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You are late.
You cannot do anything right. Did you speak to your
father about our marriage? I see him only on TV
after he became a minister. He went to Delhi yesterday.
I will tell him when he returns. You are saying the same for one
year. Think of my problem at home. This time it is definite. I wonder which side
to go. Come. Auto, Will you come?
– Where? Chikkadpalli. My son lives here. We came
from Anakapalli to see him. I belong to Anakapalli too. Next to bus stop is God Hanuman
Temple. Next is coconut shop. That is my father.
– I see! Open the door.
I want to go my mother. Anna, this is too less.
Give me more this time. Take her back. What about software girl?
– I will bring her in 2 days. Is this the fate of women? This is what they deserve. Asked by a lion of a man. Will he emerge out of
darkness bringing light. Will he change the situation? Gayathri! – Brother!
– You will cut your finger. I will cut the vegetables. Why? I will do it.
You just sit. When she goes to in-laws who
Will cook, she or her husband? Of course her husband will.
– Rakhi. – Oh here comes brother! Coffee is tasty. You can
survive on coffee shop. Ramakrishna, we are going to our
new house construction site. Iron our clothes. – Ok. Did you send cement bags?
Yes. – Did you wash the bike? In the morning. – We are not
coming for lunch. – Ok. Finish all the work.
– Okay. Your brother and sister in law
are very selfish. They are using you as servant. Do not be silly. They are not
outsiders but. My brother and sister-in- law.
Till I get a job I am free. Anyway what is wrong in
doing our own work? Then, clean my vehicle too. Clean it.
– I will kill you. Brother, is lunch for
father ready? – Oh I forgot! You will not forget your mother
however busy you are. When she used to feed me… …She used to ask me if I will
feed her when I grew up. She died before her wish was
fulfilled leaving Gayathri to me. Feeding her makes me feel like
I am feeding mother. Okay, Start. This is for your
father and this for your grandpa. Have I said anything wrong? I know Telugu.
You speak in Telugu. Tell me baby.
– How to go to Cherlapally? Why go to Cherlapally?
– Do you know Seenu? Which Seenu?
– ‘Moddu’ Seenu. I know Moddu Seenu. I know you are like a daughter
to me I am your uncle. Go get an auto.
Or a taxi. Are you trying to impress her?
– He will. It is his problem at home.
He is a Romeo. What is wrong in chasing girls?
– Shut up. – You shut up. He is a Station master
not a sweeper. I will hit you. How dare you
call him a sweeper? What do you think he is?
Man or a pig? A donkey? He may be a man, a pig,
Or a donkey. But he is a responsible officer. He does not sell pigs. Why do you bother what he sells?
The fact is he is a human being. Reacted like any man when looked
at a girl in tight pants. What did you say?
– There is nothing wrong in it. She is young and wearing jeans. You can ogle at her
but not on platform. Who are you?
– A retired gang man. – Me? I let you live you on platform
even after retirement. How can you harm me!
– Greetings Madam. Greetings.
Oh God Madam! You are old and retired.
You should stay at home. Listen, Father.
– You have spoiled them. Ticket, Sir.
– What ticket? Do you know who I am?
– I do not care. Ticket. Here it is. Someone raised his hand
on our officer What is the commotion?
– He hit our officer on duty. You know he is a minister son. Minister, Your son hit our
officer. – Will you hit him? So what do you want him to do? He has to touch our
officer feet and say sorry. Touch his feet?
My foot. Move aside. He has to. – No.
He must. What if he does not? What are you waiting for?
Shoot them. – They die. Take them away first. Give my phone. Will you shoot us? Shoot. Shoot them. They are after all
railway employees. Do not take us so lightly. Daily 1.5 crore people
travel by trains. There are 8000 railway stations.
The tracks are 1.07 lakh km long. Trains run 22 lakh km.
per day, Sir. Do not take it lightly.
There are 64 divisions and. 15 lakh employees. In our Secunderabad division
alone, there are 170 trains. …600 guards, 1200 drivers,
6000 gang men work. And you talk so lightly
about them. There are so many branches and
so many lakhs of employees. They work day and night. Reach crores of people
to their destinations. They are not after all,
As you said. Our railways give our government
Rs.56000 crores revenue annually. So do not put them down. For marriages, Festivals,
Interviews, Medical treatments… ..Our railways fulfil their
traveling needs. We are not worthless. If the railways stop working, the
Country comes to a standstill. Crores of people get stranded. Parliament trembles,
The country becomes chaotic. You people lose posts. Ours is 150 years of heritage. So do not take us lightly.
Say sorry. Say sorry. – He is right.
– Better say sorry. Say sorry. – Father.
– Say sorry. I am sorry. Forgive me Make way for them.
Please go. Go. No doubt he is a minister. But we cannot tolerate insult
to our railways. My grandson has done
a great thing. Shut up. What is a retired men
doing on the platform? Mind your business. We are middle class. We will be at the mercy of the
government for jobs etc. I wonder where this altercation
leads to. Nowhere. Stop worrying. Take RRB application. Fill it up for ASM post.
I will handle the rest. Here is lunch and tobacco
rolls for grandpa. Only in Indian women are
treated like goddesses. In the same country a woman is
an object of pleasure. Example is Bhavani
murder case. Rape in blind girls’ school
yesterday. Innocent girls are sold. Women continue to be ruined
by some men. Any amount of law,
Preaching are ineffective. Instead, they are increasing. What is this women atrocities,
Scandals, Values, Duties? Headache! We want
Entertainment, Commercialization. Like who raped whom how
many raped her and how. Who did it first etc. Are
important. Expose the bigwigs. Plant secret cameras to do it. Increase TRP. Increase TRP, Ads.
Attract viewers. Tell me if you cannot do it.
