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Rs.5 lakhs sir. Can you lend me your pen?
– Take it. It’s here! Tell me.
– You can come in. Go! Give me the keys! Throw all your cell phones! I told you to throw your cell phone, right’? Hey sit down!
Sit down! Come fast! Come fast! Stop! Hey look out there! He’s taking our photos!
Bump him off! What are you doing? Snatch his camera! Give me… Catch him! He has stolen my bag! Thief!…thief! Come…come…catch him!My camera…my camera…Hey come! Go…go! I’m a reporter! Press reporter! Press reporter! Leave me please! Please listen to me. leave me. Hello. I’m a press reporter! Leave me!
Why are you beating me? I’ve lost my camera because of you. Sir, I’m a press reporter,
a bank was robbed just now… Just now I’m getting the call of robbery,
how could you press smell it so? Take it, get him first aid.. Take the vehicle,
we must go to the bank. Stop sir. Bank has already been looted,
no use going there, all the robbers’ faces are
stored in this memory card. They’ve planned it very smartly. He’s Mallesh, a man behind the
blasting of Chintapalli railway station. He’s Madhava Reddy,
he blew up the cell tower. I don’t know this guy. He’s Nalla Perumal, man who planted
bomb in Jagadamba centre. I couldn’t get clear image his face
because of the mask. I think he could be the gang leader. They all belong to the terrorists’ gang. Okay sir, I’ll email all the photos
to your head quarters. Thanks. Buddy…superb show buddy! Please listen to me. Please let me do the dressing.
Please listen to me. Sorry nurse! The man who took the photos of
these extremists risking his life is, ‘Today’ News’ photographer Aswathama. Police have released the
photos of the bank robbers. Couldn’t get the details
of the masked gang leader. Hey’ You! Come here! I saw in the mail, is it the way
to take the photos? Shaken photos. Why can’t you stop. stand and
take photos slowly using flash? I’ll try to remember this while
covering next bank robbery sir. Making fun of me’? Can anyone dare make fun go you sir? Go…go… They took away my mother too. I’m living alone in the flat now. You can join me. Hey! I’m not the ‘Fire’ type
you’re thinking. I don’t mind if you lose your limbs also,
I’ll take care of you all the life. Get lost! It seems you go beaten up by a girl. It seem she pinned you down
and bashed you up! How do you know this? Telepathy! No fractures, right? Are you a hero? Who are you working for? Your photos must appear
first in our paper, right? Why did you distribute it
to everyone like peas? Yes sir, by the time we select the photo,
make a layout. And print it in newspaper after that, police then see it and
before they arrive whistling, robbers would open account in Swiss bank
and settle down in life sir. Name of ‘Today’ News’ reporter is
mentioned four times every minute, out paper is getting free publicity. Why can’t you see it in that angle? Why are you raking up issue
that has already happened? He’s not respecting me
because of your pampering. Sir…how much should I respect you sir? Shall I fall on your feet sir? Please stand in a place sir.
– Get lost! Why do you take such risks, boy? Why not join the devotional section with me? You can take photos of temples
and holy places. Hey you…stop! Catch her! Because of this girl… She’s been transferred here from Vizag. I thought like that in that situation. Did I look like a thief? Little roguish. little like a goon…
– I’ll kill you. She has been covering naxals sensibly
for the past three years. Is she that Renuka Narayan’? Marriage feast…wonderful feast… What’s this son? You’ve entered kitchen on auspicious
day without taking bath. Would your God curse me? I want to break the hand of the
man who gave you a day off. I’ll take you to my office and show him. According to the latest reports, four naxals involved in the bank robbery
were caught with money in different places. Achu. the bank robbers have been caught! Where? Chief Minister Yogi talking to the press… Police have arrested the robbers. It’s my govt.’s responsibility to catch the
gang leader bring him to justice in 2 days. The man whose help made
it possible to catch… What’s his name? An intelligent photographer Aswath. I thank sincerely ‘Today’s News’
and the reporter. Look, how he’s praising you!
– Entire credit goes to you! Mom is waste. He’s making bravados here after
getting beaten up a girl there. It’s not his mistake. he got used to
seeing it everyday at home. Touch your heart and say,
did I ever behave like that with you? Greetings!
The stars of the soil… Together…let’s rock the party! Are the smiles beautiful? Are the shimmering lightning beautiful? Is petiteness beautiful? Is sultriness beautiful? Lambhorgini…love Lumbini… Friday and Saturday…
any mistake is this… Let your snow unite with my fire…
there’s nothing danger in it… It’s your wish, take on me…
chant the mantra of friendship… Live for yourself only…
don’t miss any chance… The heat is deadly…
the desire is growing more I see… Shining Rolexes are bright…
Virtues are advised freely… Champagne is flowing freely…
Swiss cheese is chewed… Branded life…
romance is friend… You’re my thirst…
Flow towards me… Fashions changes every moment…
This passion never changes… Action all the day and
faction all the night… Come my lovely Ferrari…
The rogue who pinches my heart… Louis Vuitton hunter…
chasing you, O babe… If you’ve guts. join…
if not look there… Let there be any ration for the fashion…
This passion is never ending boon… There’s commotion inside…
Let’s rock together, come on… My husband is a hero with
wealth and zest for life… If you seek pleasures every day
and call him, he’s a big zero… I did seek… There are so many in the arena…
who is who amongst them? You can’t find which is beginning
and which is end… In these perfect couples… The night is brightened
with shining little lights… A mischievous little hand
is touching my body… Here’s the modern world of the youth… That welcomes the
mantra of victory only… I’m ‘Today’s News’ reporter. Aren’t you Vasant the leader of Youth Party? Why have you come alone? This get together is thanks giving to the
donors of poor children’s education. Star Hotels and Discotheques
cornered all the sponsors. If I’ve this money, I can send at least
1000 children to the school. That’s why I couldn’t join the party. I too feel the same. Greetings! Amongst all charities,
education is the greatest. A truth which everyone know. Few among those greatmen
who spread education are here. You can ask them questions about it. Shwethaji! It seems you’re spending
more time in Ashram. I’m maintaining my body well because
my regular meetings with Swamiji. Why are you laughing now? He tells me to bend and get up!
He teach es me Yoga and meditation. You and Manjushri are
planning to marry secretly, is it true? Is it any quiz program to say pass?
This is a press meet. This is not a film press meet,
please stay out of personal matters. Let’s think collectively of better action. Was the dance inside for better action?
Am I wrong if I ask about it? What’s this they’re leaving without
showing respect to the press? Are we here to enjoy food?
Why are you all silent? Why are you press behaving
so irresponsibly? You want to contest the next elections. You want to take photos
with actors on either side, paste the town red with it
and seek votes, isn’t that why you’ve arranged
these get togethers and discos? Will you think only the wrong way?
