Rational Creatures Pitch Video

(classical music) (Clears throat) Jessamyn: It is a truth universally acknowledged
that a young man- (Record scratch) Jessamyn: Wait. Wrong book. (“Thank You” fades in) Jessamyn: (VO) Inspired by Jane Austen’s “Persuasion”, Rational Creatures is a web series that follows Ana Elías: a young woman who’s quietly given up on her own dreams in order to help her
family and what happens when her highschool sweetheart, Fred Wentworth, comes back into her life after eight years traveling the globe as
a travel writer. (Music fades) Jessamyn: Hi! I’m Jessamyn. Anya: I’m Anya. Ash: Buenos Dias from Toronto! My name’s Ayelen Hazel: And I’m Hazel Anya: And we’re the creators of Rational
Creatures. We’re a team of multinational women who have been making web series
based on literature that we love for a couple of years now and we are ready to
tackle our biggest project yet. We want to continue bringing you inclusive
stories about women by women and so, as huge Jane Austen fans, the choice of
source material for our next project was pretty clear to us. Ash: Persuasion is already
full of romance and humour and it is full of complex and vivid characters that we are so excited about adapting and
updating in our version of the story. And, because of this we want to take the opportunity to include communities that
weren’t as visible in Jane Austen’s society. This is really important to us. Hazel: Rational Creatures has a latina lead (vo) and an all-female creative team. We’re really
passionate about exploring mental health, and chronic illness and many colours of
the beautiful queer rainbow! You haven’t seen Jane Austen quite like this before. Jessamyn: We want to make a Jane Austen adaptation that’s for everyone and we can’t do it
alone. Check out the rest of our campaign page for details on how you can become a
part of our story by donating to help us reach our budget goal (and getting some
awesome perks) and following and sharing the project with your friends. Become one of
our Rational Creatures! (Wave sounds, music fades)

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