Ramz-e-Ishq – EP 27 || English Subtitles || 6th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

I don’t understand what
she has fed Rayan. You leave her child and
care for Rayan a lot. Don’t say anything that can
ruin your impression. You know well mama, he doesn’t care for my care, he only worries for Roshni. The whole house cares for Roshni, God knows where this Umar went. He couldn’t tolerate the respect she got, it would have been best had she
been married to that man. Now she is around me 24/7 Thank God my mind
worked or else papa was thinking of getting
her married to Rayan. Its good he was in Dubai at the time or else
he would have gone all lengths in sacrifice. My name is Safia Begum, I played such a game that
everything changed. Now your own move is at your head. Do something before I get
a brain hemorrhage. You don’t worry, all will be fine. Divorce? No grandpa, Roshni won’t agree. Do you think that something is left? I think we should take some time. No, not at all. What do you what that
I beg that cheap man to divorce my granddaughter. There is no need, he got out on bail. I think Rayan, nothing is left, we shouldn’t put Roshni in further test. Fine, but ask Roshni once what she wants. I don’t have the courage to talk to her. She is so great that she
doesn’t even let me get embarrassed. Grandpa she knows you
made a mistake. I don’t know, I don’t get anything, I regret this decision all the time. Till Roshni’s life is decided,
I feel that I will not even die at peace. You don’t worry grandpa, I am here. I promised uncle Wajahat to
keep Roshni always happy, I promise the same to you today. Live long son, stay happy. I expect this from you only. Stay happy. Rayan, is the wound of your
shoulder now ok? Does it hurt? Yes, its better. Thank God. Papa, I was saying since the
day the children got married, they didn’t enjoy their life
in Roshni’s worry. Yes, the situation was such then, but there is no problem now. No restriction but…Hey, sorry. Important call, I will come back
and we will continue. Yeah, yes, I will be there.
Just hold on please. What were you saying? I was saying that children
should go abroad. Where are these guys going? I have planned their honeymoon trip, they will get fresh when they stay out. That’s great, I didn’t even think of it. Yes, why don’t these
people go to Canada. Canada? I don’t know, ask Rania. Rania, Rayan has put the responsibility on you, quickly tell me,
where do you want to go and when? I cannot decide without
Rayan’s decision. Child, you need to apply for the visa, the sooner you decide,
the sooner we will apply. Nothing like that, I will make
all the arrangements for that. That is great. When will the situation change, all my friends are moving away. The money I got from mama is gone, the plan is ruined, what do I do? How do I blackmail Umar Hashmi. Let me call mama, maybe she can help me. Hello. Hello mama. Your mother is dead, understand? Mama, don’t say that, you knew I had no other
way to go then the. Fine then, you want to do what you want, why do you put my life in trouble. Mama, hear me out once,
then I will do what you tell me to. I don’t want to hear anything, don’t you dare call me again, just think your mother is no more,
she is dead. Mama? What was the need for
grandpa to file for separation? Its good, let him, our problem will be solved. Yes, what if Umar comes
and tell everyone the truth? Fine, he can come do it,
what difference would it make? Its not that easy Rayan. Its not that difficult like you think. Please, don’t worry. Because it is something to worry about, we cannot satisfy everyone. We don’t need to, who wants to agree,
can and who doesn’t, cannot. and grandpa, if he asks why we hid such a
big lie from him, then what will we say? That is why I am saying,
let him file for separation, I am sure Umar won’t come, eventually the court will
decide themselves. What if Umar comes? Then? He won’t come and if he comes, then he will be caught in his game. What if he goes away from his word, he said that he will come back
and say that I am lying. Nothing like that will happen Roshni, relax, please. Hope for the best. When will it all be fixed? I am tired now Rayan. that is why I used to say we should
have told everyone everything. When would we have done that? When Umar disappeared
after divorcing me or I got married to you after the
mourning period? After that Umar came back and
says he is still my husband. You tell me yourself, when did we get the
chance to tell everyone? You are right. The situation didn’t allow us that we
could say anything to anyone, everything will be fine. I hope so. Tie. What did you decide? About what? Where would you want to
go on the honeymoon? I have not thought about it. Think about it, its not that hard. I will when I have to go. What do you mean? I am not in the mood. Say no to them. Why should I? I really want to go the honeymoon and
you are saying I should say no. If you really want to,
then go yourself. So you have decided not
to give me happiness. If this is what you think,
what can I do? After all, I don’t care what you think. Why would you care? You only care if she is there or not.
She told you not to go. Have you gone mad? I am in my senses. I know well, she said no to you. Shut up. I will not, she didn’t let her home stay fine,
now she wants to ruin my home. Rania. I will not stay quiet, I will not let her ruin my home,
I will kill her. Rania. Quiet! If you say another word…. get out of my way! Ayesha! What does your son think of himself? Is my daughter a cheap girl that
she will tolerate this behavior of his? Sister Safia, what happened?
