Rainbow Six Siege: Paddy “Sau_Siege” Hall – Operators of Siege | Behind the Siege | Ubisoft [NA]

[SOFT PIANO MUSIC] Throughout growing up,
there wasn’t that much for us to do where
we were living, so a lot of my friends and
stuff just got into gaming and live in these vast worlds. [LAUGHING] My name’s Paddy Hall,
and I am a community fan artist within the
Siege community who goes by the name Sausage. I started playing
Siege back at like, a gaming event in England. I just sort of fell in
love of the dynamic, the range of possibilities. [SOFT PIANO MUSIC] It started as something that was
just going to be sort of fun, I wanted to see if my friends
could relate to my work by making these jokes
and stuff like that. Somebody posted one of my
drawings on the subreddit. Like, I’d never
thought of doing that, and then I just remember
one night like, just this, like, bell going
off, and I thought, like, oh god, my house
is on fire or something. I realized it’s people liking
my photos on Instagram, and then it continued
going from there. What really inspired
me with the game was the range of characters. I love the fact that they’re
all from different countries, it’s very colorful. For me, it’s always been about
discussion and relatability. I want to respect the original
story, the original characters and everything. My comics focus more
on gameplay mechanics. I wanted people to look at
them and say, oh, I do that. Every time they announce a new
operator, for me it’s like, oh my gosh, how can I bring
this character into my comics, you know, and how
is that character going to talk to other
characters and react? Who are they going
to be friends with, or who are they going
to have a rivalry with? [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] I’d like to think that the
developers sort of project personality into
the characters so that people can come along and
interpret it how they want. My art style isn’t
similar to Siege at all. It’s very dark, very
brooding and violent. I get messages,
people telling me how, you know, what I
should do next, or like, some suggestions. It really makes me feel like
I’m a part of a community. There are a lot of
Pro League people who have been so
supportive of me, so I like to think that
there are people out there from every
single different part of the community,
read through my comics and agree on
something, you know? Meeting the developers, and they
just were so sort of fascinated about my work, and they
were so sort of passionate about my comics. A very weird feeling when
it’s people you truly admire. It’s surreal, you know? [CHUCKLING] Paints a picture of just
how passionate people are. I feel like we live in times
where people are very isolated, so it’s really nice that
it brings people together, and we can just talk about
why we love the game. To be featured at an event
is just a very, I guess, humbling experience. I’m– I’m incredibly grateful
for the people that supported me. I really do owe it to them. Well, I think
younger me would want me to keep going and trying
to better himself creatively. I’d like to think he’s happy,
you know, he’s proud, maybe. A few years ago, I
would have never drawn anything that wasn’t
my idea or whatever. Reaching into a
already-established community is one of the best
decisions you can ever make. [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] For me, it’s like that I
sort of achieved my goal. [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] [EERIE TONES, WIND BLOWING]


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