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UNTIL NOW Between a dangerous evil spirit… And a very powerful priest… [chants to kill the evil] In the fight that
happened between them… Even the priest died along with the
evil, Amura, for the good of human race. It’s our misconception if we
think that Amura is no more. Amura used all her knowledge… And gave birth to a baby girl
before she completely died. The story that died there…
Took life again… RAKSHASI
(THE DEMON GIRL) Careful, grandma! I will be… Do you think I am that old? Come on kids… Let’s go inside. Come on. Come on. You get in first. You are the elderly…
You step in first. We’ll follow. No no… You both step in first. You think about the
well-being of everyone. If you step in first, everything
will turn out good in this house. Please, grandma. Mom and dad, please move aside! -We’ll get in.
-Go on. -Your room is in the first floor.
-I’ll go first. -Be careful.
-[both]: Ok, daddy. Sailu, we are just five and
do we need such a big house? I too said the same.
He didn’t listen to me. Sailu, show grandma to her room. Let’s go grandma.
You are so tired from the journey. You take some rest.
I’ll prepare some food meanwhile. -Ok.
-Come on. There is not even one God’s photo here! Goddess Mother Durga… Save us! Where shall I keep her photo? Nice! Save us, Mother! Dear mother… For all the days we are going to be
here… From all the evil and bad… Please save us, dear Mother! -Hi children…
-Hi, mom! Hey, Jenny… How’s the room?
You like it? It’s good, mom. I like it. Kavya? Kavya, I am calling you.
Why do you always seem lost? -Did you like the room?
-Some sound came from that direction. What sound? No idea, mom! -Ok, tell me if it repeats.
-Ok, mom! Good. You both should
behave like good kids. Don’t tease grandma and listen to her. -Ok?
-[both]: Ok, mom! I am closing my eyes… Kiss me! Good girls! -I’ll go prepare food, Ok?
-Ok, mom. Ok. [phone rings] -Hello?
-Hello… -How are you old woman?
-Who are you calling ‘Old’? I’ll trash you,
if you call me that again. -Young girl! Give the phone to sister.
-Ok. -Hi, Sai. Tell me.
-Hi, sister. How are you? -We are doing great. How are you?
-I am also good. -How is the new house?
-When are you coming here? Done with the exams.
Will come if I pass. So you’ll never come. I can’t talk to you. Pass the phone. Ok. Rahul… -What Sai?
-How are you? Jenny… I am good, as you are not here. You bought my sister a house.
What will you buy for me then? Will buy you some
cattle to take care of. -I am really hurt.
-First pass your exams. -Then let’s think.
-I just remembered… -What?
-I need two lahks. -What else?
-That’s enough for now. I have some urgent work.
Will call you again. Bye! Ok, bye. He’s always late for something! -I’ll go take a nap.
-Ok, grandma. Please go. Ok. Kids… Come on, let’s sleep. [everyone wishing Good Night] Rahul, I need to talk to you. You need my permission for that? Tell me what it is. I don’t know if you’ll say ‘OK’ for it. -Tell me first.
-It’s nothing, Rahul. Jenny and Kavya are feeling bored. It’ll be fun if we take them
to the ocean park for a day. Sailu, you know how busy I am. You need to take care of all these. Go along with grandma
and have fun. Ok? My whole life is a compromise… You should come at least
for the kids, right? What should I say if they ask
me why daddy is not coming? Say what you want
and go as you wish. -Don’t irritate me.
-You are always angry. -Why are they talking like this?
-I just asked for the kids. What can I do other than that? [thunder claps] God! [banging on the door] Who’s that? At this time… [thunder claps] Who came at this hour? It’s 12 already! Someone just banged the door…
There’s no one here! Let’s see. Grandma… Kavya? What are you
doing at this time here? Grandma… Grandma… Enough of teasing…
Come to me, Kavya… Grandma… Kavya? God… Where did she go? I don’t understand…
What’s happening here? Also… I made the kids to sleep, right! Thank, God! Kavya is sleeping here… Why did I feel so then? I don’t understand anything. Maybe it’s my imagination… [chanting verses of
praying Lord Hanuman] Save me, Hanuman! [chanting verses of
praying Lord Hanuman] [religious chants] Sister… [religious chants] Rahul… coffee. Thank you! Boost for you, Kavya. Horlicks for Jenny. Mom, I too want Horlicks. What? You just said you want Boost. Now you want Horlicks? I don’t know all that.
Now I want Horlicks, mom. You evil girl… You keep doing this. Keep changing your requirements. It’s Ok, mom. I’ll drink Boost.
Give her the Horlicks. Jenny is a good girl. She understands. You are the evil one. It means I am a bad girl, daddy? No no, you are also a good girl. My sister is very smart girl. You both are smart… Ok? Then why mom called me ‘The Evil One’? Dad, I have a doubt.
What’s evil and what’s God? Evil is bad. God is good. Nicely said! Take the blessings. Oh God! Why did this happen with you? Don’t know what bad will come… It’s just because of the wind.
Nothing bad will come. What’s with this superstitious feelings? Don’t say that.
We have our feelings like you have yours. This never happened.
That’s why I feel worried. I feel tensed! -May the Lord Rama save us!
-Nothing to worry. She’s a little old school.
You don’t worry. Why are you working even
at this hour, Rahul? How do I look in this saree? You look Ok. Don’t disturb me, please. Why are you working on your
project in the bedroom? It’s almost 12.
Shall I switch off the lights? Shailu, I am on an important work.
Please! Don’t disturb me. You keep working all day.
Why work from home? You can work in the office, right?
Why do you bring this to home? You never have the same
interest and intentions on me. You don’t care about what I want. I have a deadline Shailu.