I will use my creativity. Forget stupid women issues
and women problems. You take it so lightly. We feel sad for unknown
people deaths. 8 out of 10 face this problem
are known to us. There are scores of women
who are sexually abused. Divorced, physically abused,
Burnt alive, everywhere. On the roads, Bus stops, in the
offices At homes, Hotels, Cinema halls,
they are ragged, Harassed sexually. There are so many such cases
taking place around us, Daily. We are used to hearing it daily.
So it appears unimportant But thousands and lakhs of
women face this big problem. It is a burning problem.
– Burning problem! My foot! Greetings, Sir. Come in Rakhi.
You tell them. Look at them. They do not
understand my creativity. Not just them but no one in the
world understands you. Do you mean my brother-in-law
is brainless? It means he has a creative mind. Your brother-in-law is not a
human being at all. What do you mean? You mean
he is an animal. – A God. Well said. It is time to use my creativity.
I have to go. What nonsense is he talking? My father gave him the Channel
as dowry for marrying my sister. We are paying for it. He is gone.
You can smile now. She is till crying,
You close your eyes tight. Let me see once.
– I will hit you. Smiled! Let me kiss again.
Not here. – Come. – Where? I told you to let me drive.
Pick me up. Thanks, Brother. I fell down. You have no pity.
Snatch away my ice cream too! Sit back. Where are we going?
– To submit the application. Thank you, Brother. Yes, Sir. I am standing in queue. I will collect applications in
10 minutes. You said it is the last day.
So, I wore a red shirt as you said. Wore black pant. You said I will
get a job in transport business. Yesterday I applied to RTC
and today, To railways. I am talking about application,
Not a bomb. In the front White. Now I have white colour
in front of me. Behind me Blue. I am in right place.
Counter Number. It is facing west. Want me to turn to East. Can I submit the application
now. Counter is on the West side.
Who will take from East side? Oh, I should face east but give
it over the shoulder. People might laugh at me. Never mind.
Getting job is my concern. I am in trouble. Unless I get
some job? My uncle will not give his
daughter in marriage. You say that I do not get lucky
unless I get married. Any how I came to Hyderabad. Here arrows are
famous. May I use it to get rid of
my uncle? What? I go to jail That will ruin my life.
Good bye, Sir. Have you too come to
submit your application? No, to watch a movie.
They show movies too here! You are teasing me.
– Never mind. My name is Jalagam Tatabbai. My astrologer predictions always
come true. He is famous. Meet me when you come to
Bheemavaram. I will take you to him to read
your horoscope. Hey, You, Turn this way If I do, I will not get the job.
Why? – I believe in Vastu. What an idiot! I have seen
one like you for the first time. What is your name?
– Rakhi. Is the job for one or
for all three? One.
My name, Ramakrishna. Why did you make her give it?
– She is my sister. Sentiment – Remember my name,
Ramakrishna. Okay. Where is the drink?
– Here. Drink. – Let us not
cheat each other. Look at the tongue.
Look at the drink. I will drink without
wetting my tongue. If not, we will beat you up.
He lost the bet. What is the noise? – A
strange thing happened here. What? – He bet he will drink
without wetting his tongue. He lost. We have won. Who bought the drink?
– We. For how much? – Rs.100
– What is the bet? – Rs.10. You rogue, you bet Rs.10 and
drank liquor worth Rs.100! Happy that he lost! He made
you lose Rs.90, You fools. I will come. Get lost. Eat it. – Romancing? You had to find only this place?
What do you think of my studio? This place is warm. Go to the
AC office and romance. Where is Tripura? What a job!
Do we need to do it? Do you think the information
we got is right. Girls are sold here! Why not be satisfied anchoring
some programs on women? Come here. Here he comes.
– Why are you hiding them? Let me see the girls first. Leave me. Rs.15000. Rs.20000.
– Rs.30000 per girl. Okay, Brother. Will you click my photo? What a body! I will let my boys rape you.
Make a video. And sell it
to Dubai Sheikhs. They will go mad at it.
She has a great body. Boys, what are you waiting for?
Kill him. Leave me. Girls are abducted, Kidnapped
with promises of marriage. But rogues they sell them
to Dabar and make money. Right now he is absconding. Have you any brains? Think
you are Jhansilakahmibai! What if I had not come in time
or did not come to know about it For a minute my heart skipped
beat on seeing you in their hands. Have not you thought of your
mother at least? Do you think you are great? Why do you bother about others? Do not you see me or
your sister in them? Do not bring Gayathri into this. Gayathri and I have you.
So we are protected. But who do they have?
Do they have to be sacrificed? They are sold for 10, 15 or
20 thousand each. They sell them like animals. Tripura? ACP is calling you. Information is from secret
Source. We shot everything with
hidden cameras. I slapped you here yesterday,
Right. You are my courage. Like every year, give a sari to
the one you love most. – Ok father. Do not hesitate. Take it. If everything goes well you
will be our daughter-in-law. By your next birthday. So we planned that
it goes to you. All of us know you both. This
is with your mother consent. Mother, they are kind to give
me a place here. Bless me it lasts forever and
I do not lose Rakhi. I told you not to leave me
alone. In Hyderabad we must
speak in Hindi. I will handle it. Relax. We have to go that way. Do not be afraid.
Come with me. Where is L.V Prasad
Eye institute? Go and find out.
– Why do you get angry? I said move. Move. I will not show you my ticket.
Get lost. Come. Do not cry. I have to talk to you. Grandpa who is she?
What is the story? She is your paternal aunt.
– Aunt! Coconut shop next to temple
is my father. Come, I will take you there. Take me too.
Sorry, Brother. Who are you? Shut your mouth. You talk in Hindi
in Hyderabad? What is your name? Catch him.
– Say it right. You are heavy! Here is the fare. Her weight is killing me. Gowri, He is your cousin. My back bone is gone. She is your aunt. Come in.
Bring in the luggage. Come in, Daughter.
You bring the rest, Okay? Want me to untie you? Do not move. Keep distance. Stand straight. Come close. Come closer. Your weight killed me.
