Ramz-e-Ishq – EP 28 || English Subtitles || 13th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

You are back, I didn’t even know. Where were you? I was with Roshni, went to congratulate her. Okay, you look really happy. Obviously, she is my cousin, I am happy in her happiness. Big deal. How is Roshni? Is she happy? Poor thing cannot enjoy her happiness. Grandpa has asked her
to get an abortion. What? Why did he say that? He has filed a case for his separation. Why are you so shocked? No, he shouldn’t have said this. this is what mama was telling grandpa, but he has decided. I will talk to him. Rayan, do you really want Roshni to
become Umar’s child’s mother. I just want that Roshni
decides this herself, no one else. I thought were you Umar’s
biggest enemy but… I just want that Roshni
should stay happy, and I will support everything
she is happy in. Will you have tea? No,
I am going to grandpa. I think fate is with me, all the ways are being
cleared one by one. Hello sir. Hello sir, where are you taking tea? Madam is unwell,
I am taking tea for her. Really? What happened to her? I don’t know, she has been locked in
the room since afternoon. Give it to me, I will take it. Here you go. Thank you, I will return it soon. Its not necessary but look, find a job, work hard. I have tried at numerous places,
but I have been rejected. Man, this had to happen, after all, you have been an employee of
Hashmat group of industries, there employees don’t get replaced. I was the one who made this rule
and I got ruined by it. Come on, don’t get too sentimental, if you agree to me find a middle ground. Middle ground? Yes. So you want me to kill myself. I am not saying that. Rayan called me. Did you give him my address? He was just saying that I deliver his
message to you when I see you. Now you tell me what do you
want me to tell him. I know why he wants to meet me, fine you tell him I am ready to meet him, but I have some conditions. What are your conditions? I will tell you, but in a few days, before that I want to see if Rayan
really wants to get into a deal or not. What are you saying mama? That too for me. You made me helpless to say this. I could never imagine you would think like this about me. Even I didn’t know that you
will fall so low. You are doing wrong mama. What about what you did? At least you should have thought
of your uncle’s grave. Mama, I didn’t do anything wrong. There is nothing that will
embarrass you or me. When a person becomes shameless, he becomes fearless like this. Mama, you know nothing,
what do I tell you? You killed me during my life time, who will shut the world up. When I have done nothing wrong, then it doesn’t matter
what the world thinks. It matters to me, it matters, because I am answerable to everyone. I could never imagine how you
two have ruined my trust. Mama, please. Child, you have killed me in my life time. Mama, I did nothing wrong, I promise. Fine, then tell me, who is the father of that child. If not the two of you,
then why is Roshni calling and telling you everything. Tell me, tell me the truth. My mind will explode
tell me the truth. That child is mine but
I didn’t commit a sin, Roshni is my wife. You divorced Roshni, still kidnapped her? What could I do? I was helpless. Rayan ruined it at the last moment. Did anyone at home know about the divorce? No one believes anyone till its in writing, this is great for me. You plan on something big. What can I do? When the forgiveness doesn’t work,
then I will have to do something else. Fine, I will support you but what will I get in return? The bigger the deal,
the greater the profit. You sure? Deal. Son, so much happened and you
didn’t even tell us anything. Mama, what could I do?
The situation was such. You needed to think before
telling your parents? You know son, that we are happy in your happiness. You care about my happiness,
not papa. You could have told me.
What would you have done mama? In that situation no one could do anything. The next day of the wedding
aunt passed away. You have no idea how
I handled the situation. Fine, what happened, happened. Now think what has to be done next. If the family finds out about you
and Roshni’s wedding then… I am telling you mama, if anyone tries to come
between me and Roshni, I will stand in front of them. Whether that be papa or grandpa. This is my last decision. Fine, you try to find Umar, son I want that Roshni gets the
same respect and protection that Rania has. Really mama? You are not upset? No son, I am not upset, I am happy you took the good path, I am just worried and scared. You are with me, I will handle it all, I promise. Live long my son. Its been so long, Rayan hasn’t come back. He is not answering his phone. What is the matter?