Tell me what I am not caring about? I am buying you gold and clothes, right? I even bought this house.
All this is for you, right? Maybe. But only these
won’t keep your life happy. You can’t manage every time
with materialistic things. How can you work all the time? I want to be alone with you.
Even I need some private time. I feel like sharing many personal
things and feelings with you, right? Even I have little wants, right? I too want to go out with
my husband and my kids. Go anywhere you want with the kids. Take all the money you want.
But don’t disturb my work. There is a deadline. Please understand. Me going alone with kids is different. And going with my husband is different. No matter how much you spend… you won’t
get that happiness and satisfaction. Also your dumb brain
would never understand. Don’t you understand? Foolish! Not me, you are foolish!
Keep avoiding me… You have someone else… -Will slap you if you act smart.
-Let’s see if you can… What will you see? They are fighting a lot by the day… Somehow I need to help
my daughter-in-law. I need to think of a way out. Sir, I want to meet the priest. Wait here. I’ll call him. Who are you?
Why did you catch this girl? Why are you making her suffer? You think I’ll leave
you if you keep silent? I won’t leave you,
until you leave this body. Why are you staring in anger? That won’t scare me. Tell me… Who are you? I won’t! Is it? Let me teach you a lesson. Will you tell me, or not? How many times should I tell you? Dad! These people are killing me. My body is burning. Please save me. Tell me! Hey! Can’t you understand. Mom! At least you tell them… I am unable to take this pain. My body is burning.
Take me away from this place. Hey! I am talking to you… Are you as dumb as your husband? Hey, stop screaming.
Will you leave her or not? -If I want to…
-No no no! No, I will tell you. -Tell me.
-I will! My name is Yadgiri. I loved this girl with my life.
And she rejected me. I begged her father,
saying that I’ll marry his daughter. He said no. He brought her another
match meanwhile. In that pain…
I died, sleeping on a rail track. They thought it’s good that I died. Once I died,
I went directly to their house. But she got married… And is planning to
enjoy with her husband. How can I leave her so? Never! That why I am making her
and her family suffer. -Dear…
-Dear! Your girl is safe now. Take her home. Take her to a Hanuman temple
every Tuesday for three times. -He can’t touch her ever.
-[both]: Ok, sir. Hello, sir. What is your problem? We are new to this place. I heard a lot about you. My granddaughter is
married for five years. They are not being well these days… I really want them to be happy. I got it. He have to take
care of your daughter. -Right?
-Yes, sir. I’ll give you a powder. Ask your daughter to mix it in
milk and give it to her husband. They’ll stop fighting
and he’ll love her more. I’ll take leave, sir. Where did grandma go? Kavya! Why is she not home yet? Stop shouting. Grandma went out in
the morning and she’s not here yet. I am tensed about her and
you keep irritating me? What Rahul?
I am so tensed about her… …but you are working calmly? Sailu, don’t get tensed for nothing.
She won’t go anywhere. She’ll be here. It seems like she’s here. Grandma, where did you
go without intimating us? I am so tensed for
you since the morning. Sorry, Sailu.
I just went out for some fresh air. Dear granddaughter-in-law… Mix this powder in
milk and give it to Rahul. -Everything will be fine then.
-What will be fine? Something… Do as I say. Here. What powder is this? Why do you care? -First do as I say.
-Ok! What’s this? It looks like sugar! -Always fighting!
-Sister, give me my doll. Kavya! What happened?
Why are you crying? Sister took my doll
and pushed me away. Tell her to give me my doll. You are a good girl, no?
Give her the doll. Good girl! Play without fighting. Ok? Ok, mummy. Good girls! I just filled the milk! Where did they go? Oh, you drank it? “It’s blossoming like a rose…” “My little heart…” “They have been looking for you…” “My eyes… Do you know that?” “There are seven colours in the rainbow.” “There are many dreams
in my little heart.” “God… My little heart…” “It says that it loves you.” “Oh, dear…” “Come hug me tight…” “It’s blossoming like a rose…” “My little heart…” “My little heart is filled with love…” “It wants you. Come to me with love.” “Listen to what my love says
and make me move in love.” “Touch me softly…” “Come to me like a crazy wave.” “That cloud have the rain hidden in it.” “My eyes got your
picture filled in them.” “God… My little heart…” “It says that it loves you.” “Oh, dear…” “Come hug me tight…” “It’s blossoming like a rose…” “My little heart…” “Some wants are making me go mad…” “They are dragging my heart to them.” “Drink the honey in my lips.
Make me yours.” “Come like a rain on
to me and drench me.” “The stars are shinning in the dark.” “My lips are shinning
with your name on them.” “God… My little heart…” “It says that it loves you.” “Oh, dear…” “Come hug me tight…” [lady crying] Sailu, I don’t like this house. What happened? I am facing something or the other,
every night from the day we are here. What are you facing? When I am sleeping, it feels like
someone is banging on the doors. It feels like kids are playing the
hall, when they are actually sleeping. It feels like kids are crying.
I feel scared. Rahul will laugh at all these. You are sleepless because of the
age and you are imagining things. This is called hallucination. No Sailu, it’s true. This is not hallucination. It feels
like there is something in this house. As this is a new place to
us, it might feel so. There is nothing here.
You are getting scared for nothing. Crazy girl, it feels like
there is an evil in this house. Evil in these days? They are just trash. Not trash, Sailu.
It’s true that there is an evil here. Don’t think too much and be happy.
Nothing will happen. I can’t help it, if you don’t believe me. Grandma, it’s just superstition. It’s not superstition, you silly! You are not trusting my words. I need to think of a solution for this. Why are you back? -What happened?