Let us go in. Oh, Cousin!
I am feeling shy. I do not want food. Sit. She is my daughter, Tripura. What happened to you, Cousin! Who is she?
– I will say. She is Gowri, My cousin.
This is Tripura, My friend. Ramakrishna, Come fast.
I am hungry. Aunty, you too join
us for food. Come, Aunty. Sit and eat. You left us. Why did you come back
now you shameless? I am shameless, Brainless! You met your sister
after 20 years. Can you not ask how are we doing? Moreover you ask for
our ticket, You rogue. Cannot you say how are you
to me Ego? You ignored me.
How can I talk? Oh! You turned up by seeing
me. How can I speak? You come here. She is nave.
She is new here. How can you shout at her for
asking for directions? Do not expect me to forget the
past, Take you back if you cry. Never. You complain about
my affection. But look at your father. He chooses the son
over the daughter. He is going to die soon anyway.
Why is he still so stubborn? Past is past. We are after all
blood relatives. Stay here for a month
till the eye operation. Ramakrishna, Look after it.
– Okay, Father. You went jumping with your
husband? Has he come now? He is no more, Brother. He had all vices. Spent away all the property. He used to get drunk and
beat me up daily. I wanted to die out of
frustration. But I was carrying her. I got rid of that dog.
Living only for her. I made a big mistake by not
heeding to your advice. I made a big mistake. She thinks happy birthday
means thanks. You are killing us with
Your language. Hold it. This is so nice!
Who put it? You? Come here. Teach me too,
To put Rangoli. Hold it this way.
Girls should be like you. But in my town
girls are modern. They do not know to do
any of household chores. She killed me! You behave as if all women
in the world are in trouble. Your mother, my sister and
you are fine, Right Many women are happy.
So, stop worrying. Cousin.
Oh! Here she comes again! You are cooking!
Come this way. Men should not cook.
Let me do it. I cook well. Tell me what you like.
I will cook for you. I am getting pampered.
You have to mix like this. Mother. – Not like that come here. Hold like this and wash. That is it! Your hands are so smooth! It is a strange feeling.
– Different feeling there. That is why I did it.
Really. You fatso,
why are you so friendly with her? Just like that. – Act smart,
I will kick you. You are a girl.
Should not say such words. You dog, Rogue. I am getting late for exam.
What took you so long? Come here. Apply kumkum
from temple. Best of luck. Oh, my hall ticket! When will you say?
I love you, to me? Give me my hall ticket.
– Say you love me first. Hall ticket. I am mad after you
for years. Say it. Oh, Gayathri hall ticket
is here! What is this? I will kill you if you do not.
I mean it. I beg of you. Please leave.
Give me my hall ticket. I have to write the exam.
Please. Brother. Pull him away.
Brother. I love studies. Take me to hospital.
I will study well. I will write the exam. I love studies, Brother. He has been troubling her
for long. She wanted to tie Rakhi
to you this year too. You will not go to college. You should give police complaint.
Why are you still here? Talk. – We will talk later. Later! Do we let him go free
after this horrible thing? It is our responsibility.
– Gayathri is in bad stage. Rest is important for now.
Leave it. Do not talk as if only
she is your sister. Sreelatha too tied Rakhi to you. That devil hacked her in broad
daylight. How can we leave him? Talking to you is a waste. Gayathri, At least you lodge a
complaint. – Get lost. She is my responsibility. My mother handed over her to me. You want me run after police
and courts at a time like this. Look at her tremble out of fear. Get lost. Do not cry sister. I could not control my temper. Cousin, you are here!
Uncle is calling you. You go. I will come later.
– No he wants you come now. Let me give her what she wants.
– Give it to me I will give. Should I give? He is funny.
– What is the news? Wear a silk sari. Let us talk of rules before
we begin the program. I am holding a silk sari. I will quote a price for it.
Say if it is right or wrong. Are you not able to hold it
It is live, remember. If your answer is right,
You will win this sari. Before that, I will ask you one
or two questions for fun. What channel do you watch
normally? Which others? Next. Do not you watch Sri Devi TV?
We are on live. This sari price is. Rs.5250.
Right or wrong? No way. Even Rs.250 is more
for that sari. Right answer.
This sari is yours. Wait! You have to wear it here.
– How? Remove what you are wearing
and wear this. Wear sari here! You rascal. All of you, Come here. I am your employer. Do you not
stop them from beating me? Do not blame them. – Why?
– I did not want interruption. Father, Marriage for Gayathri?
– Yes. After the recent incident I am
afraid to send her to college. We planned it for the next year
but we will do it now. Station master told us
of a good alliance. We plan to ask them to come
to see the girl. Mother, I will come too.
Wait. Boy is handsome. Going to
go to America soon. She is his sister, Meghana.
She is his mother, Padmavathi. It is a good match, Trust me. Celebration in the evening?
Groom is handsome. I have done the introduction.
Proceed. How long will you take?
Someone say something. You begin the dialogue. What is there to say? Recently
there was an alliance from Vizag. They are offering 15 lakhs dowry. 15 lakhs.
What is your answer? Such alliances do not come cheap. We cannot afford that.
– What can you afford? You are aware of our financial
condition. But this is a good match.
She is our only daughter. We liked the boy. I can give 10 lakhs from
my provident fund. 10 lakhs, Okay. What about
gifts to groom sister? They will give this and
also other presents. Conduct marriage grandly
befitting your status. Confirm. Okay done.
Have snacks. Oh she stepped on my feet!
I will kill you. How can you expect 10 lakhs,
Mr. Mohan Rao? You have kept P.F. as surety for
bank loan for your elder son. Bank has taken it. But he is
repaying loan every month! – No. You know that the shop opened
with loan is shut down. It is a loss. You know it.
From where do I have money? I mean you have not told me about
it. – I thought you know it. You are earning well. You bought a house in Tarnaka.