Why are you worried? I don’t get it Rayan, if grandpa forces me, then? Then stay strong. Look Roshni, this is the first sign of our love, I won’t let anything happen to it. You don’t know, the way everyone at home looks at me, I feel ashamed. Roshni, it’s a matter of a few days. After that all will be fine, trust me. I don’t know if I will be
able to face everyone or not. Come on Roshni, I don’t expect this from a
brave girl like you. Rayan, you have no idea, today aunt insulted me so bad, I don’t think they will
believe my innocence. They will, they surely will. Let me meet Umar once, after that I will announce that you and I are married. Its going to be alright, Rayan. I think someone is coming, hide. Rayan, you are here, I am looking for you all around the house. What happened? You got up and missed me. Yes, I saw you were not in the room,
I got worried. I woke up so I decided to walk. What happened? Why did you wake up. It happens. Anyway, I am sleepy now, so lets go. You saw me and get sleepy. No, I was just going inside,
then you came. I am not sleepy at all, I want that we have coffee
and watch a movie. Lets go inside and talk. Sure. Will you make me coffee?
Okay, and movie? You will show me the movie too. Fine, lets watch a good movie. Aunt, I am going shopping,
you want something? No, nothing, you go shop. Roshni, you want something? I mean, you will have to shop for a kid,
you will be a mother soon. God bring that time safely and why would Roshni go alone and shop,
we all will go. You too can g. Why not aunt, if Roshni is here till then, I will do it. But if she leaves with Umar,
it will be difficult. Don’t worry, Roshni won’t go anywhere,
she will live here. We will see aunt, whether Roshni lives here or leaves. You are getting late for shopping, right? Roshni child, I am sending you juice please
have it and rest. Sitting like this in this
condition is not good. Come on. Come sit here. Umar. Madam Rania, you? I have been calling you for so long, don’t you hear me? Sorry, I didn’t hear you. if I didn’t have to give you the good news, I wouldn’t have run after you. Good news? You are going to be a father. I told Roshni to stay strong, don’t ruin her home, even if no one supports her,
I will. What did she say? Do you want me to tell you
everything here? Come on lets sit somewhere,
will tell you. Come on. Grandpa. You called. Come here. This is my granddaughter, Roshni Wajahat Ali. The paper work you
want done, do it. Do what the lawyer says. Child, sign here, and here. Fine. Okay, I will go now. Fine child, you can go now. Can I go too? Have tea and go. I will find out. I will give you all the money you want. You just take Roshni with you. What if grandpa hands me
over to the police, then? He won’t do that, you take the police’s help, he kept your wife forcefully. I don’t have a single
penny to manage all this. 1 million, I will give you the same amount,
once the work is done. 1 million. In this all of us will get the work done. Papa has named billions in
wealth to Roshni, don’t worry,
you will not face any problem. I am sure. I am leaving, I will wait for you. Sure madam Rania, where I sacrificed so much,
I will sacrifice once more for you. She has turned out to be so cunning, I told her to say no in front of papa, but she doesn’t learn. The ball is still in our court mama. Just be a little patient. What? Did she sign on the separation papers? She still hasn’t got it. This is what scares me, what will happen now? I met Umar today. What? Thank God everything is sorted. Once Roshni’s matter is sorted nicely,
I will go visit God’s home. Papa, you were thinking that you would get Roshni a separation. I have cleared this out earlier. Sir, the police is outside. What for? They have come
to get madam Roshni and brother Umar is with them. How dare he? He came here. I will not leave him. Rayan, you won’t go along, I will come with you. Papa, I think we should talk to him clearly once, so that this daily problem ends. Yes, this problem should get solved. Papa, think again, its possible Roshni called him herself. Why would Roshni call him? ROshni, did you call him? No papa, I didn’t call him,
why would I call him? Did you hear that? Why does he come to get you here often? She is acting. She is trying to act naïve. Why does she need to act I swear uncle, I don’t know,
how can I call him? How can he come here like that, he kidnaps you and then gets the police. Cant you end this scene for once. I am not creating a scene, grandpa believe me,