-How can I tell? [inaudible] Sir… You have to save us. As per your words… It seems like
there is an evil in that house for sure. Take these two lemons
and before you sleep… Keep one in the hall and
another beneath your pillow. Before anyone gets up, clean the house. Bring that dust and these two lemons. Without one touching another. Then I’ll decide what’s happening. Ok, sir Grandma is missing again. I feel tensed, Rahul! Sailu, why are you feeling
so tensed about her? She might have gone for a walk.
She’ll be back. I won’t feel tensed if she
leave after informing me, right? There she is… Where did you go?
I am feeling tensed for you everyday. You should have informed me, right? Why are you feeling tensed
about me all the time? I am tensed about you. You can never understand me. I haven’t even cooked with this tension.
Let’s go. I’ll cook and call you. What are you doing here, Sailu? Came to drink some water. What are you doing here at this time? I heard something and came to check. You are lucky that you are sleeping well. From the day we came here,
I am living in fear of the evil. -I can’t even sleep.
-What’s with your evil stuff? I am feeling scared listening to you. You are feeling scared and
making us get scared for nothing. Don’t be scared. You go sleep. I will kill you! My brain got corrupted,
listening to grandma. There is only Jenny here.
Where is Kavya? What is Kavya doing here? Kavya? Kavya? Kavya, why didn’t you sleep? Go to your sister and sleep. Come on. Go to sleep. You can’t stay awake this late. I kept this lemon in the hall, right?
How did it come here? [chanting Hanuman praises] [chanting Hanuman praises] I did as you said, priest! What happened, sir? What happened, sir? According to this,
there is a strong evil in your house. I can’t say how strong it is Where can I go if even you say so? My powers are enough to solve this. What can I do now, sir? Don’t worry. Go home. There is a priest who can
kill any kind of evil. I’ll go tell him the situation and
will send him to your home tomorrow. Tomorrow? Can’t it happen today? He is little busy.
Please stay put for this night. I am scared of the nights. Don’t worry. Be secured. Ok! Please send him for sure. [lady crying] Rahul! Shailu! -God!
-Grandma, what happened? -What happened?
-Why are you screaming like that? -What happened?
-There… There is noting there. What’s there? There’s nothing there. What happened? Nothing! Sailu… Rahul! Rahul! Sailu! Sailu, grandma seems scared.
Take her in. Let’s go. Get in. -Grandma, why did you shout so?
-Grandma! Look at that black cat! A black cat is dead in our balcony.
It means some bad is going to happen. You will never believe me. I am scared what will happen now. Grandma, cat and mice dying is common. How can make a big deal out of it? -It’s superstition.
-God! Grandma, you are getting
scared and making us be scared. You are not letting us stay
calm with your superstition. -Rahul, ask the gardener to clean it.
-Ok. Let’s get inside. -Dear Mother Durga…
-Come home once. No matter how many times I tell
them, they are not listening to me. From this evil and what’s yet to come… You have to save us. [door bell] Are you the priest the other priest sent? -Yes.
-Ok. Please come in. This is the house that… Rahul… My granddaughter’s husband. Her name is Sailu. She went out. -Hello, sir.
-May good happen to you! Sir, will there be evil
even in these days? Tell me. It’s a fact that trees move to winds. It’s a fact that humans
have life in them. It’s a fact that milk is white. Evil existing in this world…
Is as much a fact as them all. So all this is your doing? These kids are your own? No, sir. We adopted them. We love them like our own. I’ll look around and will
come back in five minutes. Ok, sir. -I will see your end.
-Let’s see. Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! I will see your end… You can never do that. Even if I die… I can create a great power to kill you. [religious chants] That power will kill you. I am giving you my blood as food. You take life with it… And have the blessings of
all the five holy elements… For all the evil and bad… You have to take birth like a
dangerous killer of them all. [religious chants] That priest didn’t listen to me. That’s why I killed him. Will you tell this to anyone? Good girl! Come, I’ll
buy you a Kinder Joy. It’s been an hour since the priest
went up. Why is he not here yet? Jenny, where is the priest? -He’s gone?
-What? I mean he left. He will never come back. My boiling blood won’t
calm down until you are dead. He said he’ll be back
in five minutes, right? I don’t know! He left from the back door. Ask Kavya if you want to. Is it? Come Kavya. Let’s go play. Oh God! I though he’ll solve
this, but he ran away? God, I am scared! I can’t leave them like this. And they are not believing me. Where is this Sai? I’ll at least call him. Maybe he’ll understand me. Where is this idiot? He’s not even lifting my call. Hey, what happened? Girlfriend gone brother. My life is gone too. Sorry bro. My life is… He’ll use bad words if he start. “What’s this brother…” “This love is a false magic.” “Let’s not get into the tension
with the girls, brother.” “What’s this brother…” “This love is a false magic.” “Let’s not get into the
tension with the girls, brother.” “She’ll look at you like you are an ATM.” “She’ll use you for everything.” “She’ll dip you in the blue sea.” “And you’ll never live past it.” “If love is gone… Life is gone.” “If love is gone… Life is gone.” “They will become friends on FaceBook
and will kill you in WatsApp.” “They’ll ask for a pub on Saturday.” “They want outing on Sunday.” “They wear short clothes.” “They’ll give you the first kiss.” “They will show you the heaven.” “And will push you into hell.” “They’ll say break-up and
will pack-up your love.” “If love is gone… Life is gone.” “If love is gone… Life is gone.” “If love is gone… Life is gone.” “If love is gone… Life is gone.” -Sister! Brother-in-law!
-Open the door sis… Grandma! Seems like everyone are sleeping? Do you know when we are
here? You ate and slept off? -You didn’t bang the door, right?
-No bell culture… -I am banging the bell, right?