Buying a car for comfort. Is it an enquiry committee?
– Can I not see it? I brought money
from my parents. Your father is a king and
your mother is a queen! Do not brag. I know how
rich your parents are. Old man, you talk too much.
– You are no less. Calm down, Father.
– You rogue You swallowed the money saved
for your sister marriage. You will be cursed.
You will be ruined. Do not talk too much.
You will die a dog death. Do not say such words.
Son, this is a good match. If we let it slip, Sister life
will be ruined. For her good future. I saved it rupee by rupee
sacrificing many things in life. Do not do injustice to her. I beg
you. Give the money. I touch your feet.
– You animal. Why are you creating a scene? I have been telling not to go for
alliance above our affordability. Does she deserve a boy from
America? She can marry a porter or a
TC like you. Say one more word,
I will split your tongue. Brother, please do not go.
– I will not stay here anymore. It is sister marriage. – How
dare you hit me! Get lost. Father. I cannot even get my daughter
married. Let me die. Calm down, Son. Brother, I want to say something. May I give you 10 lakhs? We were unfair to you yet,
You are helping. I will repay it somehow dear. Do not say so.
For Gowrie marriage. I saved that money with great
difficulty from that devil. Looking at my case. I am scared to give Gowri
to an outsider. Do not misunderstand
my request is. Brother, Get Gowri. Married to Ramakrishna. If you want, Conduct both the
marriages? He is.
– Tell her. Give me half an hour, Aunty. Only half an hour. Everything we wish does not
happen in life. We have to accept it. It is a great feeling that
Gayathri is going to America. I would have done the same if
were in your place. Gayathri will not agree if she
comes to know of it. She is going to US after
3 months. I will marry Gowri after that.
Believe me. I swear on my mother.
– Do not say such words. I love Rakhi. I can do
anything for him. Gowri, Your cousin agreed to marry you.
You are very lucky. I am getting married. Rakhi, you are my Kawasaki You are my target Hey, Andhra beauty You are going to fall
into my arms Brother come with me.
– We are not very far. Brother-in-law, Take
Care of her. Brother, you are coming now! Aunty. – Did you come now brother? I was busy with elections
in the village. I have to handle everything.
Who is she? Maid. No. She is our daughter-in-law.
– Daughter-in-law! She does not look like that.
How much did she bring? 10 lakhs. – 10 lakhs! A municipal
dog catcher is worth that. A boy going to USA is
worth at least a crore. A crore!! Yes. In this election
I helped a man win. He is loaded with money. His only obsession is to send
his daughter to US. Keeping this fellow in mind,
I set up everything. I wish you waited for
a month. Had we known it, we would not
have agreed to this alliance. Nothing is lost yet.
– What do you mean? Move, Move it. What are you taking?
– Pappucharu (Dal). Gayathri likes it.
I am taking it for her. After marriage our girl belongs
to them. No more ours. We should not go there whenever
we want. Do I need permission to see
sister? Yes. After marriage our daughter
becomes their daughter-in-law. You do not need his advice. I am hearing it for a month.
I want to see her. I made coffee first time in
my life. Taste it. Do you know to make coffee at all?
Get lost. Clean shave the head! – Yes.
I vowed to shave off our heads. At Tirupati after we are married. Oh my! Shaving off the head! You look great with it. Do not laugh. A man has to be
strong like him. Do not tease my husband. Feed him well. He will
become double the size. Crazy girl. Swipe the floor well. You
brought 10 lakhs dowry. But going to enjoy life in US.
You are lucky. Have you ever even seen a
plane from close distance. Do you deserve to go to America? Vastu, Stop it. Why are you crying?
Better luck next time. My astrologer said my day was
bad. I did not listen to him. Stop that nonsense and
listen to me. One must always trust his
strength. But my situation is different. My uncle is looking for alliance
for my cousin. I cannot marry her
if I have no job. Your case is different. Please give up this job.
If get this job. I will give you 2 lakhs
if you want. Are you mad! I ambition is to
become Station Master. I will give 3 lakhs. Forget it. – Here is my card.
Think and call me. Want to tie Rakhi to
you brother? Would something happen to him
if you do not? My brother must be waiting. I will tie Rakhi and return
immediately. You cannot go to those
labourers house. Why are you talking insultingly
about my family? Oh, you felt offended! Why, they gave you whatever
you demanded. It is only 10 lakhs. My brother
lost 1 crore because of you. Then you should have gone for it.
Why marry me? How dare you say so? I will not live here if this is the case.
I will go to my parents. – Go. Brother, Please.
Do not hit him. Go away. You cannot interfere. I beg of you. Please go away. Grandpa, Go and bring her back. Love and quarrels are part of
married love. He must have scolded her
when he was angry. Even I had fights with my wife
many times. Have we separated Let us not
bring her back in haste. What is wrong with you?
You do not understand me. She is our Gayathri.
He is beating her. I have seen it. Will you bring her back of nor? If I go I will kill him. Go. Brother, Are you angry? I did not know what to do. He is my husband anyway. Do you not want to see my face? What happened? You get my brother beaten up!
You are headstrong. Never mind. I held the vessel
with hot milk and got burns. Today is Rakshabandhan. I thought I cannot tie Rakhi. The problem was because of this. You know what Rakhi is.
It is a promise to protect. It means a brother protects his
sister as long as she is alive. It is not just for me but. For my would be born
baby too. Really! – Yes.
Really! Gayathri, do your in-laws know
about it. No. They must be informed
first, Then we go home. Father, what are you saying?
She must not go back. She will stay here with us.
– Shut up! What will she do here? She has a family there.
Why will she stay here? It is your fault. You raised your
hand on your brother-in-law. How can you ruin your sister’s
married life? Come there and say
sorry to him. Come. She is still young. Came to
tie Rakhi without telling you. She made a mistake. She is
like your daughter. Forgive her. We are decent people. We do not
run away from home like her. Do not say so.
