Rachel Brosnahan Says “Mrs. Maisel” Is Her Dream Role | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Rachel Brosnahan is the nicest woman
and she is joining me now. Hi, Rachel.
-Hi. How are you? -I love catching up with you. I know. You have so many fans here tonight. Nominated lead actress, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” Such an incredible role.
-Thank you. -It´s got to be a dream role, right?
-Absolutely. I mean, we have so much fun.
The character keeps evolving. I´m in love with this cast.
I´m not sure how it gets better from here. I-I really don´t know.
This is the dream. -It is a dream, right? And to be here, to be recognized tonight for the role as
well, how are you feeling? You kind of took that breath there because you have won
twice now — the Globe, right? -Yeah.
-That´s incredible. Now here you are, third year. -It´s crazy. I mean, the show had just aired
before the first time we were here. Honestly we just feel lucky to be invited back to the party. This is so cool. -And how cool is it — For people watching at home…
-Yeah. -…how do you describe this red carpet and this show maybe
compared to others? -It´s completely surreal. This red carpet is huge and there´s so many beautiful, smart
and talented people just running around. It´s insane. It feels like you´re living in a dream
and you don´t come down till 4:00 a.m. and you´re back in your hotel room eating a burger in bed. -Well, I was gonna actually say, speaking of burgers, last
year, your celebration included going to In-N-Out. -Yes. Yeah. -Is that on the menu tonight? -I don´t know.
We´ll have to see where the night takes us. I think some cribbage is in my future.
Very exciting night. -I was just there the other day, by the way, at In-N-Out.
-At In-N-Out? -Yeah. And I had — The burger´s great.
We know that. But that shake with fries and I like to dip my fries
in the shake. -Fries are pretty amazing.
-Fries are very good. -Yeah, yeah.
-You got me hungry. Rachel, thank you so much. Have fun tonight.
Who are you wearing, by the way, before I leave you? -Michael Kors.
-So beautiful. Love you. Thank you, Rachel. Good to see you.
Alright. Thank you. Thank you, Rachel. Good luck.

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