Nobody here… I’ll never misuse such good friendship, we’re facing this election on
the plank of social justice, it’s not fair for responsible press
to boycott in anger? Get up! He’s belittling we press people.
How dare he advises us! Hello brother Mani! Please sit down. Cinema or politics, if we write,
it’s enough if it’s read by few people. We must encourage good work, brother.
Please sit down. brother. Somu, you too sit down.
Please sit down. Why are you supporting them? Why are you accusing me that? It’s about children’s education. brother.
Why are you getting so angry for this? Sit down please, brother. For whatever had happened here,
I seek your apology on their behalf. I expect you’ll co-operate with me. I calmed down for Aswath, if not… Our photographer. I’ve some work… Our leader…
..is entering the poor slums… Always opposition leader!
Change the posters! Leader! Name this child! Give me dettol Greetings sir. Don’t let it go. steal it. Step! Ruling party death!
– What to do sir? She’s dead! What can I do? Oh my God! Rs.2000! Come, let’s take a photo with leader! Tear the photo!
Tear it! Who are you? Go away…go… Long live Kondalrayudu! Take the money.
– Why are you asking? I’ll talk to him.
– Will? Is it so easy to get Rs.2000′? They’ll Rs.500 now and take Rs.5000
after winning the election. Don’t forget. please vote for Tiger symbol.
– As you say madam. What he’ll do’?
My party will give free liquor. Why are you drinking it?
Go away! Go! Greetings to the people! You all are working hard sincerely,
are you getting paid fairly for it? I too belong to the backward class like you. I too grew up in slum and hut only.
but my mother sent me to school, she struggled hard to educate me. Today I could become an engineer
who earns Rs.50000 a month, We are still lagging behind in higher
education despite decades of freedom. The backward classes remain
backward because… He comes home drunk and beats me.
– Please vote for this symbol. Will you buy a bajji for 50 paise? I’m hungry, please serve me quickly. Are you great if you’ve done MBA?
Why are you feeling? Don’t forget to vote for Feather.
– Get lost! Nobody cares about us.
– I will. You’re our first supporter.
Take it sir. What’s written on it’? We’ll give 5 liters of free arrack
for each ration card if we win. Then, I’ll vote for you only. Workers, you must pay attention
to this important point. Now… Even cattle doesn’t like your speech.
That’s why it’s scratching for the itch. Why are you addressing workers, ladies
and gentlemen like street hawkers? Politics isn’t our domain.
– You keep quiet. It’s routine for such initial hiccups. Dr.Prakash. now I know how you packed
10 patients to heaven starting your practice. Did I overact?
– Wait…wait… Come on boys! Don’t rush, they’ll pay Rs.5000
for a burnt hut. Save my child…save my child…
– Come on, you sit Take your child Douse the fire…douse the fire! Pour water! Pour water!
– Douse it! Nobody is hurt, right’?
– What’s this? You’re God sent messiah! Can never forget the help you’ve done to me. May God bless you. You’re great! Nobody came to save.
Everybody ran away. I had four water sachets.
I doused the fire just like that. What’s your problem?
– It seems they saved it. Go away.
– Take this! He saved you, don’t forget to vote for him. What’s this? How can you use a situation? We thought we could at least get these
old women’s votes but he ruined that too. Come. He’s a criminal, very dangerous,
is your source reliable? In fact I’ve spoken to the girl’s mother. Useless man, bloody drunkard, it seems some Godman had suggested, to make his leader become
the Chief Minister, since her horoscope is very good, he’s forcing mete get the
13 year old girl married to him. Did you see my rubber? Her life is about to get ruined
and she’s asking for a rubber. Go away! Why are you always scolding me? I asked how can a father be so heartless? He broke my head with a liquor bottle. Did you ask Konadalrayudu? Pressmen are getting beaten up
in his party office. Do you’ve the evidence’? Kondalrayuduls romantic ploys!
13 year bride, 63 year groom! Secret marriage! Generally, if humans are beautiful,
head will be empty, so said Bernard Shaw. Who else? There is a photographer
in our office. he said! Aren’t I super in both? Sometimes, there are cases
where they fail in both. You! Did you see my article? Raid in a hotel!
College girls caught redhanded! What could be the rate for a night?
– Neither I gave nor took. Rs.10000 to Rs.20000 per night? The matter depends on the rate.
– Is it? What rate could I demand?
– Just for fun! Just for an assessment.
– Little short, so can give Rs.108! I’ll beat you!
Will you pay so much less? For her?
– I’ll kill you both. Tell me…tell me… Everything is okay but her height…
can we send every client with a stool? Is it office or play ground? Shouldn’t you watch it personally?
– Should I watch there also? Joking on me?
You’ll never reform in this life. Why are you rubbing him so closely?
He’s my man! You know, right? Your sari was here in the morning.
now it has come down 3 inches, girl. don’t let it slip further! Sir! What brings you here, sir? Why are you always with girls
in the name of coverage? I’m going to visit temple.
would you like to join me? Is it the place to talk about temple visit?
– Why are you coming here? Why the hell did you enter gents toilet? Look, he got scared and
made a map on the wall. Kondalrayudu is here with his men. You wrote that marriage
is at noon today. Who are getting married? You and me? It’s noon now! Shall we marry now’?
Shall we marry? Did I pull your hand?
– Sir, this is press. Get lost, MBA!
– What’s this sir? Please sit down sir. Why are you standing sir?
Please sit down sir.- Who are you? Don’t you remember me sir?
You roared like a lion for the party poster. Who took that photo? I took it! Speak in Telugu so that
I can understand. You work in Telugu newspaper, right’?
Why are you speaking in English then? Why? Fort spitting here? Leave her sir, young innocent girl. You’re a powerful leader who could
roughen up SP on Tank bund. Tell that to her. You don’t know how serious the matter is.
You go silent, I’ll manage him. Spit into this sir! Another English speaking man!
Who are you? Editor? Hey lawyer! Why are you standing silently?
Ask him. What is the problem? Come out. How much did you take from
the ruling party’? Why would we write bad about you sir? Who else here has got power
to question the ruling party? Then, what’s this?
Is it blessing? Is it blessing? Sir, we wrote what the mother
and daughter said… Bring them here. You came to my city for livelihood
and dare to trouble me. Sir is calling you, come in. Sir, why are you creating scene
for this silly… Sir…- What?
– They’re here sir. Who are you?
What did you tell them? They asked about ration card.
They took few snaps then. Why are you saying differently now? Baby! Are you coming from school?
Come here. Do you know me?
Do you know me?- I don’t know. Don’t get afraid.
