Rakhi Sawant – Biography

Controversy queen
Rakhi Sawant revealed. This big mouth was born
on 25th November 1978.. ..as Neelu Bheda to Jaya Bheda. Her mother Jaya Bheda married
Sawant a police constable in Mumbai. Finally the children were named
after the second husband Sawant. Rakhi went to Gokilbai High school.. ..and later studied
at Mithibai college. Her brother Rakesh Sawant
is a film director.. ..and Usha Sawant her
sister was also an actress. Rakhi’s story is very complex. She claims to have
struggled for her family. During an interview Rakhi revealed.. ..that she used to dance in
bachelor parties to earn her living. She has been a part of many Hindi,
Telugu,.. ..Marathi and many regional
films as an item girl. After Neelu Sawant
she became Ruby Sawant.. ..when she made her
film debut with Agnichakra. “Think twice before
giving away our heart.” But it went unnoticed. She kept working in many low budget
films and also as a junior artist.. ..in films like Yeh Raaste Hai Pyar
Ke, Jhoru Ka Ghulam and many more. But her big break was
when she appeared in.. ..in the song Mohabbat Hai Mirchi
composed by Himesh Reshammiya. “Love is a chilli.” “Love is a chilli.” “Love is a chilli, dear.” Since then she appeared in
many films and many item numbers. As well as music albums
which became popular. But she became a star
because of her controversies. Was I born for controversies? Any Tom, Dick and Harry takes my name. Sometimes it’s a Mika,
sometimes some Chika,.. Sometimes it’s a Mika,
sometimes some Chika,.. ..or some coal minister.. Don’t you have other work to do? Hello. Why are you targeting me? Excuse me. Leave me please. She calls herself
the daughter of media. In 2006 she was kissed
by the devil named.. ..Mika Singh at his birthday party. This kiss created a huge
controversy and she kept shouting. I am an Indian woman.
How did he dare to do this? Then she was seen stealing
the limelight in Big Boss season 1. She also made a brave attempt by
making her debut as a singer in 2007. In 2009, she decided
to have her swayamwar.. ..for the reality
show Rakhi Ka Swayamwar. There was enough drama
to select her husband. She finally selected Elesh Parujanwala
from Toronto, Canada. But as was predicted and
known to all they separated. Rakhi also went on to give justice
to a reality show Rakhi Ka Insaaf. And later accused
Aamir Khan for stealing.. ..her idea when he
started Satyamev Jayate. She is one woman who
seems to be fearless. She stated that Sanjay Dutt is not
a star but just a criminal for her. She also revealed
that at the age of ten.. ..she served food
at Tina Ambani’s wedding. But one statement which
she made in a talk show.. ..was really amazing
and very true to her life. What God does not give,
the doctor gives. And the audience knows
what has the doctor given her. From her face to her.. Starting from head to toe…
everybody knows. Rakhi Sawant also revealed
her secret intention.. ..of getting married to Baba Ramdev. She said I have done better
Laavni than Katrina Kaif. Later she also stated that she would.. ..have been better than
Vidya Balan in ‘The Dirty Picture’. Well everybody knows
Rakhi Sawant is the best.. ..and she is better than all of them. Saif Ali Khan uses
women like tissue paper. Once Saifeena become
parents then their marriage.. Once Saifeena become
parents then their marriage.. She stated that Saif
didn’t have good intentions. Rakhi Sawant for sure has
been one of the boldest item girls.. ..who started from scratch. No doubt she is a
brand and an entertainer. For the latest news
and gossip in Bollywood, log onto facebook.com/UltraHindi.. ..and twitter.com/UltraHindi.


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