-It makes so little sound. I can’t hear it. -Great!
-You should have banged the door. -Not the door, I should bang you…
-Control! Not that… It’s been so many
day since I saw you the last. Old school love. -Come in.
-Old people are always like that. -Hey, I’ll get angry, if you call me old.
-That’s it! Why did you bring these fools? You are also roaming with these
fools? You won’t get married now. -There will be some fool out there.
-Is it? -Fool?
-Yes. It’s you. Hey! I came all the
way to see you grandma. -Are you guys done? Let’s leave.
-Stop! -Come in.
-Then why all this here? Come in. -Nice house. Where is my bedroom?
-Hey! Not bedroom. Go to bathroom first.
Such a stink! Grandma are we stinking? Too bad! -You got us used to it.
-The oldy smelled it out. Why aren’t we getting any
smell? Are we also smelling? -Brother-in-law…
-Hey, hi guys! -[all]: Hi!
-Hey, lower your hand. God! Yuck! -Is he saying gays?
-That’s guys. -Should have changed the shirt.
-Shall I take it off now? The entire gang is here… With luggage. He knows everything.
Ok, where is my sister? -In the kitchen.
-Is it? We’ll go see her. Wait! Listen…
What’s about my two lakhs? Two lakhs?
What will you do with that money? Give and see. So much of fire.
Keep that in getting a job. -As if you have to tell us.
-That is also done. -Tiffin is ready, go eat.
-Don’t forget about the money! -Coffee is getting cool drink it.
-Okay. -Chain looks so nice, sister.
-Thank you! -Hi, sister… It’s sharp.
-Hello! -Excuse me… You look so slim, sister.
-Hello! Stop it! Sai,
you said you’ll come yesterday, right? -We did, but we went to…
-Some unplanned trip… I mean, we went to have some drinks. I understood looking at your faces. -That is sister…
-Hey! Not sister. She’s your sister-in-law. -What?
-How will it look if we are in love? If you say you are in love
with her one more time… -I’ll stab you.
-Do that. When our time comes,
I’ll set a trend of our love story. Stop saying movie lines. Hey! Stop him. Sister, why to lie with you… Sailu, Sai and his
friends are here, right? I am going to Kasi. You got good times with me coming
here. Get more good times in Kasi. Not like that, Sai. I’ll go to Kasi and will bring
the waters of holy Ganga. And will sprinkle in this
house. Only then I’ll be happy. -What are you talking?
-Sai… There is evil in this house. -Evil?
-Yes. Hey, what the hell
are you talking about? -See, even he won’t believe me.
-Sister, what’s this? She won’t listen to anyone.
She used to leave without telling me. Now she’s at least telling me. Ok, I’ll go to Kasi and come. -Grandma…
-What is she saying? -You believe in evil?
-You don’t? -Why are you asking me?
-Hey… The old fellow trapped us here. -Where are the kids?
-Upstairs. -Your room is also upstairs.
-Ok. Sister… upstairs? Kavya… I like you a lot Kavya. I’ll give all my dolls to you. Will keep buying you sweets. -Hey…
-The old fellow told right… Hey, we are going to the kids.
Look how calm they look. Remove everything from
your minds and be fresh. I’ve removed it. -Fresh!
-Hey! -Don’t talk about evil with the kids.
-Never. [singing a song on kids] Why are they looking like that? -You know what I got you?
-What? See? Two monkeys. How are they? It’s not two monkeys… Three monkeys… She got you nicely! -That’s not how you entertain kids.
-He knows that well. -Watch I’ll do it.
-Show it! There is a cat in front of you… Why to try so hard? You just talk
and it sounds like an animal. Idiotic mimicry! Why are you not laughing,
when he’s trying so hard? What’s that look?
Hey… say sorry to uncle. -Hey!
-Say sorry to uncle. -Say sorry to uncle.
–Say sorry! -He looks like a fool or what?
-Say your sorry. Don’t do that. We’ll bath and come.
Then you can say your sorry. Let’s go. They don’t wanna say sorry it seems. -Uncle.
-What? Ask his uncle not to over act. If he does,
sister have to buy another Kinder Joy. Is it? She’ll buy you Kinder Joy? My friend will buy me more sweets. They are just kids. Come on. Do you think you can scare me? -Bye.
-Lock the door, you crazy girls. Hey! Get up. We thought of taking the
two lakhs and party in Goa. Now you are sleeping? Get up, let’s plan. Without having a plan,
will I buy the clothes that suit Goa? -Ask him…
-Get up! Hey, get up! -What?
-It’s almost 12. One more hour and it will be 1.
What’s there in it? -Listen to me.
-God! Hey, I want to go to Goa and party. -Plan fast.
-Is it? As if I don’t feel so.
What do we need to go to Goa? Money… And brother-in-law
need to give that. Tell me how to get that money from him. This doll… This house… Looking at all this… I remember grandma’s words. She said that there is
an evil in this house. I too feel the same. As you say so, I too feel the same. -I feel so scared.
-Hey, shut up! Damn the evil.
This foolish doll fell for the winds. Leave the doll.
Grandma said she saw the evil, right? See… If she really saw evil… We too should see it, right?
It’s just hallucination. Sleep and help your glamor. Hey… Why will she lie? I feel scared. Ok! -There is an evil, Ok?
-Is it? Then where is it? [someone running in the distance] I hear something. Please come close. Don’t shout. They sound more scary. This is definitely an evil. Blacky! You evil… Don’t act so smart. Enough of scaring us with this build-up. If you are that strong and powerful… You! Come and meet him. Come on. Why are you involving me into
this? You deal it by yourself. You are trying to scare us.
We are not an old lady. We are four men here. -Why do you count me in?