We are decent too. In future she will not do such a thing.
Please forgive her. I am sorry, Brother-in-law.
Fault is mine. I lost my temper. Scold me.
if you are angry with me. Hit me, kill me. I touch your feet. Do not punish Gayathri.
She is pregnant too. You are pregnant! Why did not you tell us?
Felt shy? What are you doing
brother-in law! I was tense about finances. Even after selling our plot
in Jubilee Hills. We are unable to arrange
5 lakhs to go to USA. I came home tense and got
irritated with their problems. Please do not feel offended. It is only 5 lakhs.
– Why do you take tension? I will get it by morning. What are you saying!
– Wait. I will get it by morning.
– But how can I take from you? Give it back with interest
when you settle in US. Or take me too with you.
I will feel happy. No more talking. I will bring. Rakhi, Wait.
– Let me talk. All I want is you and Gayathri’s
happiness. Listen to us.
– All of you go out. I am really sorry.
Take care of her. She is pregnant too. Bye, Sister. Let us go.
Bye. You said you can give 4 lakhs.
But I need 5 lakhs urgently. I will leave my job
if you give it. Are you brainless?
We want to get rid of her! Why did you let her in?
– She might hear. You could have sent her back
with them. I bargained for 5 lakhs for it.
He cannot raise that money Right. We can send her back
with this ruse. What if they bring her back? Have you heard everything? I plan to send you back
permanently and marry again. Do you know how much
dowry I get? One crore. I will call my brother and. I and Subbulu are
indebted to you for ever. Meet me if you come to
Bheemavaram. Sign on these papers.
– Sign. Sign. – What papers are these?
Divorce papers. Only then I can marry. Where are you running away? Stop. Keep the vehicle aside.
Do you have licence? If she steps out we will get into
police case and problems. You going to America gets
totally cancelled. What about one crore?
We will not lose it. Get rid of this girl first. You! – Why have you opened the door?
Is not Gayathri home? I will give the money and
Meet Gayathri. Call Gayathri. She is not at home.
– No. Where did she go? She is pregnant.
Wanted to eat ice cream. Your brother-in-law took her out.
– Yes. She loves ice cream. I would have brought had
she told me. Greetings! Never mind. I will wait.
– But. She is young.
Going to be a mother. I am sure it will be a boy.
We will select a nice name. I will wait. They said they will go to watch
a movie from there. Went to movie?
They might come late. Give me money if you trust me.
Or give it to my son tomorrow. We gave our sister here.
You are like mother to her. Here is 5 lakhs. Be careful. I offered Archana in my would
be born nephew name. Tell her to apply this before
going to bed. Bye. What is it? What is the matter? What happened? Nothing. Bye. I feel uneasy, Restless as if
something wrong happened. How do you drink it!
It will kill you. I do not understand what is
selling your job. Forget it. There are plenty.
We want Gayathri happiness. She should go to America.
My nephew should study there. She likes coconut sweet.
I will take Pappucharu for her. Be careful.
– Gayathri happiness is important. Must go to Gayathri.
Not now. Not now. You should not go drunk.
– Gayathri will scold me. What is the matter?
– Gayathri is in the hospital. Burns ward!
– I will explain. Look there. Where is Gayathri? She is our Gayathri only. Gayathri it is me, your brother.
Speak to me. You have to protect me
As long as I live. Her sari caught fire while
cooking and she died. But this is what our
report says. We cannot do anything.
Your case is not strong. Anyway what is the use of a
case when she is dead? You are poor. Forget the case.
I will see that you get a lakh. Is a lakh okay?
– As you say, Sir. How much did you take from them? One lakh.
You give me 2 lakhs. I will turn the case
in your favour. Let us do one thing. I will give you
3 lakhs somehow. You send your daughter to bed
with my grandson. You old man.
I will put you in cell. Forgive his ignorance.
– You want to file a case? Go ahead.
You can do nothing. I will see what you can do. Water in the South west
Nothing in the south east Losses in the south east
Dish in North West! Hey come here. Who are you? Are you a watchman here?
Cook? Sweeper? Will you supply tea to everyone? Look here. This Channel
– Are you buying it? Are you an anchor? Why are you here?
– To become an anchor. With this face! Have you
ever seen it in photo? I came to show it on TV. But
I did not like the place. Bye. Why are you leaving? According to Vastu, This channel
becomes popular in near future. But it is owner will become
a pauper. Then I will buy the channel. No
need for anchoring now. Channel becomes popular but
owner becomes pauper! What contradiction! Everyone wants to become
an anchor! Who is Mohan Rao?
– It is him. You! I am Sachidanandam,
Criminal lawyer. I take your leave.
– Okay. She is beautiful.
The dead will not come back. But money will be useful. Take my advice and compromise. Courts can do nothing.
Count on my experience. Do not worry. I will get you
3 lakhs from them. Withdraw the case. 3 lakhs is a lot of money. So, No compromise.
Want to go to court? Let me tell you something. To complete the pending
cases as of today? Do you have any idea how
many years it takes? It takes 360 years. So
you have faith in court! Okay. Let us meet there.
You will be ruined. It is a clear cut suicide. They are playing melodrama
to extract money from my client. She did not sleep with me
even once. When I told her brother,
He hit me. You have seen the post-mortem
report. – Death is due to burns. No injuries on dead body. Her character was very bad. She had an affair with a boy
from her class. She had many affairs
in her college. Our enquiries reveal that she
had 2 or 3 affairs. She got mentally disturbed as
– She was forced into marriage. She used to scream all the time.
– No happiness from day one. So I asked for divorce. They
demanded 20 lakhs from us. She burnt herself. I offered to cook. – She locked
herself in the kitchen. She had suicidal tendency. It is a mental case.