What are you upset about? You are not as naïve as you pose. I know well, he is doing all this
cause you asked him. Will you continue to blame me
or tell me what happened? What did your son think before he
raised his hand on my daughter? Oh God, Rayan raised his hand on Rania. He always tortures her, I don’t understand if he had such an issue, why did he get married to her? Sister Safia, don’t worry,
I will talk to Rayan myself. Rania’s mother is still alive, tell that to your son and I will not tolerate any wrong
doing with my daughter. You only care if she is there or not.
She told you not to go. She didn’t let her home be saved,
so why would she let me have my home. I will not let her do that, I will kill her. Rania. Rania, eat something.
You have been hungry for so long. I don’t want to eat anything mama, leave me alone. How can I leave you hungry like this? I am your mother,
I care for you. If you care for me, then talk to Rayan or drag that Roshni out of the home,
then only will I be at peace. Rania. Rania. I have spoken to Ayesha, she has promised that she
will talk to Rayan when he comes. She must be happy hearing about our fight. She has promised that she will talk to him,
if she doesn’t, I will. I believe aunt Ayesha, I will agree if you say so. Thank God this scene is
unknown to the men of the family or Rayan would have
come begging you for forgiveness. Mama, no need to tell uncle and grandpa, just something happens that Rayan realizes. That is done, now you have this juice. Have a little child. Here. Have juice, get some energy to fight. Ok come on, lets eat food. Come on sit. I will serve my daughter. Son, I didn’t bring you up like this. Sorry ma, got angry. Anger doesn’t mean that
you hit your wife. I am saying sorry to you. Don’t say sorry to me, say it to Rania. She is sitting upset in
her mother’s room. It was her mistake. But you raised your hand, now you will say sorry. What can I do ma, she says something that annoys me. That is why I am saying go talk to her, you will have to live up to the wedding,
now that it is done. You know the circumstances in
which the wedding has been done. Son, that is why I am saying
be strong and patient. Go talk to her. Ma.Please. Okay, I will go. Go from here, you don’t need me. Hey, I am sorry, I got upset. Your sorry will reduce my pain. That is why I am saying sorry. I have realized it was my mistake. You know how hurt I am. I could never imagine you would get upset on me cause of Roshni. Is it necessary that every time
we talk we mention Roshni? I want the same Rayan but she comes between us
even when I don’t want it. But now this won’t happen. Ok come on, lets go downstairs and have food. Everyone is waiting. You have not eaten since morning I think. I am really hungry. Come on. Couldn’t you come early,
I have been waiting since morning. Here, I got your daughter in law,
I convinced her. Come on sit. Yes, I was really upset with you. Come on eat, we are all hungry. I am really hungry. Then eat. why do you wait?
We will have to wait. Hey, where did Roshni go suddenly? Papa, she is unwell since evening, she is feeling nauseous since morning. We should take her to the doctor. Congratulate Rehmat,
she will be a grandmother. What happened? You ok?
have water. Safia, think before you open your mouth. You say what you like. Papa, I am not lying, I am telling the truth,
my experience is great. Sister Safia, it is possible that she is really unwell,
how can we say that? Call the doctor tomorrow, we will know. Why is everyone overreacting.
Roshni is Umar’s wife, she came from him. Umar has no relation with Roshni and
if there is something like that, then kill it. What is wrong with you sister? What was the need to talk
about this in front of papa. It was needed Aqeel, what if papa take a decision against
Roshni’s happiness in his stubbornness. Do you people know what Roshni wants? We will get the report tomorrow,
everyone will know. Its Roshni’s life, let her decide. Exactly, I say the same, she is an orphan, why should we take her curse.
Aqeel, you talk to papa. Fine, I will talk to him. Mama, will you go check no Roshni,
she was really unwell. Fine, I will go check on Roshni,
you people have food. Roshni, child. Hey aunt. You look unwell, why don’t you tell anyone. I felt I will be fine soon. Sit here, you will not be fine just like that,
you have to take medication. Yes. Since when have you been unwell? Aunt, I have been feeling nauseous since evening. I thought it would get fine. I will ask Rayan to take you to the doctor. No, that is not needed. What if you get unwell during the night, then? If I get unwell during the night,
I will tell you tomorrow, you take me. Rayan just came from work, he must be tired, doesn’t look good. Okay, I will get you some juice to digest this. At least have that. As you wish. If aunt Safia is really right
and Roshni is pregnant, the family will think that its Umar’s child, we will be in further trouble. What happened?
