Ramz-e-Ishq – EP 29 || English Subtitles || 20th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Come inside. Come policeman, come. Your guest has been waiting for you
restlessly, take him away. What do you mean? One second. Sir, I am not at fault. Sir, I am talking to him. Sir, I didn’t do anything. Sir, forgive me.
Where are you taking me? Why did you put this on?
Grandfather, not my fault. I didn’t do it on purpose.
Grandfather, brother Rehan, I didn’t do anything. Listen to me. What are you doing grandpa? I don’t know what more destinations
your fate will show you. I am sorry for making you
have to go through this. Have patience papa, this was in daughter Roshni’s fate. I am the one who ruined her fate Aqeel. I had forgotten in my fake ego
the sin I was committing. What I am doing to my blood,
my child. No grandpa, for God’s sake, don’t blame yourself, I have no complaint from you. You just don’t blame yourself. Live long. Live long. You have a big heart like your parents, you have never reminded me
of my wrong doings, you have always ignored them. Thank God papa we didn’t get late, we realized our mistake. We did get late, really late,
this regret will leave with my death. Grandpa, why did you say that? You know that God took away papa from me earlier, who do I have apart from you. Please, don’t think that, if something happens to you, what will I do?
Who will I live for? No child, I will stay with you. I will not let you leave, I am with you. What will happen now mama? I don’t get anything myself, papa is constantly thinking of
Roshni and you never know. I am upset with Umar, his stubbornness got lost in one moment. Its good that damned man left, he would have spoken the truth. Thank God no one paid attention or else he
was constantly taking my name. Rania, its time that you stay away from Roshni. I didn’t want to give her importance, I am scared mama, if Rayan’s sympathy and love comes alive,
then? God forbid. You just become your
husband’s shadow, Mama, get Roshni married somewhere else,
this worry will be off my head. Rania, I am trying child,
this cannot happen this soon. Its not impossible. I am really scared, if Rayan talks about accepting her,
then? There is a solution for this. What is that? You quickly announce that you
will become a mother. Then the chances of Rayan’s second
marriage can be low. How is it possible so fast? You try to talk to Rayan. I will try. Roshni, child, you are strong. God will bless you for this. Amen. Roshni, don’t worry, I have told mama everything. Everything! Yes child, Rayan told me everything and you don’t worry, I will make sure nothing happens to you, this is my promise. Thanks ma. Live long. I had told you, I would fix it all. Don’t worry now. God willing it will all be fine. She got a divorce, what have you thought now papa? Regarding what? About Roshni, that is what I am talking about.
Obviously we won’t keep her home. What is the hurry Safia? She has gone through so much recently. and that child? We will have to get rid of all
memories attached to Umar. There is no other option
apart from this. She got divorced from Umar, but I don’t get it, whose child… what is the truth, what is a lie, I don’t understand. Safia! Don’t say another word after this. I have more faith in
Roshni than myself. The truth is bitter papa, you are blinded my your
granddaughter’s love, I just want to show this to you. There is no need for this, I have done a lot of wrong
based on what you said. You didn’t do anything for me papa, whatever you did,
you did it for your ego and stubbornness. My whole life has been
spent in lacking. This is really sad Safia, to keep you happy, I didn’t forgive
my son all his life and after his death, to take revenge, I kept on treating
my blood badly but you, you are still the same. So you are completing
the revenge now right? Yes, right. Thank God I came to my senses. Papa, may you and your granddaughter’s
love survive, I still care for thi home’s respect. I have to take her to the doctor today, I came to tell you this. God’s revenge is silent, I will have patience, but you won’t be able to be patient, you act like Paroah, but there is a Lord up there, whose justice is strict, I am going, I will remember the respect
you gave me all my life. Hey Roshni, careful, what is the hurry?
If you would have fell. Rayan…She can care for herself Rayan. Clearly not. Did you see how she was coming down,
in a hurry, you need to care for such people yourself. I don’t understand a divorced
woman being pregnant. Its something you will never get, is everything ok?
You were going in a hurry. I was hungry,
so I thought I would go to the kitchen. Hey, you should have asked a servant. There was no servant,
so I was going. Let me get it. I will get you food, you sit. This time will not be there, nor your rule. Do you get it? What are you thinking? That, all this seems like a pretty dream. The reality is prettier. But a lot of stages are left. I have told mama, when you tell me,
I will tell everyone else too. Rayan, I want that you tell everyone everything, but then I get scared that God knows how grandpa will react. I think he will be happy. and Rania? She will have to tolerate it. Rayan, you will never leave me, right? No matter how much anyone forces you. I cannot even think of it
even if I am dying. Again the same thing, I have told you not to say all this, may you get my age too. I had given up so long ago, the strength I have gotten is from you. Okay, you forget this and take care and eat. Hey Roshni, careful, what is the hurry?
