right away We need to fast and pray,Yes do it right away
I guess my uncle’s right. His advice I can’t dismiss. God has brought me here
for such a time as this. It is God I fear not a mortal man. To save our people
is God’s redeeming plan. Therefore my own fate I cannot seal or measure. It is my
peoples lives which I so deeply treasure. For three whole days I will
fast and pray my people will do the same. After such time I will make a firm stand and
go to the king’s domain. Then fearing God more than man I will enter the Kings inner
court even though I confess I dread the thought. Hereafter my own life I shall
not heed nor cherish so if I perish then I perish Queen Esther requests that all her people
everywhere fast and pray for three whole days We seek Gods face. We plead his grace night and day After those three days Queen Esther
approaches the King. Trembling with fear but very determined she enters his inner
Court. Greetings your majesty You’re invited to my banquet, Haman is too-
It takes place this very day and specially prepared for you. Following
the banquet wicked Haman had built a 75 foot gallows intended for Mordecai. One evening the King couldn’t sleep so he decided to
look through the records of his historical kingdom from the library
whereupon he read how Mordecai had exposed the plot of two men to
assassinate him thus saving his life. He was surprised to learn that Mordecai had
never been rewarded. Just at that moment Haman arrived
seeking the King’s permission to hang Mordecai on the gallows he had just built but
before he could even make his request known the King immediately ordered Hayman
to parade Mordecai dressed in the king’s royal robes and his crown upon his head,
through the streets filled with cheering people Hayman was thoroughly humiliated. Well, what did he
expect! The time arrived for the second banquet which Queen Esther had prepared
for the king and again Wicked Hayman was invited. Just say your word Queen Esther that’s
all you have to do. Half my kingdom is yours and more I’ll do anything for you.
If you love me your majesty then spare my people too. Save us all
from wicked Haman who sits right next to you
He hates our race of people. He despises every Jew. His plot is soon to kill us
all with a decree signed by you. What how can this be. A decree signed by me to
destroy your race of people and my own beloved Queen. It all sounds
like a terrible dream. Haman has tricked me with this vile scheme.! Pity me Queen
Esther, please hear my plea. Save me from this hour. Let me go free.! Haman what are you
doing my attacking my queen with billing cooing. How dare you molest my beloved Queen.
Wicked Haman, you’ll get no more cheers Only shame and mocking full of scorn and
Jeers. My lovely Queen Esther I sign A new decree for your people everywhere to
be completely free. Hereafter all your enemies will be quickly smitten. By my
own hand this decree will be swiftly written. Then every one will know how much I
love you so and everyone will know that God let your people go To Mordecai all honour be given. So come bring my royal robes. Place my crown upon his head Through the streets let him be led. My new Prime Minister he will be and always reign supreme with me.Hail noble Mordecai, Hail Queen Esther too ,for God has given us this day to celebrate with you For God has given us this day to celebrate with you.

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