-Do you need logic now? Yes. -If we shout, it’s calming down.
-Yes. Scold all you can. Don’t leave it. Remember all the bad
words and use them right now! -Go on.
-You… I’ll kick you. Your wife will be a widow. -Wife?
-We don’t know it’s gender, right? -[indistinctive chatter]
-Then scold her. Very good. -You go on.
-May your limbs be broken into pieces. Stop. Now you go on. -I’ll slap you.
-Not that soft… -You are done today…
-Come on. -Hey…
-Wait, there is no sound. -It means… they got afraid.
-They are gone. -I have a plan to get out.
-Ok. -Nice plan.
-Who’ll do it? -Me…
-You can’t even talk. Priya, you sing. -Go on.
-[Priya singing] -Hey, you get out… What are you doing?
-Hey! Sing songs that will scare the evil. Let me. [singing an evil song] The evil will die! Hey, we asked to send them away. But
you sang a song that will call them close. -Sister?
-Send her away. Elder sister… younger sister… Aunty… Uncle… God, she keeps
beating, no matter what. Is this a lovely evil? Darling… It’s not beating… Darling! I beg you, darling.
I can bear this trashing. Please leave. I can’t see you that close. She went off? -She did.
-[singing evil song] Why did you sing again? I am testing if she’ll
come for my singing. Darling… Sister… Sister… Grandma… Jejamma…
God, you trash me for everything? You did as he said.
So now I am saying… Go away. Should I do as you say? Oh, God! What happened? Why are you bruised? Damn! Grandma told us already… Sister, there is an evil in this house.
It’s trashing us. -Nice joke, early in the morning.
-Joke? It’s not a joke.
It trashed us all night. Can’t you understand seeing us? She bashed us all like
she’s washing clothes. True, sister. Look at my cheeks swelling! You are behaving same as grandma… She said there is an evil. Now you say that it trashed you. Sister, I too said the same
before seeing her live. You know how it feels when
it looks directly at you? Hey, you drank all night
and fought among yourselves. And you say that the evil hit you. As if you gave us a full
bottle and we drank it. What are you talking? There is an evil here. Let’s leave. -Let’s go!
-Shut up! We bought this house with so much of
love. You leave if you can’t stay. But I will never believe in the evil.
Let’s go Kavya. -Come Jenny.
-Sister… [all]: Sister… listen to us. [all]: Brother-in-law… -There is really an evil here.
-At least you believe us. Let’s say what you said is true. You asked me two lakhs, right? -[all]: Yes!
-I’ll add another three lakhs to it. Total five! If you can prove that there is an
evil here, I’ll pay you that amount. But you have to prove it.
Nice chance. Don’t miss. Let’s prove? See what he’s saying.
Give me my 50 bucks back first. I’ll take a bus to my village. God! -Blacky…
-Hey, I beg you. I’ll fall at your feet… I’ll go home and do something to live. Not here… Priya, let’s go. Not like that… Priya, you tell him. -Hey!
-Let’s prove and leave with money. -Please!
-Ok. How will you prove an evil? -How?
-Wait! -Tell us…
-Hey… My friend Antony will
shoot evil in his camera. Then we can see on a laptop. As if it’s a great movie or something! -Hey!
-God! He said he’ll give five lakhs.
Not Goa, but let’s go to Bangkok. I’ll spend everything on you guys. -Let’s be physically away from the evil.
-Then mentally? Are you sure? -Yes.
-Then let’s think of something. -Come on.
-Yeah. Let’s fool them in he name of
Bangkok. Prove that the evil exists… And take sister and her family away. What are you talking to yourself? What resorts to book in Bangkok. Uncle, let’s play? We are in pain and you want to play? The evil played all night,
and now you want to play? Don’t talk about the evil. Fresh up! -What game shall we play, Jenny?
-Long long distance. So long distance. The one who carries me
to the first floor… They are the winners. -It’s very easy.
-Hello. I’ll take you to the
fourth floor, in the lift. Not in lift. In your hands… -Come on.
-Let’s go. Coming! Let’s see how this game
works. We have to lift you? -Yes.
-I can easily lift 100 kilos. -Hey, go on.
-Move. -Go play.
-Get on. -Come on. Good.
-Going great! -Nice.
-Ready. Hey! -That’s it…
-Come on. -Long long distance…
-So long distance. So long distance. -Come on.
-Long long distance… So long distance. -Move!
-So long distance. -Come on.
-Long long distance. So long distance. -Long long…
-Hey! -What happened?
-What happened? -Are you done?
-No. -Little pain.
-I have seen a lot like these. -Come on, I’ll show you how to play.
-Come on. I can lift you too. Ok you come. I went to a lot of gym. -Waste fellow.
-Get on. This is nothing to me. -Long long distance…
-Ready. -Long long distance…
-So long distance. I know you can do it. -Simple.
-I know. You move. -Long long distance…
-So long distance. -Long long distance…
-So long distance. -Hey!
-She’s so heavy. Jenny careful. Hey! And you said you’ll lift her too. Your head would break.
See what happened. Come on. What? My leg got bruised when I am kid. And now you are feeling
the pain? Stop over acting. -God!
-You move aside. -Come back.
-No. -Step back!
-No, don’t. Hello… you go. Why are they so scared to lift you? -Lift her and you’ll know.
-Come on. Ready! Jump. It’s that simple. Let’s see. -Long long distance…
-So long distance. -Catch me tight.
-Hey! What happened? Long long distance… -So long distance.
-Why your legs are shaking? -Long long distance…
-So long distance. What are you eating? So heavy! Are you eating iron or what?
Our bones are breaking. Idiot, why will she be that heavy? Don’t know how to talk to a kid? -Sister, careful.