We cannot predict her actions. Public Prosecutor, Do you have
any evidence to argue? Say No. – No. – Then why
did you take up the case? Final judgment of this case
will be on 15th of next month. You?
– What is wrong with you? Elder son left us.
You are my only hope. How can you keep quiet
at their accusations? Have you gone insane? You want to kill my cousin? What are you doing!
Raising hand on your uncle! I do not feel like staying here. Memories of Gayathri are
tormenting me. I will go back to my village,
Father. If a happy event takes place
within a year of death in the. Family, The rewards of it
to go the dead. I think Gowri and Ramakrishna
should marry at my house. You too think about it, Brother. Uncle, Let us go to court. Today
is final judgment of the case. What is the use of going there? We have no hope to get justice. We are misfortunate. Do not lose heart, Uncle.
We can try in the higher court. We will fight.
We will get justice. At least for
Gayathri sake we must fight. Let us go.
Where is Rakhi? Ongoing through the cases. It is found that it.
Is not a murder. It is proved that she died
by accident while cooking. So, her husband, Mother-in-law
and other members are acquitted. I won the case. I warned you not to
mess with me. I will shoot you down here
Itself if you act rough. Let us not bother about him.
Let us go. We are misfortunate. My lion like grandson is
in shock. Had he been normal, your story
would not have come this far. He would have hacked
everyone long back. You will be cursed.
God is there to do justice. You will be ruined. You will
lead a miserable life. We have to attend to visa
without delay. Hurry up. Brother-in-law? Someone is burnt outside
the court. How daring! What is the commotion? Have you come to arrest me?
– Something like that. The Commissioner is
in panic for the past 2 hours. Leave my son alone.
– Commissioner is on line. I will be there in
10 minutes, Sir. You have come! We heard that murders
took place in court. We are about to leave.
Will you come? I have headache.
Can I get a coffee? Is it about what
happened in the court? What else can I do?
My sister was 3 months pregnant. They burnt her alive. We went to court. Lawyer
demanded a lakh to fight. Demanded 2 lakhs to turn
the case in our favour. Lawyer came to our house.
Said dead will not come back. Offered 3 lakhs if we
withdraw the case. My sister life is worth 3 lakhs. What did the doctor say? They called her mad. They are selling themselves
out of greed. If courts and police are such,
Where do we go for justice? We cannot help it. This is the list of information
you gathered. A brother and father
of a 14 year girl… … Threatened her without the
other knowing… …Raped her repeatedly
and made her pregnant. A doctor told a patient
she has to strip for x-ray. Then took her nude.
photos with cell phone. That rogue has cheated
women patients. An IAS officer has killed his wife. Remarried and torturing
his 2nd wife too. Another burnt his wife. A lecturer made his
girl student disappear. Another teacher threatened
to fail his girl student… …If she did not go to
bed with him. An auto driver sells a
village girl to brothels. A corporator sold girls
to different States. The world is full of
wretched men. There are scores of kids,
Young girls like Gayathri. You said once that I am
there for you and Gayathri. Then, I did not understand you. These rogues think girls are helpless. Someone should teach
a lesson to these dogs. But who is doing it? Everyone just treat your
news for time pass. That is why.
I will teach them. I will. No, My grandson. I am scared. Forget
what has happened. We cannot live if
something happens to you. You come with us. Let us go away from them
and lead our lives in peace. Shut up.
My cowardice killed Gayathri. There should not be a father like me,
Nor girl like Gayathri. Those who make women cry
should die. Go. Kill them.
Do not bother about us. Kill them, Hack them. Tell me who is it? Who did it?
– It is him. Those rogues should be killed. They did not have pity
that we are blind. They drag us to their
room any time they want. One after the other.
– It is painful, Aunty. How could they be so inhuman? Looking at these girls,
Their killings are justified. What happened is unfair. Making everything as sensational. I pity them. But you do not know all
those dead are criminals. There could be some good men too. Are you recording? Switch on the camera. Show it on TV. It must
be the job of terrorists. Naxalites or dacoits job. This is just to disrupt
the peace in the country. Or to scare the society
to control them… …Or to gain popularity overnight. Who are turning the city
into graveyard. I will arrest the rogues
in 24 hours. I will shoot them dead if necessary. Every murder has
10-15 minutes gap. Half an hour gap after 7 murders
in Nampalli court. Then it started in
Chadarghat. Then in. By bike it takes 7 – 10 minutes
from one place to another. Each murder takes
3 to 5 minutes. Do not tell stupid calculations. Face to face with Rakhi
who claims responsibility… …To city murders. May I talk? – Start.
Greetings. I am Ramakrishna. I am responsible for all the
murders that took place today. I killed them.
I am not a terrorist. I am not a dacoit either. Why did you have to kill so many? I love my sister deeply. We gave 10 lakh dowry
as the groom is going to USA. It was a grand marriage.
We gave lot of presents too. They demanded 5 lakhs more.
We gave that too. For more dowry from another
marriage they burnt her to death. We went to police, Court. We were offered money
to withdraw the case. Lawyer demanded money
when we insisted on fighting. Finally, they acquitted them
saying my sister was mad. There are many girls like Gayathri.
They are all sisters to me. Who will protect them? Ours is not just rotten
society. It is worse than rotten worms. Are police not taking action? They are very busy. They have to mind the
government, Ministers. Control traffic, Provide security. What is your goal? Stray dogs attack us
on the roads. If one caries a cane,
They do not even bark. One should have the
fear of death if he teases a girl. One should fear death
when he teases girls in college. One should have the fear
of death on the road if… …He burns his wife at home. Such crimes will stop
when there is such fear. How long will you continue
to do this? Until I die or
someone kills me. Next telecast is at 7.30 pm. Your interview of Rakhi
raised the status of my channel. It became sensational TRP and
Ads and sponsors increased. On this occasion, I promote
you as chief editor. I present you a bungalow
and a car. Is this the channel
interviewed Rakhi? – Yes. We know that.
