Raatchasi – Official Trailer | Jyotika | Sy Gowtham Raj | Sean Roldan | Dream Warrior Pictures

Just speaking
about the injustice but not putting an end to it instead keep along with it become a part of the injustice. But who oppose them,
they become History. I am Geetha Rani. You can call me, Geetha. It’s not a school but a market. Teachers out there are
stuck in the stone age. What do you want? Is this the easy formula
to speak English? Where all Maths comes into use? How many games are
played in Olympics? Why do we need schools to create
criminals and wage workers? No idea where she came from. She’s a tough woman. She’s going out of control. She’s just one person,
you guys are useless. Geetha Rani! Extremely arrogant, right? Fear, only if you’ve done wrong. Shall I ask your
hand in marriage? Hey! Students who are below poverty
line study at Govt. Schools. Just 50% reservation for
their higher education we can eradicate
the poverty line. But I’m unsure, what is the Govt’s
idea of eradicating the poverty. Don’t be beating
around the bushes. Strike her down
with a strong blow. We shouldn’t let her step
inside the school anymore. You can’t make up
your rules here. This is my Town. This is my School!


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