-What’s all this? -Careful!
-You wil know it. Hey… How did she lift her so easy? -God!
-How did she lift her so easily? -But you felt that way…
-You have to lift her to know. She’s becoming heavy for every step. -And we are becoming weak.
-True. As the evil hit us… We have become weak and we
are not being able to lift her. -Grandma didn’t say this.
-Hey, I am getting mad. -It’s not working.
-His mind have changed. -You have a brain?
-Bangkok? Ok. -Bangkok…
-Ok… Bangkok… [singing about Bangkok] Sing along with us. -Get lost.
-What’s that? -Hey!
-[phone rings] Hey! Silent! -Antony…
-Antony? The one who shoots evil. Please call him. I am too scared. Hello? -Where are you?
-At the gate. Ok, I am coming. One minute. You guys wait here. I’ll go bring him. Such over acting! He’s at the
gate, right? Can’t he come here. Come on… Let’s rock! Mr. Antony… These are my friends. -Hello! Hi.
-Hello. Enough! Sit down. -Hi this is Phani.
-I won’t shake male hands. -Why did you shake her hand?
-Ladies! -Damn!
-Tell me what to do. -Go clean the house.
-Hey! What? Don’t joke. Come to the matter. He’s upset as the evil hit him last night. You all look so evil and
another evil hit you? -There is an evil in this house.
-Is it? It trashed us last night. No one is believing us. -There are looking at us like fools.
-Ok… You somehow capture it in
your cameras and save us. -Interesting.
-Evil or the girl? Building and the cameras are interesting. -Where should I keep the camera?
-Keep it here. -The light won’t be enough.
-Antony… Control him first. All over the house. Where is her room? Mr. Antony, what’s the payment. Yeah… Each camera costs five thousand. As they should stay at
night too, 500 bucks extra. 5,500 and we need
minimum ten cameras. It will cost 55k. -It’s too much!
-Shall I leave? Antony, don’t we have any discount? I’ll record live while
your are performing. -Ok?
-No no. What is said is correct. Do as you wish. -Deal Ok?
-Deal Ok… Please! -Start working.
-She’s Ok for me. Ok? -Ok, let’s go.
-Come. -Come on.
-Please welcome. This is the house. Mr. Antony, this is where
you need to fit the cameras. -How much time will it take?
-God! Camera… -Should keep a personal cam in his hand.
-What? How much time will it
take to clean his face? Teasing me? It will take one hour. Not to wash the house, but your face. Five minutes. -We too just need five minutes.
-Antony… -Not about this connection.
-Any connection need just five minutes. -Maybe he can’t do more than that. Move!
-Antony… -Mr. Antony, I have a doubt.
-What? Will it be clear and beautiful? Be on line. This is not film camera. It’s CC camera. -Use some brain.
-He will use, you stop. Everything will be covered,
right? This is very important to us. Be on line, he is getting excited. Here, for the camera I use… Not just the evil. Her mom and
dad would also appear clearly. Hello, the evil alone is enough for us. You disconnect the call… What? Stop irritating me… Or I’ll bash you. Mr. Antony, one more doubt… -Can we see is up close?
-Will you apply make-up? -No.
-Will you? -No.
-Hello, master. -Look at him.
-Cool! -Will be get the clarity at night?
-Or will you focus a light? Will you? Hey… I don’t want him in
the house. Get him out. Will it be seen in
colour or black & white? Once we see it,
we can see all the colours. Killing me with their doubts! Here is the feed. Keep looking. I’ll sleep. -Are you feeling sleepy?
-No, will you make me? This is very important for us… -He set it up, right?
-Switch on the lights when the evil comes. Move! I hear a sound. Mr. Antony is snoring. Is he here to snore or to fix cameras? Hey… The evil. [stammering] -The evil.
-We can see it. -Antony, we can see the evil.
-We can see it. Arrest it. -How can I?
-What is he talking? -Do something.
-I can only fix the cameras. You take care of the
remaining. I am very sleepy! -Antony…
-Who called this fool? -What to do now?
-It seems to be having dinner. It’s in the kitchen. Antony! -Let’s arrest it.
-Yes. Come on! He and his snoring… Let’s go. Grandma already told us that the
evil is roaming free in the house. -Blacky…
-God! Why are you asking me? Damn! Phani! How can I go get it? I made arrangements for a week. Luxury rooms… Swimming pools…
And the liquor… Those massages and the girls… We can enjoy a lot in the beach… And in our rooms we can… Where did they go? -They left.
-To Bangkok? Look there. You have been trying to hide? You hit us, right? -You are finished.
-We’ll go to Bangkok. And will enjoy.
It’s eating our brains everyday. -Come on.
-How are they hitting the evil? -No movie had this scene!
-Come on… -We got it.
-We are going to Bangkok. Come on. -Sister, brother-in-law… Come out.
-Bring the money. -We got it.
-You hit us everyday? Brother-in-law, not 2, but bring 5
lakhs. We’ll go to Bangkok and enjoy. You ate our brains. See… You haven’t believed our words.
Now we got the evil. Take a look. We got it. Not 2, but bring 5 lakhs. We got the evil. Take a look. I thought it’s a lady evil. -It’s male.
-I maybe little black… But I am not evil. I am Raju, 100% alcoholist. 24 hours online, two states you know… -He looks like a alcoholist.
-Hello. Don’t look down on
me. You too try it once. You’ll look down on the world, you know. -Then why did you come to steal?
-Hey, I am Raju… Means King. How can I steal? My dad told me to eat after
drinking or gas will form. I drank outside,
sneaked in and ate a little… -And you hit me like hell, fools.