– I don’t know who you are! Please leave us. What you said has been recorded!
– Recorded!? Play it for me. Where is it? You may go now. Come, let’s go. Hey publisher listen carefully!
We’re coming to power. This building will then… Tomorrow’s headlines would be
barging and threatening newspaper. Be careful! It’s election time,
that’s why I stopped him. We’re on the wrongside. What shall we do now? We must adjust. Let’s compromise sir.
– Will your news vanish? You can oppose it.
We’ll publish it in tomorrow’s paper. Why should I oppose it’?
You make an open apology. Lawyer, explain it to them. Will you seek apology or you want me
to file Rs.100 crore defamation case. Sir, no need to be afraid of their threats.
Let’s go to the court. I seek your forgiveness,
– It must appear on the front page. Man of self pride! Lion of Bobbili! All the news about Kondalrayudu
is totally false, and we seek an open apology. This matter must come in all 3 columns,
got it? Take an written apology from them. Hey girl! You said digital recorder
is missing, see if this is yours? It’s clean. nothing is in it.
Just like you! Keep it with you.
Safeguard it. You heard the record… Somebody in our office stole it
and erased the recording. I approved the news! I’ve fired you 10 minutes earlier! Am I beggar?
Did I ask you for a peg? No brother, your bottle was empty,
so I made you a drink. Why are you getting angry for that?
– I can buy my drink. Do you know what would be my level
by tomorrow morning? Do you know who I am’?
– I know you’re a sidekick! What did you say now?
– I said leader’s right hand. If I get angry Please forgive me brother.
You’re angry. I’ll take leave. You’ve made the drink. right?
Leave it. Foreign drink? Yes brother. Sullurupeta Get down! Come!
– Don’t pull me. No please! Go, sit there!Why are you pushing her
‘ Shut up! ‘
No father.
– Come. Start! Greetings sir.
– Get lost! Sir, you please sit next to the bride. I’ll come in a second. Sir, put the lemon garland to the bride. Baby, you put this garland to sir. Tie this auspicious thread
around bride’s neck. Play the band! Go! Sir! A donkey is very good omen! You’re very lucky!
Your political future is very bright. You tie the auspicious thread, sir. Haven’t you taken money?
Why are you crying now? Shut up! Sir, I’ll come in that vehicle.
– All of get in. Did you see Gangulu?
– He went that side. Did you see him, Raju sir? Sir, my fee… I think he went in that vehicle. Subject: Resignation letter Telugu Son Kondalrayudu
Open apology! How could he take such
fine photos in dark? It’s all my training. Good boy. but little mischievous. Printing is getting late.
agents are agitated. Tomorrow the state will be shocked. We’ll get extra order for
1 lakh copies, go. There’s no legal problem to publish
a 13 year old girl’s photo, right? It’s not rape but minor marriage. Miner’s marriage, it’s for saving
a girl, we can publish it. Tied knot with a 13 year old girl! What’s this spelling mistake?
Can’t you check it properly? Why are you watching fun? Mani, have you spoken to the publisher Kondalrayuduls brutality! It’s a blasting news sir! You’ve shattered the base of Kondalrayudu. You’ve not only saved my name but
our newspaper’s honour and integrity. I was sensational, right? What happened? You’ve rejoined, right? Why’? I…I… You needn’t… My dreams…my future… I thought everything is ruined. How am I to repay my gratitude to you? You can! Give me Rs.10000.
I’ll throw a party to all my friends. Don’t know why my heart is overwhelmed… It’s running mad… My youth is blossoming… Don’t know why my heart is dancing… Mischievous ideas are taking over… Wishes are overflowing… Some hazy picture is appearing… An unseen shore in near future… Every new dawn is waking me up wet… Don’t know why my eyes are brightening up… My love is moving away… Blooming like a myriad of colorful dreams… Don’t know why my heart has
developed wings… Somebody is hurting my little heart… Leaving me alone… Are we both machines? A wonder created by time, O love… Your hot breath when it touches me… I’m getting burnt and going crazy… When you’re with me…
I’m running away from myself… When you come near me…
It’s cyclone in my heart… If you call me. I’m finished… Enough of your magical smile
that’s killing me… Don’t know why but… My heart is refusing to forget… Your heart is lovely… The bridge between two pairs
of eyes that it’s love… Looking at me naughtily… Moonlight is taking over me… Why my eyes are yearning
so much to search you… Though so much noise around,
I can hear your word… To see you in dreams…
am I blessed with eyes? When dreams vanish…
would I also perish? Am I just a shadow? Long live Chief Minister Yogi! Greetings madam! Please vote for me. Stop…stop.– They’re beating our leader! Stop them…you go away! Go away… Please stop sir.
they’re beating our man sir… Save him sir. Ruling party men!
Turn this side. ignore it. Please sir. don’t go away. Don’t beat! Stop…stop.– Hey! Who are you? Who are you? Who let you inside?
Get out! What? How did these goons enter office? They entered as a gang without
realising it’s a press office. They gave Rs.1000 note to every
household with welcome. When we questioned them,
they chased and beat us. How many vans, cars, and posters? They’re spending more than
what the Election commission allows. So many people rub against
you in a crowded bus. Take it like that and forget it. Why are you crying for this silly thing
and sitting with a frowning face? I forgot to tell, you bit a man, right’?
Alsatian is nothing compared to you. He’ll surely need 14 injections
around his navel. All are watching us! This government says it’ll remove
poverty but actually… What is your native place? Did you see’? You too don’t have patience! You changed the topic. Because good news is no news to you. You want news about murder
or extra marital affairs. You want cinema gossips, father-in-law who rapes daughter-in-law,
womanising dubious God men. Press has brought new laws
and changed constitution. Have you forgotten even govts too changed? You really got angry! You write in paper about mistakes
and we show it practical. You’ll talk to me even
if I’m not hurt, right’? Jharkhand plane accident.
let’s put it on front page. That’s just news,
this is an human interest story. It’ll catch readers interest how a lone
man stood against injustice! Are you suggesting to us’? It’s wrong to let photographers inside. Let Vasant be on the front page. Youth against injustice!
Vasant beaten up! Why the place is so crowded’? They’re all here to meet you. To show condolences. Not satisfied with us getting beaten up.
they too want to get beaten up. They want to contest the
elections along with us. Thanks for joining us for our principles… I was an IAS officer in Bihar,
opposed corruption. I was driven out. I wanted to serve in politics… I’m an ex-army man… I’m a college student… Vasant, leader of the new youth party, announced that his party will
contest in 170 constituencies. There’s happiness in dreaming
without sleeping. Who is it today?