I am telling the truth, I don’t know. A new lie. Papa, this beloved granddaughter is fooling us. Why would Roshni do this? Then why doesn’t she tell us what is real? I would say, let her go with Umar. No, grandpa, I don’t want to go with him, I won’t go with him,
please, send him away. Why won’t you go? Cause he has divorced me. I wish I had slapped you earlier, I wouldn’t have had to see this day. Its not my fault, its not my fault,
I am just asking for my right. Right? What right? What right are you talking about? Your father didn’t die leaving behind
a lot of wealth that you want your rights? Shameless! That’s it mama, you are with everyone just not me, trust me you will not get anything in
return from this family for your faithfulness. If I get my life a 100 times, I will sacrifice it on the people
in the mansion, without any fear. This is what I am sad about mama, you have given these people
importance over your son. You are not worth it, tell me, you being so educated couldn’t
do any difference to you, you didn’t come to your senses. They never considered me as human,
they have used me as a puppet. Stop it Umar, stop it. Don’t give me these fake justifications. Remember, accept your mistake,
or you will get insulted. I came here with death on my mind. I cannot turn back. You are so damned, you couldn’t live happily, nor will you be able
to see the happiness of your child. That is not my child. What nonsense is this? What nonsense?
I am speaking the truth, I divorced her a long time back,
I don’t know whose child that is. What nonsense is this? I am telling the truth, I got rid of her a long time back. Why is all this drama for? For money mama. Money? You want money? Instead of repaying their favors,
you are in the mood to ruin their respect. Now you want a price. Umar! I am ready to give you as
much money as you want, but I have a condition. What condition? You will have to come to the court and
announce that you have divorced Roshni. If I don’t believe your condition, then? I can get you cut into pieces this moment
and have them put in front of the dogs. Its my daughter’s case, I am helpless to keep
you alive for her. I will not go to the court, but I will sign the divorce papers,
but I have a condition… I accept all conditions
without hearing them. If Umar divorced you,
whose is this child? Sister Safia… You be quiet, she has decided to ruin
our family’s respect. When you get more than what
you are worth, this happens. Roshni cannot contain this respect. Oh God, this girl is such a drama. I think this is a conspiracy of her, she has bad intentions. Rania, bring a pen and paper. What did grandpa bring Umar, if he tells them that
I called him here, then? I am telling the truth, I have divorced her. When? You took her with you. Not with me, I kidnapped her which
got ruined cause of your husband. This is the problem, she doesn’t leave us alone. She won’t either. Its not easy to forget your first love. What do you mean? Don’t you know? Okay. Before the wedding they liked
each other, that is why, Rayan went abroad at the time
of Roshni’s wedding, so that he doesn’t have to see her
being someone else’s in front of him. Are you telling the truth? I don’t have a reason to lie. This truth has ruined my life, you are next. I won’t let that happen, not at all. Can you do something for me? Not at all, I have sacrificed enough, now please let me go. Just one last time, I will give you as much
money as you want, just take Roshni out of my life. Wow, you want that I take
this problem on my head? Umar, I will give you so much money that
you can sit and eat all your life. What do I do with Roshni? You kill her and throw her away. Why don’t you do this
great task yourself? You are the one who needs money Umar. Grandpa wants to kill you, in this situation, you will need money for your survival. Fine. I will do this work for you. But after that if she comes back to your life,
I will cannot guarantee that. I will handle her later, just take her as your wife once. I have signed the divorce
papers grandpa, now you just fulfill my condition. Wait, you still need to answer
some questions. What do you mean? You are going against your word. You are cheating me…Be quiet, have you forgotten how to talk to papa. Let him speak, for the last time, I don’t know if he will get
a chance to speak again or not. You will cheat me? Cheat? You do that, not us. Tell me something, your mother left you,
what do you have to live? I don’t care. You just fulfill my condition so that I leave. Be quiet. Rayan, call her. Yes grandpa.


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