-Stop it! -Brother-in-law…
-Brother-in-law? Want to drink? Hey, get lost. He seem out of mood. New York and London two states. Who is she? We thought he is the evil and… Sailu… There is no evil in this house
and yet you are torturing us. Grandma saw something.
She got scared and scared us too. You be calm or leave.
At least we’ll be in peace. -Brother-in-law…
-That’s… Damn! Brother… Come here… Just a second. Let me tell you… Are you mad?
Will evil exist? Will they? -Who is she?
-Hey! -We should teach him a lesson.
-I slipped tongue two times. They seem like trashing me.
I have to manage somehow. Evil! They seem indistractable. Evil! They still don’t believe me? Evil! Is it? -Evil?
-Promise… [commotion] I’ll kill you if you say evil again. I didn’t believe them… -Is he sleeping or acting.
-Wake him up. -Antony!
-Get up. -Antony.
-Antony. -Got the evil.
-We did. We got the thief. A thief? It means… -Pay a total of 75k.
-My Antony, I am very irritated. -Cool down.
-Hey, what’s this? -Center camera is not working.
-Damn! Might be some disconnection.
Let me sleep. It’s your work to fix it, Antony. -Go.
-Go. -You repeat my own dialogs?
-As if you are a dialog king… And you think we repeat your dialogs.
Go fix it. -[both]: Go.
-One need to be calm right now. Ok. Brother, be careful. I fixed many CC cameras. I’ll be careful. -We’ll see.
-Move! -Come here.
-Come on. Look at camera number 5. The same room the evil hit us in. -Yes.
-So now he will… He will be trashed. Oh, magic? What? Don’t confuse me… I’ll misplace the camera in confusion. Then you’ll feel bad
looking at the footage. Will I feel bad, looking at the footage? Sorry, madam. Leave me. It’s my mistake. You fix CC cameras for me? Never again in my life. If I see you here again… Will kill you. Stop! Why are you hitting so hard? What if I die? I need to escape. -God!
-Mr. Antony, what happened? Hey, other than fixing CC cameras… I told you I can’t catch the evil. I listened to you
guys and went upstairs… It hit me so bad… -Take another 50 if you want to.
-No no, please! Keep all these cameras if you want. -I don’t want all this…
-Antony… Such a crazy evil it
is. No feelings at all. -Please brother…
-Hey! Hey, it’s not the CC cameras you need now. Get a powerful priest
who can send it away. -Priest?
-Or just die. I know a priest… Hello, sir… Yes, it’s me talking. [inaudible] For sure. Thank you, sir. Thank God! He said he’ll
come. I need to tell them. Hey, where are you? Sir, we have been waiting for you.
Come in please. Come in. Hey, he is here. Come on. Hey, looking at him
feels like he will do it. I don’t feel like he’s a priest. Hello, sir. Come. -Sir in this house…
-I know Sai. -Sai?
-If you stop, I’ll start. -How did you know my name?
-I am Yama. That Yama kills humans and I kill evil. -Do something…
-Hey, Phani… Phani? You got it?
So you are the Yama? -My one word…
-Is equal to 100? Is it? -Is it?
-Stop that! As you called me as a guest here… I can understand how much
it’s making you suffer. -Yes, sir.
-Yes. Damn! She seems hot. Why is he looking at my girl? -Don’t know what he’ll do next.
-Need to have her… Don’t panic… I am here. If I decide and make a loud sound… The evil will commit suicide. [both]: Then please do that once. Hey… What? Are you seeing my outer
appearance and coming to a decision? Ask the fox about me. Ask the hungry dogs… -They can’t talk, right?
-Are you joking on me? -There are many things in my bag.
-Is it? -I am Yama…
-I am Sai… Such jokes! Please don’t listen to them. We brought all the things
that may come to your use. -Only a skull is missing.
-Make him sit then. Me? Do you think I am like
the priests in the movies? With all the hair and
the ash over the body… And come here as you
call and do all you say? -[all]: You are Kabali…
-Hey! I am the Yama. What are your plans? -Hey Blacky.
-Who’s that? -It’s you.
-Are you calling me? Yes. You won’t change
color even if we burn you. Did you transfer the amount? -Sent 50k sir.
-Take down the menu. Menu? For what? -My food.
-Oh, Ok. -Tell me, sir.
-What’s that? -Modern style. Go on.
-Then write. Mutton biryani,
chicken biryani and dum biryani. Brain fry… Crab curry. Country chicken curry. One Mansion House full bottle. We all will eat at home. Say only for you. Not just for me. For me and the evil. -Evil?
-For the evil? -You’ll eat with the evil?
-They will eat and drink if I say so. Not just that. Breakfast, lunch… -At night…
-What? Even dinner… -How can you eat with the evil?
-Not just eating… I’ll also make them play games. -Is it?
-Listen to me. -Ok.
-I want the items in 2 minutes. Not just that. Two sweets Pan too. -Sugar or without sugar?
-With sugar. With sugar. Dear little evil… Where are you.
I feel hungry. Come fast. There are chicken biryani,
mutton biryani, prawns fry… And even liquor for you.
Where are you? Come on. Dear, come fast. -Why is he pampering it?
-Hey! Or else, will he scold it? Come on, dear.
I brought all these for you. The evil is here. Why so happy? Take her out… Come on. These are for us both.
Feed me… Feed me. Why is he making the evil feed him? Where did you get him from? Not just this,
she will kiss me too if I ask her. Want to see? He can hear us. He said our names. Can’t he do this? -Correct.
-[all]: He’s Kabali. Don’t over act. There is a mike there. Dear, give me a kiss. Come. -Nice.
-Hey… That’s the evil… The kiss made me tempt for it. Did you saw? What else? Eat this chicken fry. -Another evil.
-That’s why I ordered extra food. Damn! I asked only you to come.
