Ramz-e-Ishq – EP 15 – 21st Oct 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

How dare you say
something like that for Rayan, he is not your servant. Rayan has been nice to you enough, now everyone knows your reality. Rayan cannot do anything for you. Who are you calling Bua? Hello. Hello. I ran out of my medication, I was calling Umar to get them. Umar’s phone is off, I have been trying for so long. But I spoke to him yesterday. What? How? What number? Look son, whatever has happened, Umar has been
really worried cause of it. He isn’t able to look into sir’s eyes. He was embarrassed. I feel that my son has left home. What else do you know Bua? I just know this. What is the matter son? You don’t believe me? No Bua, its not that, I just came to tell you that its best that Roshni stays
at aunt’s till Umar comes home. She is unwell,
she will care for her. Yes, you are right. I feel that he left
the house cause of Roshni, I don’t know, why child Roshni did this. I don’t get it. Bua, the crime has not yet
been proven so don’t think that. No, I didn’t mean to say that. I will tell you as soon as I talk to Umar, if you get in touch let me know. Fine, bye. Bye. Bye. Oh God… Nasreen, clean this table well
and fix the cushion, you clean this glass carefully, make sure it doesn’t break. Hey you still haven’t set this,
come on pick it up and put it in. Nothing should break. Rehmat. Yes? Where are the flowers I got? Go and check. Bring them. Okay. What is the preparation Safia is
getting made, is a guest coming? Don’t you know? Know what? They are preparing for sir Rayan
and madam Rania’s engagement. What? I will be back,
I am going to get the flowers. Hello aunt. Hello Rayan, where are you? Come home. No, nothing is fine,
you come home. Yes father, did you call? Yes, come sit. Have a look at this. What is this? The event management people came,
they gave these designs, choose one. Whatever theme will be
good for the engagement. You decided the day? A good thing shouldn’t be delayed,
the sooner the better. What happened?
Do you have an objection? No, not at all. I just didn’t talk to
Rayan and his mother. So will Rayan have an objection? No papa, how can he object. I think it’s the children’s life,
they have to live it, it would be best
if we ask them what they think. Look son, till today no one has gone
against my decision and if they gone against it,
they have been at loss. Tell this to your wife and son. Yes papa, I will see. What? What are you saying mom? Son, go and find out
what is happening. First you tell me everything, what did he say? What are you doing mom? Child, I took this out for you, see. I had forgotten to give it to you, your father got it made for you. Its really beautiful. Its beautiful, right?
The color will suit you too. You are a new bride
you should be dressed up, so people know. Mama, you know I don’t like all this. Why not? This is time for you to dress up. You are married, and a wife should
dress up for their husbands, its an order from God. What should I tell you mama, I am no longer married, I am divorced and
passing my mourning. What will I do dressing up? What are you thinking? Have tea, its getting cold. Let me keep this, then I will. Why are you taking it,
I am making it for you. When Umar comes, you wear it. Rayan, where are you going? To fix someone, I know how to handle this situation, don’t worry. Look, don’t misbehave
with your father. Oh God. Madam Rania, you will be married soon. Now you will go to Mr. Rayan’s room. Yes, I am going to the other room, not to a new home. You will have
new dresses made for you. You give me this dress. You are so greedy, you always want something. If I don’t ask you,
who will I ask? I have done big things for you. So? You didn’t do them for free, you took money for it. Ok, leave it. Madam Rania, no one had a doubt that
I kept all those jewelry in madam Roshni’s room. Lower your voice,
someone will hear you. What did you say? Rayan… So you did this cheap thing. You suddenly? I can’t believe it. You did all this, but why? I should have found out before
that you were involved. Why? What has she done to you? Where are you going? Sir, I… You won’t move from here. What is wrong Rayan? Why are you reacting like this,
nothing happened. You can fool the world, but not me. I know you well. What did she say to you? Nothing. Speak up! Sir, I didn’t do anything madam
Rania asked me to do all this. She made me keep
the jewelry in madam Roshni’s room, I didn’t do anything. Sir, even this time the chamber
of commerce is voting for you. Thank you. We have a lot of work anyway. Yes? Fine. Now tell me, say it in front of everyone who told you to keep
the jewelry in Roshni’s room. I swear on my Guddu, sir, I didn’t steal that
jewelry from madam’s room. Lie! I heard it myself, speak up now. Speak up who told you to keep
the jewelry in Roshni’s room tell, or else these fake promises you
are making on Guddu’s name, I will take him somewhere
that you won’t be able to find. No sir, I will tell you everything. Speak up! Madam Rania told me
to keep the jewelry there. What am I worth to do
something like that. She is lying, I didn’t do anything. You are lying. Did you hear, did you all hear
what she is saying? She is saying this