Ram Charan or Ranvir’? For change, it’s our Aswath. If we talk to any other man with a smile,
they’ll put hand thinking we’ve fallen for them. Please come in! Why did he come here
when I’m dressed like this? What’s this fun? Hey you fat boy!
Why are you staring at me? I came to play chess with you, Saro. I’ll pluck your eyes, you always come
here on some pretext. Peeping Tom! Go away! I’ll complain to your mother. I’ll have to do the facepack once again. You’ve come this really! Aren’t you yet ready, Saro? Take a good look, Yo” Pig! Don’t stop my vision. uncle. I’m not here to see this. What’s this Renu’? Sunday free show? You Fat Tom, go. This is unfair, I’ll not agree. Go…go… You embarrassed me,
can’t you say it’s Aswath? Didn’t I tell you? What if a girl tells you
I love you suddenly? Do only girls wear slippers? Get lost! Simpleton! Idiot! Fool! By any chance… Are you that type? I’ll beat and smash your face. I’ll be bored alone here. Shall I send that Fat Tom for company? Come Viswesvara Rao! I heard Murthy and Mohammad Khan
are at loggerheads, tell them to be united,
– Okay sir. Tell them Ministry is assured
if we win the polls. All of you come to the Assembly. From ‘Today’s News’?
– Yes sir. You’re Aswath, right?
– Yes sir. What’s this Jai? Can’t you tell me? Do one thing, join me in the car drive. Sir, the coming elections…
– Forget about all that. What did you write about me?
About corruption! It’s normal for rats to enter
a food storage. Didn’t I drive them out? Isn’t there corruption in your press media? Some party worker would’ve beaten
him for the love on me. But you’ve written as if I had
ordered them to beat him. Don’t I’ve any other work? Where’s the opposition’? It’s dead! Why should anyone beat anyone else? You write as you wish. Who was the man got beaten up?
Sumanth? Hey girl! Do you like him so much? You were praising him so much. He has no cars and walks to the people
and talks to them personally. Intelligent thoughts,
he’ll usher in golden period. Who knows him in Andhra Pradesh? Walks to people…walks… Walks… You were raving about his
walking in public, do you want to see what would
happen if I walk in public? Do you wan to see
what would happen if I walk? Stop–! come with me. It seems I must walk with people. Did you see how crowds join me? Would so many people
gather if Vasant walks? You said people are getting lazy
because of freebies, look. why are they working in this hot sun? To eat and sleep at home? No, to work hard and earn livelihood. Am I not giving them freely
soaps. biscuits and oil? Sir, why are you walking on road? Sir! You’ve saved my family!
– What’s this sir? Did you see? This is love! True love for me. You can’t get this for money.
It comes from the heart. Sir, Ambulance is stopped,
if there’s a traffic jam here, other press people may
make a issue of it. Please get into the car sir. Already you’re in the hit list of naxals. It’s good to leave this place now.
Elections are fast approaching. Did you see it?
Let’s go. Then Aswath… have the photos come good? You’re very smart sir. Even in the crowd you ensured your
face appears perfectly in the camera. I know very well when to show
the face and when to show back. Will my matter now come in 4 columns? Entire page will be on your walk only! Please give me scared ash and vermilion. When will you release the manifesto
of the third phase of elections? On 30th sir. On 30th! People say you’ve an affair with
your party propaganda secretary, what’s your comment on it sir? Who are you? From opposition party? She…she’s like my daughter! Is she your daughter sir?
Then, who is her mother sir? What the hell are you asking, bloody? Stop sir… Free if elected…
Slippers? Beating with slippers? We sold 2 lakh copies more today. We’re number one in the circulation now. CM’s phone. How much did opposition pay you? You said there’s no opposition here. right? You printed about beating with slipper,
do you know what did he ask me? That’s what we too are eager to know, sir. Tell me sir, we’ll publish it
elaborately tomorrow. You’ll never change. Is your photographer there?
Give the phone to him. I suspected when you said about
front page coverage. Press must see both face and the back. Good, you’ve seen the back. There’s a face which you haven’t yet seen, you’ll see it. Tell him. He’s going away.
Right now! Please my darling, ask him. Renu wants to tell you something. Go…go… Why? What assignment? Little nervous, right? I too feel the same. I feel like I’m seeing you newly. Such a day would come… And I need to do the talking.
and what would be your reaction? I had many rehearsals about
this scene many times. In the excitement… Nothing is working out. No Aswath. I came here for Saro. She loves you deeply.
She thinks you’re her life. She tried to tell you but you made fun
of her about men too wearing slippers. She sent me to tell you about her love.
You fell for her. Did you believe the lies of a mad girl? Don’t know with how many
she would’ve told this? I never had any such idea on her. I’ve told about us to my mother too. But I don’t have any such idea.
– You’re lying. Your eyes tell me that. No, there’s nothing in my heart. Am I not in your heart? Why those tears then? Am I mad, crazy?
Why are you abusing me? Look at me! You’re my lovable mad girl. My little She-devil! If I say I love you, it’ll be vulgar. Will you call me mad for that? Try to understand me, Saro. I don’t mind if you don’t love me,
how dare you say you love her! Get lost! Please listen to me once! Hey witch! You silently charmed him. right? Why are you staring at me? I don’t need your permission
to kiss him. I’m always like this. I’m mad
and I’m a she-devil. Take him away! Why are you still playing drama? Are you married? I’m already in troubles with one,
I don’t want more trouble! That’s better! I’m still a bachelor. Saro! I’ll wait for you, Saro!
– You fat buffalo! Then, you kiss me. Kiss me. Forget it…hey Saro… The peacock like maiden is
charming with her beauty… Her ravishing waist is
raking up passions in me… A country unknown to Columbus
is beckoning me… In the fearsome hot summer,
a chill is killing me… Roses…
– Though blooms amidst thorns… Shall I remove the thorns?
– As tender flowers bloom… Again…and again…
– I wish to see you… Love is flowing from heart
like rushing river Godavari… May I become the song of you?
Would I crosss the barrier? Is it fair to be confused in love?
This minute… Though there are wells on the way…
Though drowning in heavy downpour… Any moment I don’t see you
is a mirage… O young sparrow!
My sweet darling! Every moment of life is exciting…
Every dream is coming true… My heart is on high… The desire that brought us together…
It’s beckoning youth… Today I’ve forgotten my world
because of you… Anklets on the feet…
Ground knows the music of it… Hearing those chimes,
may I describe your beauty? Moon leaves the sky…
rainbow walks with me… When you’re with me…
they’re nothing to me… O flower!
