Ralph Breaks the Internet | Official Trailer 2

Game VO:
3, 2, 1, go! ♪♪ Ralph:
Way to go kid! Vanellope:
One second I’m having the time of my life… What the?! …the next thing I know
my game is just… Ralph:
Kid! Vanellope:
Ahhhhhh! …gone. ♪♪ Crowd:
Gang way! Ralph:
Sugar Rush is getting unplugged! Oh no…I’m freaking out hard. If I’m not a racer, what am I? Well, you’re my best friend. All we gotta do is find the
part to fix your game… everything goes back
to the way it was. But where we gonna find that? Ralph:
The internet! Vanellope:
What?! Ralph/Vanellope:
Ahhhhh! Vanellope:
Ralph isn’t this great? Ralph:
No it is not! Ralph:
Wow. Get rid of belly fat using
this one weird trick. Sassy housewives
wanna meet you. They do? Wanna get rich playing
video games? Slaughter Race…
it is wicked dangerous. Ralph:
Ahhh nice kitty. Vanellope:
Easy boy. Easy. Nice kitty. Ahhh…meh, the attention
to detail is pretty impressive. Shank:
Well, well, well… who are you? I think we should
get out of here. Vanellope:
Whoa. Shank:
Showtime…let’s race. Vanellope:
Come and get it! Ralph:
Get back on the track! Vanellope:
There is no track, I can drive anywhere! Woooooo! Vanellope:
I love it here. Ralph:
Who knew there were so many babies and cats in the world? Ha! That is what the internet
was made for. Vanellope:
It’s full of weirdos. Aaahh! Vanellope:
I want this to be my life. I don’t think I could
ever tell Ralph. There’s no law saying
best friends have to have the same dreams. [Screaming goat] Ralph:
Vanellopeeeee!!! Aaahh! ♪♪ Spammley:
This is what’s called the Dark Net. Ralph:
Are you sure this is safe? Whatever you do,
do not look at his little brother. Oh, he has a little brother? Ewwww. What are you doing here? [Ralph clears throat] The reason I came to
your neck of the face… I mean there’s a face
in your neck… I mean woods,
neck of the woods. ♪♪


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