to get me in trouble. Mama… Mama? You slapped me. I wish I had slapped you earlier, I wouldn’t have had to be
embarrassed in front of everyone. Get lost from here. Get lost. I am sorry for my daughter
I blamed Roshni. No madam, why are you apologizing. We made a mistake
so we are apologizing, the rules of the home
are same for everyone. Rayan, you take me to Roshni child, I will apologize to her
and bring her back home. No problem aunt, I will do it myself. Son, I have a request, please bury what happened, here, or else I will get insulted
in front of everyone. Aunt, if you had covered this earlier, this wouldn’t have had happened. Its my fault, it is all cause of my daughter. I am happy
the truth came in front. Come. Where are you going? Rania, I am asking you something. I am not supposed to tell you. So you want to get
your mother insulted. I am sorting your issue, I am leaving forever to my father. You are making
mistakes over and over, you have any idea
how difficult it was to cool them down. Who told you? You shouldn’t have. What do you think? I would let papa and Akeel to
find out how hard headed you are. So what do you think, aunt won’t mention this to anyone? You have never tried to
make a place in their heart. Mama, Rayan is mine, just mine, no one can take him
away from me. To win hearts, you need to bend, you don’t use hunters you idiot and instead of
winning Rayan’s heart, you started using cheap methods. I will do what I think is right. Fine, Rania, you don’t come
to me crying then, remember, if you leave this home today, then the doors of this
home will be closed by me and you know well
I don’t change my decision. What the hell! See mama, your son proved Roshni’s innocence. Son, you proved her innocence
but Rania got herself insulted. She is stupid, she wanted to compare
herself to Roshni, there is no comparison
between the two. Child, if people here
understand this, Roshni has made her father proud
or what daughter does this. Mama, you pray for Roshni
that her sacrifice pays off. She will be broken otherwise. Son, you talk to Umar
to bring her back. Your father has spoken to grand dad,
he will shift them from here. No, let her stay there,
it will be better. But son, the truth has
been revealed here, she should come back. But her pain has no ended. She is still hurt. After all, I don’t want her
come back right now. Why? Why don’t you want it? Did something happen? What could be bigger than this, that so much has already happened
and then she is blamed for theft. Madam, forgive me, I have small children. You should have
thought before doing this, what was the need to do
all this with Rania? Madam Rania promised
me a lot of money, I got greedy. Your greed ruined me, saying the truth to the
family you left me no where. I had told you to tell me
everything like this before hand. Forgive me madam,
I will not do it again. You will not be here
to make a mistake, I will sort your accounts shortly. Madam, listen to me. Go from here. Yes grandpa you called. What is this? Have a look and
tell me why this moment came? What is this? How did you find this? Its not important to know this, its important to know
why he left the country? Maybe he was looking
for an opportunity. What opportunity? Maybe he didn’t want to live here. Why? What was lacking here. We brought him up like a child and
married him to a daughter of our family, damn it, he should have at
least cared for his wife. Maybe he was not worth
the responsibility you gave him. Yes, you are right, when someone gets more than
they are worth, they forget this. Grandpa, sit and relax. Should I get you water? What had to happen, happened. Now you just think about Roshni, nothing wrong should
happen to her now. Roshni, is my blood. I am her god father, and Umar should know this too. You don’t worry,
I will find out about him, just make sure no one
at home should find out about Umar. Did Umar run away from
Roshni’s robbery issue. Roshni has nothing
to do with it grandpa and this has been proven. Who did that? Some servant at home
or someone else? Don’t worry grandpa, I will find out, you just be careful, till the time Umar comes back, no one at home finds out. Where is Roshni? I don’t know why
the diabetes level isn’t going down, I will take you to
the doctor tomorrow morning. Why are you worried?
I will be fine till morning. Why don’t I worry? If something happens to you, what will happen to me, I have no one but you. Child, you will never be alone, Umar will be there
he will never leave you alone, the way he cared for you, the way he handled you
all will be fine. Mama, no one can take
your parents place. So please don’t have
any hopes from Umar. The man who can take such a big
loan to remove your mother’s worries, he will do anything for you. Fine, have your medication. Roshni, whenever I talk to you about Umar,
why are you always reluctant. Did you people fight? No mama, can I not bother you. I just bother you that is it. Don’t say anything like
that even as a joke, I get worried. If you get hurt again, I will die. Mama, don’t say that, please. If you do this,
you will get further unwell, please. I will not joke now, please. Have your medication. Please don’t worry. Umar will never leave you alone, I am satisfied. Okay. Okay, fine. Thank you so much. God bless you.
May you always be happy. Bye. What happened grandpa?
