Ramz-e-Ishq – EP 30 || English Subtitles || 27th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

What will happen now Rayan? Man, you should be happy,
its all fine now. Nothing is fine now. Aunty and Rania will be really upset. Leave them, think about yourself. Uncle? Did uncle talk to you? Madam cares about everyone but me. Ask me, how I feel having you. You just think of these things. Come on say something serious with me. Tell me, did you talk to Rania? No. When will you? She must be hurt. Let her be, I don’t care. When she knows the reality,
she will be fine. What? You just care for yourself. Did you think of a name? No. If it’s a boy, then… Rania! Rania! Leave her.
God have mercy, what is this? Why do you want to kill her? Cause she wants to steal you.
She came in between us, she should die. Get lost. Get lost from here. I won’t go. Go from here. I won’t go. Go from here, leave. I won’t go. You ok? you ok?
I will get you water. Aqeel, son, what is this noise? I heard the noise and came papa. It came from Roshni’s room. Papa,
what happened? I don’t know, lets go and see. Come. What is this Rania? What you people did with me, all of you were involved. I didn’t expect this from you grandpa. That’s it child, there is no one to listen to you. Your mother is alive. Safia, you instead of talking to her,
are instigating her? What should I do papa? Seeing my daughter like
this is hurting me. I didn’t commit a sin, or did anything wrong with Rania
that you are getting upset. What could be worse that you
got a second wife on my daughter. Roshni came to my life first and its Roshni that I married Rania or I would
never have married her. Wow. There is one great person in this home,
Roshni, we are nothing. If she is so nice,
why doesn’t she leave me for you? Rania, what are you saying?
Go to your room. I won’t go, it will be decided right now. Rayan will have to divorce Roshni,
right now. You have gone mad! Talk to her! She is right papa, what is the comparison with
my daughter and Roshni? You are right, there is no comparison between the two
because Rania is not worth the dust of Roshni’s feet. Come on Roshni. This is wrong papa, did you see? You people did us wrong papa. Really wrong. Come on Rania. Safia, make her understand, she should learn to compromise. Papa, all my life, I have compromised, now my daughter should also
compromise with this. You people have stabbed me in the back. In the back! Come on Rania. Come. Go, go away. Go. Come on. Come on sit, papa. Are you ok? do you want more? Thank God I came on time or else God knows
what that mad woman would have done. I told you to keep the door locked. How was I to know Rayan that Rania would have such evil intentions. Even I didn’t know she
would go to this extent. What will happen now Rayan? What? Will you fulfill her wish? Which one? Will you leave me? Have you gone mad? I can’t even do that if I die. For God’s sake don’t talk about dying. You take these thoughts out of your mind, I cannot imagine my life without you. and Rania? Let it be morning, everyone knows, lets see what they do with her. Rayan, please, I don’t want a scene. What? What she did even after that? You know she is emotional,
she reacted. Forget it. If something happened to you, then?
Nothing happened, I am fine. Please forget it. Okay, fine. You are fine, right? Come on sleep now. Do you want more water? When will you learn? Come to your senses. My husband got married again, and you are telling me to be in my senses? Wow mama. You will be at loss in this hatred.
No one else will be bothered. They will be bothered. They will be. You will see mama, I will take Roshni out of Rayan’s life. What do you think? All this is so easy? Its not impossible. Not impossible. I won’t let anyone take my place,
not at any cost! You are sending Rayan
away by doing all this, what is wrong with you? I have gone mad mama. I have gone mad. I am telling you, if Roshni doesn’t leave Rayan’s life, then I will kill myself. I will kill myself. Please mama, do something that Roshni
leaves Rayan’s life. Please mama. Please do something mama. All will be fine child, you relax. I will fix it all. I cannot relax like this. I cannot, till Roshni leaves Rayan’s life. What is the matter? You didn’t sleep. No, I am not sleepy. what is the worry Ayesha? Aqeel, don’t you think after what Rania did, we will have to be careful
in Roshni’s matter. You are right, we didn’t expect this stupidity from Rania. Stupidity? What stupidity? She is taking out her enmity and anger, and Roshni has always
been a target of this. You are right. Roshni is not only the respect of this home,
but also the wife of Rayan and the mother of his to be child. She shouldn’t be mistreated. You tell this to your sister and niece. After today, I am really scared. I will talk to papa in the morning, I am sure he will take
notice of this himself. I am still getting goose bumps
thinking about this, what if something happened
to Roshni, then? Thank God that nothing happened, all is fine. Give charity for the kids in the morning. I am telling you one thing, I will not compromise with regards to
the happiness of my children. Fine, don’t compromise, rest now. Come on. I have gone mad mama. I have gone mad. I am telling you, if Roshni doesn’t leave Rayan’s life, then I will kill myself. I will kill myself. Please mama, do something that Roshni
leaves Rayan’s life. Please mama.
