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You have to get me a bike. I understood everything, uncle. The bike which you
need has diamonds in it. But there is a police
surveillance on your men. [gunshot] Your deal wouldn’t get
approved unless I get that bike. How did you narrate such
a dirty story instantly? We have heard many such stories,
didn’t we? Brother, do you have a Devadhooth here? -Shucks! It’s Rajdhooth.
-Yeah, that one. Why would a bike that was
seized 6 years ago still remain here? We have sold it long time
ago fu… Forgive me, Lord. You have sold it? It’s okay. You will be fine. What a bike it is! You did say that you knew that
bike a while ago, didn’t you? I meant, it is a freaking dirty bike! [siren wails] My dad is very fond of Rajdhooth. -As if it is a Benz car.
-Right! Blood for a blood,
an eye for an eye, and this bike for the statue. I can’t do that. You go and ask. [laughs] Uncle, if you offer work
to a determined person, he can make hair grow even on a bald head. Umm… I can’t take this anymore, sir. Arrest me. And if possible,
sentence me with lifetime imprisonment. Hey, this is Rajanna’s bike. Oh no! I came for the bike on that day. But today, I’m here to save a human life. You have to get my son even if
it takes killing those two guys. Drive… [siren wails] A guy who has no chance to
lose would definitely win. [groans] But a guy who has no chance
to win will try not to lose. Even the characters in a Korean
movie didn’t confuse me like this. Do the Korean movies that
you watch have dialogues too? Umm… Umm…


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