If you would have fell, then? After divorce, Rayan has started
taking more interest in Roshni. He was caring like it was his own child. How should I get rid of this problem? What are you thinking Aqeel? About Roshni’s future. So did you think anything about it? I don’t have the courage to
even say anything for her. That child is really patient. She hid her divorce so that
we don’t consider her a liar. What did we give to her in return? There is still time Aqeel, we can do a lot for her. Do you have an idea? Yes. Roshni. Yes aunt? Have your medication, then we have
to go to the hospital. You leave. What sort of medication is this aunt? This will help end this sin
you committed. What? Good morning. Morning. I have to go to the doctor in the evening, will you come early? Why? What happened? We have been married for 2 months, don’t you think we should plan a child. What is the hurry? I am in a hurry,
tell me when you will come. No need to go anywhere,
stay at home. Don’t you want us to have a child? I didn’t say that. What you said makes me feel
there is something you are hiding. I don’t hide things Rania. Yes, I can tell from your stubbornness. Don’t drive me mad
early in the morning, do what I tell you to. I am not your slave that I do what you tell me to. But you are my wife, become that only. I am going! No, I will not take this medication. Will you give birth to this child? Yes. How much more will
you disrespect us? Will you let us live or not? Aunt, please, say anything
but I won’t take this medication. You have done what you
wanted for long, you will have to eat this medication. Aunt, I told you, I won’t eat this medication. What is the matter aunt? Why are you scolding
Roshni so much? Its between us women, its best you don’t interfere. Still, I should know what you
were talking about. I told you Rayan, leave. I won’t go till I find out
what was going on. Tell me Roshni, what was aunt saying. She…How will she tell her dark actions, we are the ones suffering. Stop it aunt. You are crossing your limit. Why are you in pain? Even I have a relation with Roshni. I can talk to her too. I agree you have a relation, but what way is this to make her understand? When children do wrong, the elders scold. ROshni didn’t do anything wrong, so she won’t be punished. Rayan, I am saying this for the last time,
don’t interfere in our matters. I won’t leave till I find out
what was going on. Speak up Roshni, what was aunt saying to you. Aunt wants that
I…abort this child. What? It doesn’t matter. SO will you care for this sin?
This is not a sin! Go ask the world, the family is cursing us, the divorce, birth of the child, and the husband is mysterious. Are you speaking the truth?
Has this really happened? Yes. Why didn’t you tell me,
why did you keep me in the dark? I found out a few days before, and I didn’t know, also,
I didn’t know how you would react. Your son always mistakes me. You have not tried to
clear his misunderstandings. I have said that this child is not a sin… That’s Rayan, right? Who is he shouting at?
How can you say that? That’s sister I think. If you could you would take
Roshni’s greatness and simplicity and have it as a
talisman in your neck. But we are not that shameless, I will make sure this mother
of problems ends. You do what you want, but I won’t let anything
happen to this child. What is your relation with this child? I am its father! This is my child and I am its father. What? What did you say? Yes, this is the truth. What? What is your relation? What is your relation with this woman?
She is my wife and I married her with
respect and love. If anyone of you tries to hurt my wife or my child,
I will treat you badly. Rania. Rania, my child.
Rania, open your eyes. Rania. This is my child, and I am its father. She is my wife and I married her with respect and love. Grandpa. Grandpa, I am sorry. Grandpa please, forgive me. Trust me, I didn’t get a chance
or I would have told you. Grandpa, please, don’t do that. Hit me, scold me, but don’t stay quiet like this,
say something. There is nothing left to say or hear. You took the greatest decisions
of your life yourself. Its not true grandpa, the situation was such then, and then aunt made such
a big request leaving, how could I deny her. Please grandpa, don’t get upset. I am not upset with you, I am sad that you took this decision yourself, I am upset with myself. I got lost in my ego,
my greatness, my rule, that I didn’t even care about
the happiness of my children. I couldn’t find out that
Roshni is your wish. Grandpa, please don’t say that,
it hurts me. Did you think about Rania? How hurt she must have felt, how hurt she is. I hurt Roshni and married Rania, grandpa. When Roshni can make
such a big sacrifice, can’t Rania? You are right. I don’t expect Safia’s daughter
to be so great. Rania, how are you my love? Rayan. How can he do this to me? How can he do this to me mama? Such a big torment, why didn’t I die? Rayan didn’t leave me capable of living, he didn’t. Rania, be strong child. Be strong. Where do I get the strength from? He forgot my childhood love,
for this cheap girl. Why did he do it? Why did Rayan do this to me?
Why did he do it? Rania, all will be well, I will take revenge from Rayan
on this mis-treatment. Mistreatment, mistreatment? He mistreated me mama,
he mistreated me. He mistreated me, mama. He was not alone, everyone was with them.
He was not alone. Rania. Rania, my child. I will take revenge from everyone for this. A man is like a snake, it gets the chance and bites you. My life is ruined mama. They took my husband from me, my life is ruined. Rania, I am with you child, all will be fine.
Nothing will happen to you. Mama, my life is ruined. You know I am really
possessive for you, when you ignore me and
give importance to Roshni, then I cannot tolerate it. We will be married soon. I don’t want that we start our
new life with wrong feelings. Wedding? Me and you? How did you even think that? Sorry, I will not put on
the ring in Rania’s finger. Oh wow, your ring is really pretty. Yes, it was in the old things,
I thought I would wear it. This ring is just like Roshni’s ring, show me, how much is it worth? Its 300,000. Tell me, what was the helplessness that
had to leave me and go find her? Because she is my responsibility and its my duty to take
her out of worries, if I do it, no one can stop me. Rayan. I know well, she has told you not to.
Stop this nonsense. She didn’t let her home survive and
she wants to ruin my home now. Rania, be quiet.
I won’t be quiet Rayan, I will not let her ruin my home.
I will kill her. Rania! I will make sure this mother
of problems ends. You do what you want, but I won’t let anything
happen to this child. What is your relation
with this child? I am its father! What? What is your relation? What is your relation with this woman?
She is my wife and I married her with
respect and love.


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