O Golden anklet! I’m an unreachable sea…
Unfulfilled desire is bitter now… I shall not remain with bitter desires… The moment I say okay to you…
Don’t stop the flow of happiness… Share every moment of bliss with me… It seems some astrologer told him he’d
become CM if he marries a 13 year old girl. He got ready do it to become CM… They’re torturing us, buddy. Your parents made you a doctor and
you’re spending time canvassing for votes. Is he coming to rule us or ruin us?
Thanks! Great speech!
– Long live Narayana Rao! Sir…sir…
– bring soda water! Sir, drink soda water!
– Move…move…don’t give him soda. Who are you?
Who are you stop me? He’s a doctor. Keep it under his head.
– Please move away ladies! All of you move little away, please.
Move! You’re fine sir!
Be brave! You saved my life, son!
– No problem. I was harsh without knowing
who you are, please forgive me. Take him to a hospital immediately. Move! At last you were useful. I’m having problem. please check.
– I’m having eye problem. please see… Aim born in the thought…
Blood came from all sides… Though we are ants that
build anthills… When we roar, it will send shivers
down the spine of the world… Till yesterday we were languishing…
Eyes wide open…entire sky… In cafes and beaches… Build castles of dreams… We built our principles and
aims on the walls of Facebook… Let’s raise as one voice of hope
to win over despair… Commissioner! What does your intelligence
survey say about the elections? Opposition is down but
these young brigade… All these surveys and opinion polls
are handiworks of students, they’re being projected like that. We thought boys were covering
only colleges and IT offices, but they’re canvassing in cities
and rural places as well. Nothing to be afraid. You mean to say we must. Workers who don’t know biryani, workers who don’t ask for
a quarter bottle of liquor, I’m very happy to meet you all,
We wish Junior NTR’s film is a hit, We wish Dhoni must hit six
and win the match for India, How many cameras are set
in how many angles, but we never think about whom we
are voting and who is the contestant, there are eight people
who have done doctorates, look at Sayyad who is round
like Tirupathi laddu, he has entire world’s information
fed into his brain, why am I telling you this, what are the IIM and IIT graduates doing
after getting educated with Govt. help, they catch a flight to US or Europe
immediately on getting degree… He wouldn’t have got the Visa, that’s why. Indians clamour to go abroad.
I can’t say they’re wrong. Because we’re the people who found zero… Isn’t Vasant handsome, Renu?
He’s very cute. Have you started again? What I secretly hiding my heart,
you spread a charm and took it away. Won’t you agree
if I ogle anyone else? Send at least two candidates
who are hot like Guntur chilly. We’ll ensure the wrong doers
will feel the heat. Thanks, victory to India! There’s corruption everywhere!
In the name of projects and dams, usurping hundreds of crores worth lands.
they’re stealing the poor. That’s why he has he’s being persecuted.
they speak about weapons, in this world only two things have kept poor out, one is politics,
and another is there’s not much difference
between them… Just a moment!
Vasant will address you now. Youth! Greetings! Youth isn’t giving much importance
to politics in our country. Because individuality is of no use
and there’s no self respect in it. Rich promise to eradicate corruption
but get struck deeper into it.. Now they’ll speak like this but
after winning they’ll do the same. Can’t we change this?
Can’t we usher in a change? Have you given up saying
what’s the problem? Change is necessity, right?
– Yes! We are new and have no experience,
and we don’t have money too, but we are fearless, we’ve the confidence of changing the fate, Please move little aside. What you give is old and
rotten news for tomorrow morning, but ours is live telecast! Bloody live? What?
– Did you do it now? Is this also live? Don’t attract everyone’s attraction.
Mind your own business! Yuck! Dirty fellow! Getting voted by you
after making promises, after getting power. we are not
the people to break promises, that’s why I’m requesting you humbly,
don’t fall for false promises, don’t fall for free schemes, like medical services which pluck eyes
if you go for any eye ailment. Drive away the people who cheat you,
what do you say? Remember one thing,
don’t sell your vote and get cheated, save and protect democracy
and this nation with your vote. All of you leave the place… Ensure victory of the youth
with your votes. All of get down form the
stage immediately. What happened, Aswath’? A bomb has been planted under the stage.
– Bomb? Don’t argue madly… Stop…turn…turn… Why are you panicking? You go that side to help. Did you see Manjula?
– No. Are you fine’?
– I’m fine. Are our friends fine? There’s a medical kit in
the car, I’ll get it. Help me… My leg… Hold him… Be careful… Go and get him… Lift him…lift him… Careful… Did you see Saro? Saro sent me the SMS about the bomb. You do one thing, try to contact on
her cell phone. Do it fast. Be careful Please look at me! Look at me! How do you come to know
about the bomb? His name? See if parents are here?
– Will you pack it in a bag? You keep watch here.
I’ll be back in a second. My son! How many bodies we’ve
cleaned till now? It’s stinking inside there,
why are you hesitating to pay us? Long live jail returned Kondalarayudu! Is there any chance of countermanding
polls because of bomb blast? First stop your interview. Greetings! What’s this? Hospital or morgue? They’re educated people.
people who pay taxes. Don’t you know where do
such people live? All beds are taken. No, beds are nil here and
pockets of ruling party are full. Actually this nation is dead!
– Sir..sir… What?
– Our Raju! He lost his leg. Take deep breath! Stick to one place only! You jumped here and there,
you lost half leg, you’ve to balance now
with one and half. Doctor, he’s my man.
Take good care of him. Give him this tonic. Why is she here? How could she survive? Are you still alive? They mentioned about ‘Today’s news’
reporter’s death. I mistook it was you.
Please forgive me, dear. God bless you.
Is that English girl dead? Am Ambulance is ready. I spent my retirement benefits
to make him a doctor, you ruined his life and
giving me back his body, you will never come good in this life.
I told you… You studied well, got good marks. Joined a good job,
it’s not like that. Politics isn’t fun, it’s a battlefield where sharks
are eaten by whales, you’re just a kid,
this is just the beginning, you’ll face a lot of flak,
you’ve to endure it, they’ll chase you down and beat,
you must bear it, think over it, be wise.
Why are you staring at me? Who do you think is behind the bomb blast? You know it and I too know it. This is election time,
would anyone dare say openly? Did you check if he’s here? Who sir?
– CM! We’ll capture the power!
Truth will come out then. Can you tell the details of how many from
your party men and how many others died’? Have you recognised the dead’? Move…move… You’re doing this for your party’s publicity. No more youth or party!
We’re withdrawing! Last date to withdraw
nomination is over, will you boycott the elections now? We’re not contesting the elections! We’re all common people…
bomb against us! What was their mistake?
How am I to pacify them? I don’t want these politics of murder! Don’t trouble them anymore,
please go away. He’s very upset, please leave now. You don’t interfere in this.