Who did it? Who interviewed him?
– Me. Our DSP called you.
Come with me. Are you arresting her?
Do you have warrant? You want warrant?
– What do you think of media? Do not mess with us.
Who is your DCP? Tell him to come here.
We will interview him. Do you think we are cowards? Get scared of your uniform
and jump into jeep? What did you say?
– A lot. Said he can make or
break the country. I was not serious. I just
said 4th estate. What are other 3 estates? I do not know. 1st is, Government, 2nd is
legislature, 3rd is judiciary. I did not know.
I just happen to use the word. Sorry. Tell him to
put me down. If you move. You seem to be very
angry with police. From kids to senior citizens
are angry with police. Where is Rakhi? I forgot my hand bag at home.
Probably he is in it! Think it is funny! You work for media
whose responsibility is to… ..Analyse the news
before presenting to public. Why are you behaving mad? Rotten constitution.
Corrupt government. Crippled society.
You work for these. For ages atrocities are
committed on women. Now a real man,
like a lion is hunting the… ..Animals called men. Supporting him looks like
madness to you? I pity you. Are you Rakhi lover?
– More than that. I am his devotee. You are totally mad. I feel the same way about you. Be a good girl and
tell me who is next on… … Rakhi hit list. Tell. He will kill so many! Rakhi killed more than 40 in
one day in Hyderabad? …And created chaos. To those who catch him
dead or alive… …The government announced
reward of 25 lakhs. How are you, dear? Gowri, Your cousin has come. You do not look as if
you took care of you. I am hungry. Oh, I forgot
my Hindi because of you. I am hungry. Will you
serve me food? I promised to marry Gowri… … In return for your
help for Gayathri marriage. I did not forget it. But I am not in a position to marry. Even if I marry her,
Her life will not be happy… …As you hoped. Because I might get killed
any minute. It is true, Grandpa and father. I still have lot of
things to do. Get her married to a good boy. I will arrange for money. No Rakhi. Drive. Where is Bharat?
– We do not know. Tell me, I will let you go. – He went to
forest for hunting. – Which forest? One more is dead,
Meenakshi, Aunty? Madam. – Yes.
– Put me down. Madam did not tell us. You hung me like a
clock, On the wall. Who gave you police job? Go! Call up transport office.
Find the owner of this car. It is registered in the name of Bharat,
Minister son. He is in meeting
sir, Phone from Hyderabad. Good morning. I am DCP
Meenakshi speaking. Where is your son Bharat? Did he commit a murder?
Do not disturb him. Put the phone down. His life is in danger. Do you think you are
talking to an useless man? Put the phone down.
Where is my son? Girls are like our mother. They are sensitive. Feel hurt easily. How can you like pigs… …Strip them? Physically abuse them? Batter them severely. How could you be so
inhuman, You dogs? We will be burnt. Do you remember what
you did? You thought girls
cannot fight back. But behind them,
There is Rakhi, Me. Move aside. Look, my son is killed. She was there at that time. We have tried sincerely
to save him. What were you doing
when he killed my son? Dancing in front of Rakhi? Or sleeping using
uniform as pillow? Take away the police
from here else I will kill them. Do not insult our uniform. What are police for other
than to salute us? To provide security
for our families. Throw away the
police from here. Throw them. You are messing with police.
You are finished. I am not hurt by his
kicking me, A woman. But his utters disrespect!
What is our standard! Who is he after all?
He is a dog. When I was SP in Cuddapah,
I dragged him to… … Police station,
In spurious case. That dog now becomes
a Minister and.. …Threatens us of our jobs? I would have killed him
if I were in your place. Our department has
no respect. His son and his friends
gang raped Bhavani. I arrested them with proof,
With great difficulty. But he got them
released with one phone call! Rakhi killed those dogs. Rakhi rebelled against
atrocities on women. He is doing what
we are supposed to do. But what are we doing? What Rakhi doing is right. He is like a real police officer. The tragedy is we are
trying to arrest… …Such a sincere worker. Madam said you may go. Let us eat. I am Rakhi.
Sorry, I am very hungry. The sight of food increased it. I am eating without your
permission. Sorry.
I am really hungry. Do not you have security
system for your house? You are not handling
Naxalite cases. Anyway what is the use? Sambar is tasty.
We call it Pappucharu. But it needs little more salt. Then it would taste
much better. Do not look for gun. I came to surrender myself. I have trust only in you. Police must have got
information by now. I must finish eating
before they arrive. Give me a minute to finish
my meal. I am very hungry. Thank you, Madam.
I am full now. Rakhi killed my only son
and is roaming free. Dasu, Take whatever you
want from me. I will protect you. You find him wherever
he is hiding. That is Rakhi. He! Is he not the fellow
on the waiting platform? He is after my son since then! He is in our grip. Find out which police station
he is taken to. Blow him up, Including
police station. Be kind. I am handcuffed. So many police! Hope they
Do not beat me up once I am inside. Taken to jail! That woman
police is helping him! Put him in jail for
fear that we will kill him. We have to flush him out. Tell me the reason behind
the surrender. Madhukar is still
in remand, Right? Yes.
– In which jail. Move it, fast. Sorry to lie to you. I have 37 years of
experience in life. Out of which is 15 years
of police duty. I did it with honesty
but you upset it all. I am confused as to
what is right or wrong. No confusions. You are thinking how
many more I will kill. When will I stop etc.
are your doubts. College is like a temple.
Many girls come there to study. A boy in the name of love… …Killed a girl. I was carrying her to hospital. She was holding hall ticket.
Wanted to write exam… … Before going to hospital.
She died writhing in pain. He should be stoned to death. Instead you people put
him in jail and feed him! So called humanitarians,
Outside… …. demand mercy for him. What else, Rather what more
can I do then? Police duty made me
forget I am a woman. But now.
Do you know what I feel? I want a son like you.
