Quincy Davis – When The Drama Ends (2 of 3)

choppin up rocks with soda cane
got street dreams of holdin weight dropped 6 bills for the zip
the homie got pearly white that’ll blow ya brain now…. I’m makin moves over state
wiped-down dirty 8 stay on my waist and when imma pull it, I’ll go in a blaze
and wonder who’ll go to my wake for now I’ll be makin it flip
til I hold them bricks an they know my name roll with my clique that loadin up clips
so we let em all know that we holdin them thangs blue blood an the coldest of veins
no love to show in it’s game stack it all up, blow it away
numb out the feeling like novocain I can’t say why, I start to get high on my own supply drink to the yak, yak to the drink
multiplied, ’til I close my eyes than I realize, I gotta wake to another day in the city of rain where it’s all the same
and I got this shadow that follow my frame and these sick thoughts all in my brain
and these six shots callin my name and these demons that callin me out
for mistakes that I made, gotta swallow the shame when I feel this bottled up pain
in the mirror’s who I know to blame lookin at life through a broken pane
at the closest range wanna go Cobain I’m just looking for a way out give me a reason, I got to live…
they say to prey and God will forgive but how can make it through heavenly gates
if I never paid the cost to get in? sick of this suffering, stuck in my mind
time to escape the prison ward I’m out by the time I hit the floor
but when the drama ends, what we livin for? what we livin for?… and what’s worth dyin for? let it be known, if there’s a higher force
or set it in stone.. RIP wait, that’s not the way, I can’t give up, no, not today what do my ancestors got to say?
in this spiritual war I’m not a slave. Listen… than a voice spoke to me, said you got the choice to give energy to who you supposed to be
and all of this, you were supposed to see and all you’ve been taught is not really true
and the thoughts in your mind, they not really you you got a path, you got work to do
for this world to change, it’s all on you be the change, live ya truth
in this shift we in, it’s much bigger than you but you bigger than this, you the infinite
gotta know yourself, gotta give your gifts speak truth when you grip that mic
make it through the battle now get that stripe you played with the shadows, now give that light don’t sleep too deep, there’s no time
you got these enemies and I won’t lie… at times it’s hard on the cold grind
but inside your heart is the gold mine don’t need no devils to co-sign, manifest these dreams from ya own mind sacrifice, stay strong
like great grand dad, deep in the coal mines now start the climb, find that spark in ya heart inside ignite that fire that start to rise
find that path through the darkest night live ya life, speak ya truth when you grip that mic you made it through the battle, now get that stripe
you played with the shadows, now give that light


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