– You can talk to him later, brother. Why are you still here? I don’t want your press discourses! Please listen to me. Vasant. What’s going on here? Bomb blast in a public meeting
during elections. That too in the city.
What the hell you… Is this the way you secure us? Sir, 4 Ministers were attending
meetings elsewhere. We had to give security to them. Be ready with answers. Did you see the report? It was IED bomb!
Bomb was fused. I’m sure it’s handiwork of naxals. If not check if there’s any differences
between themselves. No use in shaking head like bull. Round up few people by evening
and show them on TV channels. Tomorrow’s news must be different. What? Is it any obesequies ceremony?
Get going. Pour it on my head. What an acting! They plant the bombs and
we must arrest and show few people. It’s dog’s life! Tomorrow… Her parents?
– There! People are living fear after the bomb blast. You’re now watching the video
taken by cameraman Mahesh, many lost their lives in the
stampede that followed the blast, many died in the stampede
than in the bomb blast. Who is behind the blast?
What could be the reason? You go to home.
I’ve some work. Police is investigating from all angles… Camera didn’t stop recording for
about 15 minutes after he died. We edited and telecast it. Remove that logo. Rotate the image. What’s in this image?
– Zoom on the top left. Someone is stamping Saro! Rewind it! Run on slow motion from here. Copy this video for me. What happened?
What happened? Upstairs…
– Come with me. Who is there? Let’s check. Go…go…go fast! Thief didn’t enter for money or jewels,
he came for this bag. You didn’t touch it. right? The man who stamped Saro to death
handled this camera. It’s recorded in the TV footage. Send it immediately to finger print testing. Contact me if you get anything. I’ll come tomorrow. If you need anything… Why didn’t you tell me?
– That is… Why did they kill Saro? What was her mistake?
Would they kill anyone for power? Would they kill anyone? I’m scared.
Please don’t go. Why are you afraid?
I’m there for you. In this snow fall…in this love fall… There are many things… In this twilight… in your heart… It’s fluttering… Tempting dark wetness
in the eyes… It left me today only… The chill gentle breeze is
calling you… Two pairs of eyes together…
creating a new romantic story… Calling like dream… Like the call of the lips…
May I come as the message? Love sprouted in heart like shadow… Lips are oozing honey
in your presence… Crossing the heart and awakening
and creating new bond… Life and death is once
and it’s hurting me… Youth is the first spring of the life… Kiss is the first blossoms
of endearing live… With powerful bomb blast in the
election meeting of Vasant, entire state is shell shocked, Many new truths have come to light
in the death of reporter Saraswathi. There are doubts that she didn’t die
in accident but was a planned murder. Since Saraswathi recognised
the man who planted the bomb, the bomb planter stamped
Saraswathi to death, there are doubts that
it’s a planned murder, because of many new evidences
have come to light. Did she come to know about
the man who planted the bomb? People suspect political hand
behind this incident. Killer punch! People will swoon hearing
our election promises. Greetings sir.
– How is your health now? I’m fine now. Greetings.
– Greetings sir. Have I come too early, James? This is our media only,
all others have boycotted us. Boycotted our press meet. Great Machiavelli, great scholar.
Wonderful Tiger! Selfless server of women, our leader, that’s why he keeps
film actress Smitha with him, We want Smitha to speak!
– I’m ready to do anything. Brothers-in-law! The place where I’m standing now
and speaking to you. Reason for it is because.
chemistry between works out very well, you all know,
my heart is very big, all of you are in it.
without any age difference, I’m asking you to vote for the cymbal. What the hell is she saying? It’s symbol not cymbal. That’s what I meant.
All of you vote for me. I’m getting late for night shooting. I request party senior leader
to tell about party’s aims. Should’ve asked Smitha madam
to speak in the last. Why didn’t you tell me this first? Look at this! Latest report! Look at the quantum jump for
your team in the opinion poll. From 10% to 36%! Vasant, don’t let them win the polls. Not just your people died in the blast,
even pressmen too died. Our reporter Saro too died. Have we given reporting
mourning her death? Are you scared? Are you fearing death from them?
Is he a leader? If he will not, let’s contest the polls. We still trust you, Vasant. Who are those 30 people who died?
They came trusting us. Don’t let their sacrifice go waste. Help justice to win! Aim born in the thought…
Blood came from all sides… Though we are ants that
build anthills… When we roar, it will send shivers
down the spine of the world… Till yesterday we were languishing…
Eyes wide open…entire sky… Change is the hunter…
Though won over the world… Though there’s new desire
to conquer the world… Let’s make every journey a tryst
with destiny and march ahead… He dreamed of ending corruption. But they wanted bribe to take his body. If refused, they threatened that they’ll not
allow to take the body. Think of yourself and your people,
why do you want to serve public? They want me to be selfish. We’ve decided!
We too are selfish people! We’ll think about our family only! But my family is very big! Very very big! How long will th is continue’? Gave chance! Gave ample time! Let’s win! Today polls! Vote us! Can you forgot it? Elections to the 14th state Assembly
elections ended today at 5 pm, first time in the electoral history.
state recorded 85% polling, Yogi’s party is ahead in many
important constituencies… Kondalrayudu lost the election
to Youth Party’s Kiran Kumar… Which ever button you may press,
the votes get pooled to them, that’s how they’ve manipulated
the machine to win. Yogi who was leading from first round
won by over 50000 votes… Sir is here! Move! Please come sir! Newly created Your Party candidates
are leading in over 100 seats… Party’s candidates Chandru, Anjana,
Rajaji, Bala and others have won… Youth Party leader Vasant is trailing by 200
votes to Yogi Party’s Mahendra Reddy… I knew it! You all are fools! We’ve won, right sir?
Shall I start the celebrations? Details of the votes polled by
different parties after the last round. Vasant of Youth party has won over by 520
votes over his nearest candidate Mahendra. With the victory of Youth Party’s leader Vasant, there’s bright chance of the new party
forming the next government. Vasant polled 82,390 votes,
Mahendra Reddy polled 81,870 votes My boss should’ve won.
they won by cheating. Hey what man? Please don’t fight, please listen to me. Don’t create trouble! Police officer! How quickly you
change your loyalty! Don’t spare them, kill them! Down with police brutality! Vasant Kumar being sworn
in as Chief Minister… I, Vasant Kumar, do hereby take oath
as the Chief Minister, swearing on the constitution. To protect this state and
welfare of it’s people, and govern to the best of my ability. The game has just begun. You’ll feel the heat later. Though you may have millions
of principles and aims, you can’! change anything, Thanks for coming to bless us. Govern well! Bye. This is a record. Omar Abdullah, Madhu Koda. Mamata.