Did you find out something? Umar, went to Dubai day
before yesterday and he made a big mistake. Even if he was far off, I wouldn’t leave him,
Dubai is nothing. Plan for me to go to Dubai. Relax grandpa, we need to be careful
and not emotional, we cannot take a risk. How dare he go against me. Call Rehmat,
he will know where he is. No, she knows nothing, I have asked her, she is worried for him. I am surprised at
the courage of Umar, he lived on our money, did wrong with us. He forgot we did
so many favors on him. He didn’t even think of Roshni, he punished her for something
she didn’t even do. He did this and
put himself in trouble. I will not leave him alive. All this is for later, just think if the family
finds out about Umar, how will they react. No one should find out about this, that he left this home,
job and country. I will handle the rest. Yes, don’t worry, I will tell everyone you sent him
to London for work. Madam Rania… Take this food, I don’t want it. Madam Rania, madam has said… Go tell your madam that
if she loves to feed me, then feed me poison so that
her issue is sorted once and for all. Hey ma, you get me milk daily,
I am not a child. For me you are a child
and you will stay that way. What was papa saying? Nothing major, Umar has gone to London
so he was talking about Roshni. About Roshni? Why did Umar go
to England suddenly? Nothing, he said Roshni
should stay at aunts and Umar didn’t go suddenly, grandpa sent him. But child,
Roshni’s reality is clear, I was thinking
she should come back. What will she do coming back, after all its good she is there, aunt is unwell, she will care for her. God he kind son, you take care of Roshni’s needs, I will go there myself too. Yes, you should go. In fact, you tell me,
I will take you. Fine. Did Rania eat? No madam, she is really upset, she scolded me too. Fine, she will eat
when she wants to. Don’t tell papa that
Gulshana did all this on Rania’s orders. Say she was really greedy
so we fired her. Madam, don’t worry, I will not give you
a chance to complain. Fine. Idiot, doesn’t get I am doing
all this to save her. I have no fault in this,
papa took the decision and told me. How can papa decide like this? I don’t get it Rayan
is still not set in this life. Can I say this to papa? You are right, why would you care for your son? For God’s sake,
try and understand. I don’t want to
understand anything Akeel, you talk to your son yourself. Because I have no right on him,
nor I have any wishes. Talk to Rayan, maybe he agrees. Rayan can never like her
after her actions, you can talk to him yourself. Fine, I will talk to him myself. Rania, you are still upset with me? Child, this drama was
my helplessness, you try and understand Rania, I didn’t want Akeel
and papa to find out, or else they would never let you
and Rayan get married. Is it so easy for
relations to break mama, that they will break so easily? They won’t, but you know Aisha, she can make your
small mistake an excuse. You hit me and
gave her a reason. She can do bad with me, but it will be less
than what you did. Rania, why would I want that? But you have made them realize
that I am a bad and conspiring girl. What will you handle? You created a scene in front of
everyone and got me insulted. Instead of defending me you
made me a thief mama. Rania,
nothing like that will happen. Please mama, you don’t need to do
anything for me, I will do it myself. Rania. Rania, listen to me. What is the point Rayan, what had to happen, happened. The truth doesn’t matter to me. Don’t say that Roshni, you will win. I don’t want to
understand anything, I don’t want to win, leave me like this. Grandpa promised
to take care of you, you should be happy. Happy? My life is a circus, I live and die daily and
you say I should be happy. Look, no matter what you say,
I will bring Umar in front of you. No. I don’t care where he is. I don’t want to take
revenge from anyone. What is it Roshni? Why are you saying this?
Something bothering you? I don’t know, my heart is worried, feels like something will happen. I don’t know what. Nothing like that
will happen Roshni, you worry for no reason. I hope so. Mama must be waiting,
I will talk to you later. Okay, take care. What is this nonsense? You will hear what anyone
says to you about me, you will believe it? Does anyone need
to say anything? You have done enough. Before you decide against me, think who I did it for. I am talking to you… I hear you. I hear you. I agree I made a mistake Rayan, but I cannot tolerate
when you look towards someone else, you know I am really
possessive about you. When you ignore me and
give Roshni importance, I cannot tolerate it. I am sorry. Your sorry won’t be able to fix
the loss Roshni faced cause of this. I will apologize to Roshni, I will say sorry to her, you don’t get upset with me. After all, we will be married soon. I don’t want that we start our new life
with a bad impression in our heart. Wedding? Me and you? How did you think this? Why are you saying this? I really love you… But, I don’t love you Rania. It would be best that you take
this thought out of your heart. Rayan, how can you do this? How can you take such a big
decision on something so small. I am not basing this
decision on anything, in fact, I never liked you Rania, and I can never
imagine marrying you. Don’t say that Rayan, don’t say that. I really love you, I cannot live without you,
I will die. I don’t care. Whether you live or die,
it doesn’t matter to me, it would be best you
stop thinking about this. Live happily and let me live. Rayan, Rayan, you cannot do this.


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