Please do something mama. The way she ruined my sister’s home, I will ruin her home and her sister’s home. What is my fault in this? What was my sister’s fault in this? Nisar, don’t punish me like this. We have a daughter Your brother should realize this. Me Nisar Ahmed, in my complete senses, divorce her, divorce her,
divorce her. First the mother ruined my home, now the daughter is doing the same. No, not at all, I won’t let Rania become another Safia. Not at all. Papa, you called? Safia, this is your upbringing, that your daughter tries
to kill someone. Papa, she is a child, she got such a big shock, it will take her time to cope up. the shock is not that big that she tries to kill people. Papa, you are crazy about
your granddaughter’s love, you don’t see my daughter’s pain. You daughter has not faced anything
new with a second wedding. There are a 1000 such
examples in the world. Tell her to learn to live together. Fine, I will talk to her, but it will take some time. Its good you talk to her, so that I don’t have any complaints. Yes. Can I go? Yes, go. Nasreen, take this breakfast to
madam Roshni’s room and tell her to have breakfast
with my name. This juice you have taken out,
give it to her at least thrice in the day. Yes. Listen, check on Mr. Rayan, he must be there,
then take his breakfast there. Fine madam, I will. Rania, are you going somewhere? No, you say yourself that a married girl
should dress up for their husbands. Yeah. Okay, lets have breakfast. I will have breakfast with my husband. Oh, but Rayan had breakfast. How is that possible? I am his wife. He should have breakfast with me. Yes, I think he left for work too. It’s the weekend mama, his weekend is off. I will see him. That’s it Rayan. Eat more. No, I am done. You need to finish it. I am full. Okay, have this juice. I don’t want it. Don’t you know what mom said,
you have to finish it all. If it was in aunty’s hand,
she will feed me all. Its good Roshni, you eat then the kid will be healthy. Rayan, do you want a son or a daughter? Daughter. Why daughter? Cause she will be like you. I want a son. No problem, this time we will have a daughter,
next time son. Rayan, you are sitting here, I am waiting for you. Why are you waiting? Why should I not wait? I am your wife,
I have a right on you. Okay, go right now,
I will come talk to you. I won’t go without you.
Come with me. I am saying leave. Next time, you won’t come to
this room without my permission. I don’t even spit on such girls. I have no comparison to her. Mind your tongue or else… What or else? You will raise your hand
on me for this cheap girl? Or drag me out of the house? Rania, remain in your limits. Or else? Why do you not like it? Don’t forget, she has been Umar’s wife. I don’t get it, since when did you start eating food eaten by others.
Rania! Rayan, please, leave it. You cannot tolerate what I am saying, when the world says it what will you do? This is not your problem. Just get out of here. Rayan. Son, did you ever think, what status you are at. Because of whom, did you think about it? Mama, when did I deny it? If you had said no, I wouldn’t have been in pain. Mama, I can get a better job somewhere else,
I can do much better. You will cheat your owners, someone who did so good with you. Be thankful to me that I am quiet
even after knowing everything. What will you do?
What will you do? Not a lot. I will divorce Roshni. Umar…But I will not wear what you left. I divorce Roshni. I divorce her. I divorce her. You took on such big enmity for me. I swear I will not leave you
alone at any point in life. We will go from here and get married. Its only going to be me and
you for the rest of our life. Umar, why did you do something like this. I told you not to do it. Not to do it, but you didn’t listen to me. You did what you wanted, you left your mother alone. Oh God, what should I do? My son. Rehmat. Madam, you should have called me.
I would have come. Come. Sit down. Sit here. How long will you
hide and cry like this? Sit. No, how dare I sit in front of you. Sit down Rehmat, no problem. Sit. Your sorrow is great, Rehmat. I didn’t realize it earlier, but now I realize it. Look madam, my Umar is to blame for this, had he not divorced madam Roshni, this wouldn’t have happened. No, its not his fault, had papa not sent away the groom, this issue wouldn’t have happened. Rehmat, don’t you
want to meet your son? What is it mama, a mother is like that, but not everything can be completed. The one because of whom
all this happened, she is having fun. Tell her to talk to papa. About what? For freeing Umar, what else? Will sir agree? She is her beloved granddaughter, if she says it, he will agree. No madam, no. I cannot put madam Roshni in trouble, nor do I have the courage to
look sir in the eyes. Its upto you, I was saying for you, if you don’t realize it yourself, no one can make you realize it. Look Roshni, how are they? Who is this for aunt? I got them for you, and the driver
just gave these dresses. Wow, they are really pretty. You really like them? Your choice is awesome, I cannot dislike them. Thank you. Ok fine, I will get a dress out
of this ironed for you. Sure. Child, dress up, look good. I don’t like dressing up, but if you say so, I will. Live long. Hey, sister Safia, why are you
standing there? Come inside. You are showing her a lot of dresses. No, I got some dresses for Roshni,
I were showing her those. Ayesha, you never thought
of Rania like this. She is your daughter in law too. Aunt, if Rania likes something out of this she can keep it.
Who asked you that Rania wants your charity? You are taking me wrong, I didn’t mean…
Whatever you mean, be careful what you say. Rania is not so poor. Hey sister Safia,
Roshni is saying in her love. Okay, so she loves her so much? That is why she came
as his second wife. Anyway, leave it. Don’t show this to Rania,
or she will be hurt. What madam Safia said, is it possible? Can Roshni can convince sir, and my Umar can be released? No, what Umar did, he cannot be forgiven. I am a mother, he is the piece of my heart, he is my only son. I will never be at peace, God help me. Get me son freed.
Save my son. Oh my God. Nasreen. Nasreen. Nasreen. Nasreen, where the hell are you? Nasreen. Madam, I was coming to you. I have been calling you for so long, are you deaf? Cant hear me? Madam asked me to press madam
Roshni’s dress first. Are the clothes more important
than what I am saying? Answer me,
I have asked you something. No, madam forgive me. Get lost and get me juice. Take the dress later Nasreen. Hey, Nasreen. Nasreen, where are you? Yes madam? I gave you this
shirt to iron a long time back, what happened? Tell me, what happened? I swear madam, I ironed them right,
I don’t know what happened. Who else came here? madam Rania. What did you do? I cut it with scissors. Why? Thank God I just cut clothes, not the throat of your beloved. Are you in your senses Rania, what do you think? You will do what
you want and no one will say anything? What do you think? You will make me jealous by caring
for your beloved and I will handle it? You are not doing right, in the dream to hurt Roshni,
you will hurt yourself. Don’t worry, I know what is my benefit and my loss, you just care for your beloved. I will do that but Rayan
will come talk to you now.


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