Vasant broke all their records. Check any photos where crowds
are cheering him. I’ll be back by evening. I gave you my pendrive,
where is it? It’s in the draw. It’s me Aswath! ‘Today’s news’ photographer. Got any finger prints in
Sarasawathi’s murder? We found three finger prints
on the cell phone, one belongs to the dead girl. We’ve to find the other
two finger prints, Naxals who looted the bank, can you please cross check these
finger prints with them if they match? I’ll check and come back to you. Come here! Compare all the three photos. This photo is form the bank robbery. There’s a cut mark above the brow. This man is one of the bank robbers. He was present in the Vasant’s meeting. May be he’s the man who
planted the bomb. Look at his shoulder bag. Look at the video footage
of stamping Saro to death, same colour shirt, same pattern bag, have you come to conclusion
all the three are same? It’s naxal! I too found a very important evidence. What do you say for this? You never told me you and Vasant
were friends from college days. Why? We can discuss about it later. I must know right now. How are you related to Vasant? No relationship. Gala…gala…gala gang… Breaking into a Baila song… Sleep in your dreams… The world will follow you… We are lava to the tidal waves… We are not snow to cool the fire… We are modern youth… We’re light of the new morn… Youth is a citadel… Forget the old path… Don’t we are different…
together we are for ourselves… No tears in our eyes…
no fears in our heart… Let’s march ahead happily
even in adverse situations… This moment is bliss…
everlasting happiness… We’ll become twilight which
neither day nor night has seen… Getting dejected with past’s failures,
don’t letdown the aim of future success… Rivers can’t stop the steps… Waves will never rest… If you’re awake always,
won’t your dream come true… Dream big and aim the highest… Sweat it all your way to success… Without any narrow differences
join forces together… Our thoughts are same…
sharing love… We youth can change the world… We’re contesting from 10 constituencies
in the coming elections. Take application forms. IIT students contested the elections,
what happened? All lost, nobody managed
to get 100 votes. If we youngsters give up,
who will then save this nation’? There are many heroes who deliver
punch dialogues to save this nation. If we enter polls.
we too would face defeat. You waste so much time,
take two months off and try seriously. I’ll help press coverage. That’s why I was surprised why hen is giving
birth to chicks instead of laying eggs? You’re too smart! Hey thickset glasses! You’ll not understand it now. You’ll understand as times passes. If editor knew I belonged to Vasant group, he would’ve sent me to cover
temples for religious column. And wouldn’t let me cover the elections, that’s why I kept it secret. But why didn’t you tell me also?
– You too… how can I answer you? If you know I’m helping a friend, wouldn’t it be like correcting
and giving marks to exam myself? I never crossed the
guidelines of the press. CM lost because of slipper incident, Kondalrayudu lost because
of marrying a minor girl, opposition was totally wiped out, as other committed the mistakes. Vasant grew in strength step by step. He didn’t grew on his own,
you did it for him. Now I know. You didn’t take so much to cover
Kondalrayuduls marriage wasn’t for me, for your friend, isn’t it? A little for you and little for Vasant, for our newspaper’s circulation… Watch the news! Blood is not the answer to blood. Gun is not the answer to the gun. That’s why, 20 naxals who are in prison.
for good behaviour, this govt. has decided
to pardon and releases them. When are you releasing them? Naxals bombed his meeting! Why is he releasing them? I’m from press, I want to meet CM. I’m ‘Today’s news’ photographer,
I want to meet CM urgently. Everyone wants to meet urgently.
he’s delayed because of Collectors meeting. Please wait sir. Go, you can go. GO I Say! The finger print of bank robber matches
with the print on Sara’s phone. Found two and have to find the third one.
I’m cross checking. CM is arriving for Collectors conference. Restrict guest entries,
– Done sir. Go carefully! Stop…stop sir… He’s my friend, Aswath. Please come. One important matter. I found an important evidence
in the bank robbery. Is he with you? Vasant, he’s a killer! Mustn’t spare him.
Leave him! Vasant, he’s a killer. Aswath. you helped me in a way
and he too helped in a way. Why are you talking nonsense?
come here one minute. Please listen to me.
– Look at these photos! Look at these eyes and
then these eyes. Look at the cut mark over the brow. He’s the man who planted the
bomb in your meeting to kill you. He’s the man who stamped
and killed Saro. His finger prints has been
found on Sara’s cell phone too. Aswath. I’ve an important meeting.
let’s meet later. He escaped! Inform police and get him arrested. Let’s talk everything after the meeting. Have the Collectors arrived?
– They’re here and waiting. Why are you taking it so lightly? I’ve an urgent meeting. I’ll take action
immediately after that. Greetings. I am happy that you’ve won. Tell me brother!
– Why did you go there’? Why?
– Turn back and see. That photographer is there,
come down immediately. All of you leave the place immediately. I’ll be ever indebted to you. Beat me! Stop…stop.– I’ll tell you. What is your friend saying? I’ll take care of Aswath. What about the thing I asked? Will you release the other ten men? What about the development fund? The money you had asked
will reach you in 30 minutes. You go to that place. The naxals involved in bank robbery
are in this address. He’s their leased Kasi. Close Kasi’s file! Let’s leave tonight. Clear of the public. Fast! I’ll come. it’ll take some time
to take the ECG. Okay…okay dear. Got the phone call?
– No brother. All of you be ready.
We may be leaving tonight. Answer the door knock. Who is it’? Move…
– I am… Police have rounded the place. If you talk to me, I’ll arrange for surrender. Pass it quickly! Take it! Go…go…go quickly… Go up! Come…come… Today’s society is in the
hands of police, future society is in the
hands of teachers, we must raise them in
a corruption free society… They’ve taken public into custody.
what shall we do now sir? I’m coming. Press reporter inside.
he’s taking a doctor. Doctor, check him. He still alive. It’s a rusted knife!
– Leave my hand. Did you forget Kasi?
He got us arrested in the bank robbery. He has brought the police now. I know that. you ensure nobody comes in. Editor called from Bangalore,
his flight is delayed, he wants us to approve the
city edition and send to print. CM’s hurry…
20 Naxals pardoned! How did this happen? Police are… Don’t get tensed. I didn’t order anything. you’ll be fine.
I’m coming there. What’s this? What happened? Where are you? What’s this Ramesh’? I gave you the address too.
why is Kasi still alive? Traitor! Bloody traitor! Will you cheat me to save yourself? You’re struggling so much for one bullet. How many trains you would’ve
burnt till now’? How many people you would’ve
taken in market? Heart…do you really have a heart? You’ve to understand our aim. You must belong to the backward classes. Corruption, eradication of poverty, social welfare. Politicians liberally use
these words to cheat, backward classes, social outcast. You cheat with these words. And you think of only cinema and cricket. You don’t know the difference
between cries of hunger and burps. You’ll never understand our aim. But you’ve ensured Vasant
understands it well. By the way, what’s your connection
with Vasant? Would I tell the truth for
just a plaster? You’re press reporter! You’ll interview even the dead. Not getting IG on line. I saw you too along with him…
in college… You protested wearing
ladies dress Churidhars. Even the coconut shells
too popped out! Out organisation paid for
Vasant’s college education. Traitor! Bloody traitor! Are you pulling into your
organisation students like Vasant? Not just students,
even in police and courts. Our moles are entrenched
in every place. Why in other places?