What are you thinking? Nothing, just worried about work. Don’t think so much,
everything will be fine. I wish. You know I am really happy, if Roshni is really going to be a mother, she will leave from this home with Umar. What if this is not true? This child is coming to the world
with Umar and Roshni’s will, this means they are really
happy with each other. Its not necessary that is not true. No matter what you say Rayan, I will talk to grandpa myself, Roshni has lived here for long, she will have to go to her home. Come on. How is she now? Congrats, she is pregnant. You really take care of her,
she is really weak, I am giving some medication,
please let her have that. Don’t let her stress. Congrats child. You take care of yourself. Here you go. Thank you. Come, thank you. Come on. Rania, I had told you,
no need to worry. Just pray mama that Roshni;
s reports are positive, then only will it be
fun to see her leave. Safia Begum has seen the world, my estimate cannot be wrong. But if grandpa says no, then? We will handle him later, but the real issue is that of Umar. The cheapness he has shown, I dboubt he will be forgiven. Even I want that Umar doesn’t get forgiven, but their relation doesn’t break either. You get what I am saying. How is that? Come, I will tell you. God, how much more will I be tested. This is Rayan’s child, but in the eyes of the world
this will be Umar’s child. How will I face everyone? Roshni, child. Yes aunt. What are you thinking? How will I face everyone? Hey, what is to worry about in this? You don’t get it, facing everyone is difficult. Child, you have not committed a sin,
you are Umar’s wife. You have no idea. The situation has changed a lot. Hey, this child is coming for the
betterment of the situation, don’t worry. Aunt, if we don’t tell anyone, then? How is this possible child? Your aunt knew your
condition seeing you. I don’t understand what will happen now. Why do you worry? I will talk to everyone,
I will convince them. You come. Come on. I was saying this from the start that
Roshni left by her will with Umar. Papa gets really touchy
about her granddaughter. Sister Safia, don’t say this to papa,
it sounds bad. Yes, we will have to tell her, we will have to tell him the truth,
this is the reality, why hide it. Roshni must have thought these
people wont agree like this, why don’t I get kidnapped and leave. Still Rayan came in the way. Whatever Rayan did was on papa’s orders. The men of the family don’t tell everything. We can just sit here and discuss. When the moon signs, the world sees. You know, everyone will see now, what is the point of hiding it. I don’t know if we should hide or tell it, but investigating Is my habit. Okay, I will go give this
good news to papa, he really trusted his granddaughter. I don’t understand what to do Rayan. Roshni, please don’t worry,
I will handle it all. This is a biggest happiness of my life, and I am hiding it, like a theft. Look, I am trying to contact Umar, let me get into a deal with him,
then it will all be possible. and if he doesn’t agree, then? What will we do then? You have any idea, everyone here is planning to
send me back with Umar. Listen, calm down. Who all will I tell? What will I tell? This is not Umar’s child. You please come soon Rayan. I need you. Please. If Roshni doesn’t want to go with Umar, then who is the father of the child. Oh God, what if… Not at all. Not at all Safia. I will not let that child come to this world. This is unjust papa, if Roshni wants to live with him,
then why do you force her? Because that man is not worth her. Roshni is a child, who doesn’t know what is
good or bad for her. Look papa, she is not that child, she has done great things. Don’t be stupid , the lawyer is preparing the
papers for separation, please fix this before that. Roshni won’t agree, in fact, she might run away from
the home like before. No matter what you say, I have spoken to Roshni, she doesn’t have a problem
with any of my decisions. I have an objection, what if you want to marry Roshni to
someone else after her divorce, and if your eyes are on Rayan,
then don’t you even think about it. As far as the family is concerned, I don’t think anyone will accept her. She is Hashmat Ali Khan’s granddaughter, great families will send proposals for her. You will see, I will marry her in a big family,
in a great way. Look papa, it was my job to explain to you, rest is up to you. You can do what you want. If really there is something
between Rayan and Roshni, I will have to stop it. Or else all hell will break loose. Oh God, I couldn’t even believe Rayan will go to this length
to have his wish fulfilled. What should I do now? You are so secretive. You did everything secretly
and didn’t let us know. I don’t get it aunt. Roshni, you were aware
of papa’s stubbornness, that is why you played
the kidnap game? So that papa has no other
way to stop you. No aunt, why would I do that? Don’t worry, we are not your enemies,
we will talk to papa, you will be the mother of Umar’s child. Grandpa does what he wants, and as far as Rayan is concerned, don’t worry about him,
I will talk to him. Rania is right, don’t put your life at risk
cause of papa and Rayan, they don’t know about this. So what if Umar cannot come here, we will send you to him, just like you see fit. What are you thinking Roshni, child? Decide soon, before papa takes a desperate measure, child, forget everything that happened. I want you to have a home. If you think too much you
won’t be able to decide, we know you don’t want to get
a divorce from Umar and now you will be the
mother of his child and what mother would
want to kill their child, right? I will think about it and let you know. Well done my child, think and decide, you are not alone we are with you. With you. My love,
don’t worry, well done.


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