Rajugadu Theatrical Trailer | Raj Tarun | Amyra Dastur | Rajendra Prasad

What’s the problem?
– Mental illness. He steals things without
any intention. Wow! What a crazy disease, Sir! Potassium spills out!
Magnesium burns out! But this Calcium has no connection
– What do you mean that there’s no connection? A girl comes to you and says
that she loves you. I should look at her eyes
but I see her jewellery. What happened, dear? How did you come home
without stealing anything? Wow! What a mother you are! I don’t feel like stealing
when I look at her. Your love towards her is the medicine
for your disease. Aunt, I love your son. It’s a miracle!
Oh, my God! Arrange food for him. Anyone will call cops
when there’s theft. Why are they serving him food? Why did they trash him up
so badly for stealing food. How will he treat this guy who steals
without reason? Why does your dad get ready
when you should get the injection? My dad got my disease. Thieves in Stuartpuram are much
better than him. It’s OK to lie for a wedding. This lie isn’t a mistake
and your job is not theft. Hey, this is my phone.
When did you steal it? This is just a trailer. I will show full picture with benefits
if you wait for 2 minutes. ‘RAJUGADU’


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