There are our moles in your office too. Are you still in office? I’ve little work. Encourage and get acceptance,
from Vasant, there must a man from our side
to advice him in Assembly. right? He did give.
He gave plenty of ideas. To fight elections. Then, who burnt the huts?
Who got beaten up? He bore everything.
To win. Who planted the bomb
in the public meeting? I planted it but the idea was Vasant’s. After that incident only people
shifted allegiance to his party. Had I received the message
a minute late? If I had gone to the stage
a minute late? If the bomb had blown at the set time? How can it blow up?
Vasant had the remote with him. How did Saro came to know
about the bomb? How could she send me the message? Who? That short girl? Look there!
Just now I saw a man! What shall we do now? Let’s inform everyone! Send this SMS to Aswath
when I’m giving the speech. We thought she was dead
but she didn’t. She fell on the ground in the jostling. We knew we’re finished
if she open her mouth. To make it like killed in stampede,
I stamped her neck to death. Why did you drop the phone in her bag?
It has our finger prints. What if police confiscate it? I sent people to find that phone. You came and stopped them. Where’s the patrol? Where’s the security? Sir, this is collector’s car. CM came from back entrance
and ordered me to drive. A press photographer is held up inside. Did they speak to you? No sir. They haven’t come out
with any demands. I need to talk to them immediately,
check who is having phone there. How many of Vasant’s partymen
are with you? All others are innocents like you.
Vasant didn’t trust anyone. Only we both know the truth. I’m CM here, tell me.
what are your demands? Come…have you come? Are you acting smart with me? You come here first. Okay, I’m coming there.
You release the hostages first. Don’t act. come. I’ll talk to you later.
– There’s a shocking news about Vasant. We need to change the front page. It’s a news that will change the govt. Keep the front page ready,
I’ll be in office in about an hour. Dastardly acts of Vasant for power! You mustn’t go there sir. They need security more than me. Where are you going? Stop ! Please don’t play with people’s lives. Don’t shoot anyone without
my order, please. You can go now. go! Greetings sir. Don’t come near! What’s this? Shut the windows! Will you send police for us’? Let’s fight it out our issue later.
First let me settle his issue. What was Sara’s sin?
She was innocent girl. Did the reporter made you
to tell everything? Why did you do this?
– Leave me! Speaking about past! Will you telecast it on channel?
Will you start a newspaper? I’ll lend all my support! Do you want Ministry? I’ll give away
Telecommunications to you. If anyone dies, there’s be by-election,
contest and I’ll ensure you win. You’re a beast sitting on
a throne of 30 deadmen! It’s their sacrifice. You killed all of them,
and shed tears for them, and got emotional and
refused to contest elections, and said you don’t want politics, bloody cheat! What can I do if you got cheated? Yes, I’m a traitor! But our youth have great dreams
of achieving something in life. Will you shatter their dreams, can I get power and another
opportunity like this again? Will you expose me and
shatter their dreams? Hey you. stop it man! What’s your problem?
Will you shoot me’? After that who will you leave this place? Not even an ant can escape
from the police outside. What will you do?
May I tell you? Shall I give you an idea? Point the gun on my head and take me.
Police will give you way. Ask anything money or vehicles.
they’ll give you everything, leave me out of the city and
you go away with your group. But if he stays. we both are finished.
Got it? Kill him first! No time to think. I’ve asked for 10 minutes only.
after that Commanders will enter. I can trust him but not you. You’re a traitor. He has charmed you.
He’s of no use to us. Don’t go…stop… If you shoot, police will also shoot, kill him but don’t use gun. Go! Hey…no… There’s no place for mercy
in our policies. Why? Why did you become like this’? No matter what. you’ll never change! Why are you pushing me’? I didn’t want to do it with my hands.
I’ll not leave you. Come on, shoot me!
Shoot me now! What are you doing? Don’t lift your leg, it’ll go off. If you move, I’ll lift my leg. Wait…wait… No…I’ll call the bomb squad. You said let’s live together till death. Why are you leaving me now? Why should we die together?
Let’s live together. No! No! No! No! What happened? What happened? May be he’s still up there! Yes, I’m a traitor! But our youth have great dreams
of achieving something in life. Will you shatter their dreams, can I get power and another
opportunity like this again? Will you expose me and
shatter their dreams? Why don’t you say something? Please tell us the truth.
– Tell us! Please tell us! I’ve changed the front page completely.
Waiting for the editor. Listen carefully… Why? This mustn’t go to the print. Just do as I say!
Just do what I say! Has your friend bought you too? Do you want me to spare the man
who killed so many people? No…no…he’s no more! Not a fist of his ash remains! Do you want me to bury the truth
because he’s dead? Try to understand me. The team is clean, only one black sheep
and it was Vasant. Nobody else knows about
this treacherous plan. If truth comes out now,
this govt. will fall. Crores of people who voted
to the Youth would get cheated. After this no youth can ever
go the people seeking votes. State will be in chaos. This news mustn’t reach people. Nobody must know this news. Krish is coming! What’s the breaking news? Talks failed and naxals killed Vasant! Tell us sir, what had happened? Vasant sacrificed his life
to save people from the naxals. Young CM sacrificed his life
for the sake of people. I can never emulate his courage. You don’t need any better example
that nation is safe with youth. May the young leader’s soul rest in peace. We hid the truth from you.
We’re resigning for press ethics. I was also honest for the past 25 years, people read newspaper
and wipe it off, but your false rewrote the history. Cover the matter of who will be
the next CM from Youth Party. But the sad part is to hide news
which the nation would feel proud off. Why are you talking to him instead
of finishing the assignment? People like you must be show the door. You’ll never reform.
– I know… Religion columnist called,
there’s a discourse in temple. He wants you to cover it. Don’t you remember Saro told
you not to water it? You were at the spot where bomb went off.
did you tackle at least one photo? Why do you need a job man? Next time when bomb goes off,
I’ll take photo using the flash sir. I must curse myself for being
your photo editor. Where’s the discourse?
– Old Shiva temple. When a false clearly benefits people,
even false is equal to truth – Thiruvalluvar


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