Why did you bring her? Sir, you seem to have called Srinu too. I think he also came. We have to manage this and
make money out of it too. -Look, brothers.
-Tell us, sir. I thought it’s single
evil and said 50k for it. Now there are two. You can see, right? So my payment will be doubled. Only if you send another
50k, I’ll take this evil too. Please give us some discount. Ok. Will leave one evil as discount. Leave all this and let’s settle to 75k. -Please, it’s fix.
-You have to say Ok, -Ok.
-Ok, sir. -How much do you have?
-Uh! Uh! Don’t you have. -How much did you have?
-No use asking him. Priya… Get lost. I don’t have any. I’ll give one lakh from that five lakhs. -No I won’t.
-She agreed. You go on. Done. -Now see his performance.
-Wow! Can’t see anything.
Where is the performance? What can I do? Camera problem. -What’s happening?
-No idea! What is he doing? I am tensed. Sir, this is a real evil. -God! I don’t want any money. Bye!
-Hey! Do something. I am tensed. Sai, make the cameras to turn on. -Evil!
-You fools, I am a dummy. -What? If you are a dummy…
-What about the priest? He’s also a dummy obviously.
I am leaving. Then what about him? She is the start point of all the evil. What? You are the Yama? You’ll make us to commit suicide? You’ll make us eat and kiss you? Madam, I talk a lot actually. I am the start point
to all the evil here. I don’t like what you are doing. I am doing this just to survive. Please leave me, madam. I am not human to feel sorry for you. Your eyes look so good. Just like owl’s eyes. Will pick them out,
keep them in my mouth and… I want to eat it like a mint. Madam, I have eye problem. They won’t taste good. Your nose looks like Golconda fort. I feel like chewing it. Madam, is this a chip to chew?
I am suffering from cold already. You look so
courageous, even after seeing me. How strong your heart is… Want to heat your
heart and swallow in a go. Madam, my heart is not that strong. Damaged heart. Recently I had an
operation. It won’t taste good. Hey, you can’t run away from me. Won’t leave you,
without teaching you a lesson. If you try to trouble any
other evil anywhere else… Will bury you alive. I will never trouble any
evil again. Please leave me. God! I don’t want any
money or this house… -What happened?
-God! -Sir…
-Fools! -What happened?
-Know what evil is there in this house? -Small girl.
-[stammering] -Run away and save your lives.
-[all]: Sir! What to do now? No Goa and no Bangkok.
Let’s get out of here first. -My sister and her family…
-[all]: Shut up and come with us. Move! Move! Listen to me Priya. -Don’t talk.
-We don’t need this tension! Jenny! You know what happens if I get angry? Jenny, I am your uncle. Jenny! -He will die!
-Please don’t hurt us! God! “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” Dear! Hey! Jenny! Jenny! -Come here…
-Brother-in-law. “Hail Lord Shiva.” If a crazy animal
enters into the village… It’s a great loss. An evil like you… Is even more dangerous. Evil and bad forces… They always think they are winning. But in front of the power of that God… They have to fail. This is the end to the
play you have started. [chants of Lord Shiva] “Hail Lord Shiva.” This is your last
breath. This is your last day. [chants of Lord Shiva] May the evil die. Sailu! They stirred us,
not letting us be as we wish. I took it. But they poked us continuously. I kept silence. I might leave you if you poke me… Even if you look up at my daughter… I will eat your neck off. Even before that,
I will send you to hell. Who the hell are you? Do you want to know? Do you want to know? My name is Amura. Being in this body… I am taking care of my
daughter all the time. I somehow burned you down to ashes. But that old fox… He gave birth to you,
to let you die in my hands again. If you bother me… Or my daughter… I will show them the hell! Four times of that…
I will show it to you. The clever thoughts in your
brains and the ego in your body… -I will melt them down.
-Will you? The grandma, who used to be so lively… Do you think she went to Kasi? It’s me… Who have sent her to the heavens. Grandma… -Why are you here?
-Where are you going? I told you right? To Kasi. -For what, you old fool!
-What are you talking? Is all this necessary,
when you are suppose to die at this age? Tell me! What happened to you? I don’t understand. Did any evil enter into you? Not to Kasi, I will send
you directly to the heavens. Don’t feel happy that
you managed to do it. You and your evil wants… I will hang you both to this entrance. I will show you my power. No matter where you are hiding… You and your little evil girl… Will slice you to pieces. Go get a bowl of rice. Brother-in-law, go get it. Go. Sir… [religious chants] Here you are… I know you are here. If you don’t come out…
You’ll see the scariest side of me. [religious chants] [religious chants] [religious chants] “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” Call your daughter out of her hiding. I will destroy that laugh. You little evil… If you don’t show yourself… I will make your mother suffer. You won’t come? Then see this… Can you feel the pain? Please don’t hurt my mom. Leave her. I am coming out. Come out… Stop! Not just you coming out… You have to listen to me,
if you want me not to hurt your mother. The place of your birth… Go there and be a dot! I will. Don’t hurt my mom. Then go. This process I am doing is
against the law of nature… But I chose it for the
greater good of human race. You have to take care of all this, Lord. Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. [religious chants] Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. I killed you, along with your origin. Will dissolve you in the Bay of Bengal. -Sir, will there be any danger?
-Nothing at all. Can we stay in this house? In peace.
I’ll take care of everything else. Will dissolve this little
evil in Bay of Bengal. God! I am out of liquor… My mind won’t work without more liquor. What to do now? Seems like foreign scotch. You kept it in your bag? It’s mine now! I am coming for you. Thank you! For sure this is foreign scotch. It’s so tempting… Open it… If I come out…
I’ll show you all the hell.


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