Never mind. I will raise my son like you. How are you?
– I am badly battered by police. It feels so nice! You can see me right? How can you smile
at a time like this? Smile makes me look handsome. You look like Goddess
Kali in chains. Do you remember the
Dussehra festival of last year? Carnival, Dancing, Your company… …Looking at you. Rakhi is great.
He repays favours done to him. He surrendered to police.
From the reward money… … Paid my money back
though it was not necessarily. He told me to give you the
balance. Wanted grand marriage for Gowri He does not belong to these
times. He is like God. Where are you going? – To jail.
– Jail. – To my husband. Husband!
I am already married to cousin. Getting married again is a silly. I am going to jail. I will sit out
if I am not allowed to go in. I am going to my husband. Result of Rakhi actions… … Providing confidence in
victims of atrocities. Protests and strikes for
his arrest are on. Women normally keep away
from jails. But now girls go to visit
Rakhi in jail. Considering the various
requests from women… ..Government allowed
Rakhi to meet them? For 1/2 hour outside jail. All the women in the State
are worshipping him like God. They are coming to jail
to tie Rakhi to him. He has to come out for that. Once he comes out. They have come for you. To tie Rakhi to you. My sister tied Rakhi on my
wrist for 18 years. She is killed inhumanly.
I could not save her. I do not deserve to be loved. Do not tie Rakhi to me. Even 10 minutes of life
after tying Rakhi to you enough. Tying Rakhi to you is like
boosting our self-respect. We will feel proud to be
born as girls. But, We will feel more proud
for being able to tie Rakhi. We will consider it luck
if we can tie Rakhi. Yes, yes. Here is my Rakhi. Hey DCP, Give the
phone to Rakhi. You killed my son and is
celebrating Rakhi festival? Think you a messiah for women? I will not kill you anywhere. I will not kill someone,
At some place, But… … I will kill those girls
in front of you, Like ants. Save your sisters crying
for your help. Cousin. It is a bomb blast. Cousin! Send ambulance. Pain in unbearable.
– Ambulance is coming. He is in the company
of his men. Come. You.
What is it? Arrest warrant for killing
innocent girls with bombs. Whose house you have come
you know? I am the Minister. My foot! I have permission to
arrest, Keep walking. You police, who lick my shoes. What do you think of police
you dogs? Keep walking.
– Arrest warrant! Go, Do what you can. You will never change. I am between you
and your death. If I move aside, even
God of death can save you. Surrender,
You will at least be alive. You are after all a woman.
You save me! Let me see who dares to kill me.
Move. I said move. He is your death. The reincarnation of Goddess
Adi Shakti, to kill you. You said police cannot do nothing
other than protection. I will give you real protection now. I will provide protection for you
from any disturbance while… …You die a dog’s death. Save you and your dogs
from this lion. We leave after 30 minutes.
I will not look your way till then. Come. Hit them.
– Kill the rascal. Let me go.
Move aside. Shall we go, Madam? Is it a court or a municipal
market? Proceed.
– Rakhi. – I will talk. Sir greetings. I have committed 49 murders. I killed them in full senses,
Pre-planned. I take full responsibility.
Any punishment is acceptable. May I speak for 2 minutes
before punishment is pronounced. 2 minutes, Please? Just 50 murders made? The government, Police and
public panic. But on women who are our
mothers, Sisters and life partners… … Innumerable atrocities
are committed. Ghastly and cruel. Is anyone bothered?
Confronted the culprits? At least tried to stop them What is happening in our country? When our mothers and
sisters go out… …We are nervous till they
come back home. Why do we feel scared? They are not going to deserts
or forest to face dangers. They will only be
among people like us. When women come out.. ..Everywhere like the roads,
Bus stops, in the buses, Hotels. Post offices, Offices, Parks,
Colleges, etc. …Everywhere they walk
through under the?. Lustful eyes of men. We are scared as to who and
when someone harms our women. Women mean only
an object of sex? Look at the situation.
Despicable. Our land is called holy land. For such good reputation
look at our condition! Mother is God is what
our country preaches to others. But, we learnt nothing. In our country a demon called
Ravan abducted Mother Sita. Lord Rama, With the
help of monkeys, Destroyed… … Him and his kingdom.
What do we learn from Rama? What do we learn from
Mahabharata where… … 18 lakh people died for
pulling a women veil. Oh yes, we learnt something!
To abduct women, to strip them. What a country! One should.. I salute it for its great culture! Police, Law and secretariats etc.
Are run for us to lead… …A civilized lives for which
crores of men contribute money. In such a biggest democratic
country in the world… … Women have no safety. This has to change but
it does not drop from the skies.. Change has to come in
all of us, From within us. To our mothers who give birth
to us and raise us so lovingly… …To show our gratitude… …We must protect the women
around us with compassion. Do not just punish us. Make us
study from beginners level. Send this uncultured. Uncivilized society back
to school. Teach them about women and
about motherly affection. That is all. Rakhi committed murders.
confessed unashamedly. Considering him to be unfit to
live in our civilized society… …According to all possible
sections of IPC… …It is awarded 49 hangings… …49 x 14=656 years of
imprisonment. We will not agree. Wait a minute. Our system has failed in
protecting our women folk. I am ashamed for punishing
a real son of our land. I resign my judge post. I have never lost a case
as a lawyer, For 28 years. After so many years, as a
lawyer, I take up Rakhi case. If necessary, I will shake the
High court, Supreme court.. ..Parliament to see that
Rakhi is acquitted. We need Rakhi.
We need more Rakhis. Hail Rakhi. A brother like you arrived
for us after this long. Who are they to take you away?
We will not let them. They cannot take you. We go to college without fear now.
You cannot go to jail. Please, do not make me a hero. There should not be
no need for Rakhi. Not just cut vegetables
in the kitchen but… …You should be capable to
behead evil men if necessary. You should protect yourselves. Bye.


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